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  1. I always look at the third year guys for breakouts. Oliver Ford Singletary Knox If even one of those four have a big (breakout) year, that's great. More than one would be phenomenal.
  2. So that's a yes. You believe what you want to believe. The "echo chamber news that you see in this board" comes from both sides and parties' platforms. How do you quantify "much worse"? You say "alternate reality" but perhaps you mean a less hyperbolic "different viewpoint".
  3. Why is it always about the "party"? Why is one party "good" and another party "bad"? You only believe what you want to believe? You seem to lose sight of the issue that most news outlets are shameless shills for the Political Class -- both left and right. They should just come out from behind their transparent curtain and go back to the days when there were "party publications" and let all the other outlets report on the un-slanted facts.
  4. And huge governments overseeing command economies just hasn’t been done right, yet. Let’s keep trying that. Minimal government has only been rejected by the government itself.
  5. That needs an edit, but it is so perfectly wrong.
  6. Ya know -- that's an odd thing for her to say. If that were true then why did Biden send the Secretary of State on a Central America trip for the very purpose of sorting out the "root causes" of migration? https://apnews.com/article/central-america-immigration-health-coronavirus-pandemic-business-0f3334a04e555a93bf597acf7abbaf30
  7. Hey, move to Russia where the party in power labels opposition "extremist" and bans the opposition members from holding office. How long before you start calling for this? The Russians suck, until they have good ideas, amirite? https://www.voanews.com/europe/russian-parliament-passes-bill-barring-navalny-associates-running-elections
  8. First one that came to my mind was Ronnie Harmon But then I thought about the Super Bowl 25 3rd and 13 Mark Ingram play. That one still gets to me.
  9. Yes, he fixed the effort problem. Now on to the talent and grit portion.
  10. You have to use the Jets Conversion Table. 80 people showed up equates to 7 players.
  11. Agree. In my best Trump impersonation, he's a loser. Why would anyone want to associate themselves with a loser?
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