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  1. For those who deny that McDermott and Beane are a huge reason for the Bills turnaround either have an agenda or know very little about football.
  2. Tre White was the MVP Phillips was huge Edmunds was a beast Brown was effective Josh Allen didn’t do much until it mattered and made a couple nice throws for the 4th winning drive Mcdermott for having the team ready to beat a red hot Pittsburgh at their home in a nationally televised game. He is becoming an upper echelon coach.
  3. Winning at Pittsburgh who was super hot coming in is a statement win!!!!!
  4. His deep pass without doubt has not been good at all this year. But it's definitely fixable. It's a matter of calibration and not being so paranoid of throwing the pick. He just needs to try to put a little more air in it.
  5. He seems to be attacking the correct gap and finishing tackles with more frequency than he has in the past. He’s quickly becoming a pro bowl caliber MLB in this league
  6. I have no problem with the Bills going deep to loosen up the defense. You gotta be able to hit some of them, if he hits either Brown or Foster early on, this game changes. I have all the faith in the world that at some point in the not so distant future that Allen will be hitting those passes with some consistency.
  7. They need one more quality WR, and with next years draft setting up to be one of the best WR drafts I think it’s a good bet that the Bills will do just that. The team is progressing just the way you would realistically hope it would. We aren’t that far off. The defense is elite, Allen is progressing and will learn from this game and the offense is one playmaker away from being nearly complete.
  8. Steelers are going to be tough. Their defense is legit and will make it tough on Allen.
  9. He managed the game good enough to win the game and he made that one deep pass that helped win it for him. Buffalo did very well containing him and when they put him in obvious passing situations they were largely able to stop him.
  10. They’ll learn from it. Hats off to the Ravens D, they brought the heat from all sorts of angles and the protection wasn’t there and when it was Allen missed a few deep passes and the receivers made a few costly drops. Onto the Steelers and their defense will be equally as good.
  11. I don’t think the Bills should over commit to the run. Just don’t give up the intermediate to deep pass. When Ravens are hitting on all cylinders they get those 20-40 yard passes for TD’s because the defense is unbalanced by their rush attack. just try to not overcommit to the run, they will give up their share of rushing yards but if they can limit the pass they can hold below 24 points.
  12. When Harbaugh says “as a quarterback” “That is pretty remarkable”. I would have to imagine he is implying for all NFL players
  13. I'm sorry for your loss. The best times I've had with my dad are watching Bills games together! Just a great thing to remember!
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