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Although I’m a Jersey guy, growing up OJ was my hero.  He was my Michael Jordan.  That turned me into an all around Buffalo fan—Sabres (though I haven’t followed hockey since the early 90s), Braves fan and then a Clippers fan (until I converted into a Knicks fan when Riley turned them into that tough, hard nosed team that I couldn’t resist).  I’ve stuck with the Bills ever since my childhood into my early 50s now (can’t believe it’s been 40 years!)—through  the lean years, the Super Bowl run (even went to the first Cowboy Super Bowl game at the Rose Bowl—pure torture—left midway through the 3rd quarter ... my brother and I forgot it was stacked parking so I had to sit in the car and stare at that stadium with the crowd roaring and the glow of the lights—double torture).  

Love the Bills though they make us all suffer. Before the internet, my father worked for Marine Midland Bank and one of his friends in the Buffalo office used to save the Buffalo News sports sections for me during football season so he’d bring them back to me when he had to travel to Buffalo.  After the internet, I fortunately stumbled onto TBD and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Great to have a fellow fan base to communicate (and commiserate) with and I love how astute and knowledge the fan base at TBD is (it’s like the Knicks fans at the Garden—smart and appreciate the game ... well most do!).  

Though I wasn’t a believer in McBeane for a bit, they’ve won me over—love the change in culture and though I thank Ralph for all he did, it’s nice to see the Pegulas spending some money!   I can’t believe I still haven’t made it to a game in Orchard Park after all these years, but I’ve spent many years at Shea as a kid and then the Meadowlands as an representing the Bills (I hate Jets’ fans, bunch of animals—lots of abuse over the years—but I give it back, it comes with the territory).  Hope we’re at the beginning of a new era and another run.  And now that I can stream the games, I get to suffer every week.  Thanks to all the posters at TBD—you guys keep me educated and connected with the team I’ll root for until my days are over.

Go Bills!!!

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