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  1. I think Winfield was gone and Clements was on his way out by the time McGee came into his own. I feel like I remember him getting torched a ton and being a liability his first couple of seasons in the league.
  2. I, for one, am not surprised to hear that Elam has had his struggles against Diggs and Davis. Those guys routinely put the best corners in the league on skates. That said, I'd feel better if I knew for sure he wouldn't be matching up on each team's best WR to start the season.
  3. Dude was also more clutch last year than he gets credit for. There was a significant lift in his passer rating in the 4th Quarter. Josh Allen Passer Rating by Quarter 1st: 92.3 2nd: 88.9 3rd: 75.8 4th: 117.1 Allen and Brady were also tied for the most touchdowns thrown on 3rd and 4th down last year, with 18 each. You can crunch those numbers here https://www.footballdb.com/statistics/nfl/player-splits/passing/third-down/2021?sort=passtds.
  4. Yes—the aggressiveness of a 15-year-old boy in 1999, just after his mom told him to turn off the X-Box and go to bed for the 11th time. Also, the Chiefs wear all red and I sure am sick of those guys.
  5. I like the red helmets, but this uniform combo just screams "Mountain Dew Code Red."
  6. Okay, but the entire team has to wear bubble helmets, even Josh.
  7. Add Andrew Whitworth who started for the Rams last year and only missed 1 game.
  8. Actually, I'm pretty sure we just drafted Keith Ellison 2.0 in the 3rd round and I wasn't upset about it in the slightest. How things have changed... Keith Ellison: 6'0" 229 lbs. Terrel Bernard: 6'1" 224 lbs.
  9. They all come as a package deal with Keith Ellison, but Keith Ellison has to be included.
  10. Is a 40-year-old Jason Peters worth bringing in? He was surprisingly solid last year in 15 games for a pretty bad Bears team. We could certainly use some depth on the line, especially with some lingering questions about Spencer Brown's health this past Spring. The story kind of writes itself—Peters returns to the team that made him what he was, gets a ring, and helps make the sour taste he left in our mouths all those years ago a little less sour. https://www.nfl.com/news/free-agent-ot-jason-peters-keeping-himself-ready-as-camp-nears-whenever-the-time
  11. I'd be shocked if Josh was a 99 this year. I think he'll be in the mid 90s. But after he wins MVP and Super Bowl MVP this year he'll be the first player in Madden to ever have a rating of 100.
  12. I just want every team to just go back to their 1993 uniforms. Oh, and I guess the Jaguars, Panthers, Ravens, and Texans can all just get the heck out of the league since they don't have uniforms from 1993.
  13. Central government vs. states rights has always been the crux of the matter. I can understand and empathize with the disdain for a strong centralized government and the restrictions that can come with that. We've seen it and lived it. Respectfully, it's also my opinion that many states in the union have a poor track record when it comes to protecting the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all of its citizens. I'd love to believe that we could let each state handle a majority of issues, but our history tells me that is a very slippery slope. I see that you're also in favor of less powerful state and municipal governments as well? I guess I don't fully understand how that could work alongside a limited federal government. Are most things handled in the private sector at that point? And if so, how do we trust that the private sectors won't push their power around on people that have different views and opinions?
  14. What I find most disconcerting is that 100% of Americans are fully convinced that 50% of Americans are mentally disturbed. The United States has always been a Yin and Yang kind of thing with liberalism and conservatism forming a complementary dynamic, that when in sync can produce incredible results. But the force of one always matches the other. We've gone through multiple iterations in American history where one side has seemed to capture control only to see the other side rise up to meet it and turn the tide. We are a little over 20 years into wide-spread internet access. I think we are starting to see the negative ramifications of it. Ramifications that no one had any way of knowing, because such rapid access to information had never been available before in history. This is both good and bad. No matter what you believe—and in America you can believe literally anything—you can find news, opinions, and stories that are perfectly tailored to fit your narrative. Don't like what Fox News has to say, you can turn on MSNBC. Don't like what MSNBC has to say? You can turn on Fox News. Don't like what corporate media has to say? You can turn on Joe Rogan. The positive is that we have freedom of choice. We have so much freedom of choice. The downside is that, generally speaking, people don't actually want freedom. We can't handle it, that's why religion had to be invented. It was inevitable. We needed rules, guidelines, and something that told us all of this time on earth meant something. A few years ago, I began seeing a lot of studies about developed nations and religion. The general finding was that as developed nations become wealthier, people become less religious. Or, as countries become less religious, they become wealthier. It's kind of a chicken or the egg argument, but there seems to be a correlation. From my perspective, the extremely religious population (from a myriad of beliefs and denominations) has gone from being an afterthought to once again being at the center of American politics. They've risen up to meet the rise in the more atheistic liberalism that seemed to be the status quo for the past few decades. This isn't the first time that this happened either. None of this should be surprising. After all, the first Europeans to land here were religious extremists that had been exiled from England because their religion was considered, well, too extreme. In America, you can start a religion almost as easily as you can start a business. There's something for nearly any belief. Don't like what one denomination teaches, join another. There's a trend I've seen, and it's that as Americans, we're born with a sense of privilege and a belief that we're God's greatest gift to the world. On an individual level, we're all convinced that we're right and everyone else is wrong. We tell ourselves that we're free thinkers while getting all of our information from slanted external sources. 99.9% of us are not free thinkers but 100% of us sure as hell think that we are. Are we heading towards a civil war? I think we've never stopped fighting the first one and frankly, I don't know that we're capable of not fighting it. But this new civil war is fought without uniforms and generals. It's fought with mass shootings at schools, parades, churches, grocery stores, and concerts. It's fought on Twitter and YouTube, and Fox News, and MSNBC, and CNN. It's fought on Reddit and message boards. But mostly, it's fought in our own heads and in our beliefs. Put your weapons down and be good to each other.
  15. I clicked on a political forum on Two Bills Drive once.
  16. I'd probably go all defense and say: London Fletcher - replace Edmunds or Milano Aaron Schobel - replace Epenesa or Basham Nate Clements - Put him across from White while Elam learns Larry Centers could be interesting... he caught 80 passes in 2001 as a FB!
  17. Oh man, love some Taron Johnson. I love even more that his NFL career started with him taking a football straight to the face at the NFL combine.
  18. There's a tradition in pro wrestling where the biggest stars—at the end of their career—go out on their back. I know this isn't pro wrestling, but Fitzmagic is about the closest thing the NFL has had to a pro wrestler... well, aside from that time Brock Lesner was kind of in the NFL. Anyway, Fitz should end his career on his back, preferably after being body slammed through a table.
  19. That's Good Sports is a great channel. His weekly recaps are generally pretty entertaining. He's a Broncos fan so he hates the Chiefs... which has made him a Bills fan by default.
  20. First, the league amends the overtime rules and now they give the Bills a 13-day rest differential? It's almost like even the league wants the Bills to win the Super Bowl. What a time to be alive.
  21. This is like the Eric Andre Show meets Dr. Steve Brule meets the 2022 Buffalo Bills... if this team doesn't win a Super Bowl then I don't know what to believe in anymore.
  22. Is this a good place to discuss Tremaine Edmunds? I have some thoughts...
  23. Yeah, but instead of tweets, he just reads this forum.
  24. I have no children... but the way I feel when I watch this video is kind of how I imagine it feels to have a child... can anyone confirm?
  25. Well, I guess I'm in the TMZ demographic now. Great.
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