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  1. The Firebaugh Kid

    Are you embarrassed to wear Bills gear?

    HELL NO. If you are then you gotta find a new team.
  2. The Firebaugh Kid

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    Oliver or bust for me. The guy is special. Character is not that much of a red flag to me. I see a small town guy with big time talent whod fit right in and make this a top 5 defense.
  3. The Firebaugh Kid

    Ed Oliver to visit Buffalo

    This is a perfect fit. I absolutely love Oliver.
  4. The Firebaugh Kid

    Stefon Diggs being traded to Washington? Likely no

    Diggs is nice. Id be all over that.
  5. The Firebaugh Kid

    Hockenson at #9 Change My Mind

    AMEN to this. Its a key component we are missing. Oliver is my guy.
  6. One of Metallicas best songs. Hehe. Shame to see guys pulling this stuff. I enjoy watching him, hope he learns from it.
  7. The Firebaugh Kid

    Kareem Hunt suspended 8 games

    Browns will be Browns. Cant wait til Landry and The Diva start feuding over targets.
  8. The Firebaugh Kid

    Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis. Best RB Prospect.

    Im rather intrigued by Justice Hill as well. Theres some excellent mid round talent in this draft. I feel like Bryce Love is our guy tho. He was great too.
  9. The Firebaugh Kid

    Darrell Henderson, RB, Memphis. Best RB Prospect.

    DYING to draft this kid. 8.2 ypc Highest average ever recorded in college football (minimum carries was like 400 if I recall).
  10. The Firebaugh Kid

    What if Rosen Ends Up In Miami?

    Id be thrilled. Hes not very good.
  11. The Firebaugh Kid

    Robert Foster stayed in Buffalo for offseason to train

    I have a feeling that he is going to turn into a true surprise number one receiver.
  12. The Firebaugh Kid

    The future finally is now in Buffalo

    That schedule doesn't strike fear in me either
  13. The Firebaugh Kid

    What Bellicheat has been up to....

    Cmonnnnn sharks.
  14. The Firebaugh Kid

    Anonymous Agents Rank Buffalo The Worst FA Destination

    I would assume so as well. They should seriously use him to recruit players. He was so genuine about how much he loved it here.