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  1. I think Lawrence has to play next year also. He is only a sophomore
  2. Michael Lombardi is saying that Clooney is going to get traded within the next 24-48 hours. He is close to Billy Boy. I wonder if he knows anything or if he is trying to get crap to stick on the wall.
  3. Shula was on the referee committee at the time. There were some other suspect calls when we played the Dolphins back then.
  4. It definitely feels different. It all comes down to Josh. We don’t need anymore 10-7 or 9-6 losses.
  5. Can’t watch because I have Directv. They have gone to crap since TTand T took over
  6. Good receivers make that catch. That was a nice throw by Josh.
  7. Good defensive depth. I also hope they keep Marcus Murphy.
  8. He couldn’t wait for halftime of the opener! How dare him
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