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  1. Warren misconception—not Native American.
  2. How does she know Trumps wearing a bathrobe when he tweets at 4AM.
  3. Biden says 17 intelligence agencies @Deranged Rhino Triggered?
  4. Thats what I was thinking when she said it. That, and “there was no teacher’s union”? She said there was no union to protect her. Warren HATES Bloomberg.
  5. Bloomberg—I bought all the Democrats.
  6. Ha ha. Biden finally gets his say and blasts Steyer!?
  7. I’d “name check” Steyer every time I answered.
  8. Bernie—I don’t want to do the math.
  9. I can't see Warren doing this. It goes against all of her strong woman rhetoric. Then again, it IS Warren. She doesn't seem to hold fast to her rhetoric. If they're smart, they'll blast Bernie as a Socialist/Communist. He will never deny it. He hates being up there with Democrats. But they won't because they're not honest. What all of this has shown is that 70-somethings (including Trump and Clinton four years ago) are what they are -- and they don't change easily. Bloomberg won't rebound from his humiliation.
  10. Perhaps he was in the Castro School of Literacy?
  11. B. S. She’s the next Mayor of NYC. Oops, didn’t read this before I posted. Beat me to it.
  12. I actually think that a lot of people will vote D Congressperson if they also vote for Trump. Enough people? Not sure.
  13. His idea for healthcare is to mandate that everyone be on exactly the same plan — no option. He won’t entertain an option. That would include every doctor and hospital and clinic. To pay for it, he wants to tax rich people. He has no idea how much it will cost, so he refuses to define what “rich people” is. That’s government takeover. The New Deal of Roosevelt was implemented because people were desperate for jobs and food. Once the economy came back there was less need for Roosevelt’s new deal construction projects. Sanders wants to take a decent economy and alter it primarily out of his adherence to an economic theory that’s not anything like we have in place now. Sanders’ “green new deal” is borne out of climate fear and is ill defined. Without any details, it is impossible for you to say it will be a good plan. The only thing certain it that it will be an expensive plan, justified by largely unproven eco-altruism. Can you or anyone else tell me why the US should go completely green and ignore the remainder of the carbon-emitting humans on our planet? Reduce emission, sure. Cut pollution, of course. Eliminate ALL carbon? WTF? You say that socialism is economic, but implementing socialism is the function of government. The implementation may start out benign but it will inevitably lead to harsher measures. Social welfare programs are meant to assist people who are for whatever reason unable to assist themselves. Social welfare programs obviously have a place in society, but they’re not meant to be a platform for everyone to live exactly the same lives. Therefore, there is little reason to expand them. Keep in mind that I’m not saying that the healthcare system in our country is good. It does need fixing. But Sanders’ approach is just a side door to his goal of reshaping everything. When he says things like revolution and movement, he means revolution and drastic change. He means to impose that change on a majority of citizens who don’t want that change to be so drastic. If you think that Executive Branch regulations aren’t enough to get the ball way down the road then you’re not seeing what Bernie can accomplish on his own — and for the next person that follows Bernie to take it further. That socialist road sucks. If all anyone can trot out as an example is “look at Denmark”, then that should tell you everything you need to know. There’s absolutely no reason to even be sniffing that path if you know where it leads.
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