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  1. Both suck. However...theres a charcoal/black Bills helmet design out there that is really dope.
  2. I see Allen benefiting from a drastically improved run game, opening up more and more big plays down the field in play action. He wont have to play hero as much, but he will do it when the offense needs a boost. This is a 10 or 11 win team. No question.
  3. Coulda shoulda woulda in 16. That offense was runnin the ball like crazy. If the D had been even average.....drought smashed 1 year earlier for sure. I believe Rex dug in his heels schematically speaking and ruined it.
  4. Is this some kind of code that the general public is unaware of?
  5. Great food. Great parties. Making friends with everyone around you. Being loud and never giving up.
  6. The stoners are gonna love this guy as much as the drinkers loved DeBeer.....
  7. He did it so much that I think its on purpose. The td to Zay especially....it would be a clever way to get more YAC if hes doing it on purpose. Keeps the defender off balance
  8. Call me crazy but I like Sills alot. UDFA....but hes got a decent shot here.
  9. No way. Foster is emerging as our #1. Zay improved steadily. Beasley plays the slot, Brown takes the top off. Duke Williams is essentially a wild card but hes that big body guy everyone wants. And I love McKenzie.
  10. I cant believe Hakeem Butler is still out there.
  11. Have to be thinking WR or OL. Some big names available. Jaylon Ferguson as well. Man.....
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