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  1. Great throw by Josh. Zays eyes came up before he secured the catch. Gotta be tough to go over the middle (see Andre Reed). However....its preseason. So Zay gets a pass on this one (pun intended).
  2. I use Reddit to stream most things. Not sure that's legal tho. Lol
  3. PLEASE let him see the field again this year. Amen.
  4. I was THRILLED to get Oliver. Kids got a chip in his shoulder. Not impressed with the vibe I get from him so far though. Hopefully he matures.
  5. People are such ***** on here sometimes. Trollin a guy for posting something he thought was interesting is soooo 2019. If ya dont think it's interesting, just move on. Itll work itself out, and your little forum will be A OK.
  6. Amen bro. I can see him hosting the Lombardi. Really, truly.
  7. I am a weirdo so I got a grey one online. And a JA tank top. Very pleased with both.
  8. Chris Watson. What a useless sack of ****. Oh, and that guy who murdered those two people.
  9. That team will implode by week 8. I cant wait to watch it all go down.
  10. Allen just oozes star power and talent. Cant wait to see him on the field again.
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