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  1. snafu

    Confession time at TBD

    That guy didn't slide down the railing. I pushed him. I'd do it again. That's MY frikkin upper deck, man!
  2. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    Oh. I must not have been following along - or I'm suffering from "lost time". Maybe I was abducted.
  3. snafu

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    WOW, I wonder if that applies to all Federal Administrative Law Judges.
  4. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    Outrageous Government Conduct. https://www.justice.gov/usam/criminal-resource-manual-648-entrapment-outrageous-government-conduct Even if the Gov't finds something against the individual they're investigating, if they relied on falsified interview reports to get al the way to an indictment and prosecution then the case is screwed -- as long as the Defense raises the claim of Outrageous Conduct in a timely manner. The problem becomes one of concealment. If the defense never learns of the abuse because the investigators his their malfeasance, then the opportunity to raise the objection would come and go. If they dummied up reports in Flynn's case, then perhaps his counsel can move to vacate the guilty plea and re-open the matter. Maybe that's why the delays and extensions of sentencing are going on. If they dummied up reports in the Carter Page FISA matter, then anything they find (if there's anything TO find) would be flushed down the toilet. If dummying up reports was institutionally accepted practice, then imagine the widespread implications of THAT. Imagine all of the appeals of convictions. It could go way beyond jail time.
  5. Wow, ironic humor. I didn't know you were capable of that.
  6. Oh, I see. So it is like when people bring up Hillary to point out how much worse we would be with the Commies. Thanks for clearing that up. You're a big help .
  7. Any one of my kids: "dad, can you make me a sandwich?" Me: "poof! You're a sandwich."
  8. I gotta say, Putin runs a smashing US economy, don't he?
  9. snafu

    All Time Best YouTube videos from TBD: The Collection

    Does anyone have the "hide your kids/hide your wife" video? I remember seeing the grape stomper lady, that's a classic. I can only watch a few of these at a time. The Bill Hell Auto video literally gets me cracking up just thinking about it. I'm wondering why anyone would make that video.
  10. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    Oh, I understood that part completely -- but thanks for the explanation.
  11. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    But that was specific to YOU, right? Do they let you out for lunch?
  12. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    There's a venn diagram to be drawn here, I'm sure of it.
  13. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    It is going from A to Z because this is an odd investigation. They're investigating Trump to get to an incident, not investigating an incident and following it to a person. When does an investigation like that end? When Mueller was set off to do his thing, I hoped that Rosenstein would have put a time limit and a reporting obligation on Mueller (forcing Mueller to prove that he needs more time). The fact that Rosenstein didn't impose such a restriction is an obvious mistake.
  14. snafu

    Horowitz's DOJ IG Report

    He got an erector set.