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  1. I believe we beat the Super Bowl Champ Raiders earlier in the season.
  2. Trade Edmunds and get more cap space for Bradberry.
  3. Who hasn’t blown by Tremaine! 😂
  4. Exactly. They don’t use that type of back properly. You can have a mismatch in the passing game all day but we never send tha back out on a wheel route.
  5. He made more plays in the Jets game than Edmunds has made his whole career. Now trade Edmunds and get a real linebacker
  6. How about taking care of the defense. We don’t have a super bowl D
  7. Groningen is also a great blocker. Maybe we can make 4th and 1
  8. Jack Eichel of quarterbacks. Terrible body language and terrible leader.
  9. You are exactly right. The call didn’t get to Bass. That is the true story from the inside. I still think McDermott has blood on his hands also. He should have got the defense out of that prevent. Maybe he over ruled Leslie and that is why he is still here.
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