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  1. We had 1 on the onside kick that Miami tried. We returned it for TD
  2. No in play penalties against Texans seems odd. I saw Jerry Hughes getting choked out on a couple of occasions.
  3. The NFL has admitted it was the wrong call. The refs have to start paying for making the wrong call or no call.
  4. That play may have went to the house
  5. The game should not have went to OT.
  6. At that point we should of been calling for Josh to roll so he he could dump it while he was outside the tackle box and stay in field goal range. I don’t think Daboll helps him.
  7. He reminds me of a chicken without a head when that happens
  8. I remember Marv said that after a playoff loss. I remember he also said we have to learn how to win.
  9. How is he even in contention. His body of work as an OC sucks. I can ride Bill and Saban’s coattails also.
  10. Any way you slice it this team couldn’t score points all year. Field goal don’t cut it. We should have blew this team out in regulation. One offensive drive doesn’t make a game.
  11. Who were those referees always hanging out by O’Brien. I never saw any of them by McDermott. I will not blame refs though. We sat on a lead and let them back in the game.
  12. Tell Michael Irvin to get a bigger suit! He has it buttoned and is breaking out of it.
  13. Same old show. Offense won’t score and defense has to win game. It would be nice if special teams can contribute in some way.
  14. Joe Devlin and Fred Smerlas. Some old timers. I forgot Shan Conlon did not play in that game. Some good times
  15. I would like to see the draw play on 4th and 4 if he came!
  16. I believe Rex fired him after the night game against the Jets when his defense got scorched by Fitz.
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