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  1. I'd be perfectly fine with it because the way I see it, they are both going to be good pro's in this league. I think they both have really good potential in being true #1 TE's in this league.
  2. Everything is judged on a relative basis, of course just about every team attempts to instill a culture of success and on the surface many of the teams are doing similar activities to attempt to achieve that goal, the difference is that the organizations that do it right, usually have a few common traits. Detailed organization, structure and execution. There are a number of examples such as: That you may have a coach that conducts practices that will work on concepts A, B and C and you may have another coach that touches on those same concepts but end up having totally different results with similar levels of talent. One of the main differences between coach A and coach B could be proper preparation, how efficiently they conduct their practices with time management concepts, how they structure their practices etc. Or if we are talking about from a GM point of view, organization is key. Who do they surround themselves with, how they go about their scouting, what metrics do they use to judge talent, what sort of structure do they have in place to conduct their activities. The varied nuances between similar on the surface structured organizations are endless. Every team has scouting departments, the implication that the poster above made was that " They all have scouting departments, structure" etc etc. Therefore, since they all do this, this is not the important factor. I have been part of a powerhouse program in youth sports and a well-to-do organization that were doing very well years before I became a part of it, while I was there and many years afterwards. They didn't just get from Point A to Point B by just "winning". There was a process in how these things unfolded. There are large differences between these programs and organizations that continue to endure success and the ones that don't. The other notion that was thrown out there was "talent" was the determining factor. I agree that talent is hugely important but again, this is where this line of thinking fails. Bringing in "talent" consistently for years on end doesn't just happen. Sure, every talent and scouting department will be able to bring in good talent, but the best organizations that have the best processes and culture in place are the ones that do it consistently. This doesn't just Happen. You never get from Point A to Point B consistently by luck. The ones that do it the most often are the ones that have the best processes in place. This is not logically disputable. For me, it's as clear as day and maybe that is because I have been fortunate to be a part of them and I'm grateful for that because I have been able to apply some of those concepts into other things that I'm currently doing. "Culture" I know is an abstract concept, it's not as easily able to detect or gauge as other linear beliefs or theories. This is why some people have a hard time believing that "culture" and process matter. The difference always lies in the structure, details and nuances of how things are approached. It's within those differences that separate the ones that are consistently at the top 1/4 of their peers and the rest.
  3. You're right WEO, winning just happens. Successful organizations just happen because in order for them to be successful they just have to first be successful. Right? Right???? Creating a culture of accountability, work ethic, preparation, discipline, structured program, recruiting, scouting, development, proper training these are all just made up buzz words, terms and processes that are thrown out there that have no meaning. Because, ya'know Winning just happens! Amirite? First win! Then culture comes. This line of thinking is pure and adulterated ignorance. I will say it again and I will stand by it knowing that you and any other person who believes this to be the case which is that winning creates culture rather than the other way around has never been a part of a consistently successful organization or program.
  4. This is pure ignorance. That's not how it works and it is clear that you have never been a part of an ongoing successful program or organization.
  5. That's not how it works. Culture is established before the winning. Winning only reinforces and validates it.
  6. Provided he stays healthy, he will be an important contributor and all the reports from camp and practice indicate that to be the case.
  7. I wont commit to their stats this year as Kroft will be in the picture (maybe). But I believe if Sweeney were our #1 and #2 TE's and they got the playing time that corresponds to that then I'd say between the two of them they'd get over 80 receptions their rookie years and would only get better with time. But I dont know McD and Dabol's plans, they may want Lee Smith to have a large role with his blocking ability, who knows how Kroft recovers and he could play a large role as well and of course that would have major implications for Sweeney and Knox. Even though I think it will be difficult for Kroft to get any sort of rapport with Allen, optimistically probably not until the 2nd half of the year could he become a factor. And Croom, I think his days are numbered. Over time, I do believe Sweeney and Knox will be our 1 - 2 punch from the TE spot. I'm hoping this year as I think they will be up for the challenge.
  8. Well, you can count me in with the kooky funny crowd because I am going to go out on a limb and say that both Knox and Sweeney will be the best TE tandem that the Bills have had in since.....well..... Forever. I'm on both their bandwagons
  9. Barring any trades Brown Beasley Zay Jones Foster Robert's Are all locks Foster's on the field performance last year cannot be ignored and if he were to be cut this would be the first move of Beanes that I have seen that I'd question. I just dont think that will happen. Zay was Allen's top target last year, is a process guy and has good rapport with Allen. If he isnt traded he wont be cut. I had Ray Ray ahead of Duke last week, not any more. Duke is turning it up and my guess is he will get some time with the 1's over this week and lots with the 2's to see whether or not of he is beginning to blossom. With that said McKenzie has shown he can produce when it counts and he has more special teams value than Duke. So he definitely has the edge. But Duke is a physical receiver who can block and high point it and that is something the Bills like.
  10. Certainly shaping up to be the best secondary the Bills have had in my lifetime. If they stay healthy, I dont see why they wont be. We have the right system, players and coaches to make that happen
  11. That's too bad. Perfect fit for this scheme and the Bills were a better team when he was on the field. Maybe next year.
  12. Cam is tall! Oliver looked short compared next to him.
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