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  1. I’m actually cool with our group of backs. Breida adds that homerun threat we were looking for in the backfield. Our offense goes thru Josh and the receivers.....I never got the feeling we were drafting a RB after drafting one 2 straight seasons.
  2. Congrats to Malcolm Koonce on getting drafting! Don’t know the kid personally, but he’s from my hometown Peekskill, NY.......always heard good things about him when he was young pup playing youth football.
  3. He played on a Bama team with 4* & 5* recruits at every position. Every QB looks good on Bama.
  4. I could definitely see the Broncos or Eagles taking Fields.
  5. I made a post years ago on Billszone about Clemson players sucking in the NFL......looks like they haven’t done much to change that outside of a few players like D. Hopkins, D. Watson and M. Williams.
  6. It’s actually pretty big problem when you really think about it. Every year for 3 straight years your picking up 2 5th year options while making 2 players the highest paid at their position. Financially you can’t keep that many guys especially if Tua lives up to expectations. I’d imagine some of those 1st round picks will be used to either trade up for 1 guy or trade down for cheaper rookies on cheaper contracts.
  7. Downside is financially you can’t keep 6-1st round picks on your roster especially if they live up to/exceed expectations when their contracts expire.
  8. If we draft a RB in the 1st I’m thinking that means Singletary is gone. They seemed to trust Moss a lot more last season than Singletary.
  9. Edmunds is the new whipping boy around here....when he's gone the new whipping boy will be Ed Oliver.
  10. Pats played Texans and Ravens ......Bills played Steelers and Titans. Patriots schedule was not as strong as the Bills.....only reason why the Patriots ranked as the #1 hardest schedule is because we played them 2x and it boosted there strength of schedule.
  11. Tougher schedule? We played one of the tougher schedules of the 2020 season.....8th to be exact and finished 13-3.
  12. Beating KC with Newton, Nelson A. , J. Smith and Henry? Team A(Pats) beat to B(Chiefs) that means they can beat team C(Bills).......you do know the NFL doesn't work like this right?
  13. I don't know why they're struggling with this. Why would a 13-3 team change up their roster/philosophy to compete with a 7-9 team that they swept the previous year?
  14. Because I'm a wish list crusher....it's what I do
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