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  1. dubs

    Schedule Analysis

    I like this. Or, maybe it happened like this (for the Clue fans). -3-3 in the division (2-0 Dolphins, 1-1 Jets, 0-2 Patriots) - Beat Giants, Bengals, Redskins. - Go 4-3 against this lineup of Browns, Eagles, Cowboys, Steelers, Ravens, Broncos, Titans,
  2. dubs

    I want to try Teller on the Dline...

    Beer me that D-Tackle
  3. Blended Madden Rankings?
  4. Hmmm. That would be v interesting!
  5. dubs

    Jets full schedule leaked

    The Jets have a leakage problem
  6. I got second hand embarrassment reading this.
  7. Its too bad the draft is only 1 round long. Would be awesome to get to draft more than one player each year.
  8. dubs

    Bills new workout facility

    ....In a thread about the new training facility. 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️
  9. dubs

    Bills new workout facility

    I think it’s more the jump from something as benign and uncontroversial as the new training facility to making sure everyone knows that it doesn’t necessarily mean the the Pegulas or anyone else involved with the Bills has done anything to deserve credit because they haven’t won the super bowl and the Sabres suck, or something like that. That level of vigilance is, frankly, bizarre.
  10. dubs

    Bills new workout facility

    Um, the new workout facility is awesome. End of discussion.
  11. dubs

    If anyone still thinks we drafted the wrong QB

    Liz Gonzalez was one of the main reasons I deleted the Barstool app from my phone and stopped going to that site. She’s insufferable.
  12. I also think OL is still critical. Most of the line are on smallish deals that are easy to get out of. Bring in Taylor and you have LT and C locked up and a good chance to find a couple more good ones from the guys you brought in.
  13. dubs

    Draft Simulator - First-pick.com

    This would be insane.