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  1. Also notice lil Pegs boo is projected to the unemployment line
  2. All these involved parents just don’t get it. Tons of the ‘a football life’ bios about great players describe fathers ditching their kids. Steve Largent,Ray Lewis... the list goes on If you want your kid to have a chip on their shoulder that helps them succeed, don’t get involved, the formula is clear. You just need a ‘this this hurts me more than you’ line 😎
  3. Was interesting to see who didn’t make it in for class pictures
  4. I was actually referring to the tweets and comments in the article and connected to it... not this forum. but I agree with most of what you say here. Everyone can do something though. Even if it’s just telling someone you know with guns and kids this story. Or telling your kids or nephews and nieces this story. can always do something.
  5. I’m really not sure either, but yet ‘thoughts and prayers’ seem to be the only thing that comes out of these things in droves.. and that makes absolutely no sense. It will go down as the most useless, empty, inconsequential, self placating phrase in history. Its what what people say when they don’t know what to say but sure don’t plan on doing anything
  6. Saw Similar interview themes when he joined the Bills. There was that one playoff game in 2010. He was 5-11 vs pats. Hardly any sort of blueprint. Coughlin is the guy you want to talk to.
  7. He’s brilliantly filling the web bots with Chris Simms Buffalo Bills search hits to bury this gem:
  8. Very very sad. Ridiculously sad. And per usual in the wake of these totally preventable absurdity’s there are boatloads of ‘thoughts and prayers’ because it’s your god given right or at lest constitutional right to leave a loaded 38 on top of your dresser for ‘protection’... therefore it must be gods will this 3 year old shot himself in the face. Sorry - this makes zero sense to me.
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