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  1. Work gets in the way far too often, it would be nice to win the powerball so I could be a better fan.
  2. Steelers fan friend I know, understands football and the Steelers as much as the most intense fans on this board know the Bills, is extremely smart and also is very over Tomlin and his schtik
  3. In his case it was a performance enhancing drug, for preggo sympathy eating
  4. We see elite QBs routinely miss those to better WRs. It makes you wonder are they hitting these flawlessly in practice ?
  5. So was Lee Evans, until he wasn’t. Smoke isn’t running 4.3 anymore.
  6. Right. Any wide reciever running a route requiring a bucket drop on the Bills is a wasted route. Anytime thats the first or second read it’s probably a wasted play. The guy throws ropes and lasers allover the field pretty accurately so fricken use that!!! Stop forcing any routes that require Peyton like touch passes or Michael Thomas / Keenan Allen /Tyreek like WRs. It’s low percentage to begin with and on this team it’s no percentage. Really irritating taking 30 yard shots on 3rd and 4.
  7. You’re completely right Allen can throw a laser (what he’s good at) for Beasley continuing to the sideline. By turning back up field it actually allowed coverage to close the separation anyway. A perfect pass probably still gets broken up. Also really annoying how easily ravens covered everything with 4 DBs most of the game.
  8. So long as he’s ok with opposing QBs getting the same, which he didn’t seem to agree with on Sunday. The joke will be on them if he’s hurt and RG3 has to play and stay on the field.
  9. If you want to talk about nothing at tight end, I give you lee Smith. If it’s blocking they need add a the swing tackle. I’m not sure why they have 4 corners + 5 safeties and 5 LB active either. Seems like 4 of each would be just fine. could even argue for Hyde or McKenzie to to KRPR, since Roberts can’t seem to do anything for the offense anyway. Also Perry is the fastest RB on the team by a lot. What is it about him that makes him so useless to an offense that they rather attempt outside runs with a guy getting 3.6 ypc and falling. Gore and the smurfs just aren’t getting it done vs good defenses. Not saying any of these are the solution, but can a guy turn the corner from the backfield or make a contested catch once in a while?
  10. Brown is the best Bills route runner since Stevie? C’mon now. Woods? Sammy? Then also I remember Stevie didn’t run routes that well at all. He’d toast guys like Revis because no one knew what the hell he was gonna do. Then washed out of the league because neither did the coaches or QBs. Fitz was the only guy on earth that could figure out what he was gonna do.
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