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  1. Hopefully our young bucks learned a thing or 2 from Von!
  2. Let me put is this way……after week 1 we seen threads about OJ Howard….. 7 catches 81 yards. Guys on the message board see 1 play and all of a sudden it’s why did we drop that guy?!?
  3. Philly would smash Tampa. Philly is going to the Super Bowl, but I don’t see them beating the Bills, Chiefs, Bengals or Dolphins.
  4. Interior lineman and playmakers needs to be the focus of the draft. The off-season needs to be finding cash to resign our defensive players via restructures and cap casualties.
  5. He should be signed to a long term deal…….he fits this defense perfectly plus he’s extremely young and will get even better.
  6. Edmunds has been the whipping boy around here the past couple seasons. Reminds me of how the fans treated London Fletcher and Gilmore…..never realize how good a player is until he’s gone!
  7. I agree I actually like him, but based off Zach Moss and Cook it seems as if they’ve been trying to replace him the past few seasons. Zach Moss in his rookie year started the season as the #1 RB right after Singletary having a good rookie year.
  8. I think this is his last year in Buffalo. I see us getting a big bruiser next season to compliment Cook and Hines.
  9. Offense looked extremely efficient against the #1 defense according to DVOA.
  10. Thank you Richard Sherman! Tony Gonzalez did not look happy lol
  11. Why don’t y’all stop speculating……could be they like Rhodes?
  12. Weak link? You must’ve missed all the Dane Jackson threads? Teams are abusing him……get him outta the lineup and the pass defense will improve.
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