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  1. The OP tailgating atmosphere is special. Hate to see it go. I think it's part of the Bills appeal honestly.
  2. Said it before....AJ Green is the kind of trade that could put this team in the AFC title game/SB. Flame away...but I feel the Bill's are one playmaker away on offense.
  3. The cool thing about this team is they also EXPECT to win. #coaching
  4. Agree 100% with this post. This is an 11-5/12-4 team. I think it's time to go all in.
  5. Contrary to some, I think AJ is the missing piece....the James Lofton if you will. This team has a chance to contend for a Super Bowl this year. I think you have to recognize that as management and go all in. Without giving up something ridiculous of course.
  6. Wall of Famer and my favorite Bill...maybe ever. I remember scouting him during the GB Dallas playoff game when he was a FA. He intercepted a screen pass I believe.
  7. AJ Green. I think they realize they're 1 guy away too. Agreed. Give em a 3rd and the 5th we got in 2021 for Zay.
  8. How incredibly strange would that be. Hmmmmmm...
  9. Someone compared MMA to table smashing? I think you mean WWE (fake, entertainment) not MMA (real, a sport).
  10. The dumbest thing I've EVER seen a coach do. No feel for the game whatsoever.
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