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  1. I actually was thinking how satisfied you must have felt during this draft.
  2. I personally like the idea of having 4 more draft choices. Odds of finding a keeper is probably higher having 2 6th rounders vs 1 5th rounder. I think Buffalo took the same approach with Barsham, Beane said if he had been gone they would have traded down. My hunch is that they didn’t really love anyone enough with that 5th rounder and traded down for 2 6th rounders because there wasn’t much difference in the value of the players available.
  3. That Nathan Peterman had a shot at becoming a solid QB in the NFL.
  4. I think you’ve taken Joe’s title of king of the hot takes.
  5. The Bills needed to get more physical on the defensive line and they are addressing it in a major way.
  6. He’s not slow at all. Ran in the 4.6’s His shuttle time was slow.
  7. I will trust Beane's evaluations and decision making for this football team, he has more than earned that right. With that said, even though I generally don't like the idea of getting RB's in the first round, as someone who has watched ACC and plenty of Clemson football, Etienne is a top tiered talent and game changer. The guy has made big time plays throughout his entire life and has the sort of speed and receiving ability to take this offense to a whole new level. Personally, I'd rather get a DB or edge rusher if there was one that we thought could make a difference but I'd be
  8. I do agree that Oliver had a somewhat disappointing season, yes he was playing in a situation that wasn't ideal but he still underperformed. He's good at stuffing the run but he was drafted to be a disruptor behind the line of scrimmage. I would expect him to step it up this year.
  9. I remember reading a lot about him his first year with the Bills and how internally the Bills were very positive about his prospects of becoming a meaningful players on the Bills roster.
  10. I see the Bills doing something with Dawkins to free up some money and I think they will extend Diggs to reduce this years cap. Plus, I think they know that even though Diggs has been a great teammate, he is not about to take any discount. I think for him getting paid is also a sign of respect and he right now is nowhere near the highest paid WR. I think if not addressed it could end up being something that eats away at him. I'm totally guessing here but that is the sense I get. I think a 2 year extension worth $36 million with $20 Million guaranteed gets it done.
  11. Could be, flexibility is always a good thing. Right now, this is a market for patient GM's.
  12. Yeah, but some of the TBD "experts" of this board (2 dudes) believe that the Bills only did one thing right and that was get Josh Allen. The rest has been terrible according to these experts.
  13. Just think, if some of the TBD "experts" had their way, we'd have Marcel Dareus anchoring the middle, Darby as our top DB, Jonathan the legendary jag as our main RB, Josh Rosen as our franchise QB and Sammy Watkins as our #1 WR.
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