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  1. I was too young to follow at the time but I bet Ted was happy the moon landing took all the headlines the following day.
  2. Gotta keep the entertainment value pumped up. That, and he's the way-left kook prog candidate who makes the *not* kook progs look less kooky. That's deB's job and the Dem leadership knows it -- even though deB doesn't. I think they're trying their best to politely show Biden the door, but the polls keep bobbing him up to the top.
  3. I liked the Vesey move. I think when this team develops its talent, he could be one of those fourth line guys who can actually finish the chances that his linemates give him. He can kill penalties and contribute on the second PP. When the move was made, my only reaction was hope that they don't try to jam him into a first or second line role.
  4. This is a relative thing. Full size bathing suits might look like mico bikinis on some beachgoers.
  5. The only good thing about Long Island are the beaches. They're really good beaches. I love to book out of work early, scoop up whoever's available from home, pack a couple sandwiches and beer and get out to the beach at around 4:00. We stay until just around dusk.
  6. We call that "Monkey Paw" in our house. A lot of golfers have that on one hand, as well. Edit: It's okay, as best, to wear flip flops around in public. I usually opt for the low cut canvas sneakers.
  7. Self promotion is no recommendation.
  8. Could trade Girgensons. He’s making about the same as Larsson at this point and they probably don’t need both of them to C the 4th line. And he’s fairly useful as trade bait.
  9. I wonder what % of registered offenders actually do report regularly.
  10. Too bad there isn't a jail for "stupid people who have terrible ideas and the morons who follow along". These people would walk right into it.
  11. There are probably 32k + 2 lbs of coke and the VP is there for the extra 2lbs. And has anyone broke the news to McConnell yet that his semi-submersible was busted?
  12. There's problems with both prosecutions, for sure. The focus will turn to the State eventually, too. You're just ahead of the curve.
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