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  1. Which book burning? Give me an example
  2. Aside from the 6 week abortion which he already has heavily implied he wouldn’t go for any sort of abortion agenda as president what policies wouldn’t “fly”?
  3. If you don't believe there was plenty of substance to the debate and you want to focus on a poop bag rather than all the stats he was rattling off then that means you came into with a preconceived dislike for him and no matter what he was going to say you wouldn't support. There are plenty of voters like you who don't really care about the cultural issues that helps create the rot in our societies and as a father of two girls that are in school, I care very deeply about all the things that schools and corporations are doing to inject ideologies that aren't rooted in science and that are created to help indoctrinate these minds into believing things such as Critical Race theory, faux DEI concepts, transgendered males competing against women, corporations attempting to run roughshod over politicians and a number of other things. I'm Floridian, so I'm biased for DeSantis but I can tell you this, I was never biased for Rick Scott, Jeb Bush, Charlie Crist back when he was a Republican. What DeSantis did during COVID and all the bold items that he promised and delivered on, I'm thankful. I feel like what he was able to accomplish specially COVID that I am indebted to him. He'll very likely lose and Trump will be the nominee, but I am 100% convinced he would end up being a much more disciplined, energetic, organized and effective executive than anyone else running on either side of the aisle.
  4. Assuming the Bills release him, in order for some of Von's contract to be voided out, does there have to be an official suspension from the league, or how does that work? And what are the salary cap implications?
  5. No one truly believes that. Newsom was massacred. He didn’t answer hardly any of the questions, he deflected and all he could do was lie and hurl personal insults. Gavin lost and he cried about it afterwards. People would rather move to Florida than California thats just a fact.
  6. DeSantis wiped the floor with Newsom, it wasn't even close. Every time Newsom was confronted with facts, he went off on a tangent with left wing talking points.. The debate was over before it even began, the proof is in the pudding. Florida is near the top in education Running budget surpluses and paying off Debt Much better crime rate than California Much less homelessness Much lower unemployment rate Net migration numbers GOP registrations are soaring while Democratic registration is plummeting. Helped change the entire immigration conversation along with Greg Abbott by sending illegals to Martha's vineyard and New York Got rid of Soros DA's for dereliction of their duties Didn't allow Woke corporations to steam roll them, instead now you have Bob Iger from Disney groveling and regretting their stance against Florida stopped Blackrock from imposing DEI in the state and now they've backed down The list goes on and on and on. But hey, Newsom has slick hair and talks well. We get what we deserve.
  7. This is where I am. We need a proven winner, Belichek is who I’d like. But Pegula won’t move on from McD
  8. Belicheck, he and the Patriots will part ways and if you give him the right QB, he gets the job done.
  9. Love for that to be the case but I don't think he is there yet. Right now they should be giving more snaps to Epenesa, Rousseau, Floyd and Shaq and sprinkle in some plays with Vonn. Epenesa deserves the snaps.
  10. Douglas and Benford are the right kind of larger, disciplined and more physical type DB's to match up well against Brown. I like that matchup.
  11. And Hyde, specially with Rapp out
  12. Gabe has played more so as a boundary receiver and Shakir more so in the slot. I like Shakir a lot, the Bills don't need to look to upgrade at the Slot any longer, Shakir is the guy and is great after the catch. Gabe is now the weak link, is having troubles separating and truthfully I think Josh is losing confidence in him and isn't looking his way on many matchups pre snap. Next year the Bills should draft a WR with their #1 pick.
  13. We could be fine with either him or Benford, two big physical boundary DB's. Benford has played very well this year.
  14. Von is not completely back, he is having troubles planting his foot on the turn which is why he is going very wide on his pass rushes. Epenesa is playing well and should definitely continue to see even more time at the expense of Von. As Von gets stability back in his knee, his snap count should increase but until then Epenesa, Groot, Shaq and Floyd should see more snaps than Von. Also, Groot seems to be off as well, haven't seen him do nearly as much over the past few weeks than he did earlier in the season.
  15. What I like about Douglas other than his length, physicality and proven track record of production is his awareness. He is always looking at the QB's eyes which is why he was able to jump on that second int. He was covering another player and saw the QB looking at another WR and he decided to close in and jump the other guys route. A really good heady play by Douglas. I think with Benford, Douglas and Jackson, we have good enough boundary corners to take this team as far as the offense will take them. The pickup of Joseph also really stabilized this defensive line, another good pickup. The offense just needs to be like it was yesterday on a consistent basis and the Bills could end up making the playoffs and being a very dangerous team.
  16. They more than made up with it on the Russell Wilson trade
  17. I love Von, but I can't tell you how many times he said something and it didn't end up being the case. Also, how did he come up with 94.5%? lol
  18. I don't know if Vonn will play but I don't believe the injury to Groot will impact their decision making in regards to Vonn playing. I think this game is going to be a dog fight, the Jags match up well against the Bills and they have the advantage of already being there a week. I hope I'm wrong but I do think it will be a hard fought close game.
  19. Jacksonville has been there for over a week now so their bodies should be more acclimated than the Bills. That could give them an advantage when it comes to who has more bounce to their steps. Also, Jacksonville has a really good CB in Tyson Campbell, he's been playing very well and that could pose an issue for Diggs. Their defense played very well against us the last time we played. Their defensive line is stout against the run. They also have Josh Allen who played a great game last time we played and he's been balling out this year. There are definitely things that they can point to.
  20. It's also been helpful that we have used the 2 TE formation more often, they've helped with chipping at the DE's before they run their route, it's really helped to mask some of Spencer's deficiencies.
  21. To be fair, those two picks had nothing to do with Gabe and everything to do with Josh.
  22. After the first two drives, the defense only gave up 6 more points the rest of the game! Thats a dominant performance.
  23. Kincaid is performing very well, this is a team that has a decent amount of weapons and the fact that he is getting this many targets as a rookie TE is impressive. Plus, I've seen him open quite a few times where he didn't receive the ball. With time, he will end up being Josh's favorite target, Josh's eyes probably aren't as accustomed to looking that way as often as he could but they will end up syncing up with one another to end up being one of the best QB/TE hookups in the league. I'm sure of it.
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