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  1. snafu

    Clinton Political Dynasty

    Cheers bro.
  2. I don't think anyone noticed, but during all the commotion of this past weekend, Gillibrand announced her candidacy. Nice judgment exhibited right there on her part -- especially since she already announced it on March 17th. Yesterday announcement: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/kirsten-gillibrand-presidential-announcement-democratic-primary-trump-hotel-new-york_n_5c97da3be4b0a6329e180a82 March 17 announcement: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/im-running-president-york-sen-kirsten-gillibrand-formally/story?id=61732255 Oh WAIT!!, she also announced back in January: https://www.npr.org/2019/01/15/678292493/new-york-sen-kirsten-gillibrand-announces-2020-presidential-run Maybe she will announce her candidacy every Sunday until someone, anyone, notices.
  3. snafu

    Advice dealing with local government

    Are the fields lit up at night? Maybe arrange to get the Rec Board to use some of its new found $$ to light up the field -- increasing its availability. Maybe you can also find some electrician who wants to do the job cheap for some free advertising. Don't waste your time going to a State representative for a Town matter. There's probably not a lot of crossover between those jurisdictions.
  4. snafu

    Can you name the TBD poster

    If he put it on a hot god roll, would it even be considered a sandwich? Sometimes there should be "eye-for-an-eye" justice. This is a good example.
  5. snafu

    You Want Fries With That?

    NYC Subway. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  6. snafu

    Trump and Russia

    What then? Loud buzzing noise.
  7. snafu

    Vote DC Tom in 2020!

    I think there should be a primary pitting DC Tom vs. Hal2000 vs. IBM Watson vs. Braniac vs. the guy in the carnival who guesses your weight.
  8. snafu

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    I suppose when Warren gets elected President she can just blindly pick AG names out of a bag. It appears that the derangement syndrome is incurable.
  9. These aren’t a parody? This is the D leadership initial reaction? They should change the strategy.
  10. Wow Jim Comey. Is he a 15 year old emo girl with these tweets?
  11. snafu

    Trump foreign policy

    “...And we’re going to al-Qaim! And then on to Deir al-Zour! Then to Raqqa, and then on to Mosul, Yeeeaaaahhh!!!!”
  12. snafu

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    She was put into a really tough and complex spot and couldn’t overcome it. She never could put the political pieces together to get the plan passed.
  13. What narrative do you have? What supports it? I’m willing to believe that Mueller’s report needs to come out before anyone starts crowing. I’m willing to predict that the report is not going to be a glowing exoneration of Trump. Mueller will probably cast some shade on Trump world and walk that line between calling him a Boy Scout and calling him a criminal. But obviously (like Chris Matthews asked) if Trump DID something, then why didn’t Mueller go after anyone for collusion/conspiracy? Nobody in these 22 months were accused of consorting with Russians to affect the 2016 election. On the other hand, more has come from the past 22 months which would implicate members of the previous administration and bad actors in the FBI for trying to railroad the collusion narrative.
  14. I think it would go something like: put Trump in as much political and perhaps legal jeopardy as they could, and then cut a deal with him so that he backs off on the retribution. No comment on Pence.