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  1. All I know is Amari Cooper needs less than 8 Fantasy point so I win my game 🤣 That's my level of commitment to this game.
  2. I'm not aware of anyone, and I mean anyone, advocating for top 3 LB money for Edmunds. Perhaps I've missed that conversation or it's just something are thinking up in there head, who knows.
  3. One of the most accurate statements about Edmunds. He doesn't have to be Ray Lewis.
  4. Didn't realize they played this week. Definitely a good game to find out who's real. Love the way Arkansas is playing, see if they can keep it going. Maybe I can take a day off from the business to watch football Saturday 😂
  5. Just wondering what you guys thoughts are. Maybe you don't care since you are up in Buffalo. I live in the south and a huge Bama fan, I honestly think if anyone beats Bama this year it's Ole Miss. I'm just curious what other people think.
  6. Agreed, I hate that they are losing now. One of two outcomes are possible, we beat them and people say they were not any good anyways, or they go on a tear and beat us.
  7. All this tells me is Mahomes is still better than him, pitiful. Sarcasm obviously 🙄
  8. I'm just glad Josh is trending in the not a bum direction on this board now....finally
  9. As much as I disagree with the policy, I don't honestly see this being an issue in the ticket sales department. Possibly the first few games it takes a minute to correct, but long term it isn't an issue IMO.
  10. Jones will be a good starter in the NFL with potential to be more. Who knows if he becomes the more, I feel they drafted him for his high floor not so much his high ceiling if that makes sense.
  11. You are the self appointed fun police? No one is making you go are they? Let people be, if they want to go whats the big deal, let them have their harmless fun.
  12. I for one think that McD/Beane should field an entire team of all-pros. Anything less is unacceptable. System guys who know the playbook and play well within the scheme? Pfft who needs it. I'm sure there are at least 15 other MLBs better than Edmunds sitting around on FA list eating cheetos. Sarcasm obviously 🙄. A great team doesn't have to have great players at all positions, and deep down the complainers know you can't upgrade Edmunds without using draft capital or a ton of cap space.
  13. I say if you make the decision that Josh Allen is not as good as advertised because he opens the season with 3 average games, you will forever be wishing you had better. Probably would have complained in the Kelly Era as well. But don't let me get in the way of your misery, carry on.
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