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  1. I have streamed Sunday ticket for almost 10 years, first with PlayStation now through apply tv. Sunday Ticket is expensive but it doesn’t need the ancillary subscription. Internet is so good now it just works, ability to watch on the go is a bonus. I wonder at some point if the nfl just streams it’s own product... mlbtv and NHL seem to do this.
  2. I can’t belive this 29 year old multimillionaire retiree who dressed up in a costume and played a game all the way to financial independence doesn’t take this all more seriously.. 🤷‍♂️
  3. If true and if he’s their guy Count on beano to try and make a move
  4. Any Iowa fans with insight between Hock and Noah? While this year hock produce more yards the past two years they look similar. Noah has May more tds
  5. What do Shady and Gore need on the ground? D-linemen and linebackers... an occasional safety
  6. The poll here last month was like 70% yes. 10-15 million is a lot for what he is tho
  7. Not a prolific yard machine. But, -extremely accurate -arguably the most mobile established QB in nfl -nearly Aaron Rodgers like career passer rating (second all time) - 6x PB in 7 years -Super Bowl champ -face of franchise & media darling -Barely 30 yo -7.9 ypa -elite W/L record -212 career tds Easy to see why he's worth kirk Cousins/Matt Ryan money to Seattle. Biggest issue with the Hawks is their other stars got old and their streak of incredible drafting is over. Paying RW is a no brianer
  8. I didn’t realize they could even talk about football in the off season. Wonder how the hungry ones get around it. Wonder if union comes down on players who are ratted on for violating (if that ever happens)?
  9. Just not the bar tab Scouting out of college said he bit on play action to hard. Seems like a smart guy and hard worker. That’ll be fixed. If if he adds bulk to the frame too, look out opposing offenses.
  10. I’m just here so I don’t get fined! Edit: Beane actually said a ton. Media did a nice job asking questions that they’d be willing to answer
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