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  1. Now we’re back to square one. it’s like trump administration incompetence on steroids.
  2. Just another example why this is the greatest country on earth to succeed no matter what situation you come from. She is tough strong and an American hero. Socialists now please explain why she is not what we want in the world.
  3. Meanwhile the runner up won a gold, as her father urged her to go to world championships and beyond after a tragic paralyzing accident for him. it’s a good thing we can import winners that prove those who live unfulfilled lives here are just losers looking for something to blame.
  4. Beane has finagled a 6th or 7th pick in the past for someone they were likely to cut for a guy the trading partner doesn’t want to hit the open market. Screen game just got marginalized…
  5. Sounds like a soured business relationship. Feds would otherwise be all over it I presume.
  6. She is right on that point. It’s very plausible the other group of rioters that were burning cities nationwide last summer would’ve shown up if the election had gone the other way. Now that these extremists can organize and have been supported by their respective factions in some form it’s not going to stop.
  7. Yeah I agree with that and I expect when rates need to go up to deal with inflation the housing market one example of a hard asset will stagnate. We will likely take Europe down with us while the authoritarian but externally capitalist acting China will take their seat in the throne and in a final act, if not done already disband the US dollar as a global reserve currency. Then it’s $50 wonder bread.
  8. The emperor has foreseen he was ok not to be ok.. Don’t blame Biles. We are culturally institutionalizing and celebrating that mental toughness isn’t and need not be a value. stay tuned. in other news ROC Olympian with a barely stitched together Achilles has won a gold medal.
  9. Why do people engage that bot? There are some smart liberals worth debating and learning from. That one is not.
  10. He wasn’t going to make the team as a TE, not particularly strong or good at blocking for his size imo. Never the same after the knee.
  11. I’m surprised Nanci pushed to get this commission going so early, it’s going to be really hard to drag this on through the midterms and they are going to lose some of the sensational coverage to the Olympics. They are going to need two or three more spin off investigations to keep this front and center. hey the good news is Democrats found blue lives that matter to them.
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