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  1. I believe this is a smear job and nothing more. I believe that the Democrats in the House are doing exactly the thing that they want to remove Trump over. They are using their own high office for purely political gain. This whole dog an pony show is a hypocritical abuse of power in and of itself. I believe that since the House drafted the Articles then the House should read their own charges and stick to what they alleged. I don't mind evidence if it is limited to the charges they passed. But they should have done that "gather evidence" thing when they had the chance. Therefore, I believe they screwed up. But why do we need more evidence? I was told by no fewer than 230 members of Congress that the facts are (1) not in dispute, and (2) overwhelmingly in support of impeachment. It's B.S. Stop pretending otherwise.
  2. While Val Demings was speaking about an Oval Office Meeting, I was reading the first Article of Impeachment. The abuse of office alleged in the First Article of Impeachment ONLY references withholding Ukrainian aid. It doesn't mention anything at all about an Oval Office visit. Such a B.S. waste of time. Don't these people know that just because they have 24 hours to speak, they don't need to use 24 hours to speak? They're just going round and round and repeating the same allegations over and over.
  3. Holy crap, Schiff just quoted George Washington about how over reliance party politics can ruin our democracy.
  4. Just imagine how Trump will behave AFTER he gets acquitted. Seriously, good luck keeping your head from exploding. Maybe you should strap on a bucket to contain the inevitable mess of scalp, hair and brains.
  5. Oh hell, this is nothing. I do that all the time before I sit down on the subway.
  6. Isn't NOW the time that Schiff reveals his evidence that Trump colluded with Russia in the 2016 election? NOW would be the perfect time for the big reveal. He said he's got it. He repeated that he's seen it.
  7. Schiff is arguing that there's a pattern of election interference that goes back to 2016 (Russia). Now the WH Counsel (if they want) can just bring up Mueller Report Part 1. They can also bring up the mishandling of Crossfire Hurricane investigation. They can bring up Comey's leaks, they can argue everything in response. Or they can just ignore it and say there's never been any proved collusion.
  8. Oh damn, I had to sleep. Nads is the one I was waiting for.
  9. Yeah but wait until they upgrade to the Civic and watch the pretentiousness blossom!
  10. I think Sekulow is doing that right now. He's just not being so brief.
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