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  1. See #2…….the false sense of hope. Teams tend to keep Fitz in as the starter after the original starter comes back from injury resulting in #3. Some Bills fans can’t let go of the past no matter how mediocre it was.
  2. Fitz is bad luck. Three things are for certain when he’s added to your team: #1 - Your starting QB will miss multiple weeks with an injury forcing Fitz to start. #2 - He’ll get hot for a few weeks giving the coaching staff and fanbase a false sense of hope. #3 - He’ll fizzle out and your franchise will miss the playoffs.
  3. He went through a lot…… man lost his mother, father, brother, grandmother and mentor(high school coach) all before the age of 26. Gotta believe something like takes a toll on you mentally and makes you lose your passion for the game. What do I know…….carry on. https://buffalonews.com/sports/bills/bills-dareus-keeps-playing-through-life-s-losses/article_be1b05a5-f8a3-5141-9ecc-afa19476e595.amp.html
  4. Wallace was a decent DB for us, but we definitely needed an upgrade there. Personally I think he’s a bust signing……unless you have 2 safeties like Buffalo has to cover up for the lack of speed he has, he’s gonna get roasted out there.
  5. You gotta be a real clown to wanna bet against players on your team being successful!
  6. You’d be 100% incorrect. Miller - 11.5 to 18.5 Garrett - 7 to 13.5 Mack - 4 to 15 TJ Watt - 7 to 13 Donald - 9 to 11 C. Jones - 6 to 11.5 JJ Watt - 5.5 to 20.5 N. Bosa - 9 to 15.5(missed 2nd season) D. Hunter - 6 to 12.5 C Jordan - 1 to 8 Burns - 7.5 to 9
  7. Calling it now……Greg Rousseau gets double digit sacks in 2022. #1 - Von Miller on the other side getting double teamed ……lots of 1on1 action for GR. #2 - Learning from Von Miller is gonna take his game to the next level. #3 - Our offense is gonna force alot of opponents to throw the ball to try and play catch-up …….GR will be able to pin his ears back and eat. #4 - A full year in Buffalo’s strength and conditioning program. i feel good about him in 22…….12-15 sacks…..calling it now!
  8. Yes……Jets won the AFC East and KC won the Super Bowl! We crushed it in free agency with proven vets like Miller, Saffold, Crowder, Lawson, Howard, Phillips etc. and we some people crying about teams drafting kids that haven’t done one thing in the NFL yet.
  9. Lee Evans was a better WR……played with worse QB’s.
  10. When was the last time a RB led a team to a Super Bowl?
  11. What would you have recommended to make this draft an A+? 🙄
  12. Get ready for some bitching and moaning ……we’re almost on the clock 😁
  13. Taron Johnson useful? He’s one of the top slot corners in the NFL smh
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