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    Is following the Bills a fun pastime for you?

    It's a frustrating labor of self-inflicted pain. To be a Buffalo sports fan is to experience pain. There is simply no other way to explain. We choose to experience pain on a daily, weekly, yearly basis. It is unhealthy. I think some fans, myself included, were cautiously optimistic that McDermott and co could build something, but this crucifixion to "in Buffalo, you have to run the ball", play defense, keep it close mantra is stale, old, and quite frankly poor strategy. Other teams use the passing rules to their advantage. How often are we gonna see Brady on a 3rd and 4 throw deep, incomplete, and draw a holding or PI? This rarely happens to the Bills. Until we have a management and coaching staff in place that understands the present and future of this sport is in the passing game, they're never really gonna be any good. Sure, you wanna win close games, go 7-9 every year? (Hey at least we're not the Browns right?) I define "any good" as winning division titles, winning playoff games, hosting playoff games, and winning championships. I do not have confidence the Jauron-ball of run, punt, kick FGs, hold to FGs and maybe win 18-13 in the end is sound long term strategy. As an entertainment product, the Bills are sorely behind. Simply "being an NFL team" is not enough for a generation of consumers used to click, click, fun. More people watch other people play video games than watched the Stanley Cup Finals. Sports is aging fast, folks. Its all coming to an end soon enough.