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  1. Super annoyed that Bills Mafia (Facebook group) isn't all over this 🙄
  2. These two teams are so boring and average. Just the kind of ho hum crap we lose to. Lol
  3. How can we get this rolling? I messaged Chris that runs Bills Mafia on Facebook. 237k members.
  4. Sorry, 19 will be active next week. Not 5.
  5. It still blows my mind that we took Moss over someone like Darrell Henderson (4th round) who has some serious burst. And don't get me started on Taylor. I watched YouTube highlights and could tell that kid was a stud. I suspect these guys are banking on metrics too much and less on gut feeling about players.
  6. Yesterday was a perfect storm (no pun). Got down big, so hero ball made an appearance. McKenzie stole all hope on that one mistake. We were looking at 17-14 or 17-10 heading into the half. Coupled with having to come back in the pouring rain against a team dominating the trenches. A tall order. They're not very tough, and they do not play well without Star and Brown.
  7. I expect Buffalo to play with a massive chip on their shoulder and drop 40 on these fools. Last week will serve as the turning point for this season.
  8. Good for him. The precedent this type of thing sets is extremely dangerous. Nobody is perfect. You can't go ruining peoples livelihood for saying naughty words. Corrective action? Yes. Canceling? Unjust. What an overcorrective, hyper judgemental society we've become.
  9. That clip is hard to watch. Widddddde open. Just needed to step up and deliver the ball.
  10. Why is 19 not more involved? You wanna fix the running game, you get creative. I've seen zero jet sweeps from 19 this year. Kid was good for 3-4 a game last year, and good yardage.
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