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  1. With Tiny Dancer playing in the background. When I first saw this I thought someone added the song to the background but that was actually playing when they asked him that. Surreal
  2. For some odd reason fans have been trying to drive him out of Buffalo almost from the start of his career here. I've always maintained that he's above a JAG level player, and he's good enough to be part of this teams D-Line rotation and we have a pretty good D-Line. The idea that we should just cut him without installing his replacement never made sense to me, it's not as if the Bills are in a cap crunch.
  3. Interesting that the two routes were deep passes to Diggs. Jet's played two deep safety and a lot of zone against the Bills, taking away the deeper passes but got ripped up with the short stuff. My guess is that Miami will play more man and if protection holds up will net some attempts from Josh to the wide outs for deeper passes.
  4. Well, Okay..... But it doesn't work that way.
  5. I look at Allen and I view it as a Frankenstein project and little by little he is being built into a bad ass QB. He came in extremely raw with all these physical tools, the thing he really had going for him in his first year was his rocket arm, great mobility, extreme competitiveness and desire to be better. That alone made made the offense entertaining to watch but he lacked the precision, awareness and confidence. Then his second year, he had all the same traits as the first year but then he became slightly more accurate, he was able to see the field a little better and his intermediate range passes were much more accurate and overall he was more precise but still lacked the deep pass accuracy and his episodes of "Josh! WTF did you just do?"/ Now he's in year three and he has built upon everything that he has and now appears to be seeing the field much better, he is more patient in the pocket, more consistent with his rhythm passing. He's a work in progress but the great thing is that he is willing to do what it takes to get better and year after year he is continuing to ascend. Let's just hope he can connect better with his deep passes and stop with the fumbles. If he can do that, which I believe he will, we have a big time baller as our QB.
  6. Some of the information that was compiled is linked at the bottom of that tweet.
  7. You are correct that the universities are essentially running sweeps that are testing symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. It's hard to know what the prevalency of those colleges are without knowing the fall admissions. However, we do have this number which dates back over a week ago. If you estimate that the average student admissions are about 10k for the fall semester (I'm totally guessing here) then the prevalency is about 10% or so. This also takes into account only ACTIVE cases. The country as a whole which takes into account the colleges and schools have steadily been dropping. Even in the face of all this, it's encouraging to seeing drops considering a statistically notable portion of them come from the universities. I would suspect that anywhere from 2-10% of these students had COVID previously that are not recorded in these numbers.
  8. Florida now has COVID largely under control. Deaths should begin falling pretty rapidly over the next month.. Also, on a slightly unrelated matter. All these drops are happening in spite of the schools and the universities reopening. As far as I'm concerned, the college kids getting infected with the virus and staying largely quarantined to a degree with each other is not the worst thing that could happen. They'll eventually reach herd-like immunity and that will help protect their family members over the longer term.
  9. Diggs was a difference maker today. He had 9 targets with 8 catches. I"m surprised that he and Josh were as efficient as they were in their first game together. Can't wait until they begin to open it up some. And as far as I'm concerned, they should run the 3-4 WR formations often.
  10. Just another really good report. Deaths are all the way down to 731 a day (7 day moving average). Hospitalizations down and cases after pausing their descent for close to a week has resumed their precipitous drop. Makes somewhat encouraging that it has happened despite college and schools have been reopening. Hopeful about the outlook.
  11. Another study that supports Cross reactive T cell Immunity herd like immunity. “Overall, these data suggest T cells are another level of population-level immunity against COVID-19.” “Seroprevalence data (antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein) estimate that there may be 10 times more SARS-CoV-2 infections than the number of reported cases. Thus, it is possible that 40 million to 50 million (12% to 15% of the US population) to date may have been infected with a detectable serological response to SARS-CoV-2. ” If we are around 12-15% COVID-19 infection levels which I find to be plausible then we should be nearing our end. 6th inning. Get the vaccine out for seniors and those that have multiple underlying conditions and COVID will be squarely in the rear view mirror in 6-9 months.
  12. I hadn’t taken the time to really look into why Madrid was going through a second wave whereas many other infected areas hadn’t. And I Saw this post from one of the many lefty COVID alarmists that was refuted by Berenson. The claim that the lefty COVID alarmist made was that the reason Madrid had a second re emergence and NY hadn’t was because according to this alarmist Madrid recklessly reopened whereas NY has a conducted a masterclass of a response. He then goes on to claim that Madrid had the same level of Antibody infection rates as New York. ”According to the findings, there was "substantial geographical variability," with antibodies found in 10% of samples from Madrid but just 3% of those taken from coastal areas.” At least now we understand why Madrid had their second wave, the first never reached immunity levels. The good news for them is that they are starting off about halfway to the required levels to burn out.
  13. This pretty much encapsulates my thoughts on the matter. The way I view the situation, if the T cell - herd-like assumptions aren’t correct, we have gone through the worst of it and most of the population centers have either reached immunity or aren’t that far off from it. Look at Sweden, they are virtually the only country in the world that is living life almost not quite at pre pandemic levels. No masks, social gatherings allowed, bars restaurants are open and they are averaging less than 1 death a day.
  14. They aren’t rising. This “analysis” is dip sh*t analysis. Here is where we truly stand. 7 day moving averages for deaths, cases, hospitalizations and percent positives are all considerably lower than they were a month, 2 weeks and a week ago.
  15. Doesn't bother me one bit. If some of the players feel compelled to make their stand, all power to them. Won't affect one iota how I view the game. On the other hand, if some fans want to show their disapproval by booing or boycotting, then all power to them, that is their right as well. This doesn't make the players who are showing their form of protest as some sort of radical group and it doesn't make the fans who want to boo or boycott racists. Each action has a consequence and I'm sure the players have thought this through and are willing to take a stand in for what they believe.
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