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  1. ummm.....bro? We don’t live in a democracy and the foundation for our constitutional republic is liberty and freedom. So you might want to rethink this stance.
  2. I have been saying that from the beginning though, something just seems off about it the origin of the information. It could be number of things: 1) Totally legit - Hunter is a crack head 2) Someone stole the laptops and brought it in, hoping this would get discovered 3) The information was planted on there and they "discovered" I have no idea, but it need to be thoroughly investigated, IMO.
  3. I can't believe I am saying this, but I agree with you here. The origin of the information is bizarre and it needs to be heavily scrutinized. That being said, it should be investigated very thoroughly and there's a lot here that is corroborated by other facts. If there was an investigation and this was found to be fabricated, I can tell you with 100% confidence that Trump would be impeached and removed from office so fast that it would make Usain Bolt looks like a turtle.
  4. https://nypost.com/2020/10/15/emails-reveal-how-hunter-biden-tried-to-cash-in-big-with-chinese-firm/ We might need a new Hunter Biden thread, if there isn't one already.
  5. Im looking forward to the MSM getting to the bottom of this by asking Joe directly........
  6. I will only say this, these companies are private and at the end of the day, i do feel like it’s their prerogative. the bigger issue is people need to start waking up and realizing that these platforms are not their friend. They are destructive tools and should be treated as such. Use only with extreme discretion. In the meantime, all it takes are a few alternatives to really make a dent into this business model of clearly shilling for the communists.
  7. The only thing that give me pause on this is the source of the information is just so weird. Turns up from a laptop dropped off by Hunter Biden that he just forgot about?
  8. This game had every marker of being a disaster before KO. I was even shocked to hear the Bills were favored, by 8 at one point then down to 3.5. Tennessee had every weird variable in their favor to be amped up for this and the Bills have every reason to be off. Can you really blame the Bills for just not being mentally into this game when they had to go on the road to play a team that has Covid running through them, on a TUESDAY no less, and not even sure the game will happen until the morning of. Meanwhile, Tennessee is just resting and sitting around their homes and
  9. I was obviously joking about that in the first post, tried to make it clear by posting exactly what the email said in the second post.
  10. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8838939/Joe-Biden-met-son-Hunters-Ukrainian-energy-contacts.html
  11. Just to be accurate, here's the actual text of the email, so no one thinks I am being untruthful. Obviously, relying on the reporting of the NY Post here. From: Vadym Pozharskyi <v.pozharskyi.ukraine@gmail.com> To: Hunter Biden <hbiden@rosemontseneca.com> Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It's realty an honor and pleasure. As we spoke yesterday evening, would be great to meet today for a quick coffee. What do you think? I could come to you office somewhere around noon o
  12. Isn’t this the same thing as asking: ”Will Rachel Maddow endorse Joe Biden for President?
  13. In a nutshell - here's the email summary: "Dear Hunter - Thanks for introducing me to your dad, Joe Biden. Here's the first monthly salary for $85,000 US dollars, as promised. Let's grab a coffee later. - Vadym" In all fairness, the authenticity of this needs to be investigated. The idea that Hunter Biden would bring in a laptop to get repaired with all this information on it and just forget about it is a little outrageous, then again he is a crack-addict, so who knows.
  14. https://nypost.com/2020/10/14/senate-committee-investigating-hunter-biden-hard-drive-email/ As DR said ages ago: All Roads Lead to the Ukraine
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