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  1. No matter what offense Josh plays in he will have accuracy issues. He had them in college and still has them. I thought pro coaches could help him but it hasn’t happened. I know his accuracy percentage is up but he still has not developed accuracy with his long ball. He still has head scratching misses on some shorter passes.
  2. I went to Kitty O’ Sheas last year for the Minnesota game and had a great time. I believe the owner is from Kenmore or Tonawanda.
  3. Good call my friend. People forget that Whaley was still here for the Zay draft. He had one foot out the door with no say.
  4. I love Josh but he is not that good. Barkley didn’t have trouble completing passes down field against the Jets last year. We can’t keep saying it is the line or receivers.
  5. I am already here and was advised that there are cash lots around the stadium. That was told to me by the Titans office.
  6. I totally agree. He is having the same accuracy problems that he had in college.
  7. He probably would have if we didn’t let edge rushers walk 8n all alone on the last 2 plays.
  8. I don’t believe he will ever be a good deep ball thrower. He also has accuracy issues on other throws as well. Not sure if the coaches can teach those flaws.
  9. That is when they thought Russ Brandon was god.
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