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  1. dubs

    Will NE tie

    Hahaha. Will, NE tie?
  2. The Property Brothers are from Toronto and film a lot of episodes there. That success is bad for buffalo, no doubt.
  3. At this point in Josh’s career and based on what he did last year, there is absolutely no certainty on where his career will take him. He could be great, he could bust. Last year he showed a lot of promise but there are obviously still a lot of areas for improvement. But it on today’s world, everything gets put into a binary and Josh Allen is no exception. Pundits like Schatz must have an opinion and it must be one extreme or the other. Schatz, being on team nerd, is clearly going to fall into the Josh sucks camp.
  4. Blows me away that anyone would care about this. It’s a number, it’s not as if the Bills are trotting OJ himself out there.
  5. This kind of thing “happens” every single night to the majority of males aged 18 - 30!?!? 🤔
  6. Would be awesome if the Jets traded him away before he even played a single snap. Wouldn't want him on the Bills for any price. Its all moot because it’s never going to happen.
  7. Um, bro, the 2018 Colts started 1-5. That’s pretty much the definition of taking time to work together. They definitely did not gel from day one.
  8. The Bills got in the playoffs because of the Colts game and one play in the Ravens/Bengals game? Wow!! Here I was thinking the season was 16 games and each game counted toward your record to get into the playoffs. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  9. Holy Crap - they traded Darron Lee too. For a 6th round pick! Ha!! honestly, he’s not awesome but just the mere fact that he got the GM role a few hours ago and trades a starting LB for a 6th is amazing!
  10. Has anyone else noticed how different Adam Gase looks with and without a hat on? Maybe the jets thought he was two different people, hence the two jobs.
  11. Pig pile on the Jets is the only way to go here.
  12. So hilarious, so demented, so Jets. Get your PSLs while they last!
  13. I’m sure there’s red tape and rules to prevent this, but: I think it would be incredible for the Bills to have a game this year where the helmets were painted like the Pancho Billa mask and the uniforms looked like his poncho.
  14. Clickbait/Misrepresentation/#media2019
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