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  1. Allen seems to be wired "me vs. The world" which is great. I love it. I feel the same way and it's the only way to be, corporate or playing field that's the mentality you need. Maybe your right, but somehow I feel any game he loses in the playoffs will stick with him, as it should. That's a good thing in case your wondering.
  2. Someone might watch me, and I'm paid way less than the players lol. 5 years of players (Diggs) pay and I'm moving to Mexico as an explat. Guaranteed.
  3. So they could have put up 24 second half points if needed but chose 19 because they wanted to play an OT game? Pretty sure your just arguing to argue at this point lol
  4. I get the "you can't blame one play/call theory" it's always the truth. Though saying a completely botched officiating job throughout the entire game (that went to OT) did not have a culminating effect on the outcome of a 3 point game is a bit rich. Hard to imagine how you could even think that is remotely true. If your just saying, no excuses move on but yeah they probably got screwed a little, I can at least understand that.
  5. So you admit the NFL strayed from standard operating procedure to take something away from Buffalo? Best quality in an officiating body is consistency, which by your own admission they blatantly strayed from. I'm sure every helmet to helmet hit, low hit on a QB etc. Isn't intentional but the rules are the rules. Call it by the book and officiating is easy.
  6. Patrick Surtain Jr or Pitts are the only 2 I would even consider it for. Then you ask yourself "do we win the SB if they are on the roster?" Answer is probably no, so I wouldn't do it this year. Probably would only do it for a can't miss edge rusher which isn't there this year. Just my opinion of course.
  7. Maybe I'm a rare bird here but I never get ads that are invasive. I never have to clear anything, I'm a mobile android user almost exclusively on this site though. People have to make their money somehow, if we all worked for free work wouldn't last long lol.
  8. I can agree, and my intention was not to defend him. Just simply we all know public opinion moved way quicker than the judicial system.
  9. Yeah Urban was always a win at all costs guy, imo he never cared about the kids. Not sure how his NFL stint will go. Good to hear Day is well respected, I was always curious, I live in my SEC bubble during college football. Though good coaching is not that common in the SEC.
  10. Watson shouldn't be surprised by court of public opinion, it's more prevalent now than ever. And I still don't know if he did anything wrong, could have. Might not have, who knows.
  11. Serious question Yolo as I know you are the king of OSU sports. Is Ryan Day a good coach for the program or benefitting from the recruiting system set up by Urban? Full disclosure I live in Alabama and am a Tide fan, but this is by no means a trolling attempt. I just get a very small sample size of OSU games every year so it's hard to make a call on him, obviously he wins.
  12. Completely agree, Vontae probably epitomizes the reputation we had of no one wanting to play for buffalo lol. It wasn't like that though, he was just done, that move cost him alot of money and he didn't care, he was done. Guys like Benjamin and Maybin were just lazy and arrogant, couldn't stand them. Even Lynch, I liked him, he was too emotional and got his feelings hurt by the Buffalo media and bailed on his teammates but at least in his mind he had a justified reason. I kinda think his girl is eh, but hey I don't have to be with her, a bit young for me anyways.
  13. I would understand mini-camps being virtual as really it isn't that big of a deal and maybe some guys that want the vaccine haven't had an opportunity to get it yet. Training camp is a big deal for younger guys and I would think it's ridiculous to do it virtual. I don't have to show up to Training camp (unless you need me coach 🤣) so at the end of the day it's their choice. Also being as we returned most of our team we would weather that storm better than most.
  14. Was mostly speaking of keeping g the guys that were free agents (Milano etc.) I know the restructures were just that.
  15. Well, I don't do studies and I won't pretend to know them. I'm in Florida, everything is fine. My wife is in the medical field, if you need an ICU bed you can get one, guaranteed. This is real life experience in Florida, I'm sure you can find a study that can lead you wherever you want to go with some arbitrary number and a clear path to where you want to get to. In real life though, everything is fine. We don't even wear masks or social distance. I get it not everyone agrees and I'm not speaking ill of you if you do those things.
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