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  1. If withholding US taxpayer money from gifting it to a foreign country until that foreign country helps get to the truth of what happened in the 2016 election is quid pro quo, then sign me up all day every day!!! essentially the communists/socialists/globalists are upset that Trump is trying to find the potentially most important piece of evidence in what they asserted was the absolute most important issue in the history of the country and that’s the election “interference”. Strange times indeed.
  2. Is there an impeachment going on!? That’s what I’m talking about. There’s an inquiry, but not any actual impeachment proceedings. we should be more careful about the terminology we use. Everyone, not just the socialists/globalists/communists.
  3. There are so many words/phrases that get purposely misused to shape the public’s view in favor of a political agenda. Would be great to have a list of those in question and discuss. Here’s a few: Public School: lets call this what it is, Government Schools Democracy: the United States is not a democracy, it’s a Constitutional Republic. We use the democratic process to elect, but we are not a pure democracy. Liberals = Democrat: Classic liberalism looks nothing like the current democrat party. They much more closely resemble socialists or communists. They need to be called what they are. “Elites”: I know this is used as a pejorative a lot, but the people who are elected to government office are certainly not elite. Government employees or politician is more like it. Public Service: if I hear another politician claim they’ve dedicated their life to public service it’ll be too soon. This gives some impression of sacrifice. These career politicians enrich themselves and do little to help the public.
  4. I think the line is going to move down. -14.5 by kick off. 😀
  5. just a couple questions. If you truly believe what you just wrote: 1) what was asked that would interfere in our elections? 2) is finding out what really happened in 2016 critically important to you? 3) if the US recovered the DNC server and found no evidence of Russian hacking would that change your perspective on things?
  6. he wasn’t extorting anyone. Try and stay with me here, I’ll keep it simple: 1) the democrats spent over two years and millions of dollars on an “investigation” that was predicated on, at best, totally inaccurate and baseless information. 2) at the center of this is that the DNC servers were hacked - yet, no FBI or US investigative agency ever did a forensic or any examination of the server. 3) the DNC hired Crowdstrike to do an “internal investigation” at which they concluded there was hacking by Russians. 4) if we as a country are concerned about our elections being influenced by foreign entities and rooting out corruption within our own government, AND there would be a possibility that we could recover evidence that would provide clarity on what actually took place - to get answers to questions that the Mueller team didn’t get, wouldn’t it make sense for our president to pursue that?
  7. “I would like you to do us a favor though, because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it”. Then he goes on to talk about the DNC servers and Crowdstrike. see how easy it is to actually read and quote the exact line.
  8. the difference between normal, rational people and the cultist left is that normal, rational people will not defend Trump or anyone should it be proven that they have broken laws. Normal, rational people also have the capacity to think for themselves and make judgements based on facts and evidence, and separate those things from what is being shoved down their throat by people and organizations with obvious agendas. case in point, anyone who read the transcript of the conversation would see that there was nothing untoward about it. At worst, he should have seen that his opponents could have twisted the discussion using their Pravda allies. But campaigning on draining the swamp and then trying to find out if the second highest elected office holder was using his position to enrich his family is exactly what he promised he would do and why people elected him. yet, the lemmings in the left cult only believe what they are told by proven liars in Congress and empty suits and mouthpieces on TV.
  9. Under a globalist communist party president, confiscation of 401ks will happen. Because of CBO accounting rules, 401k and IRA tax deferrals are scored as “tax-expenditures”, even though they are taxed when the owner withdraws assets. So it’s the second largest “tax-expenditure” after mortgage interest deduction. Get ready, it will happen.
  10. This is like a high school debate on steroids! Do they get to do a skit after? I’d vote for Summer or Pedro before any of these clowns.
  11. I really have nothing against Rex or the Redskins, but would love to see this happen! The NFL is more fun with Rex in it!
  12. Just don’t dork out on this board, it’s not that hard. Saying obvious things about the pats Super Bowls = dork. I bet you tell your parents when your older brother has people over when they go out too.
  13. No matter how much the pats win or for how long, it’ll never change the fact that their fan base is entirely phony puds that I’ll never respect. Red Sox, Celtics, no doubt - good loyal fan bases. Pats fans = pink hat jokers.
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