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  1. It's all about potential for revenue. The Bills fall behind because they only charge so much, as we all know Bills tickets remain among the cheapest in the league The "answer" gets murkier when we widdle down, a) who and how will this be paid for, b) what kind of stadium do we (meaning Buffalo taxpayers) want vs what the NFL wants, and c) location, infrastructure and mixed use capabilities. The league wants Buffalo to get a new stadium so they can charge more money and make more money for themselves, and thus increase Buffalo's valuation and the overall league as well. This is monetarily impossible with the current stadium. Its as renovated as it can be barring a complete retrofit/overall that would take years, and that possibility raises further logistical issues, namely, where does Buffalo play while under construction. So there remains a disconnect between local public opinion, spending money, and what the NFL fully expects Bills ownership to accomplish in the next 5-10 years. Buffalo will get a new stadium folks, it's just a matter of when. This will test and strain the market's ability to support the team like never before. I fully expect the overall gameday experience to change for what most Bills game attendees would consider for the worst. If you want a team, how much are you willing to pay for it? This is by no means me arguing that taxpayer funded stadia is a good thing. It's just unfortunately the price of doing business in the 21st century NFL.
  2. Anyone have a quick-hits version of the article? Highlights/notable quotes, etc?
  3. MAGA, bro. Also, I too am a Bills fan and can post whenever I want to. I said your argument is ridiculous, the non-gender specific identifier "this", not "you" are ridiculous. So no, I didn't resort to name calling. I simply pointed out how completely ridiculous claiming you can no longer be a fan of your team if one preferred they select one player over another. To be fair, you still haven't addressed my original criticism. I am a Bills fan, and preferred Josh Rosen. According to "tumaro02" that means I can or cannot root for their success, or not?
  4. This is ridiculous. Criticizing a media member for being honest about his reservations is not "derangement disorder". It's being honest. You can support a team and still be objective and disagree with their decisions or opinions. I'm a Rosen supporter. Sorry, uh, "Rosen" supporter. I'm not expecting Allen to fail, but I'm not very confident he will. But does that mean I can't root for my team now that Allen is their QB?
  5. This is essentially correct. All of the research backs the conclusion that taxpayer funded stadia rarely results in a boon to taxpayers. https://www.brookings.edu/articles/sports-jobs-taxes-are-new-stadiums-worth-the-cost/ https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/10/how-the-nfl-fleeces-taxpayers/309448/ Buffalo is in a tough spot. They have stable, well-funded ownership that's committed to infrastructural, societal, and cultural improvements of the western New York market. However, the profit margins are very slim on a market with limited corporate resources, and an exhausted pool of "regional" fans in Southern Ontario, Rochester, et cetera. This writer works in media, almost exclusively funded via advertising sales. Trust me when I say this, every single possible client that would have any money to spend, already does. There are only so many $100,000 Cellino & Barnes accounts to go around. Effectively Buffalo has tapped out whatever advertising/sponsorship that they possibly can. There's no money left. And of course we always hear that Buffalo's tickets are among the cheapest consistently in the NFL. It is ironic that the NFL has grown to be the most popular sport among the "big 4" North American sports using socialism - taxing the "rich" to give to the "poor"- ie - revenue sharing benefits from the big markets giving to the small markets. That the most profitable sport in the country can use tactics reviled by the political right is a dark and sad reality that rich, old, white men who don't want to pay any taxes have become older, richer, and whiter, via policies that are consistently touted as dangerous by hardcore conservative wonks. The NFL wants Buffalo to build a new stadium so it can increase its profits, and ensure more money in the pool for all the teams. Football is based on a completely unsustainable business model. "Enough is never enough". They must always make more revenue than the season previous. At some point, supply will exceed demand. It's only a matter of time before sports fails just like the big banks. Give it another 15 years or so. We've already seen about a 10% decline in youth football enrollment. Once that generation of players comes of age, and we realize there just aren't enough talented players to sustain the product at its current entertainment price (billions a year for nearly every TV broadcaster), sports is done. What does all this mean? I think eventually political leadership in NYS will cave and give the Pegulas (multi-billiionaires), their fancy new stadium, likely 80% give or take publicly funded. It'll be touted as an economic "win" for Buffalo. Another notch in the massively over-hyped "Buffalo resurgence". Yet the results will be the same. It'll be a waste of government spending at the highest level. If NYS spent $1 billion on a community center on the east side of the city that ended up being used 10 times a year, that would be an outrage at the highest level. Angry old white guy would cry from the highest mountain, or more appropriately, a microphone on WBEN, about how government only knows how to waste your money. Yet when a football team wastes your money on billionaires who can afford it, we're all ok with it, because we love the Bills for some stupid reason. This is all very long and stupid. Ultimately, we all want our team, and we're gonna do whatever we can to keep them here. Give it 3 years and Pegula will start crying about "competitive balances", "market size", "profitability", "viability" and any stupid !@#$ing buzzword Russ Brandon kept touting before he finally got the boot.