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  1. You can get a player in the 5th who can play now, don’t think anyone is saying they expected a day one starter in the 5th. You are the one saying that. Relax, there are many valid points that people are making that do not include the assertion that our 5th round pick will be a day one starter. Now, as for our three 6th round picks, I expect all-pros.
  2. Which is what Spencer Brown was and is why I understood that. I guess I’m the only one who is worried about our interior D Line even if Rousseau and Basham can move around, I’d like a pure DT to go along. And, a CB to develop is nice too. I understand building for the future especially with big contracts coming up sooner than later.
  3. Well, I think adding DL rotation will help more now than an OT who will help in two years. 5th rounders can help now. That’s just my opinion.
  4. One developmental OT I understand. Now it’s two for a “win now” team. We need help now elsewhere (1 Technique DT, a CB2 and a fast WR).
  5. Not going to be absurd and pretend I know anything about him from watching him play at Northern Iowa (not part of my Verizon FIOS package). But, from what I’ve read post-selection and from what the NFLN “analysts” had to say, it seems like a very positive, high ceiling selection. He’s clearly massive, played basketball so he’s athletic to boot and he apparently impressed NFL O Line coaches at the Senior Bowl. Everyone did say he’s a project so as others have noted he is the heir apparent to Daryl Williams (they say he’s a RT). This is another reminder to me that I’ve got to reme
  6. Go back several years before and watch how the Giants beat the Patriots by rotating EXTRA linemen. It’s simple—disrupt the QB by getting pressure on him.
  7. Wanted him as one of the CBs we could take if we traded down and got an extra pick. But, we’ll roll with it. Patience and trust.
  8. Rotating edge rushers is how the Giants beat the Pats. That’s how you generate pressure and beat QBs. Like this instead of settling for a player who is the equal of a dozen others. And, he was mocked to us in the first some mocks back. Ironic. I give them credit for thinking outside the box (i.e., merely “ok” CB, OL will be there in third, raw but fast WR later, camp competition LB’er/ST’er too, etc.),
  9. So was his brother and look how that turned out (and I’m not saying YOU are saying to take him so don’t take it that way).
  10. Get another draft pick there is no player that is head and shoulders above the others right now such that we’ll lose by going down and getting another pick in a draft in which the drop off isn’t too much. People are panicking, relax and play it smart. Beane is smart, it’ll be interesting to see where he goes.
  11. Don’t hate on me but next year’s draft is supposed to be stacked with more players and talent will be evaluated better. Seems like if you trade down, a pick the following year is going to be more valuable.
  12. Trade down. Things didn’t go our way with the CB.
  13. One less 1 Technique DT. That’s what I want with a CB who fits our scheme and has size but needs a year to hone his skills (that’s what Eli and Dane can do—I just hope Dane is gonna be what we all saw flashes of).
  14. Every team in our division is having a draft that’s making me want to vomit and I’m sober. BUT, we are drafting where we are because we were one game from the SB. Would you trade what we’ve built for past few years to feel better about tonight’s draft? Our competition is trying to build what we already have—new culture and solid foundation on both sides of the ball.
  15. Good point. My gut reaction was hoping players still want to play for a winner. Understand playing time = more money for next contract but I still live in the old days when winning as a team meant more than getting personal stats. Think I’m from a different era—NBA basketball sums up the new mentality of athletes you implicitly identified. Sad that winning isn’t the number one goal for these kids.
  16. Nice cheat sheet for 2nd courtesy of NFL.com: https://www.nfl.com/news/best-remaining-prospects-available-in-the-2021-nfl-draft
  17. DT/CB/OL/WR/—-BPA: DT—our rush def. blew and Oliver needs a 1 true technique so we can see what he is and who will play with him for years, not for one year (I’d like two in this draft Beane whiffed last year in FA and it hurt us) CB—need 2nd CB but don’t reach for guy who isn’t perfect scheme fit—rather give Dane or Eli the reps (he proved he’s in the conversation) take one in 3rd who is a raw fit that we can develop (with Dane, Eli, etc. in house barring one of the plug and plays we get better immediate impact elsewhere OL—a big ugly with a nasty streak wh
  18. James Hardy and Jeff Tuel. But they weren’t first round picks when we’re one game away from the SB. BPA. BPA. BPA. Can’t coach what JOK has and has shown on the field.
  19. I hope you’re right, I really do. But when a dynamic top 15 player with no med or character issues falls to 30 and we can still pick up an edge rusher in the 2nd who we can coach up (JOK’s talent isn’t coachable) I think of the havoc Milano and JOK could cause (as Tremaine wanders around confused until they fix the scheme to use his uncoachable talents and maybe JOK would have caused the scheme fix). Now tomorrow we need to get a CB, DT, OL, WR and a shot in the dark TE (I’d say BPA but need is where we went last time so...). And, I know Rousseau was a top edge rusher and we need
  20. Oliver needs a one technique. I hope Rousseau isn’t a 1 year wonder.
  21. With what capital? We have five year options coming up we need to get experience. Need CB/DT/OL/WR/RB in no particular order.
  22. but aren’t we supposed to go BPA not one of four top need guys. Not hating just hate to hear BPA, BPA and we go need, JOK was top on board even if we have Milano locked up imagine the schemes with the two of them? Leslie couldn’t, I guess. That said, I trust Beane except with ex-Panthers. 😉
  23. JOK—Milano aside BPA—aren’t we always supposed to go BPA. CBS lefts don’t touch JOK.
  24. Trade down. Hate to take a risk. At this point many players of similar value are available. Why not get some draft capital.
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