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  1. I really empathize with him. I don’t like being away from my kids either. That said, what’s he still working for? He should retire.
  2. The off-season has been very fun, but in reality, teams that are this active during FA rarely are very successful. Said another way, any success we have won’t be due to players we have added, but rather how well Allen has progressed.
  3. I guess time was told. Beane should’ve been silent on this matter. The quote is cringeworthy.
  4. Why talk about it all is right. What is Beane trying to prove by running his mouth? Either sign him or don’t. I think this is fairly out of character for Beane, who is usually tight-lipped. If I was Ansah’s agents and heard what Beane said, I’d increase my asking price.
  5. Not at all. The dude does seem very graceful in his catches.
  6. I think a Peter Pan link would’ve been more appropriate.
  7. People write that he couldn’t get good separation, but from that video, this dude is open even when he’s not open. You just throw the ball towards him and he’ll find a way to catch it even if the DB is glued to him.
  8. Rosen’s Trade value, if there was any, just took a dive. There’s no way both would coexist on the same team.
  9. I had a dream last night that the Pats signed Chad Kelly and won a Super Bowl with him.
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