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  1. It’s not that Harris is better than Singletary, they are both different types of backs and they are pretty equal in overall value. But the Bills were looking for someone a little bulkier who is built to get the short yardage situations more effectively. Good signing at an excellent value.
  2. The WR room is stronger than last year from the 4-6 spots (I don’t believe they are done improving it) The offensive line is upgraded with McGovern (I don’t believe they are done improving it) RB room with 2nd year for Cook/Hines along with Harris should be stronger than last year. Safety spot with Hyde back should be stronger than last year. CB room with second year Elam and White recovering should be stronger than last year The only spot where the Bills are noticeably weaker is with the departure of Edmunds and I’m guessing a valuable resource either via FA or draft will be used to mitigate some of that loss.
  3. This is Kumerow's replacement. Plays special teams, good size, 4.45 forty, YAC kind of guy and coming off his best season. The new #6 WR
  4. DeAndre Hopkins could be a good target. I think his trade value is going down and he may be within reason. He is only 30 years old, he'll be 31 for this next up coming season, (which is the same age as Devante and only 1 year older than Diggs). There is no real sign of him slowing down and speed and explosiveness was never really part of his game anyhow, he is just a tremendous, physical route runner with the best hands in the league. I wouldn't be surprised that a 4th rounder could get the deal done. Maybe if you even sweeten the pot and trade Oliver and a 5th, the Cardinals may even eat a few million from the cap hit themselves.
  5. It's possible that Beane is faking it but I don't think so. He has voiced on two separate occasions that he likes Spencer Brown and eluded to his back being a reason for his lack of production this last year. I just don't think they are going to put valuable capital at the position this off season. My hunch is that we'll either pick up a journeyman Tackle to compete for the spot and maybe a mid to late rounder for depth and development purposes.
  6. I have strong suspicions that the Chiefs are going to go after an above average starting boundary WR either trading for Hopkins or going after OBJ or something along those lines. This is an arms race, hopefully the Bills either get one in FA or use a 1st rounder on one.
  7. The more I think about it the more I’m warming up to it. By all accounts he’s looked impressive and explosive in his workouts. He is a proven receiver and was on the road to being the SuperBowl MVP. His market seems to have really cooled down, I think a 3 year up to $28m contract with about $10m guaranteed would make a lot of sense. If the Bills did this they would t need to draft a WR with either of the first two picks and could free themselves up to address other needs.
  8. It’s easy to overanalyze the results of one game, especially so when you get beat up so convincingly on both sides of the ball. There is no doubt that the team despite its win streak over the past 2 months was not firing on all cylinders and there were many reasons for that but even so, we were winning. There doesn’t need to be any sort of an overhaul, Allen will be healthy to begin the season, Miller and Hyde will be back, White should begin looking like a closer version of himself, Spencer Brown shouldn’t have his back issues, McGovern should be a good upgrade in the pass game, Harty should add another effective weapon to the arsenal and hopefully Dorsey will better use his weapons and their strengths to the offense. A few tweaks and the team will be right there competing for the top spot in a very tough AFC.
  9. I agree that the Bills are probably looking for more of thicker bodied, in-between the tackle runner. Beane pretty much said as much in his presser. I’d be happy to have Singletary again, I just don’t think that is who they are looking for. I thought Foreman was going to be the guy they picked up, now that these sort of options are dwindling down they either get their guy in the next few days or they settle on a low end vet to compete with a RB draft choice to fill that spot.
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