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  1. I expect a UGA/Michigan national championship game. TCU and USC don't seem to be on the same level, but you play the games for a reason.
  2. Should be interesting from an X's and O's standpoint. Shanahan trained Mike McDaniel.
  3. In his defense it is the perfect protection if you don't get caught/called.
  4. Honestly have no clue, seems like he wanted to be here though. With all the help they brought in maybe he was odd man out.
  5. I would argue 2017 was fringe, I mean the team backed into the playoffs and had absolutely no chance. And I was off by a year or 2, it's called a mistake, not fabrication. Point of my original post was he would have some value on the current Bills roster still and I do wish he was here in Buffalo. And calm down, it's just a message board, no one attacked you.
  6. Yes I'm aware, but when you spend what? 9 years with a team and they begin to win in your 8th year there, you did move on when they began to win, not before. Not that this argument has any actual value.
  7. I would take him anytime, he still has gas in the tank. I hate he played here and as soon as we got good he moved on, I'm sure it was a money issue. But absolutely he would help any team as a rotational player.
  8. This exactly. I keep telling myself Miami is playing an easy schedule, and I believe that. I will say I believe in Mike McDaniels system more than the players on the team. He will put them in a position to win. Keep waiting for the wheels to fall off for them.
  9. Very true, much smaller sample size so I wouldn't say it's apples to apples at this point. Reid has idk maybe 8 or 9 conference championship appearances, his record is abysmal in them only winning 3 I think. Didn't fact check myself that's just off memory. Point is Reid is a winning coach with any QB he's had, and it's been a few.
  10. Not sure how many losing seasons he had in Philly, but it wasn't many.
  11. That's the true problem, it's hard to pick 4 that "deserve it". If TCU and USC lose it will be a complete s*** show.
  12. The Chiefs stole the victory because of the absolute junk scheme we ran with 13 seconds left.
  13. Allen seems to elevate his play for the Patriots. Hopefully that continues.
  14. Is there a stat for that? Not really saying you are wrong, just they keep everything in front of them and make tackles, that's the defensive philosophy and their defensive rank is high. Seems if this was true it would look alot worse than it does.
  15. As an Alabama fan, I would say they have a slim to none chance. If OU and Mich. Have a close game the lower would be more deserving. Bama has looked like junk for a month.
  16. Yeah, and the circumstances around the last 2 games were horrible. The Jets loss was probably the worst. BTW, we are 2-0 in our last 2 games gutting it out through injuries. The way you write things and cherry pick stats make a huge difference.
  17. Jimbo may get fired anyways, they have spent more than any program in the last 5 years, and this is what they get.
  18. Michigan is due for a win, I have no football data to back up these claims though lol.
  19. I'd love to see Jordan Battle in our defense, and we could use a safety.
  20. According on how much NIL money Nebraska can get. Sadly that's what it's come down to, Nebraska has to have some old money boosters from the glory days. They will come up with the money or be middle of the road at best. Auburn is using their 13M/year NIL money in their pitches to potential head coaches. 🤷
  21. We are 8-3 with a pile of injuries, yet most here would make you think we are 3-8. The team will either step up in the playoffs or go home. It's really that simple, IMO they will.
  22. I hear you, I mean the shot of him with eyes closed and the ball going through his hands vs the Jets is brutal. Call it PI or whatever but he should have caught it. My point was if he was any better he would want #1 money. For a #2 WR he's hard to beat, I do believe game winners balls should be going ro Diggs regardless or coverage though.
  23. Seems NFL.COM threw a very fluid 1-2 week timeline, but it feels like no one really knows at this point. As long as he's back for the playoffs it's a win.
  24. Gabe Davis is fine, is it frustrating when he drops balls on critical moments that would win games (MiIA, NYJ? Yup. He will get a bum rap for it, can't help it. Though I fully agree it would be difficult to get an upgrade on that position
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