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  1. Lol "professional gladiators" By far the most difficult and grueling sport on the planet. #respect To your point, it was pretty damn quick.
  2. As an MMA fan, it appeared to me as if he lost consciousness from the neck being constricted versus a blow to the head. Rear naked choke type stuff. He'll be fine. And he will lose. Go Bills
  3. That pick 6 is my favorite Bills play EVER. Huge play that just blew the game open. Sorry kids for waking you up. I went ***** apeshit. Lol
  4. Hi Tom. I'm obsessed with the Bills. Obsessed. Those superbowls were my birthday parties as a kid. I cried in a few cakes. Wide right was ON my birthday. Were obsessed because its WHO WE ARE. The Bills are overcomers, and so are we. And WHEN they win it all, those demons will finally sleep. Go Bills.
  5. It's so Billsy of us to think 35 is gonna play well. I think 35 is gonna play well!!!
  6. God help me. I hattttte Stephen A. Smith. Does the A stand for what I think it does?
  7. I'm a state certified vocational counselor. This is a totally reasonable approach youve taken, in my opinion. Go Bills
  8. Allen will take a couple sacks but he's just night and day from this now. Nice to see Motor get loose a few times too to keep em honest.
  9. Student body left and right with your qb for 1 or 2 yards a pop aint a winning formula, sorry. All his designed runs were off tackle, idk why you're talking about the middle of the field being open lol.
  10. Need to get back to our game and improve 3rd down efficiency. The qb runs were about 2/3 too many.
  11. Agree on the jitters part. Now they can play loose and have fun with it. Josh is...in his own words....night and day from last season. Diggs is the X factor as always. Buffalo 31-24 and the dream stays alive.
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