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  1. I would like to see him improve on the long ball. He had Brown open by 4 yards and overthrew him. Hopefully he starts to put a little more air under it.
  2. Great career. The guy started his career when Kelly was still playing.
  3. He could be done with a bad elbow. That is what happened to Bradshaw. Great arm to noodle arm.
  4. Morse. Watch him on the 2 rushing touchdowns. He is a stud
  5. No doubt. We have numerous flaws but people seem to find the negative in good times. We still have a long way to go to be a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.
  6. Let’s think of the positive and not the negative . We are 2-0!
  7. Let’s see what Watkins does during a whole season and not 1game.
  8. Set him up to fail. Fits doesn’t deserve the criticism. Blame management.
  9. Him and sBeane know what they are doing. They are building a TEAM not individuals.
  10. Morse is a stud. You don’t see many centers pulling.
  11. Have him arrested for taping the phone conversation with Gruden.
  12. Gruden sounded like a beaten down man. Knock on wood if you’re with me!
  13. We even faked a punt. Greg Cater hit Mark Brammer for the first down. Chuck Knox!
  14. 1980 opener against Dolphins when the Bills broke the losing streak. Fans ripped the posts down. Also, when Kelly ran for the touchdown against Miami with no time remaining to win. I believe that might have been an opening game.
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