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  1. They'll find jobs working somewhere Soros owns or funds -- like political rallies.
  2. Well, if I could do it (I'm way too tech-backward), I'd put one on the bald coconut and another on the redhead coconut and I'd caption it "I drink your milkshake!"
  3. She had her Howard Dean "yee haaa!" Moment, but at least he made it to the primaries before he went "poof" in a cloud of smoke. They're all going to do this, one by one.
  4. snafu

    Canada celebrates legalization day

    The Leafs can change their logo to help people remember.
  5. Would it be fair to say that she went off the reservation?
  6. I think with your "Blue Wave" thread, you were at stage 5. Only 2 more stages to go, and you will be grief-free! https://www.recover-from-grief.com/7-stages-of-grief.html
  7. No, she's obviously Canadien. I don't think she's trying to come off as anything else.
  8. I'd pay more attention to Ms. Tallbear's opinion if she were a native American.
  9. snafu

    The Deep State War Heats Up :ph34r:

    I wondered that, too. But if I owned it, I'd hang a curtain from it and do outdoor "movies in the park". I'd show Ghostbusters. Seems fitting.
  10. If Anderson starts because Allen is injured, and Peterman is gone, then who's the backup?
  11. snafu

    Biggest re-do of the offseason

    Going after McCarron in the one offseason when there were a lot of QB options was a critical mistake. They needed someone who had experience playing actual NFL games. McCarron's one playoff start wasn't enough. Bridgewater, even with his knee concerns, would have been a much better choice. At this point, if they play anyone other than Allen for the rest of the season (provided he's healthy), then they will be making a second huge QB mistake. Sink or swim, let the kid grow into the job, even with a crappy line and bad receivers. By the time Allen takes his first snap next season, he will be light years ahead of where he is now.
  12. Rhetorical question of the day: If that's true then who outside the FBI knew this, and for how long, and why did anyone let this charade go on for more than one day longer than it could have?
  13. Does Jack only own that one blue suit?
  14. So a month or so after Turkey, Iran and Russia met in Tehran to discuss what to do in Syria (to end the mess that those three exacerbated), this episode with Erdogan is meant to make the US look bad for being cozy with SA? Who should the US be cozy with in the present situation in the Middle East, Turkey, Iran and Russia? Yes, sometimes our "friends" are friends of convenience, only.