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  1. Yep- a decent year. But in 2013? Over 2100 yfs. Now that’s all decade stuff.
  2. we’ve had 4 simultaneous VTC over teams, zoom FaceTime etc over our run of the mill internet. (adults working and kids schooling) I’m sure it’ll be fine.
  3. and first team all pro twice in addition to two more second team all-pro after he left.
  4. I liked McCoy here for sure. But he didn’t get in any all decade team conversation from that stint.
  5. yep- all four of these guys played their best ball elsewhere. Lynch and peters were good players that became great post Buffalo. Gore and McCoy stopped by on their fair well tours.
  6. exactly! Didn’t win 7, just didn’t not lose 7. Jauron never played to win
  7. I can’t imagine being on the phone when the Aaron Maybin pick was phoned in... whaaaa? Who??
  8. Barkley won the only game he’s ever started for Buffalo if you’re cherry picking and posted a 117 passer rating. That same jets team he carved up came into new era and beat the bills a few week later. I understand Reichs place in bills lore, but we was not a very good QB.
  9. yep just sour grapes. Gilmore can play and he was a fine corner in buffalo. Defense has been just fine without him too.
  10. I know this is going to sting, reich was awful. career 5-15 and ~54% passer. But great off the field guy, mentor for JK and weekly preparation guy, as evident by his post playing career he was exactly what Barkley is.
  11. You’re right. And the cap strategy we’ve seen seems solids. not sure Milano getting huge money is a thing that they’ll need to worry about. But good LTs are paramount. Milano’s replacement might already be on the roster.
  12. no other bills decision in the history of my fanhood was harder to accept than the hiring of Rex. I have few abilities, but I can spot a blow hard do nothing Loudmouth entitled slacker....
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