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  1. Republicans are really stupid for making this push now. The democrats love it, its going to rally their bases and pull back a whole bunch of moderates and independents who don’t agree with all abortion, but recognize the practicality of someone getting pregnant who doesn’t want to be having an out. it might even save the democrats in the mid terms.
  2. Soon to be $0 https://www.thedrive.com/tech/40899/self-driving-semi-truck-completes-950-mile-delivery-10-hours-faster-than-a-human-trucker-could
  3. I’m sure 3 minutes late the group was in awe
  4. Odd… CNBC said Labor force participation is near pre pandemic levels and unemployment rate is 4.2% but I see the same labor scarcity. I guess everyone just took an Amazon driver job.
  5. This guy was connected to everyone.. there is that lawsuit filing if it’s real listing Jay Z, Beyoncé etc Those crazy Q people believing in some shadow elite sex trafficking operation are looking a little less crazy in this context Too bad there is little to no coverage of the trial. There are probably lots of interesting findings.
  6. I saw in addition to knowing Trump personally Epstein also visited the Clinton White House 17 times!! Maybe he was just there for cigars?
  7. She and Joe must be occupying space in the vicinity of the same carbon monoxide leak. Wow
  8. Absolutely spoiled! McGuire was terrible! Or more recently Buger…. Dan Dierdorf was no treat either
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