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  1. You need an o-line that can block for any RB—one you draft or one already on your team. It’s a sad testament to our running game that Josh is our biggest running threat (and each time he runs he’s one hit, twisted knee or torn ACL or MCL from the season ending, and God forbid, our franchise QB’s career from being over. GET OUR BOY SOME HELP ON THE O LINE. And, dump as much garbage as you can on the D-Line—trenches are where it all starts. BTW—no one can run behind that line and make it look good (except maybe OJ—it makes me shudder to utter that name—though the inadvertent rhyme wa
  2. Beane failed with his d-line moves this past off season (and he had a lot to invest—thankfully he was smart and can get us out of most of the bad deals). I appreciate what he’s done but he’s gotta own the bad along with the good. It all starts up front with the d-line and has a domino effect—that pressure was always how you beat Brady—ask the Giants’ teams. Hope Beane can make something happen but with the Covid cap issue and not having a surplus of picks, it’s going to be hard. That’s why I agree—a couple more years. We did great this year and are on the ri
  3. Josh’s progress in year three and the Diggs trade give me hope. Beane has his hands full—player and coaching (not gonna get into McD but we all know where).
  4. Mahomes had a clean pocket most of the game. Josh was running scared.
  5. Anyone have the stats on the pressure and quarterback hits on Mahomes?
  6. Smoke was limping, you gotta have healthy WRs out there—this SB or bust.
  7. For the third time, gotta get his toe. That’s a good defensive adjustment.
  8. Is that called adjusting? Seems like we’ve been slow all year on those.
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