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  1. Not for nuthin... but this is why Dobbins should have been the target. Moss did well yesterday but he doesn't have the speed to break one.
  2. Best seats I've had for a Bills game. Was begging to go back to the rockpile... What a beating. Bit of trivia....what infamous incident occurred at that game?
  3. I agree that was his best run as a Bill. Still....
  4. Yeldon > Moss right now by a mile. Moss looks so damn ordinary out there. Underwhelmed by him. Might as well be an undrafted FA.
  5. Its been the problem all year. Hopefully they have some idea of how to fix it. Or who....
  6. They rushed for 727 yards bruh. Embarrassed by this teams effort.
  7. Hes playing out of position. Its a huge problem.
  8. Allen is back to the beady eyed, stressed out hero ball Allen.
  9. That hero ball bs on 4th down with the sneak was such a dumb decision. That was a lonnnng yard.
  10. White was pushing people all night after they were wayyyyy out of bounds too. I noticed that early on.
  11. Watching him run around the tackle and fall down over and over again....shades of Aaron Maybin.
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