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  1. I will be there with the fam. If any TBD regulars are there pm - would love to Connect.
  2. $1000 an inch.. that’s my quarterback 😉
  3. They were fun to watch then and now. The two hard to watch decades in between are the thing that has been buried. i don’t understand why there is an attempt to correlate then and now. Different organizations top to bottom.
  4. I hope the communities get to work helping each other rebuild instead of sitting around waiting until government saves them… It is absolutely hilarious this horrible human being is the face of the Dem
  5. https://19january2021snapshot.epa.gov/sites/static/files/styles/large/public/2016-07/cyclones-figure1-2016.png Important graph to digest as they try to blame hurricanes on something other than nature
  6. Good call. That has to be it. An analyst needs to watch every play and decide wins !
  7. If he does I only hope they are a lot more patient and give him a couple long term deals and hundreds of starts to make sure.
  8. thats right, need to get and exceptionally rare and good center with that 32 pick
  9. If Gabe Davis’ catching performance is a notable Bills problem… they aren’t losing again this season
  10. Just to be safe only inflatable chairs in his office
  11. The opposite of “Atheist Globalism” Seem like that should be something everyone can agree on?
  12. Yeah and Stewart… they ran the ball like crazy. It a lazy comparison and also: That beat up roster wasn’t indicative of anything.
  13. for me the question is, do they know they are completely biased activists or are they delusional and believing they are objective?
  14. What’s this we crap, i eeked out win in a very close ping pong game just this weekend..
  15. its changed… it used to be the place to go to to read how our guys were almost as good as the other guys if it were just for these few plays…. now it’s actually more erratic- fire everyone bench everyone burn it down
  16. Not a lot of film on JJ for phins to figure out his tendencies I guess. Sorry for Micah -dude is such a good football player.
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