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  1. I think you inadvertently added the word option and misread the context of a ‘number 2’
  2. That’s right! Buy a high end RB for 6 carries and 1 target per game? Nah
  3. not blaming anything. Nothing. No blame. There are different levels of competitiveness. Some guys eat vegan or have private chefs…. Everything they eat or drink revolves around getting better at football. Henry sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber. Bosa doesn’t eat carbs. Manning was obsessive about film study. We’ve all heard about tommy boys regimen. These do this stay at their peak level day in and day out. Allen already said career longevity isn’t likely for him. He’s said so himself. Argue with him.
  4. was always concerned his ‘I’ll prove em wrong’ motivation had an early off ramp. At this point he’s proven the doubters wrong. He’s unquestionably the ultimate competitor on the field, but is he off the field ? prob not… he eats Popeyes and chipotle… good for him. He’s not obsessive like these other guys. All the more reason the bill’s missing another window opportunity is frustrating. He’s not playing at 40…
  5. lol… dude is living his best life. Good on him. Not sure his focus on winning bills football games ever surpasses 20-21. at some point jobs just become jobs…
  6. Elegantly and succinctly put. A rookie OC that likely engaged JA as a pier instead of as an authority doesn’t help the latter...
  7. It’s ok to listen… even to people with varying and different opinions. I remember factions of the homer echo chamber here swearing Rex was a genius and going to bring bills great success too.
  8. With a quarter billion dollars, you can be a 9 and consider yourself a pro golfer..
  9. Interesting thought… I’m sure the weak minded will hurl insults at you. Allen is very good, but he needs to be forced to play the short game as part of the offense. Bengals gave him chain movers- he refused to take them. as far as McDermott/Beane- maybe he is too loyal to ‘his guys’ when it’s time to go a different way. The other bit is, say moving on is the right move, finding a sure upgrade isn’t easy or a sure thing. It’s absolutely a problem that they are now 0-4 in championships with top qb talent that isn’t going to last forever
  10. So it’s effectively divided into 1) adults saying here’s why I disagree with that take 2) adults saying yeah… I can see it 3) waaaaaaah how dare you reiterate a controversial take about a pattern I'm too mentally soft to consider there is also the fact that Rivers was really really good but never finished in the playoffs. thanks 1s and 2s. Feel sorry for the 3s… the thread title probably really hurt emotionally. 😭
  11. 100% incorrect. you should be embarrassed fabricating these things… Just realistic about where the team is right now. Are you happy they keep blowing it year after year after year? Go watch Kurt Warners recap of the playoff loss. QB play was a major issue. Phil used to blow it the the playoffs too. Still a HOF talent. Sorry having some perspective is so tough for you. I’m sure you think Jim Kelly was the greatest qb in history during his day too.
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