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  1. That graphic embodies nearly the entirety of my football watching life. I'm 31, so Brady started dominating the AFC East when I was a freshman in high school. It's effectively what abject football hopelessness feels like. Tell me again why NFL divisional realignment is a bad idea? Why have divisions at all? If every team in the AFC played every other team, I think the playoff matchups would be a lot different. Let's have some fun with two distinct football conferences/identities. There could be separate rules for AFC/NFC, like the DH in the American League. Every team plays each other once, 15 games. Then you face one NFC team a year, based on ranking, like overall points for/points against/record, whatever.
  2. Peevo

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    Well put. Again, this remains Ralph Wilson's biggest scar on his legacy, in my opinion. The team also restricted access to these people to a point where there was limited to no oversight from "the fourth branch of government". It's frustrating not one outlet, from The Buffalo News, WGR, or any local TV stations ever once did the "who are any of these people?" feature. We talk a lot about what fans are "owed" from their perennially losing pro sports franchises. All I want is honesty, which we never get. Not to pivot, but whatever the hell happened on July 1st, 2007 with the Sabres? It's been 12 years. Chris Drury SHOULD speak on the record to the fans. It's more than deserved. The Sabres have not recovered from that fateful day. The least they could do is get us closure. To this day, there's not 1 quote on record from the former Sabres captain about it. This is abhorrent.
  3. Peevo

    How Much Pressure Was Doug Whaley Under To Win?

    This is so spot on. The post Mularkey era was peak walking corpse level Ralph. Not to denigrate the man's frailty, more so symptomatic of an unwillingness to address the future of his team while he was alive and more capable of making decisions. So in walk Ralph's cadre of self-interested sycophants, eager to absolve themselves of any blame for the team's many failures while also somehow remain employed at executive level income. It frustrates me that to this day, we still don't honestly know who made what terrible decisions. Who traded Jason Peters? Was it Russ Brandon? Or Jim Overdorf? Who drafted Aaron Maybin? Was it Jauron, Modrak? The team was either incapable or incompetent in their ability to explain who is in power, with what responsibilities, and with whom they report. Modrak, Guy, Overdorf, Brandon, Berchtold. Who are these people, what are their qualifications, and why do they work for you, Ralph? This remains a great scar on Wilson's legacy, and the team remains weak at several positions because of damaging decisions from over a decade ago. The Bills traded a Hall of Fame left tackle in the prime of his career who IS STILL PLAYING AT AN ELITE LEVEL NOW.
  4. Peevo

    EJ Manuel: What went wrong after year 1?

    This is also true. It's always seemed like from literally Day 1 Marrone and Whaley weren't on the same page. Since we NEVER get true answers as to who makes decisions, why they were made, and with what input, we're all left to speculate and read between lines in reports from years later. As if any of this information would hurt them in anyway, and only help to repair a maligned relationship between the fans and the team. What a thought. It's frustrating. Who drafted Aaron Maybin? Was it Modrak? Jauron? Brandon? There is an answer to this question. The Bills simply will NEVER answer it. Who cut Troy Vincent? Was it Jim Overdorf? Again, who are these people, what are their qualifications, why did they make these decisions, who is making these decisions, and why? It's actually quite simple. It's a combination of lack of overall leadership at the very top, this being 2013 and at the very end of Ralph's life. Russ Brandon is given full control of the team in January, 2013, and he hires Marrone, what, 5 days after an "exhaustive" search. So this dude that WE HAD TO HAVE doesn't have any actual say in the football players his GM is drafting? So heading into a full-scale rebuild, and every one knows they're gonna address QB in April of 2013, and the guy that could help reset the future of the franchise is just some average schlub the coach didn't really like or want? How is that a way to build a program? It's Marrone's rookie head coaching season, with a rookie QB, and rookie playcaller. And NONE of them are ever on the same page. Irrespective of Manuel's (many) flaws, this is just a terrible way to build a professional football program. It's a combination of a LOT of problems. But Ralph's cadre of self-interested sycophants at the top made the drought insurmountably worse. Modrak, Jauron, Guy, Jim Overdorf, Brandon, et cetera. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? We still literally don't know, to this day, what any of those people did. Isn't this a problem?