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  1. Probably right. $20 million for a state of the art indoor training/rehab room needs to be used as much as possible. The team is barely in Rochester more than a week now. It's not worth all the work. Who's getting off of work to drive to Rochester bright and early, to watch your team shuffle around on the field for 90 minutes? The night workouts at least had some flare, some pizzazz. Go downtown, get dinner, make a night of it. Now McDermott's "night practice" at 6:15 pm in early August is back at OBD. Training Camp as an entertainment product is no longer any sort of event. It's just an obligatory thing to appease corporate sponsors Connors & Ferris. Futhermore, the SJF campus is NOT welcoming to fans. Come on, you can't even park in their dozens of lots in the middle of summer when there's no regular classes? You have to drive 20 minutes away in a public school lot to wait in line for a bus, to wait in line to get in, to not get a seat, to stand over a hill, to sorta see for 10 minutes. Practice is over. Drive home at 12 pm. it's pretty stupid, to be honest. There's no middle ground either. Let's move it to, where? UB North? Why do that when you can just do it at One Bills Drive? Plenty of parking, fans can tailgate. Better sight lines. Don't be surprised to see Training Camp eventually move back to Orchard Park, and even become fully closed practices. The team has 5 open practices in 11 days or whatever it is. You really need "tickets" to attend a workout at 9:45 AM on a Sunday?
  2. They're in a tough spot. Firing Housley will receive harsh criticism. "The Sabres are still paying Dan Bylsma not to coach and now they're doing the same for Housley" or something to that effect. Keeping Housley will receive harsh criticism. "How can a team fail to win back to back games since December retain its coach and be taken seriously?" They're in a lose-lose hopelessness spiral. All I want from these people is honesty, which fans rarely receive. Just what the hell ACTUALLY happened when Pat Lafontaine left in mystery following the 2014 trade deadline? Their organizational plan was flawed from the start. Losing is hard enough on the fans. Having no real understanding of who is making what decisions is worse. For instance, Tim Murray was a loose cannon and poorly represented the team, or did he? Paul Hamilton of WGR told the "I heard him chew up an NHL official in ear shot of the press box for all of us to hear" story at least 75 times after he was fired. Convenient that that story was never reported to fans WHILE HE WAS EMPLOYED BY THE TEAM. If I'm a paying customer, wouldnt I want to know the GM of my overpriced, ***** team is chewing officials out in public? Rex Ryan was a hot head who did embarrassing crap like the Clemson helmet thing, despite having a decent team that had a positive point differential. So the team overcorrects and hires straight laced Sean McDermott, a family, faith, football Lifetime movie 2 dimensional character trope. The whole thing is a toxic mess. They have no answers. It's completely hopeless. Until Brady retires there really is no hope here.
  3. It's a way to appear objective in the eyes of people who profiteer off of correct predictions. Vegas is cold, unapologetic, and oftentimes, painfully accurate. The stories of "sports books lost $750,000 on X game" last week are stories simply because sports books losing money is a rarity. They profit because they are correct almost all of the time. Bills fans will complain when Vegas has the Bills as heavy underdogs, or a poor preseason Win/Loss record. "No one respects the Bills". "Hey here's another media idiot bagging on Buffalo". We're all so defensive about our loser football team. We're not losers because the Bills are losers! And yes, they ARE losers. Per ProFootballReference.com - Record (W-L-T): 415-477-8. #SorryNotSorry. Are you willing to bet your income that the Bills WILL win more than 8 games? I'm not. I don't gamble, but I must honestly say it's hard to put your money where your mouth is until we see consistent success. What Mike Schopp tries to do EVERY DAY his mic turns on is be right, and be objective. It's RIGHT to say "The Bills are unlikely to make the playoffs". Some of this is NOT their fault. It's a function of living in the hopelessness of the AFC East. He is paid to be RIGHT not a fan. Does this make sense?
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