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  1. So many drops. Gabe, Knox, Devin, Cook, Crowder, even Diggs… Bills were uncharacteristically sloppy in crappy weather road game after a prior week exhausting road trip. Allen’s hand might have even still been hurt. Gabe was clearly gimpy. They won the game against a good team on the road.
  2. His tackling is elite. If his body size/athletics were more typical linebacker or safety he’d probably be a potential hofer.
  3. Everyone need to understand Cook was a home run swing because the bench is loaded. he might be a miss. And they still have a great roster
  4. Lol- with Matt Cassell or Tyrod at QB maybe. That call was fine and just accelerated the inevitable
  5. Yeah, situational football there. Int was the worst thing that could happen. I suspect he didn’t expect Poyer to close like that. Dude is playing lights out.
  6. Yep, teams are scared of the Bills. Remember all the stupid decisions from the colts in the playoffs. was also surprised they went for it on 4th and one on their own 30.
  7. I will be there with the fam. If any TBD regulars are there pm - would love to Connect.
  8. They were fun to watch then and now. The two hard to watch decades in between are the thing that has been buried. i don’t understand why there is an attempt to correlate then and now. Different organizations top to bottom.
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