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  1. That "student body right" play to begin the Texans playoff game...thought he was going all the way. Josh will break a 50+ td sooner than later.
  2. And now the family has given permission to study his brain for CTE. My question being....isn't his brain....compromised now? Not being gross but....he shot himself in the head.
  3. Josh Reed and Zay Jones....2nd round picks that were massive busts.
  4. Willis was hitting on my wife right in front of me at training camp. I had to laugh. Dude was slimy
  5. Tough take to swallow, but true. Woulda been the MVP of 25 tho.... Lots of unsavory characters during the drought years. I'll go Gilmore, Chris Watson, Whitner, about 9 bad quarterbacks, and the abomination that is Nathan Peterman.
  6. What did Flutie do? Seems like a class act to me.
  7. Having this kid as our qb makes the whole drought worth it.
  8. Breida will make plays in this offense. Kid runs angry. I'm excited to see what he and 35 can bring to the table.
  9. Absolutely insane moment. I'll admit to crying tears of joy....he scored right in front of us. What a game. Random people hugging each other like we'd won the SB.
  10. Smith-Marsette has swag. I see some scrappyness in him, reminds me of Robert Woods.
  11. That legal weed is already making its presence known in NY apparently
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