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  1. like I said, sign an FA. You used a 3rd on an RB last year, I would NOT use a 2 or 3 on one this year. It’s not complicated.
  2. I would not use a mid round pick on an RB this year. They did that last year and this year, esp with no first, there’s way too many needs. OL, Edge, WR, DB, And even QB would be higher priority for me than RB. There are probably 6 RBs that would be suitable backups to Motor that are FAs.
  3. In the literal sense, yes. They need to have a backup RB, but it’s so far down the impact and priority list, I would never really call it a need.
  4. agree terrible mock. But disagree that RB is a “need”. I would calL RB perhaps the least need on the team. 1) it’s a devalued position 2) have a second year back that played very well last year, and used a 3rd on him last year. 3) serviceable backs are always available in FA. 4) worst case scenario, throw more
  6. it’s not capitalism that’s failed. We have the highest standard of living in the history of the planet, thanks to capitalism. What’s failed is our culture. There’s great things about our culture, no doubt, but we have serious issues as well.
  7. Is this Karl Marx? Proletariat? if people accept no responsibility for themselves they will be given none. There is no argument from me on crony capitalism, none. It surely exists. But rather than peddle Marxist BS, maybe go the other way and argue for more freedom and acceptance of that responsibility.
  8. that’s a strawman argument if I ever saw one. of course corporations should also be practicing the same level of responsibility. You’ll get no argument from me on that. But again, gets back to individuals. We as a society allow this to happen because we don’t take any responsibility for the people we put in DC and in state houses.
  9. well, I don’t believe it’s the system. People make choices and it’s on them. We’ve all made bad choices, it’s easy to blame the system, but that system didn’t compel you to make those choices, you did. so buy a smaller home, a less expensive car, go to a less expensive college, save more, don’t get a pregnant unless you’re married and can afford it, don’t go on extravagant vacations so you can brag about it on social media, etc... it’s not the system. Culture, perhaps, maybe even likely. But the system allows for the maximum freedom of choice, unless you’re suggesting freedom and choice are the problem.
  10. not quite true. I think there is an argument to be made that the biggest lesson in all of this is that individuals are way too dependent on government and living far too close to catastrophe. The reasons range from over spending, too much debt and borrowing, not preparing, little to no savings, broken family structures, and more.
  11. probably true. I mean, what do you expect. It’s a huge bureaucracy. dropping the ball is what governments do.
  12. well, you originally said it didn’t matter. It does and it did. No one is perfect in this, including the president, but if you’re being honest with yourself, the China travel ban early in January absolutely helped.
  13. ha!! Good one! i found an ant in my house the other day and decided at that point, why call an exterminator to seal off entry points. There’s already one ant in here! It’s over! bozo
  14. I feel the same way. Almost exactly. Part of me wonders if there is more about this that we are not being told, but based on what we do know, feels like we can do a better job of threading the needle.
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