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  1. Wow. You and your ilk continues slavery under a different regimen. You rationalize destroying the good in society in the name of fascist control over all. Your Progress is garbage. Racism was on a path to disappearing in less than a generation and people like you couldn’t have it and had to re invigorate skin color based hate because hate is your path to conquer and oppress through division. BillStime altleft bot 2.0
  2. I don’t believe he would hint anything. Being nebulous about what you’re doing adds trade value to your picks.
  3. They absolutely could serve as a useful idiot to China. I don’t doubt it for a second.
  4. That’s an interesting idea. Maybe even just the first round.
  5. With one elaboration. Make sure to articulate the right reason. Cause matters.
  6. I guess I’m too busy being concerned about Russia and China to worry about Iran or NK. I think we are too soft of a nation to win any kind of conflict with either of the former. All empires die. Just hope it’s a gradual relatively nonviolent transition. I’ve lost any sense of patriotism. Our long and ever more corrupt government owns that.
  7. A suicide drone is just a fancy sounding tomahawk missile. We’ve had the tech for 40 years.
  8. Stopped counting at 29. It has a nice ring to it. Maybe I’ll update when I cross 49 soon....
  9. The federally endorsed effort to demonize the profession was bound to lead to this outcome. There will be consequences.if I didn’t already know better, I would have assumed defund the police to be an NRA platform
  10. Give the people what they want. But Kim Klacik is just one of those Racists GOPs right?
  11. The only surprise here is China hasn’t yet egged on NK to start a fight with someone in the AP rim.
  12. Based on the the current state of affairs I’ve officially moved from no need to ever even consider purchasing weapons to, strongly considering A different direction. democrats made that happen for me.
  13. Two fine examples of just as vile as the tumperectionists. No standards just all hypocrisy all the time.
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