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  1. I would wait and see how they do this year. NFL is fleeting, this year's hot ticket is next year's trash sometimes.
  2. He's coaching a small school that would get little to no exposure if his name wasn't Deion Sanders. Not trying to down him, just facts.
  3. I can agree, the vaccination stuff hey it's his choice. The fact he is arguing on Twitter with people over it etc. Is an issue. He isn't the only player not vaccinated but he's the loudest unvaccinated player (to my knowledge).
  4. I hate Brady as much as the next guy, but really who cares about this. Playing injured and telling no one isn't really an advantage, possibly to the effect people won't try to go after injured body parts I guess. NFL should punish equally, that I agree on, but that's not the player or teams fault they don't do their job properly. But hey if they force Brady into retirement over it I won't lose any sleep. 🤣
  5. Sherman is hard to like but I'll be honest, I would have never thought he would be in the headlines for this.
  6. I'm sure this will be unpopular but the fact is Mingo isn't a good enough player to get in trouble and keep his job. Teams willingness to put up with things off the field is directly tied to your talent level.
  7. Calm down cupcake. Nowhere in my post did I accuse any man of any color of anything. I simply stated a terminology trend I've seen in news headlines, find someone else to use your pent up anger on.
  8. Splitting hairs but usually they will use the term "Minor" if it's a teenager. Child is usually reserved for under 12. That's not an exact science of course, just what I've noticed seeing these cases in the news.
  9. Use a VPN to create an account for gamepass in an EU country. They let them stream all games live not after they are over, then you have access to all NFL games for 100 bucks straight from the NFL. It's silly they give EU countries more access than us for the same price anyways.
  10. Some pundit, forgive me I don't keep up with all their names, predicted Mac Jones would be better than Allen soon. You know before he's even thrown an NFL pass lol. Oh well.
  11. Not sure anyone was inspired by Marrone lol. Actually an Alabama football fan, I'm quite sad O'Brien and Marrone are on the staff. If anyone can end that dynasty it's them lol.
  12. Not really, 2 different positions and this was out there way before the Beasley "issue" was.
  13. Man, Hughes seems like he should be off limits. That's my emotions speaking but I really hope they do not trade him. Addison? Who cares. Hughes should be above a "business transaction" at this point though. Business is business though.
  14. In other news water wants to be wetter... Nothing new here.
  15. I don't know if it's close or not but the deal makes a ton of sense. Also I'm not sure if the eagles have any other play besides cutting him, Beane probably just playing hard ball because he knows they have no other options.
  16. Wow, this is nuts. Glad we got a reasonable deal on our RT before this nonsense.
  17. Possibly, according on what social group you ran with though. Homosexual/gays were pretty common in the 90's just not mainstream. Most of the time though no one cared. You will always have people who hate others just because they are hateful, but most of the time people just want to live. Couldn't care less what others do in their private life.
  18. You can't lose and get caught cheating. It's a bad look, ask Tennessee.
  19. Congratulations to them on the new addition. Health of the mom and baby are always nerve racking for me, so many variables.
  20. Don't forget during those days swapping teams was not easy. Coaches would hold players back to serve the role they needed them for. He was their special teams ace, and they needed him for that. Who knows how good he would have or would not have been.
  21. Stats are stats, you take chances and maybe they pay off. I think Allen will be just as good, maybe a few less TDs here and there, whatever. If he can have dynamic plays when needed and win important games that's progress.
  22. I love college football, but I do believe this is a mistake. The term "Student-Athlete" is already stretched thin. As is players are playing in conference championship games up to within a week of finals for fall classes. If you are a top 4 team you don't get to start spring semester on time. At some point they are no longer amateur players. Adding 2 or 3 games to top teams is going to make this much worse. At a certain point you have to pay them if you continue to increase revenue off of them.
  23. Not sure if racial profiling is correct. Cali is silly on cars, the new Porshe 911 GT3 can't even be sold in Cali if it has a stick shift because it "generates more noise" than an automatic version of the car. I'd just wait for details, but having an Uzi in Cali is not very smart.
  24. Homosexuality just as heterosexualuality is a sexual preference. It's close, but I will say probably can make an argument it doesn't quite cross that line.
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