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  1. Does Tua have a charity? Maybe we should try to shine a light on what's obviously an awful lapse in judgement on Miamis end.
  2. I'm a 200's guy, mostly due to the cost. It's a Madden/vertical view of the game versus the preferred horizontal view. In my opinion, they're great for the price. The only seats I hate are the 100 level seats that are too close to the field, you end up watching the screen the whole time.
  3. Yeah that was a surprise. Bummer to see Phillips still not practicing too, but if Dion and the 3 that are limited can go Sunday we should be in good shape.
  4. It is the only truly one sided, intentional weather related advantage in the league (that I can think of). It's messed up. People say the Bills have an advantage playing in the cold.....LOL. Both teams are playing in the exact same conditions. Having to endure the sun on just one sideline the entire game is nasty. And definitely unfair. I'm just pissed we outgained them by a million and ran out of gas because of it.
  5. Sounds like we are throwing dildos at Wilkins in December fellas 🤣
  6. When you don't trust or even know the people on the field with you, this is what he has to do....I don't blame him.
  7. I've been attending games there for 30 years, the unspoken "rules" that most adopt seem to be: Defense: 1st possession you stand and go apeshit, after that it's mostly just 3rd downs Offense: big plays, red zone only And obviously when celebrating. The 12th man absolutely impacts the game, a task I very much enjoy, while trying not to be a dick about it.
  8. Literally everyone was standing the entire time in the section we were in.
  9. This poor fella is clearly lying to himself, or he's insane.
  10. It actually did hurt my ears, first time can remember that in 30 years of attending games. Absolutely electric
  11. I miss feeling unique as a Bills fan. That's about it tho 🤣
  12. Allen owns the fish If Charles Clay had caught it He'd be 8 and 0
  13. Here's to pounding them seats! No place I'd rather be. Go Bills
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