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  1. He’s certainly proved he was once good enough to back up super bowl champion QB Blaine Gabbert. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Revis was in multiple probowls following his acl. How well done the surgery is and hard they rehab to get the leg muscles back to form matter quite a lot. Tre has always been a good not great athlete that works hard and plays smart. im optimistic that he outperforms the numbers as he always has.
  3. And this guy for the most vile, classless and inhuman post in ppp history, sarcastically celebrating dead elementary school kids. We can all see your disgusting smirk as you wordsmith the headline for better effect. you are symbolic of everything wrong in the world left right and center.
  4. If you want to blame covid lockdown and less government school institutionalization, then you are saying you think the government should raise our kids more. Is that what you want? selectively assigning your political target events to these sort of tragedies is disingenuous at best.
  5. Yep- And so will anti gun lobby exploit every chance you can. Meanwhile everyone will ignore this killer came from a broken home, no father drugged out mom, very bad family situation and probably valued no one and nothing.
  6. I predict you are 100%. A bunch of politicians will use this as a self promotion opportunity, nothing more.
  7. The constitution is manufactured and so is the interpretation of it in every aspect. Was this shooter part of a well regulated local militia? Where is the part about background checks and age requirements in the second amendment? and at the same time the right is losing it over protection of fertilized eggs while clutching their body armor and assault rifles as rights that any lunatic can buy and use to mow down the actual born living children… no one wants to compromise
  8. No argument there. The entire political system is failing miserably left to right
  9. Nonsense- you’re saying forcing kids to spend more time with their families is the problem?? Y stop being a political puppet. the lockdown sucked but dammit our kids were in the best hands they could’ve been, our own. If you disagree and think the state could have raised this kid better to avoid this, go ahead now and tell us…
  10. Just stop bizzaro bills time. This has nothing to do with lock downs and everything to do with sick aholes getting guns that shouldn’t have them. I can support this. Agree
  11. I’m starting to lean towards brutal painful tortuous televised execution for these people that murder children and are caught. change my mind, tell me it’s wrong. and how do you imprint a guarantee that you burn everything they leave behind to the ground and they will be enshrined with a legacy of weakness cowardice and pathetic-ness…
  12. Your puppet masters have done nothing zilch. Why do all these idiots have their guns? I thought your parties one claim to fame was fixing this. Useless all of you… The blood is on your hands right along with the pro everything gun nuts. you and your party have done NOTHING.
  13. another mass shooting on the watch of a democrat controlled white house, senate and Congress. I guess all that rhetoric about solving this was bs too. Add it to the list.
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