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  1. I know the Sammy defenders who have no legs to stand on will hate reading this but Sammy is now slated to miss his 3rd game in a row. The last 2 games....... They lost. This is who he is, he has a spectacular game a couple ok games, a couple where he is inconsequential and then he is injured for a few. Rinse and repeat. The life of Sammy Watkins. Yet another good move by Beane.
  2. This guys trades and signings for the most part age very well.
  3. The negativity around him by some here is overboard. AJ Green is still young enough to be impactful for the next few years and when healthy he has been very productive. He is not someone who has been chronically injured throughout his career aside from these past 15 months or so. For the right price he should definitely considered. If I had to take a guess what he would be worth from the Bill's perspective I'd say maybe a 2020 3rd and 2021 4th.
  4. Buffalo's offense is not that far away from being a pretty good one. What people don't realize is that this team moves the ball better than 67% of the teams in this league, they convert at a high rate once they get to the end zone, they have a balanced attack which is crucial, they can score when it matters and they eat the clock. Buffalo's problem right now is that Josh has made a few too many turnovers and their offensive awareness once they get in between the opponents 30-40 yard line has been bad. There must be close to 10 times so far this year where we got in between the opponent's 30-40 yard line where they came away with no points. It is not as if we are talking about a team that cant move the ball or a team that is one dimensional and is racking up garbage yards or a team that cant punch it in from the red zone. Buffalo's offensive issues just need slight tweaking. This offense is very close to becoming a decent one.
  5. Rosen would have been preferable as I would have loved seeing that smug mug of his eat dirt through out the afternoon. Fitz represents more of a risk.
  6. Ravens and Broncos games are at home. Your take that Allen will lose more games than win I dont agree with that all. He has proven that when it comes down to it and the rubber hits the road, he wins. Unlike Tyrod. And unlike Tyrod he is able to move the ball and help keep the defense fresh. With that said, If things sort of Peter out the Bills could go as low as 9-7 but I dont forsee that happening. If the offense can tighten up some of its inefficiencies and the defense continues to play at an elite level then they could go 13-3. I believe they will finish at 11-5.
  7. Poyer is good, no doubt. Hyde is better.
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