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  1. Give him a full season with a true 1 technique so he can play his natural position as a 3 technique. Then we’ll see.
  2. Let’s get out of here healthy. Get our stars out while they’re safe. Don’t think it’s too early.
  3. Fans gotta wait for Oliver to get more and more snaps/experience playing full seasons with a true 1 technique DT by his side taking on blue collar, lunch pail work to see if Oliver is the guy we drafted to be that disruptive 3 technique DT we saw at Houston. Star, sitting out last year (not begrudging him his personal choice) definitely had an impact setting back Oliver’s development at the 3 technique at a pivotal time in a young player’s development. And, hopefully next offseason, Beane gets us a good 1 technique DT to take over for Star, my dream a Ted Washington type, to develop with Oliver (I wanted the 360lb kid from UF, Slaton this year). I hope with a true 1 technique DT, Oliver can play the 3 technique most snaps and develop into the player many of us were stoked to draft.
  4. Agree, I remember that stretch from the 70s to the mid 80s.
  5. This time we run the 6’5” 240lbs QB on a sneak. Genius play call.
  6. Think we might want to draft a legit RB next year (I know it’s an understatement).
  7. Well, on the bright side Dawson Knox caught the ball today.
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