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  1. This is my favorite from Highway 61 revisited.
  2. They should get together. They'd have 30 out of 33 States (there is NO crossover presently). Though the national popular vote wouldn't need 33 to effectively take effect, they just need to get to 270 electoral votes. I wonder if that would withstand a court challenge.
  3. I guess they can make the amendment by getting 2/3 of the states to pass it and they can call a convention. I wonder which idea will get to 2/3 first -- this popular vote idea, or the "convention of states" that's been passed by 15 States so far.
  4. Was listening to BBC this morning. They politely said that May was dealt a bad hand -- and played it poorly. That's a pretty good summary. As for successor, they were talking about Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt. It wouldn't be Corbyn without a new election, because he's Labor. They were saying that the Europeans hate Johnson and it would be interesting to see what would happen with Brexit if he were the one.
  5. To be fair, he was sitting next to deBlasio. That guy sucks all the life out of a room, like a Nazgul.
  6. Here's a good one of Pete's proposals: Electoral college: A national popular vote to replace the Electoral College Wouldn't we first need an Amendment to the Constitution in order to Amend the Constitution by national popular vote?
  7. Rectangular. Crust isn't regular NY style or as thick as Sicilian. There's less cheese, more sauce. More Oregano seasoning, or basil leaves. An old school, home made type of pie.
  8. NYC (and Long Island). Every single Pizzeria serves sicilian. Very recently, most also have started making Granny style (sometimes also called Brooklyn style).
  9. The bolded part -- this is deceptive posting right here. There's no pizza without crust (outer, under, inner, whatever). 100% of people believe that crust is important. It is the platform for the other components that make up a pizza. In fact there have been many people who've chimed in on the fact that the "outer" crust only exists if the sauce, cheese, and toppings are not extended all the way out to the perimeter of the dough. Of course if the un-topped dough sucks, then the entire pizza is likely to suck. Perhaps the proper poll question would have been: "should the sauce, cheese and toppings be extended to the edges of the dough?" Or better yet: "who here likes plain pizza dough?"
  10. 10 Downing is in a congestion pricing zone. She might want to consider using her bike.
  11. I don’t hope anyone “resists the peaceful passing of power”, peacefully or otherwise. I don’t like that it’s been going on since November, 2016. As Hillary Clinton once said, it is a threat to our democracy. Is it okay to resist the peaceful passing of power? Can I keep my #resist bumper sticker on my car? Should I sell all my Antifa gear on ebay, or will I still need it? Can we keep investigating the President endlessly (now for things he might have done as a private citizen)? Because if it’s not okay, then what has this country been doing for 2.5 years, and especially since the midterm elections?
  12. WTF with the round pizza cut in squares? If someone delivered that to my house I’d call back and tell them that they ***** up my pizza. This is a family forum bro.
  13. Wow, why don’t they just take the rest of what they have in stock and put them under people’s windshield wipers in the parking lot.
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