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  1. just like I expect will be the case in free agency, if they fell short, wouldn’t it be because the bidding got too high? Expect the same to play out in free agency. Clowney is very good. But he’s probably going to get paid like he is very great. I don’t see this front office chasing those type deals unless maybe it’s a homegrown guy. (I hope TreD)
  2. yeah leodis was first team all pro returner in 2012 but no pro bowl for him. McGee ... was 04 the year of that 99.9 yards kickoff return for no points?
  3. I’m not sure you read that. I suspect what you should have read was a question on how much an all pro returner helps the offense versus a body that can do almost the same but can actually play wr
  4. Leodis? i geuss even though he was first team all pro in 2012, no pro bowl
  5. I can’t belive I didn’t pick the correct winning lottery ticket numbers last week Now that I know them!! Coming out he was compared to Jay Cutler. Several prolific air raid offense QBs failed miserably in the NFL. Mahomes almost had college a career at Texas Tech as good as NFL legends, Graham Harrell and Kilff Kingsbery. McDermott had just started and most of the same staff that saw NFL QB potential in EJ Manuel, were the folks who produced the draft board for that year. Mahomes was a risky boom or bust pick. They made the most responsible decision they could at the time taking that trade back. Also, the picks generated by the trade back produced two guys who are playing next week. I’m sure If they stayed and picked at 10 it still wasn’t going to be PM. Bad timing for them. if anyone feels like enhancing their pain over this draft, please do look at the WRs drafted after Zay Jones.
  6. not faulting bills. They did the right thing at the right time. I don’t think Mahomes needed Reid to succeed. It sure helped though
  7. This Mahomes kid is pretty good. Lucky they found a trade partner to nab him
  8. If he can find top 3 DT money elsewhere, he should take it. if he finds he can and accept a deal that fits his role in Buffalo, maybe he’s back.
  9. I went no only because I believe it’s ether Poyer or Hyde.
  10. It’s an indisputable fact. He gives the fans something, when it’s clear the team really has nothing
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