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  1. snafu

    The Trump Shutdown

    And eventually you went home and didn't try to stay in the country. Why can't more people be like you?
  2. snafu

    The Trump Shutdown

    You want the Canadians to relax their border questioning? Have you ever crossed any international border that wasn't an actual port of entry?
  3. snafu

    Trump foreign policy

    *****, I've bought into the whole McDermott/Beane "building a winning franchise process". I now feel like a sheeple!
  4. snafu

    The Trump Shutdown

    Trump can always deliver a written address (like they used to do) and deliver a speech from the Oval Office. I'm sure it would be televised the same way the State of the Union is.
  5. snafu

    The Trump Shutdown

    I don't recall a DACA bill being debated on the floor, or voted upon -- or being very bi-partisan for that matter. The one I had in mind was the ACA repeal. That is a cluster ***** that will yield eternal stump time.
  6. snafu

    The Trump Shutdown

    ...or they could pass a crappy solution and blame each other for it and make fixing it their election issue. So, while highly unlikely, it could happen.
  7. For @Kemp : You've been trolling about "truthful" reporting, and the answers given to you have been consistently stating that what's spun in articles, and what's been omitted from articles result in a false impression being conveyed by those articles. The quoted posts, above, illustrate how you've fallen for that. It is a one-paragraph article that says Trump has stated that he should take the US out of NATO. It doesn't say what his reason is or was. It is just an inflammatory piece. Last I checked, we are still in NATO. You took that article, got inflamed, and expanded it into a post that argues a bunch of bullet points supporting the status quo regarding the US's involvement. Basically, you're posting the argument that the US should pay more than its share as a NATO member-state. The following article (so we can round out the picture) states that NATO members each pledged 2% of their respective GDP. Only five countries live up to their pledges, and the US is at 3.6%. Nobody is claiming that NATO isn't useful or necessary. SOME are saying that members should live up to their obligations. I'm sure our country could use 1.6% of its GDP on something other than NATO. https://www.forbes.com/sites/niallmccarthy/2018/07/10/defense-expenditure-of-nato-members-visualized-infographic/#15f2a4cd14cf
  8. snafu

    Prostitution arrest: Myrtle Beach style

    Are you saying that there aren't a lot of Virginians staying there?
  9. I would have loved Barr to have said "what kind of stupid ***** question is this"?
  10. Exit quote from Twitchy’s take on the above (non) story: “Obama spied on and tried to jail journalists: meh. Trump says mean things on Twitter about biased American media: ‘add the US to the list!’” 😎 . To be fair to NBC, they were reporting on a stupid list made by "Reporters Without Borders". I wonder if there's a list of the most dangerous countries to scoop ice cream, or operate a hot dog cart, or whatever else some made up group want to make disingenuous lists about.
  11. Can you let Kemp know what those outlets are? Thanks.
  12. The last D presidential candidate attached herself to Obama's policies and explicitly pledged to continue them. She lost. That doesn't answer whether Obama was a bad Predisent, but nobody is going to try that plan again. The only other plan is for a D candidate to distance themself from Obama's policies. There will be "less" progressive candidates, but the vast majority will be "more" progressive.
  13. He's pulling your chain. I don't think Kemp gives a damn about your (or anyone else's) answers. His posts can be properly characterized as trolling.
  14. Did you write that yourself? Because if you copied it from someplace, you really should provide a link or direct people to your source.
  15. Gilibrand going to announce her exploratory committee soon. DeBlasio is making a lot of noise about playing coy, but he's inevitable