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  1. "This is the game of football. Injuries are part of it. It's a violent game that I personally don't think humans are supposed to play."
  2. This is fine. These people are in the minority, but if they want to pay out the teeth for crappy beer, all is good. Bills make more money then and ticket prices stay controlled.
  3. Unfortunately, it’s true. These are animals kept in small enclosed areas for human entertainment. They are usually yelled at by kids (mine included) or kids banging on the walls of water tanks.
  4. Why would they cut out a healthy revenue stream? They can still make a heck of a lot of money by people drinking responsibly (3 beers or less). While it likely decreases units sold, revenue likely stays the same. And of beer prices were half of what they are now, “keeping a buzz” would likely continue on to being blasted.
  5. This dilemma reminds me of that fateful day the zoo decided to make the admission free for a day. This was maybe about 10 years ago and all sorts of debauchery occurred. The aviary net was ripped down and animals were overly harassed. It’s always a good idea to charge a gateway fee. Since then, they started charging $1 for their gift pricing.
  6. I think this is correct. You increase the price of alcohol and you basically cut down on the drunkenness of the crowd. This makes games more family friendly. People end up drinking less and since prices are now higher, the stadium makes the same/more amount of money. Probably less automobile accidents afterwards as well.
  7. I didn’t read the police report. I only had enough attention to read the 140 character tweet. Was their juicy parts not included in the tweet than speeding with a pipe in the glove compartment? Agreed. If he was so high, he couldn’t walk, then he should be locked up.
  8. I don’t think it’s legal, but I honest doubt you can’t find a player’s car that doesn’t have pot in it. Attitudes have changed. I don’t really think the public views this as criminal issue. Otherwise, I’m sure many of us have driven 90 in a 65 at one time in our life.
  9. Basically, I get his Dad was a dick, but this guy basically got pulled over for a speeding ticket.
  10. If he deserves it, then great. Dak doesn’t deserve $40M. He doesn’t even deserve $30M.
  11. Sort of like “I take that question.”
  12. Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to sayBut nothing comes out when they move their lipsJust a bunch of gibberishAnd ***** act like they forgot about Milano. Brady’s going to be sleeping under Milano.
  13. I really empathize with him. I don’t like being away from my kids either. That said, what’s he still working for? He should retire.
  14. The off-season has been very fun, but in reality, teams that are this active during FA rarely are very successful. Said another way, any success we have won’t be due to players we have added, but rather how well Allen has progressed.
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