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  1. Thank god. He would have ruined Josh.
  2. Letting Ahmad Rashad go Troupe instead of Gronk He missed on purpose because he didn’t want to play here
  3. The guy has had a few good games since he left. He is not a dominating receiver and disappears for long stretches. Good trade for the Bills.
  4. Well deserved Chiefs! You have a classy owner one organization.
  5. Mahoney putting the team on his back. The kid wants it bad
  6. The mascot had bad body language. He was pounding his head into a wall
  7. I have been looking for him but to no avail
  8. Marital. They made the change the following week
  9. No bias here. We are so conservative that is why we are watching this week.
  10. Because they didn’t call a penalty. God forbid they admit they were wrong.
  11. We don’t need another Darius. Play when you want to
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