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  1. I’ve seen projection that we will see $5 this winter. I assume they want this.
  2. Oops didn’t mean to call you domestic terrorists… really??
  3. lol Virginia has become an utter disaster. Total clown show at the epicenter of all these incompetent school boards.
  4. Another great point. these silly maliciously Russian conceived Facebook posts are some how the centerpiece of Russian election interference?? They spent 100k, the politicians spent over a hundred million between them on fb ads alone right?? the actual scale of this pithy little Russian collusion election interference diatribe is a joke. If a tiny bit of money and a few hundred fake accounts actually resulted in swaying the outcome, all the other political campaigns and PACs are absolutely incompetent top to bottom. These election tampering Russians were the equivalent of peeing in the ocean of attack ads and praise pieces.
  5. https://news.yahoo.com/remembering-those-journalists-helped-cover-180354699.html NIH reveals they did fund gain of function research in wuhan. It was centered around same spike proteins that the novel new mRNA vaccine attacks… 🤔
  6. I’d love to know what number of people sold on Russian collusion actually reviewed the Facebook post contents. They attacked both sides of polarizing issues and seem more about sewing social conflict and unrest than promoting candidates… they spent 100k on FA books adds, with a few hundred accounts. no matter who might or might not have been involved if the dems think 100k in facbook ads and a few hundred accounts causes hilly’s loss, they completely missed just how ‘deplorable’ she herself is.
  7. What I want to know is who he pissed off to actually get investigated. They all do this. How else do all these public servants become multimillionaires.
  8. Maybe mayor Pete will run if he’s back from paid leave by then. I mean DOT has our National supply chain going swimmingly…
  9. 😂 nothing says modern democrat better than a middle aged white guy millionaire that built his wealth from his families political adjacency to a large oil conglomerate family and broad daylight corruption with huge corporate donors and shady non profits run by his spouse. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.
  10. Yep, both NY and CA have 2-3 times new daily cases of Florida and not a word anywhere.
  11. Only small businesses in certain urban areas that were looted, vandalized, closed shop and took the insurance settlement.. as they’ve been snuffed out, all the middle school bad arse antifas have left is spray painting ’edgy’ slogans on boarded up windows. It’s cute. But remember you are officially now supposed to fear the domestic terrorists at pta meetings asking why their kids are no longer allowed accelerated math. FEAR!!! DANGER! 😱 Shhh don’t stop him… he’s on a roll Very nice… your direct candor and wit has been conspicuously absent recently CJ. Hope all is well
  12. Winner winner chicken dinner… War on heart disease war on tobacco war on crime war on drugs war on poverty war on terror war on climate change war on _______ it’s a siren song of the lemmings… Fear leads to power
  13. I listened to an interesting podcast the other day that suggested part of the downside of the erosion of conventional religions is that there are masses in need of some authority to tell them how to live. While many wish to be independent, and make their own personal choices, a vast swath of the population want to be controlled and have all facets of their existence prescribed. They’ll fight tooth and nail to defend the omnipotent state authority because that’s what they need and believe in. it’s a mentality free thinkers can’t understand, but which tends to underpin the two parties extremes. I chose to get vaccinated but view it more as a personal decision which everyone needs to understand and make themselves. The biggest question for me was not generally efficacy of vaccines which I consider well vetted, but the absolute dearth of long term studies on the specific vaccine technologies used for the 3 domestically approved vaccines.
  14. Poyer was “blocked” the same exact way on the one run that Sanders blocked his guy when he was called for holding on knox jet sweep TD. Exact same way. And he was right at the point of attack.
  15. This is what I didn’t get. When they only line up 2 WRs why wouldn’t they put AJK in for Taron? Most of Henry’s big runs looked like they ran at him or Milano. When a WR can easily block one or two of the three guys behind the front a RB like Henry is going to run wild
  16. I know he keeps negating TD returns with illegal blocks and holds….
  17. Maybe design maybe not. But Tennessee and Cleveland are similarly bad match ups for the Bills. Teams with decent QBs and great running games and a stout defensive front are where they struggle.
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