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  1. I came home after getting copenhagen, listened to the song 3-4 times, got a chub thinking of josh.... Just kidding asshats... Made the post, rest is history
  2. I'm a noob here, but a josh advocate from 2016. I just want somebody with software skills to make a highlight tape of josh and diggs with this song as the back drop. Sorry for pissing people off or whatever... I never heard the song until tonight when my wife took me to the store, and I'd tried to say "my window", but I slurred and she laughed and said "Mr Wendal... Ya ya yaaa..." She then made me listen and I immediately thought of josh proving people wrong. It is what it is.
  3. Just saying the guys above thought I'd be banned
  4. I'm just saying people thought josh was a bum ... Damn folks... Take it easy
  5. I don't know why, but this song makes me think of josh coming into the league... With the mustache! https://youtu.be/GfxvsHpTZWk
  6. Peyton breaks down Josh's performance... And it's one of the best and funny breakdowns of the week... Its five bucks to watch for monthly subscription... But it was worth it
  7. https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2017-12-23/looking-back-josh-allens-wyoming-career-his-five-best-plays-cowboys Scroll down to wyo vs san Diego state. Allen has a huge set of brass nutz
  8. The team has said they want to start faster in games this year. If the offense gets the ball first, with a fresh defense.... Than yes push the ball. If the defense is on the field first, then u gotta play the sticks
  9. Washington Revolution! Washington Potomac! Washington Freedom
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