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  1. McDermott is awesome. It took a few tries but Pegulas got it right.
  2. Well Bobby F- this might finally be the big break you’ve been waiting for...
  3. Our DB playbook on Fitz.... ‘force him to throw left then catch the floater.‘
  4. Moreover why would he want to... he’s earned $161 million over his career, he’s 35, his skills have declined, he’s a shoe in for any tv gig he wants, his head coach was fired, his team drafted a first round QB, skins will obviously take the 2021 out in his contract, Dan Snyder is ... well dan Snyder. My my guess is he just has to keep going through the motions to collect that 55 mil guaranteed?
  5. Phins don’t have much at receiving RB to which Milano is kryptonite. Rest him up and it’s critical to find another guy who can play his role anyway Vosean Johnson seemed like he might fit the role... his surgery is a month past now. Wonder how he’s coming along.
  6. Pin him down and shave his beard off. It’s his magical leprechaun source of power.
  7. Great! I prefer Fitz the starter over Fitz off the bench. He’s a much better relief pitcher than starter.
  8. I’m thinking the profile of a realistic trade is around guys who are proven talents, can help improve the team significantly and are in a contract year or late in their careers on a team with 1 or less win that will clearly need draft capital. Also draft pick given should be no more valuable than a third. (Except Diggs type, would give second for him) players i could see moving for upgrade or for some draft pick: - Kroft - Yeldon - Trent M or Shaq for upgrade -Dawkins for upgrade Target spots: RB3, DE, WR - E Sanders - Devante Parker - Rex Burkhead - Deon Lewis - Sanu - Vic Beasley Nice call. Easy upgrade over yeldon.
  9. Keeping rookies humble is critical. No matter what they think they know as the lens peers deeper inside the inner workings of the NFL, it’s clear there is a huge jump from college to Pro’s in most cases. I recall Marv almost never started rooks, which is even next level humility indoctrination. I like the message that you’ve gotta earn the right... its nuance that distinguish this teams culture. no “day 1 starter off the bus” quips.
  10. No kidding. I’m gonna ask my mom to represent me.
  11. I think his point was, He wanted to play QB, not be relegated to WR as some suggested. He can argue he was right. He’s averaging 250+ yards passing per game.. that puts him him ahead of all the “QBs” drafted ahead of him.
  12. AND the EZ target would have gone somewhere others that between Zay Zays hands. Maybe Sweeney or QB draw. If nothing else im convinced Brady has to put together at least a FG drive to win the game down 1 if Josh stays in. Funny how either Lamar is either in a better offense, smarter or just a little more elusive/durable. Their speed, arm talent and ability to run in general are so similar but Lamar’s future looking way better than RG3s ever did.
  13. Even when these guys were drafted they weren’t mistaken for those types of QBs. 3rd round, 24th overall, second round and traded away, 6th round... respectively
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