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  1. You forgot perhaps the biggest reason we’d go after him though. He plays for Carolina.
  2. From a Bills wild card standpoint, we are we rooting for today?
  3. For a game where trauma is inflected on each play, I’m sure these trainers can access an ACL in their sleep. Obviously, some slip by. It’s not a perfect maneuver. Besides, anyone relying solely on a Lachman should have any license they have stripped.
  4. The leader of a 6-6 team wants to be paid $40M per year? In what universe? If so, this is will ensure that team never wins a Super Bowl. Let’s pray this actually happens.
  5. I was skeptical there was a bias against against Hughes...until tonight. He was flagged for making a tackle of a player who was still up and running.
  6. Jason will be coach the Giants next year. It’s not a demotion, but a promotion.
  7. My favorite was Hughes fake unnecessary roughness.
  8. What about the fumbles! Tell me about the fumbles!
  9. Can’t we merge this with the “still worried about the offense?” thread?
  10. Ok, keep Gore off the field now. We don’t want him to re-lose those yards.
  11. I have absolutely zero doubt he will be a HC next year. What he has done has been nothing shorter of miraculous. Genius. Will he be a successful HC, I have no clue. Maybe, maybe not.
  12. What about Demetress Bell? What’s he up to?
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