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  1. I know part of it is because of who owns media, but it is fascinating how much better liberals and democrats are at sabotage than republicans and conservatives. Imagine if Bill Clinton or Cuomo were Rs. Or that CNN sleaze ball. Musk may be brilliant, but declaring support for republicans was dumb. And I’m sure he doesn’t align with a good number of their positions.
  2. Oh so they don’t know who it was? so it might have just been the person responsible for collecting the ballots and bringing them to the polling center?
  3. it would violate several privacy laws so I am skeptical
  4. They had a champion of most of their causes and drove him to republicans? oh he’s also is the autism spectrum what a mess
  5. Bought from whom. I’m close to this industry so I’m curious how they claim they got it and where.
  6. He’s built a culture and community where millionaires, with no organic vested interest in the Buffalo community chose to surrender their free time and support the local community though a difficult time, and there were all pro multimillionaires serving food to a community and laying flowers in unity empathy and support. he’s got a job as long as he wants
  7. How did D’Souza get a bunch of cell phone triangulation data??? Very suspect and from a notorious pro trump political documentary producer.
  8. This! If 2020 were closer it could have been a real disaster and problem.
  9. The immigration topic is simple. personally in favor of a robust immigration process that brings us new talent from around the globe but under control as to not overwhelm infrastructure and requiring some evidence of character, work ethic, values or something beneficial to society. where it gets problematic is where our country becomes the support safety net for the rest of the world to come get free stuff. A very simple Capitalist solution is that for those who favor immigrants entering the country without a legal process, you pay for all the support and incremental infrastructure burden yourselves. Simply add a box to check on the annual federal state and local filing and opt in to paying illegal immigration support. Divvy up the bill to those opted in and the money they are willing to pony up and that can throttle the inflow allowed.
  10. Clearly you are one of the rare inheritors of wealth due to privilege. what are you going to do to make it right?
  11. Interesting tidbit, CDO would have been novel in the 70s and in new 2000, but not today. Business school grad circa 78?
  12. Yep- political elite benefit political elites. This isn’t a race game it’s a power game silly… and poc in the political elite benefit in all the same ways. Ummm it’s 2022 bud. My family had relatives subjected to prison camps and genocide in the time frame your speaking about, lost everything. Talk about being marginalized. Yes - the liberal agenda to undermine family structure has been a direct cause of poverty and crime. We agree on this. It’s the single biggest predictor of crime and poverty, irrespective of race. People make it out like a bunch of racist politicians invented the drug problem as a reason to pick on minorities. Maybe it was a nonissue, but it seemed to me that the proliferation of crack went very badly for everyone. This has everything to do with political corruption and big pharma
  13. New? In a human evolution sense new?? CDOs have been around for 20 years Another case and point. Very few people even understand the narratives they were being fed about 2008 from the respective political masters much less the actual chain of events that led to the whole thing.
  14. i once read a fascinating study looking at socioeconomic status from generation to generation which statistically proved by far the number 1 indicator of poverty and crime was two parent households vs not. AND when normalized for single parent household rate race wasn’t a factor at all. another study in the same bent, showed that Nigerians or near descendants with intact Nigerian cultural values (strong family and education) in the US had higher per household income that almost any other demographic. The narrative peddlers won’t touch this … they can’t.
  15. Come now you know tibs is a card carrying member of the political party perpetrating 99.9% of America’s racially unjust history.
  16. Why cant all be true? There has absolutely been a long history of. attempts at legal maneuvering for outcome changes and rejection of election results at a candidate or party rhetoric level. It’s happened for over a hundred years, recently Gore, Hillary, Mitt got his ass kicked so badly I don’t think it was conceivable, Trump, etc. With a healthy mix of organized corruption and party sycophants that can’t accept outcomes, it’s a sure bet it will continue
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