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  1. Just rewatched the game……Neal was the main one covering him. I totally forgot Milano was out that game. Anyone scared of the Chiefs I would advise them to rewatch the game……the defense did a great job as a whole. It seemed like T. Johnson, T. White and Wallace took turns covering Hill depending on where he lined up. He got the best of White on quite a few plays, but everything was within 5-7 yards of the line of scrimmage. They made that Chiefs offense work for yards…..nothing came easy.
  2. I was told by quite a few Pats fans on social media that we beat a rebuilding Patriots team. Patriots have the 10th oldest roster, spent the most money in free agency this past season and only have 5 draft picks(1, 2,3,4 & 6). Never seen a rebuild like that before, but I guess Belichick is playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers.🙄 We have better skill players and a younger faster defense. Where do they have an advantage over us? You can’t say coaching anymore since McDermott is 4-1 the last 5 games with 3 of our wins not even being competitive.
  3. All I remember about Sully is him and Jeremy White always disagreeing on everything…..I don’t think they liked each other much?
  4. Trust me that’s all we'll hear this week. They’ll great out earlier matchup like it never happened and only bring up last years regular season game and the AFCC game. It’ll be just like last year leading up to the playoff game against the Ravens……all the talk was about LJ and that Ravens defense.
  5. Calm down Collingsworth…….Chiefs on a mission to get back to the Super Bowl. It’s the Steelers……there wasn’t an AFC Team in the playoffs that didn’t want to play the Steelers!
  6. Wildcard round cleared out all the crappy teams …….good matchups coming up…. Bills @ Chiefs Bengals @ Titans 49ers @ Packers Rams/Cardinals @ Bucs
  7. Steelers need the defense and special teams to give them short fields just to be competitive in this one. That offense may not even get a 1st down today.
  8. I was old enough to remember the Super Bowls plus I was at the Monday night debacle…….my hatred towards the Cowgirls is based off that.
  9. 49ers trying their hardest to give the Cowboys every opportunity to win this game.
  10. Josh would’ve did a boot run for 20 yards ended with an awkward slide for the 1st down.
  11. 49er looking like us against the Texans in the playoffs…….went from dominating to discombobulated 😕
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