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  1. All the credit they got about bringing in Henry and Smith to recreate some offense they had over a decade ago and never a mention about how that 2 TE system worked because of #12. The new Gronk and Hernandez thru 3 games have a total of 14 catches for 143 yards and 0 touchdowns.
  2. I hate the Jets with a passion! That fanbase tries to piss on the Bills and Dolphins as if they’re some prestige franchise. If NY wasn’t attached to their name they would be on the same level as the Jaguars.
  3. First 2 games Josh isn’t doing a good job of quieting the naysayers. Hopefully he gets it together in the 2nd half.
  4. Seemed as if Big Ben was going after Levi Wallace on every play.
  5. Honestly I never get too high or too low week 1. I’ve seen terrible Bills teams look like the best team in the NFL week 1 only to miss the last playoffs. This game isn’t over but this drive is crucial for us.
  6. Pitts defense is elite…..gonna be a ground it out type of game. Need to get Singletary more involved…..Pitt is daring us to run.
  7. That wasn’t a safety? His foot was on the line when he got the ball.
  8. Why do I let these sports tv shows trigger me so much? Might just be because I’ve been currently working from home the past year and half finding myself watching more tv in a day then I’d normally watch in a week! Today on GMF Mr. Burleson stated that the Patriots are a big threat to the Bills due to the fact that they’ve been dominant for over 20 years while the Bills have been on a run the past couple seasons. I never hear them even mention Brady being the main reason for the Pats success. The Patriots went out and spent a ton of money trying to recreate some offense they had back in 2009 with Gronk and Hernandez. Both Belichick and McDaniels will prove again this year that it ain’t the system…..it was the QB!
  9. I’m actually cool with our group of backs. Breida adds that homerun threat we were looking for in the backfield. Our offense goes thru Josh and the receivers.....I never got the feeling we were drafting a RB after drafting one 2 straight seasons.
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