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  1. Reading a write up on him, seems like he was a pretty progressive leaning dude. thought Women should be allowed to do do any job they wanted for equal pay, employed native Americans... PETA might have an issue with him as he killed thousands of buffalos, which is ironic.
  2. “Mark Brunell usually likes to soak his balls before a rainy game.” - madden MJ, “but there is an ‘i‘ in ‘win’.”
  3. I find this sort of behavior annoying. I hope they go out of their way to avoid paying this tool a cent, even if the new name is trash.
  4. Do NOT tell him his response isn’t on the board and make him angry bad things man
  5. Exactly.. the comment you responded to was the dumbest one I’ve read on the board this month. And it’s been a dumb month.
  6. So CJ spiller money then? ok 29mil/8seasons so about 3.5 mil? Ok good
  7. Is it me of does 3.5 million for an 800 yard RB seem in line with the norm?
  8. The man in motion might have gotten around him, but I don’t get why they don’t instinctively chip once they don’t get the ball. Poor execution all the way around. Woof.
  9. So tell us, in this prescient complex neural network who is this Robertson guy? I’m assuming the toothpick represents... uh sorry man
  10. one of my biggest concerns about the bills defensive line situation is some day, and I don’t know when, Jerry is going to stop being so angry.
  11. can you imagine Lamar Jackson playing in a 7 v 7 game?
  12. The problem with social media is it’s the amplifier for the extremists that lacked any such platform in the past. I don’t blame the technology, I blame humankind for turning it into something to promote division instead of unity.
  13. Social media will be the end of mankind... in addition to being offended, And saying/writing/doing offensive things, there is also this newer evolution of a polarity where people are either; offended that other others aren’t offended enough, or offended that others are as offended As they are.
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