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  1. I think the rule used to be that the player had to be completely past the defender for offside. And I think the rule was changed to "any part" of the player needs to be past the defender. That's why we're seeing so many more close offside calls. Iran looks to be MLS quality. US has to keep up the pressure, like they're still tied. At this point, if US ties or loses it will be a serious disappointment.
  2. Should get a mention, not an album (a movie): AC/DC, Let There Be Rock Album: The Name of This Band Is Talking Heads
  3. I’ve been waiting for a player to make that chicken lady walk into a touchdown celebration since 1980. Someone’s gotta do it once.
  4. Shouldn't Putin get the credit for the lower prices, too?
  5. ^^^^^ This bot didn’t mention Trump, so we know it isn’t BillStime!
  6. No Fat Albert?! Thats a classic. ”Na Na Na, gonna have a good time. Hey hey hey!
  7. Yep. Any fool could see it when that #resist movement started.
  8. Did you feel compelled to post this window into your mind?
  9. According to last night’s speech, only when Republicans do it. …or just MAGA Republicans. ….or just “the good” Republicans who’ve been intimidated by MAGA Republicans. Basically all Republicans, I guess.
  10. Yes. I remember when addresses to the nation were to discuss important news events or threats to our country, and what the government is doing about it. I guess now the opposition political party a threat to our country, according to our President.
  11. Newsflash: Government screws thing up and wastes taxpayer dollars without any oversight.
  12. You're right about one thing. The agents shouldn't make judgments about the nature of the papers. And it isn't okay for them to release photos of the papers so that people like you can speculate about the nature of the papers and make your own judgments
  13. I’m not defending anyone. I’m waiting for some facts to emerge. Right now there’s only posturing from Trump AND from the DOJ. The photo released by the DOJ is posturing. I’m just saying that photo has no context and it doesn’t prove any more than the fact that there were documents in the residence. We already knew that. There’s an entire inventory. The inventory says “documents marked classified”. I believed it at the time they released the inventory. You’re speculating. I’d rather wait until this whole story is developed before making any conclusions.
  14. Sure. Trump had documents. But that photo provides zero context, except that the FBI and Justice Department shouldn't handle their investigation so cavalierly by releasing photos of their investigation. Not a good look for them -- especially since they fought to release the warrant affidavit and are fighting to have a Special Master review what was seized. Trump just might have done something wrong, but DOJ and FBI shouldn't be inconsistent. It hurts their case, if they have one. I bet he hired prostitutes to pee on them. See, I can speculate, too!
  15. They should have hired 87,000 auditors to look at where our tax dollars are actually spent.
  16. Uh oh. Change the thread title. Looks like the Yankees need to hire a better appraiser. The Dallas Cowboys apparently are the most valuable sports franchise. https://apple.news/AjqMxVltORMidCWQC87UgNA
  17. NYC cut $1billion out of the NYCPD's $6billion budget in 2020. That's over 16%. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/30/nyregion/nypd-budget.html
  18. Effectively, there is already is a third large group of voters. Independents. They sway elections more so than far left or far right elements of the D or the R parties. They’re just not organized into a party with leadership or candidates, etc. We don’t really need a third party. We need term limits and lobbying reform. We need Congress to do its job and not leave every piece of legislation to the President to issue by fiat. We need politicians to start acting like public servants, not an elite political class which hovers above the peons who just happen to be their constituents. We need to back off the excessive news coverage of every presidential fart. Maybe then we’d get candidates who might be qualified to be president, instead of what we’ve seen in the recent past.
  19. The most dramatic sports moment I saw in person was Endy Chavez' catch in game 7 of the NLCS in 2006. I was sitting up the leftfield line, so it all happened right in front of me. The score was tied and he turned a two run shot into a double play. He ran SO FAR to make that catch. Shea Stadium went nuts. If the Mets would have won that game, then that catch would be famous. I suppose the second most dramatic was when Beltran struck out with bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th in that same game.
  20. You're doing it wrong. Needs to be Pastrami. Corned Beef is completely inferior.
  21. Chevy Chase is so bad that nobody rates him as an as an actor. He can’t be overrated.
  22. Bill Murray is the most overrated actor of all time. And he seems like a douchy guy.
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