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  1. Came to mind, but didn’t go there since he’s got the gold jacket
  2. It’s a back handed compliment... Wow man you suck waaaay less than you used to Gets more fame for his persona than his game... trying to think of a corollary.
  3. If a 22 start second year player who’s now out on IR is Not planning out and tossing a fifth to move up 2 spots is too often, I’ll take it
  4. A medical scientist reported on Don Lemon last night (which is a grueling watch btw, as he is the Democratic Sean Hannity imo) stated 100 million is actually not ambitious in the first 100 days as the current daily vaccination rate has already exceeded 900,000 and continues accelerating. Since the states are in control of the roll outs anyway, the side shows likely wonT impede anything, but likely won’t help Further accelerate anything either.
  5. don’t assign your deeply flawed and divisive two party system ideals to me. I’m disappointed with and vehemently opposed, to the two party system and all the lies and hypocrisy that comes with both parties, their ruling elite and their brainwashed sycophants. I am merely suggesting a ubiquitous accountability algorithm that doesn’t morph based on party perspective. I hope for nothing more than politicians, past present and future stop politicizing a catastrophic virus and start holding themselves accountable for arresting it.
  6. good. I expect this means at some point he assumes ownership of the daily new infection and death count as opposed to pointing back at a failed administration and shrugging. Let’s see how that works.
  7. Sorry but that is insulting to McDermott and even wrecks.
  8. Joe enters... “hold my beer” 😂 granted it’s a big mountain to climb.
  9. Good thread. Should be interesting to see if any Biden fans can look forward or will insist on continuing to point back to the orange jackass... anyone who doesn’t think politicians lie, on both sides, doesn’t really understand the job.
  10. Yes, for whatever reason, Roberts is just nfg at WR
  11. that’s cute Spags... But to be clear, weze youse daddy not youse brudda...
  12. Will her surgeon allow her to jump at all? and who? Assuming another instafacetube ‘model’?
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