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  1. I actually thought it was sage advice.
  2. I thought it would take a 3 year deal in the $11M-$13M a year range to get him to re-up with us. Not too far off. The Bills end up getting him at a really good price without having to commit 3 additional years. Great deal
  3. Doubtful but they could be somewhere in the middle of the pack and that would be a good turnaround.
  4. They cant lay a glove on Barr. Hes too smart, knowledgeable and crafty for them and it drives them, the media and their base nuts.
  5. I was looking through some of the predictions from the progressive economic darlings right after Trump had won his election and I thought I'd share them with you. Right after Trump had won, not sure if you guys remember but the stock market tanked by close to 1000 points in overnight trading and that prompted Krugman, our favorite economist to write a column. Politico came out with an article titled: Economists: A Trump win would tank the markets, If GOP nominee pulls off a Brexit-like surprise, Wall Street would face a Brexit-like stock plunge. Sounds ominous, lets see what they had to say: So much scare he says. Well, how about from the Editorial Page of the Washington Post. Those guys are grounded. Surely they must have had a reasonable take on what a Trump economy could look like, right? Right????? Their headline blared: A President Trump could destroy the world economy Yikes! What about Mark Zandi from Moody's Analytics. He's one of the lead advisers of the Obama Stimulus package. Let's see what he said: Oh hell, you can just read his drivel/study right here. By the way, Mark Zandi has been and is continuing to be quoted by many mainstream outlets such as CNN, NY times, Politico, WAPO etc etc as if he is some neutral arbiter and he continues to downplay the economy. In any case, I got a chuckle out of these predictions, I knew they would be waaaay off from day one. Thought I'd share them with you.
  6. I actually like the Athletic, yeah they don't put out as much content but it's quality content.
  7. I'm thinking they get a deal done, they gave up a lot to get him and unfortunately for them, Amari has the leverage.
  8. The takeaway if there is any is that there may be an added level of determination to be in that sort of physical shape. It's a sign that points to commitment.
  9. "He can run through you without being touched"
  10. That's his opinion and now it's up to the Bills to prove all the doubters wrong.
  11. Just the way I envisioned he'd be, methodical, organized, detailed with a clear vision. I wouldn't be surprised if Pegula views Beane as the more indispensable one between he and McD.
  12. Even if we were to accept the premise that Whaley didn't have any say in that draft, which is laughable and at the very least he was in charge of the scouting and set up the draft board to determine the best players at each position. But just for shiznits and giggles, lets just say that Rex was in charge of the entire draft and Whaley had no to very little say, then it goes back to the point that I've been making for a while now, part of the job of an effective GM is to be able to sell your vision to ownership. Ownership has to believe in your gameplan, if they don't believe in your gameplan, then if you are a self-respecting and not desperate to have a GM-job-in-name then you shouldn't even accept those conditions and resign. Then to top it all off, if you did accept the diminished responsibility but you were the "GM", then it sets yourself up not just for failure but it hurts your GM prospects or other high level administrative positions in the league. Where is Whaley today? The XFL? You think if you were to have asked him 3 years ago what would he think if he knew that that he'd be fired as GM of the Bills, couldn't immediately get hired to any meaningful NFL exec position and had to settle to going to the XFL 3 years later, do you think that would have been almost worst case scenario? I think so. Is he aware that essentially the entire scouting staff that put in the work and setup the draft board for Shaq to be picked is no longer with the Bills? Asking for a friend
  13. Yes, but nowhere near the amount that he ended up signing for.
  14. Some people just don't get it. Yes, the Bills did inherit a salary cap mess. What the hard-heads have a very very hard time of understanding is that this regime didn't hold in high regards players such as Watkins and Dareus relative to their contracts. I know that the hard-heads loved these players, even though their production over the past few years was on par with your slightly above JAG level players, specially considering that they didn't fit the DNA of the type of player that this organization wanted. I get it, terms such as "process", "culture" and "DNA" are terms that are foreign to the hard-heads and they believe these are mythical made-up words that exist only in sports fans imaginations. So attempting to explain to the hard-heads that building a team from the ground up with culture, process and players that fit their DNA is a wasted cause because the concept is too abstract for their heads to wrap around. The Bills could have decided to try to keep underperforming players such as Dareus and Watkins despite them not being the type of players that fit their preferred DNA had they been playing up to their contract levels. But they weren't. And despite all the howlings and screeching we heard from the same hard-heads of how getting rid of players such as Watkins and Dareus would spell doom, the Bills still made the playoffs. And yet when you ask the hard-heads how this happened, they shrug their shoulders and suggest Luck.
  15. Skill set is not the right description, he isn't known for his skills, he's known for his measurables and athleticism. He's an ok route runner with ok hands.
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