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  1. I just saw this. I mean, I think it’s a big reach. My interpretation is joe trying to be funny. I’ve been at million conferences or speeches when someone does a similar thing.
  2. How many more radical left narratives need to be completely destroyed before they just start telling the truth? it’s like a bottomless pit.
  3. The entire left/right spectrum is a fallacy intended to show both ends as supreme authoritarian control. It make no sense In the United States, maybe Europe.
  4. don’t really disagree, I just meant in terms of caliber of opponent.
  5. It's very sad that RBG finally passed. Mortality faces us all. While I totally disagree with her politics, I recognize that she was a trailblazer, smart, and beloved by many. I think that pic from BMan is pretty poignant and should put things in perspective, that at the end of the day we are all human and come into this world the same way and all leave it at some point. RIP
  6. In some ways, the season starts this week. Glad the Bills were able to start with a couple less imposing games, although all the credit with how they played. This will be a big test.
  7. That looked like Adams popped the ball out before Edelman was down.
  8. Allen is leading the league in passing yards at this point. Wow! And TDS, and 20+ yard completions and 40+ yard completions. 🤩
  9. Who is Bomani and Dominique? Sounds like woman’s designer or something. “And here’s Scarlett Johansson wearing a Bomani followed by some other actress wearing a Dominique”
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