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  1. I don't disagree with what you are saying, but what's his endgame? Why not just ask for a trade if your soured on the team as a whole. Year 2 of a 5 year deal is a silly time to hold out. Unless of course he just wants out of town but don't want to ask.
  2. He's who I wanted. (Big arm, right attitude for Buffalo). But, yes he was. With all the racial stuff that came out, his lack luster numbers in college. He was a poster child for big athlete that can't play QB. I wouldn't have been mad (at the time) if they took the "other" Josh. I am oh so glad they didn't though.
  3. Eh, The players know they have no intention of honoring the last few years when they sign. The team knows they will cut them if age/injury hinder their performance. Both parties have intentions that are not honorable, so I say let them have at it. Won't effect my day at all, they both knew they were heading to this long ago. Gilmore kinda "won" because he stayed healthy and a viable CB.
  4. I wouldn't sign him. Not the player he used to be, not even close. Also, what former team has he not bad mouthed? He did it to all of them. Why invite that into your clubhouse? You don't.
  5. Win some and lose some. Some of these players need a certain system to be great, and that's fine, just perhaps our system wasn't it. Front offices batting avg. Is pretty good right now so I won't get on them to hard. 😉
  6. I agree, he even got one against the Patriots for congratulating his own teammate. But he still got some bad ones 😆
  7. I always liked Schein, his takes usually seem genuine. He isn't always right but I do believe he at least believes what he is saying. Better than some, alot of guys just throw out wild takes to stir the pot and get attention.
  8. Jerry is a great player. Doesn't get enough recognition, he has got some bad penalties, but I wouldn't want to see him go.
  9. I don't collect either but no need to crap in other people's yard..geez
  10. OJ would be great, not sure TB would let him go though honestly.
  11. I would politely disagree, Josh is a huge smack talker. He would do it and be having fun with it, not necessarily trying to be an Ahole. I suspect Mahomes was doing the same.
  12. That's what I was saying, maybe I didn't spell it out well enough. I agree he can get a deal for what he's worth, as long as it isn't a effort issue. He's a good starter even if he isn't an All-Pro.
  13. Yeah, he can't expect top money with his current results on the field. I do think he will get it together (maybe wishful thinking). His potential is through the roof. I'm sure the coaches know if it's an effort issue though.
  14. They are good, they seemed better without OBJ. Landry is really good, between the Bills recievers and theirs I'd take the Bills. RBs and TEs they beat us. I could see people picking the Browns but it isn't clear cut.
  15. Bucs and the Chiefs kill us on RB. Edwards-helaire is better than anything we have. Fournette is better than anything we have, he can be a knucklehead but the Bucs keep him focused somehow. We should probably be above the Browns/Packers/Cowboys but I agree with the Chiefs and Bucs ahead of us.
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