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  1. Do we miss this guy? We don't miss this guy, right?
  2. Agree, but the white helmets are better for the Bills. I don't know, man, it sounds like you're telling me 1980 was the peak of NFL uniforms
  3. Whatever a team's uniform was in 1990, that's the uniform the team should go with. 1990 was the peak of NFL uniforms.
  4. There is way too much talk about ass cutting in this thread for a Tuesday morning.
  5. So, let me get this straight — the Bills just need to, like, not lose?
  6. The time to do this would have been a couple of years ago. Too many holes to fill on the roster right now to give up draft capital.
  7. Can't wait for Josh Allen to start wrestling at WCW pay-per-views
  8. 13 seconds and last year's Cinci loss felt worse because I still really felt it was our time. This year's loss kind of just makes me feel like, "eh, it's probably not going to happen for these guys," which somehow makes it all a little easier to stomach and changes how I feel about going into next season. Basically, at this point, I don't think I'll even entertain thoughts of the Bills in a Super Bowl until the Bills are actually in a Super Bowl.
  9. About 16 or 17 rookies on the 49ers and Chiefs rosters.
  10. Can't spell Canales without... well, you'll figure it out
  11. He prefers Thunderstruck. I was thinking Anita Ward's You Can Ring My Bell. Thunderstruck is a better option.
  12. Black Balloon baby!!!! They gotta start playing Slide every time Josh Allen runs.
  13. My real issue with 7 Nation Army being a thing at all stadiums is that it further over inflates Jack White's sense of importance and belief that anyone who plays a minor pentatonic riff over a four-on-the-floor beat is ripping off the White Stripes.
  14. Maybe if some of you guys had better aim with those snowballs we wouldn't have to be having this conversation right now.
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