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  1. You make a very good point and I had never really thought about that. I agree that this is the tradeoff but in some of these close games maybe it's costing them. It's hard to know but logically it makes some sense. I went to the Jax game last year and I don't remember it being too hot. I believe it was somewhat overcast and I believe was in the middle of the year. This Miami game did feel different in terms of weather. At least the players reaction to it was, I don't ever remember seeing the offense look so exhausted as this game.
  2. It was just one of those fluky sort of games where we got the L. So many injuries going into the game, lots of injuries during the game, players dehydrated and gassed who didn't have anything left in the tank at the end. Not to mention all the missed opportunities by players and the perplexing elimination from the playbook of the QB sneak. That 2nd and 1 from the goal line and not just having Allen QB sneak with having Gilliam and Zack Moss there to push him in was for me the most frustrating part of the game. That 3rd and 22 that they converted I don't put on Frazier or McD, Waddle made a very nice cut to the middle he sold the post and that is where the Safety bit and turned him around. Even though that was a hugely impactful play, I chalk that up to being a great play call and execution. The defense played really well, despite not being able to get consistent pressure. The Bills are clearly the better team, but with all these mishaps, weather and injuries it proved to be too much to overcome. Next time the Bills will blow them out.
  3. Because in the limited time he has played he has played well. He also always plays well in the pre season. You can read in the commentary from Bills players even former players who believe that Jaquan is a baller and just needs his opportunity to show it.
  4. I sincerely doubt it. I think the Bills coaches rate Hamlin and Johnson much more so than some of our fans. I believe we won’t miss much of a beat with Johnson in, this is his time to shine.
  5. If Oliver and Settle are back, along with Poyer then I would say the biggest loss out of Phillips, Dane and Hyde would be Dane. I feel pretty good about having Oliver and Settle back, they should be able to pick up the slack for Phillips absence, Hyde will be replaced by Jaquan who is more than capable to be the next man up. I like the rookies a lot but it is Tyreek and Waddle so even though I do trust the rookies, it's a tough match up for them.
  6. If Poyer is able to suit up and Hyde isn't, then Jaquan is more than capable to fill in for Hyde.
  7. Tomorrow will tell the tale.
  8. There is a possibility that all of the ones who didn't practice today are just additional rest days. Hyde and Poyer know the system very well and nothing wrong with them taking another day off.
  9. If Jordan Phillips plays that is another 6'6 guy and Epenesa is right around there.
  10. This so far has been a different Jordan Phillips than we have seen in the past. Jordan was always a fantastic penetrator who was able to shoot gaps and disrupt plays and get pressure on the QB. What I believed his weakness was that he wasn't stout at the point of attack and that he wasn't a good run plugger which was somewhat surprising considering his size. But over the past two weeks not only is he penetrating but he's also clogging up running lanes very effectively. He's been playing at a very high level the past two weeks.
  11. It's funny you posted this because I remember this happening on the sideline during the game and I remember thinking to myself "DAMN! Josh has got some hops on him!" I think game time Josh outruns and jumps his timed metrics that we saw at the combines. He truly is an athletic specimen.
  12. I think this is a valid concern. I was watching the game with my brother last night and multiple times I was telling him that we seem to struggle (relatively speaking) on short yardage situations. When the game was opened up the offense dominated but once the yards to go for first down went below 2 yards the offense seemed to tighten up. I do think it is an area that the offense should look to address with these practices, there is no reason why this team shouldn't be as dominant with short yardage as other situations.
  13. Injury report gonna look ugly this week. Hopefully we get Settle, Oliver and Gabe back this weekend.
  14. If memory serves me correctly, GB was annihilated week 1 last year.
  15. I suspect they will typically play Miller between 50-60% of the snaps. The important seasonal games 55-65% and once we get to the playoffs 60-75% of the snaps.
  16. He’s conscience of his previous “Josh is trash” comment he made years back. Now he knows what’s up with Josh.
  17. The Bills ran this play twice last year, once with Gabe and the other time with Knox and they both went for TD’s. Beat me to it
  18. Allen Diggs Gabe Davis Crowder Von Miller Jordan Phillips All the DB’s
  19. So basically right in line with Tyreek Hills $ amount per reception.
  20. I don't believe we will miss Hughes all that much because of Von Miller and the expected improvement of our two 2nd year DE's and Lawson. Sanders really slowed down in the second half of the year, but if we have some injuries on the boundary with our WR's, his loss may be felt. Beasley was a lot more important to the team than many posters would like to admit. Even though I do believe the Bills are very strong at the slot and overall I do think we will be stronger than in years past, Beasley's ability to make clutch catches and perform in important games will be tough to replicate.
  21. Jaquan is a baller. Anytime he has been given an opportunity he has made the most of it. The depth at safety is high quality.
  22. He was crushing it early on last year as well and then sort of petered out after week one. Hopefully this year he can make that leap.
  23. He’ll line up both boundary and slot. His versatility will be a plus for the team.
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