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  1. Yes. It is all laid out in the Mueller report. Now here's the part that you don't care about -- but you should because it is important and gives the "so what" to your question. Mueller had 140+ chances to find 2016 election meddling by the Trump campaign, and said there's no evidence of it. It was his sole and specific job to look for it. He reported that he found nothing. On top of that, Pelosi had the ability to impeach Trump -- and she did so twice. Neither impeachment had to do with collusion or 2016 election interference.
  2. Their window is almost closed. And it isn’t like they’ve made friends the world over. I’m sure there’s no influx of child-rearing immigrants flooding their shores. Oh well.
  3. I’ve never been on the Masters.com website. I’ll check it out. As for the elevation and layout, I have to disagree.
  4. That’s my biggest gripe about the decades of Masters TV coverage. They have never successfully been able to present the course so that the viewer can understand it.
  5. What Obama did to Biden is actually not too cool.
  6. They've caught on in NYC and have a few places that sell it now.
  7. That's not true in my experience. deBlasio ended stop & frisk 8 years ago. Until COVID, there was no problem. I think maybe people who don't like the City tend to see it as one giant, unmanageable mess. If they take the City and break it up into neighborhoods, or boroughs, or any smaller segment, then it is easier to deal with. That's pretty much what the locals do.
  8. I met a fellow Bills fan on the subway just this morning. We had a great talk about the Bills and the Sabres as we rode to wherever we were going. Left each other with a fist bump and a “go Bills”. Big city, small world. That’s what I call it. It was very bad during the worst of the pandemic. It is much more “normal” now, but not what it was in early 2020. Not yet.
  9. Slime, or Smart. I suggested that to make it more difficult, my wife and I choose each other’s starting words. My idea was rejected.
  10. I was with you on the steak fries, but you lost me here.
  11. A whole industry of people with way too much time on their hands and way too much self-importance.
  12. Until this thread, I never knew she cheated on him.
  13. I'd hate to be an insurance adjuster in Russia covering anything going on in Ukraine. Putin won't let anyone call it a war. It is a "special military operation". If you claim otherwise, then you go to jail. Tough spot to be in.
  14. Nope, I’ll just let your post lay there as a prime example of how you are an irreparably broken whack job. You should switch to heavy duty tinfoil for your hat. That thin, cheap stuff it still letting the signals through. Putin loves you for your anger and divisiveness. You support him so much by being petty, shallow, and angry.
  15. Holy crap ^^^^^^^^^ loon alert!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 ^^^^^^^^^
  16. Page 9. In 2004 it was $5Trillion/day. Not a typo. https://www.fincen.gov/sites/default/files/shared/Appendix_D.pdf
  17. I’ve been on this line for 8 freaking hours. Someone gave me a bottle of water, it that still okay or is my vote invalidated? 1) no moderator 2) oldmanfan 3) b-man 4) Irv
  18. I don't think the US has a problem cutting off Russian oil imports. I think our country should do that. But NATO is comprised of 30 countries. I'm sure that there are a majority of member nations who can't realistically cut off Russian energy. When you sanction, you generally don't want to hurt yourself (too much), and until the alternatives to Russian energy are put in place, there will be a lot of self-harm to European countries. I have heard that the Germans, as part of their about-face, have authorized two Liquid Natural Gas processing facilities to take in imports of replacement energy. I'd wager that until those are online (and probably other measures) the Germans can't really make a change. About your last sentence: I think the Russian economy is being hurt -- just not as much as it CAN be hurt. Putin is afraid to open up the Russian stock market, and the currency has lost 30% of its value. There will always be countries to buy Russian oil (China) and wheat (China), and other Russian exports (Brazil).
  19. His first name is Doug. Is he Canadian? Edit: nope.
  20. Yes on Biden's intel. Thank you for the clarification. And yes on the Putin miscalculation. He's painted into a corner and the only thing he's considering seems to be more bloodshed. They say that the first Russian units into battle are poorly trained kids from factories, etc. I wonder how right that is. I think Putin's held back the quality troops and materiel. Stupid.
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