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  1. https://feelingfoodish.com/the-best-new-york-style-pizza-dough/ been trying to find a good NY style pizza crust recipe.
  2. If TH3 and the like weren’t such insignificant posters, it might matter more. Thomas Sowell is one of the most brilliant minds in our lifetimes. At worst his work is thought provoking and at best enlightening. but as everything with these vile posters, they boil everything down to race and if TS says things that don’t fit neatly into their box, he’s “trying to be white”. Only in the mind of a racist, communist would an accomplished, brilliant, black man be accused of selling out because he expresses his own thoughts.
  3. Ignore feature was made for that post.
  4. this isn’t about trump you numbskull. not everything is about trump. In fact, most of this was around before trump, will be after trump and trump has little to no bearing on now.
  5. In the TS thread TH3 (I think) said that Thomas Sowell acted white, so yes. But unfortunately, I think that stated a long long time ago. As referenced above. Disgusting.
  6. Isn’t the “prosecutor” in this case the same guy who took money from Harvey Weinstein while at the same time declined to prosecute him? Swamp indeed
  7. Thanks Rob. There’s really no beneficial argument to move toward cashless. None. I’m sure the resident communists here will be chiming in shortly to take the view of giving more freedom, power, and control to the few, nameless, faceless institutions they always promote giving their agency away to.
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