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  1. A lot of factors that people smarter than me can opine one will come into play—what does Daboll do with JA in year three, how does he maximize the skill set Diggs has and I’m VERY interested to see how Diggs handles himself. A lot of people were so excited to get a WR of his caliber that there seemed to be a lot who excused the way Diggs handled himself with the Vikes. I’m very concerned with Diggs’ attitude and how that will affect JA if he decides he’s unhappy with the way he’s ultimately used and also how he deals with playing with a young developing QB. https://www.startribune.com/vikings-stefon-diggs-parted-because-of-irreconcilable-differences/568885742/ https://www.cover1.net/diggs-addition-a-calculated-risk-in-the-bills-process/ I just don’t get “The Process” (football culture) vibe from Diggs and the tremendous positive impact of that culture in the locker room is a driving force in regard to our success. I hope my concerns were misplaced 3am cabin fever insomnia!
  2. Sorry late to this party. Worth the gamble for sure from what I’ve read (no games for me). I’m not an orthopedic surgeon (“and I don’t play one on TV”) but I’ve had about 13 years of continuous treatment for back pain (started young—38/39). So, I’ll be rooting for Trey—hope his was problem was “fixed” (think they said it was a bulging disc). Hoping Trey completely recovers and has a chance to work his way onto the roster to live the dream. (Sorry sappy hour—and sans booze!).
  3. Nice story about Bass: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.thestate.com/sports/nfl/article242168846.html
  4. They finally gave some analysis on Davis. What I took away his vertical and High Point. Two things we need assuming JA can get the ball down field with accuracy!
  5. Real Draftniks—anyone help us with Davis v. Gandy-Golden? I’m trusting McB but heard a lot about Gandy-Golden with size (which Davis has) and big upside.
  6. Nice!! Bringing me back to my childhood—Muncie and Galbreath (have the old football cards somewhere in my basement!).
  7. Value pick—can’t get upset about that (I know it’s not flashy—that was the Diggs’ trade—gotta trust in McBeane—earned our trust).
  8. As a Jersey boy, it was the most fun I had at a Bills/Jets game at the Meadowlands. Whipped them on MNF as their fans worked up from chants of “Joe must go” (in honor of Joe Walton) to setting fires in the aisles (think they were burning posters that were handed out). Best heckling I took was when some drunken Jets’ fan called me a [slow adult] for wearing my Bills’ hat with my Rutgers’ sweatshirt (censoring software struck!). Made it down behind the Bills’ sideline and we were all celebrating. Good times!
  9. This means we’ll finally get a big comp. pick because Kroft is going to have a BIG year 🤣.
  10. Like the Spain signing—as everyone said, continuity is imperative with OL. As for the Ford talk, McBeane is married to him at RT after moving up specifically to take him as a RT—unlike most teams who projected him at G (but with high marks FWIW). So, the FO will give him every chance and then some to succeed at RT. I was happy we got him on draft day and want him to succeed at RT—just hope they don’t push the situation merely to try to prove he’s capable of playing RT even if he’s not an early 2nd rd OT selection but could be a value at that pick at G. Whether we like it or not, there is that “stick with your guy” dynamic to a FO with certain FA signings and early draft choices (and trading up increases the pressure). Keeping my fingers crossed that Ford proves his naysayers and the nervous optimists wrong (and from his perspective all the doubters should be a big motivator for him!).
  11. But every year I wait to see if any teams will literally botch the selection process ... (ironically it seems like they get it right when they miss their initial selection—further proof of the intrinsic value of the whole pre-draft scouting process): http://www.espn.com/nfldraft/columnist?id=1545117
  12. Gotta go back to the draft to think about the pick in context: https://buffalonews.com/2019/04/26/buffalo-bills-nfl-draft-dawson-knox/ Don’t think I violated any copyright but apologize if I did: After Singletary was selected with the 74th overall pick, Beane watched as two tight ends were chosen -- Texas A&M's Jace Sternberger and San Diego State's Kahale Warring. "There was starting to be a run on tight ends and you're kind of holding your breath and you start looking," Beane said. "Our next pick was 112. He fit the value where we picked him, and we were going 'there's enough teams that still can use tight ends.' We just didn't see any way that he would fall, and the next one that we had ranked was starting to be significantly lower. We just felt this was the time to jump. That was still another position that we wanted to address in this draft." The Bills entered the draft with 10 picks. After Beane's two moves Friday, he has used four of those and has four more to come on the final day of the draft. "Picks to me, I always talk about them as currency and it's kind of where the state of your roster is and what you've done," Beane said. "We came in where we didn't have a lot of positions that we felt we needed to address. So we said, 'let's follow the board, set the board right, don't skew it, and then when the board tells you you need to move up in the Cody Ford sense and again in the Dawson Knox sense, take advantage of those extra picks that you have and try and get those players at either the value you have on the board.' "
  13. “Lights out in London”—Michael Schenker guitar solo—now that was a UFO that rocked!
  14. Risner all-rookie team as G (where he was projected—no “wishing and hoping and thinking and praying”— https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.nfl.com/news/story/0a3000001083965/article/2019-nfl-allrookie-team-offense-josh-jacobs-oroy-favorite%3FnetworkId%3D4595%26site%3D.news%26zone%3Dstory%26zoneUrl%3Durl%3Dstory%26zoneKeys%3Ds1%3Dstory%26env%3D%26pageKeyValues%3Dprtnr%3Dposition-power-rankings%26p.ct%3DPosition%2BPower%2BRankings%26p.adsm%3Dfalse%26p.tcm%3D%23000%26p.bgc1m%3D%23EAEAEA%26sr%3Damp Risner went from C to starting RT at K-State and then to LG for Denver during OTAs where he never looked back—he was one of just 10 rookies in the league to start all 16 games, and he tallied the eighth most snaps of any rookie last season). Made seamless transition to G at pro level (where he should be close to all-pro level plug and play for a long time ((and he has the ability to swing to T when needed)) to back up for Ty. But, as I’ve said before, I was excited when we got Ford was just nervous about us declaring him as RT (FO has a lot riding on Ford making it as RT) but last off-season I was all in on ”the process”—and the regular season reaffirmed my faith after decades of crossing my fingers and holding my breath—just anxious about some of the FO decisions: leaving Peterman as our safety net for Josh), later on discovering the shortcomings of the smurfs, and not turning the reigns over to Gore late in the season—but there is always going to be 20/20 hindsight/nitpicking—let’s see what McBeane does this off-season with lots of cap space—FA (setting up long term deals to retain young nucleus while supplementing with short term cap friendly win now additions, the draft and the development of Allen ((Daboll 🙏), Oliver, as well as Ford and Knox, and Singletary’s usage. Thanks for letting me share (bored—post-hospital release for back 🤕).
  15. And he caught over 70 passes—doubling past receptions—and as others noted, he’s been in a bad situation lately—blocking has been HORRIBLE and offensive situation no good (actually coming off good season all things considered): https://www.google.com/amp/s/clutchpoints.com/grading-the-2019-nfl-season-for-jaguars-rb-leonard-fournette/amp/ But, I’m merely a casual fan—ask Jags fans or “experts” about his 2019 season (it was two different seasons, but it wasn’t on him). And, it’s a pipe dream for a 5th. Fantasy football GM stuff.
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