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  1. snafu

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    Like scooter Rizzuto used to do when he saw traffic building up on the GW Bridge.
  2. snafu

    Bills @ Browns Gameday thread

    I'm squinting into my phone (with no sound) and it looks like Allen put together a nice drive there. Murphy made up for a drop with two sweet runs.
  3. snafu

    Advice Needed re: Managerial Dilemma at Work

    Was it a video conference? Did she not have an emergency trash can in her office? Where's the creative thinking on Linda's part? To me, that's her failure. She could have made it through. She needs to be told to keep an extra roll of t.p. in the bottom drawer of her desk.
  4. They know. It isn't under the MSM radar. They just refuse to report it unless they have to. It would have been if all those people weren't fired. Dude, I'm sure she's "trained" to "do things".
  5. I'm trying to figure out if it was a soft coup or a systemwide cya ("****, we lost and now we're !@#$ed!"). I buy both at this point.
  6. I'm no hunter, but that seems like the frikkin easiest way to shoot them. Just roll up in a boat and knock one in the head.
  7. snafu

    Top 5 Favorite Albums

    I can sing Carbona from the top of my head. 🙂
  8. I see that side, I do. On the other hand, I'm just seeing a Pandora's Box. I don't trust politicians (or their supporters) to maintain the 2016 campaign in its own capsule. I think (again, this is just my opinion) that is is better to shed sunlight on it and let the public decide at the polls. I think the voting public is honest enough to figure out who to keep out of office, and I think that if the recrimination/reprisal cycle gets too bad, then the only candidates we will ever have will make Clinton/Trump look like a good choice/ comparatively speaking. And that's the most hopeful outcome. It could get much worse. Or let me put it another way: sometimes, you've got to eat **** to keep the peace.
  9. Actually, I agree with this, but my opinion is that we will EXACTLY be doing this forever until one political side eviscerates the other.
  10. I am saying that this politically motivated, high level, highly public use/abuse of the judicial system needs to be checked before it spirals out of control. Because (looking into the future a bit) our country is going to have a repeating cycle of political nastiness that we haven't seen before in our lifetimes. People are already extremely polarized and things won't get less volatile unless quite a bit of restraint is self-imposed. The match that sets off the powderkeg will be an economic downturn like 2008. This part of my post: "Public opinion and voting results would be a better way of handling the reaction to the dirt of the 2016 campaign" (a political solution to a political problem) is the better way of outing -- and ousting -- whatever elements have tainted the system. Pretty simple to me. Perhaps I could be a bit more clear.
  11. Politically-motivated retaliatory prosecutions isn't a good look for anyone, even if they are well deserved. It is ironic that if Trump had lost, there probably would be no persecution of his campaign efforts. There also wouldn't be any light shed on the shenanigans of the prior administration and Hillary's campaign efforts. In my opinion, nobody ought to have the stomach to prosecute the more obvious illegal activity. Public opinion and voting results would be a better way of handling the reaction to the dirt of the 2016 campaign -- even with what appears to be a mostly biased press tamping down information. I would also argue that if Trump's administration goes forward with criminal charges against people high enough in Obama's administration, and/or Hillary, and/or the DNC, then he legitimizes any accusation they've made against him as an authoritarian despot. I can also see a future of never-ending accusations and lawsuits by winners against losers, all with only political motivations. People need to tread lightly. Political systems don't take well to "jump conditions".
  12. snafu

    Top 5 Favorite Albums

    I can't say that I have a top 5, and the list would have changed over the years, but these are what I've listened to the most: Ramones -- Leave Home Elvis Costello & The Attractions -- My Aim is True The Clash -- Sandinista Rolling Stones -- Let it Bleed The Cramps -- Songs The Lord Taught Us
  13. snafu

    Trump and Russia

    It is the new enigma.
  14. snafu

    Bills sign DT John Hughes

    Supercilious, but not approaching anal orifice status. Are you in a good mood?
  15. Haha, look at that photo. Winds aloft and alow!