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  1. I swear, I’ve seen this game before.
  2. When they call the inevitable defense PI, then yes.
  3. May be a little conspiracy-ish, but I have to wonder if this was an intentional leak by someone higher up in the FO. Why is this coming out now? It happened almost 4 years ago. We have an owner that can’t really fire him for having a down year, despite multiple on-field meltdowns. But now we have this. And we will always have this.
  4. I’m not convinced of this report either. There’s a zero chance of him being fired, until he does. That’s the way these usually work. They give a vote of confidence and the next week, they’re fired. Pegulas has even done this with the Sabres. Botterill I think. If they lose 2 of the following games, which is highly likely, then I bet McDs job is in jeopardy. Maybe not fired, but there will be discussions. No longer a zero percent.
  5. The Texans have a better record than we do. Let that sink in.
  6. All of Beane’s top 3 round picks are need based. I can’t think of one that wasn’t. AJE was need, Torrence was need, Elam was need, and Kincaid was need. This is fine, because a rookie can make an immediate impact in the NFL. It’s only bad when the need outweighs the quality, like Elam.
  7. I’m not at all worried about cutting some of our higher paid players, especially if they are over 30. We’re not getting results with them, so am sure cutting them wouldn’t automatically put us below 0.500. The roster needs to retool with hungry players wanting their next contract to be a big one, not ones who have already been paid. All I see is players going through the motions.
  8. Signing high profile players in FA rarely make an impact commensurate to their contract, especially if over 30. Anyone who follows the nfl knows this. Beane should be ashamed.
  9. I want Josh to run early and run often. I want him to put at least 100 yards on those MFers
  10. Why don’t they use their punter? He seemed to throw a decent ball.
  11. Bust of a FA pick up. I don’t remember when a FA of his caliber lived up to his signing. I thought Beane was smarter than this. Would be great to offload this contract somehow.
  12. Nah. Brady leaving NE and being incredibly successful exposed Belicheck. Bill has been 26-30 since Marcia left.
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