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  1. Per Ian Rapoport. Perfect backup to Josh. Veteran that has won a ton of games in the NFL, good leader, good athlete even after the injury, limited arm strength but wont kill you. Alex Smith is the perfect backup QB to come in for 1-4 games and not kill you.
  2. I got vaccinated last month due to working for a hospital. Easy process.....get the needle....wait around for 15 minutes......come back in 3 weeks for the 2nd shot.
  3. Yea ok......I don’t see any of that happening. Diggs is overrated IMO , much better/cheaper options in the draft. If Beane makes this trade I’d be highly disappointed!
  4. That PI was legit I don't care what anyone says. The DB had his hands on Davis past 5 yards and while the ball was in the air.....he doesn't take his hands off Davis until Josh already throws the ball.
  5. He won’t get close to that especially if he has another season with the fewest punts in the league.
  6. It’s a kicker .....they’re up one season down the next. Your hoping your kicker kicks a ton of extra points instead of field goals. Bass kicked 59 extra points while Sanders kicked 36. Bass kicked 34 FGs to Sanders 39.
  7. No what the Saints did was kick the cam down the road too many times. This is the year they feel it. Salary cap definitely isn’t a myth......there are ways to get around it for a year or 2, but eventually it catches up to you.
  8. Packers are currently $21,851,617.00 over the cap.......as of now you can count them out unless they make a ton of moves over the next few weeks. Steelers are $18,778,547 over the cap.......same goes for them.
  9. The return of Vita Vea really put that defense on another level. I focused on him a few times just because it seemed like every play he was walking an olineman 5-10 yards backwards.
  10. So defense combined with a good QB still does win championships.....who would’ve thunk it?
  11. Word......Tampa would’ve gave us so many problems defensively......they’re dline wouldve pushed our oline back into Josh’s lap all game.
  12. No we’re not. 1-2 players away from being on the same or higher level than KC. #1 - Pass rushed that can give consistent pressure of the edge. #2 - Dynamic TE or RB with big play ability
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