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  1. That hurts! Hopefully something for the team to rally around. Next man up!
  2. I think you hit the nail right on the head. I was talking with my brother about this very same topic and idea. The Bills have a fair amount of play makers on defense with a good secondary. They also have an offense that can put a lot of points in the board. Considering the league is scoring more and more points it just makes sense to let Josh and the offense do their thing and play a lot more aggressive defense and give them a chance to make more plays. If they get burnt a couple times then so be it, you have an offense that can put up points themselves. The defensive philosophy should be focused not so much in trying to contain the opposing offense but putting the defense in a position to make plays.
  3. You just need to be more of a process truster.
  4. Wouldn’t trade him at all! He will end up being an MVP QB in this league in his career. You don’t trade those guys
  5. The high stepping is not a showboat move. It's to change gears, going at one speed, slows down which causes the defender to slow down and gives him the opportunity to accelerate after the slow down and to go by the defender.
  6. Well deserved. Didn’t just call the win but how they won.
  7. My interest has waned. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the most overblown, mischaracterized story of my life. I’m pissed that health experts have irresponsibly sold everyone on extreme lock downs, incessant desire for everyone to wear masks and all the other incredibly stupid panic that it has thrust upon society with the help of an incredibly dishonest media who continuously mislead their viewers. We should be fully opening back up.
  8. Life can get back to normal. How? Easy. just get back to living life again.
  9. Love the way he keeps his hands down until the very end and doesn't give Norman a chance to get his hands up to defend it. Little things like that help make him the elite WR that he is.
  10. Really? I would have never have guessed that. Thanks for the explanation Mr. obvious 🤦‍♂️
  11. Suspend the players that were at the practice for 2 games a piece. Forfeit a 3rd rounder. Fine the Organization $3 million. Fine each player $200k If another players tests positive between now and gameday, they forfeit the game as well.
  12. I was a believer after the Sammy Watkins trade.
  13. The punishment is going to have to be harsh to send a message. The audience is larger than just NFL fans. My guess is that they will hope that no other players test positive between now and Gameday. If no other players test positive, they will suspend the players that attended that workout with a 2 game suspension. They will fine the team $2 Million . They will forfeit a 3rd round draft choice. If a player does come back as positive, they will do all the above and they will forfeit this weeks game.
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