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  1. Yes, very high. The tippy top of the ankle.
  2. Pulled? More like how long he lasts before leaving the game.
  3. Maybe his mind was on Saturn and he couldn’t tell the difference between his back and head.
  4. It’s no sweat to him. He wasn’t doing it for the money (his day job takes care of this), but rather for weekly sideline tickets.
  5. Agreed. I think is fans actually like Allen as a person as much as his performance. None of us would want to see him pulled a Tua. I don’t know how Miami fans view Tua, but it just seems like “get up, dude, and play”
  6. Wow. You see the comments? Didn’t age well. At all.
  7. This is true. But Tua is also an adult. It’s his responsibility to be truthful with the medical staff, assuming Miami coaching staff didn’t fully make up the “back” or “ankle” being hurt. It came from somewhere. That said, it’s up to the coaching staff to know when he’s not being fully truthful. The whole thing should be thoroughly investigated. Disgusted this all has been risked for a game.
  8. Lil Dirty not going out of bounds on the final play.
  9. With a herniated cervical disc, it looks that we may be faced with another Eichel situation. A small portion of the with self-reabsorb after a period of rest. The other cases will require definitive surgery. However, I don’t see this becoming an artificial disc vs fusion debate. Football is too violent of a sport. So, how have players done after cervical spinal fusion? This is a little dated, but a good starting point. https://www.shimspine.com/cervical-fusions-nfl/
  10. I think there’s a non-zero chance we see him in some action next Sunday, or at least as a reserve. These types of a diagnoses (ie neck) usually have a way of leaking out and we’ve yet to hear anything.
  11. I’m fine with the suspension, as long as they give a game suspension to the player who shoved Dane while he laid on the ground screaming.
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