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  1. Dahlin could use some Rochester humility. He plays like an entitled teenager.
  2. This is spot on. The ownership (a) doesn't want to spend on scouting and development (b) doesn't want to spend on front office personnel (c) doesn't want to give up control of a team that they have shown to know nothing about. (a)+(b)+(c) = cheap with important decisions. Sure, they'll throw money at free agents, but that doesn't make them *not* cheap when it comes to the Sabres. The result is that they're bleeding longtime fans and when the arena can open up to full capacity someday, they're going to find out that people have noted their incompetence and failure to spend mo
  3. I haven't played Glen Oak a lot in a long time. It always seemed like a great course as long as they don't over water it. It seemed to get a bit "lush" for my tastes. One course I haven't seen mentioned -- and I haven't been on it since I was a kid -- is Whirlpool. I remember that to be pretty good and well maintained. Also, Delaware Park was the toughest public course around in my book.
  4. I wanted to see her take a knife and fork and cut it up into little bite size pieces.
  5. With the way Dahlin has played this season, he needs to get yelled at often. He coasts. A lot.
  6. There can be both, I agree. There's a third likely group. There are a lot of voters who went with Biden on name recognition, alone, without seeking any media portrayal at all -- and they'd be classified in my mind as anti-Trump votes.
  7. The Republican hypocrisy part isn't really applicable here. Remember, Senator Feinstein knew about Blasey-Ford for a long time and didn't think much of it until Kavanaugh was set to be confirmed. There was no investigation into the allegation while Feinstein sat on the claim. It was a circus because of the 11:59 timing of the release of information, and it seemed completely unnecessary at the time. Problem is that now all the "believe her" politicians are stuck with this position, or else they're going to look like the hypocrites. In this case, the first allegation was made in December, a
  8. If they’re stuck with Hutton then I say that they should play a wide open up and down style of play. Theres no use in playing a defensive style to help Hutton because he lets in goals anyhow. They have skaters and (in theory) scorers, even on the blue line — let Montour and Dahlin in on the action.
  9. The easier case to make is the one where he lied to federal investigators who were looking into his administration. That would get you or me in jail pretty quickly. No he said/she said there. He will skate on both of these, I bet. It may wreck his re-electin, but he won’t see jail, not ever.
  10. Austin said a lot of nothing, ALF. Every quote was a dodge and a weave and an empty statement amounting to "trust us, everything is great". https://www.defense.gov/Explore/News/Article/Article/2516530/us-conducts-defensive-airstrikes-against-iranian-backed-militia-in-syria/
  11. We didn't boycott Berlin in 1934. Appeasement sucks.
  12. Sanctions have been imposed. You're right that there should be more pressure. But to dismiss a boycott of the Olympics begs the question: some actions are acceptable and other actions are less important? Whatever actions we take, or statement we make to China needs to be consistent. Even though the Olympics have probably lost their luster, in the uniglobal world the Olympics are a big deal. To the Chinese they represent legitimacy. I see your point the opposite way. Allowing participation says "we hate your oppression and expansionism, but we will overlook that for a couple we
  13. Yes, people knew Biden is fading and still voted against Trump. That isn’t too difficult to see.
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