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  1. I went Philly, I believe Jalen has the talent around him and enough heart to gut out tough wins. Though I will say whoever wins it is one and done in the playoffs.
  2. Hey its Their loss at this point, when your on the TBD wall of fame, they will regret it. 🤣
  3. I only play leagues with local guys, we pay with cash. If I had to use one I would use Zelle or cash app though.
  4. People are way too infatuated with entertainers, just people who happen to be really good at something.
  5. I'll be honest, if anyone thought Elam was an answer in week 1 they are fools or lied to themselves. No one legitimately felt like he would be covering Cooper Kupp on the Thursday night opener, or at least I hope not.
  6. I really wish I could argue, but you are 100% correct. Being the same athlete and the same player are two completely different situations.
  7. I wouldn't stress over Elam, I'm not sure any CB comes into the league with things "figured out" mentally. I would think they are throwing the book at him to attempt to get him ready. If he gets it figures out be week 8 it's a win for the Bills.
  8. Stafford played with a broke back one year, not saying it won't hinder him some, but he's a tough guy. Doubt we will see much of a difference on the field, after the games I'm sure he will pay though.
  9. I think your thought process is logical, but the Giants are in salary cap trouble in a big way. Also, the owner may have wanted to run the course with Jones.
  10. It was the way I took it, but seeing things in text always causes miscommunication. And yeah, not saying Rodgers shouldn't get paid, just in the twilight of your career I do feel like you should be willing to take less to play with more. Especially after making QB1 salary for 15+ years.
  11. Mayfield 100%, his back is against the wall and he's a fighter. He's a better QB outright IMO, but given the situation I wouldn't bet against him even if he wasn't.
  12. Yeah, but Availability is greater than ability. If you can't stay on the field it's tough, and the kind of injuries it is just screams that this will never get better. Soft tissue generally doesn't get stronger with age.
  13. And Allen has not complained, Rodgers has. Makes a difference.
  14. When you take 50M of the cap space it's hard to complain about your supporting cast lol. And honestly I still like Rodgers, but he should have traded some money for a team that could bring success.
  15. Julio should retire, he was definitely the best WR in the league for a minute. I just hate to see once great players continue to take the money knowing they are not even a fraction of what they were. Go enjoy your money, start a business.
  16. As long as the contract is reasonable I don't see why they wouldn't. It would be nice to have an All-Pro MLB but we would have to pat him that way as well. He isn't anywhere near as bad as some would make you think.
  17. Why should he? We all love to have the information, but it puts the team in an adverse situation sometimes.
  18. This is true with one caveat, all players mentioned are "weapons" who happen to play TE. You don't pay a TE unless he is an elite pass catcher/ YAC guy.
  19. They needed him to play in the playoff game but we see how that turned out. He is exciting, that's all I can say. Winning QB? Questionable. Not sure I'd let an average QB who makes some nice plays hold me hostage. But hey, I don't run a team either, so there is that.
  20. After that playoff performance he would have finished his rookie contract or voluntarily sat out, his choice.
  21. JA17 was good year 1, raw but good. He was never as bad as Tua has been. Tua will have to become a completely different player to be in the same time zone as JA17. The most likely ending to this story is "...and then the season started."
  22. Ok, he's back to back league MVP, as of now. Throw shade all you want, he's a great QB.
  23. If you get the OBJ that the Rams had last year that's great. He was definitely a team guy last year with none of the antics from previous years IMO. He's always been a good WR, just have to get him to buy in. I believe we have a strong enough locker room to make it happen. Not saying I'd break the bank or anything, but if he's available and has a good attitude why not.
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