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  1. Really doubt it, but, I would LOVE to see the fallout/reaction. Having the draft turn upside down at pick 4 would be so much fun to watch, especially if the Phins have really talked themselves off of Tua.
  2. But from a players perspective is it fair? Lets say the season is canceled and all contracts are frozen. Each player, including Josh is now a year older. Think he would be thrilled being stuck on a rookie deal for potentially 3 more years, when in reality it is supposed to be 2? I am not saying either way would be better or more fair, but you also have to consider how the players would react to their contracts being frozen. My guess is the overall majority would not love it.
  3. I believe the MLB has agreed to match the service time that the player earned in the previous season. In return, owners only have to pay a fraction of the salaries. In essence a win win for both sides. Players get to become free agents as expected and owners don't have to pay out full salaries. If that happens, I find it hard to believe the NFLPA will be cool with putting a "freeze" on players contracts. If the NFL does push for that, I would expect multiple holdouts and contract demands. https://nypost.com/2020/03/27/mlb-union-reach-deal-on-service-time-other-coronavirus-issues/
  4. Cooks is also costing Houston a lot more. I believe he is hovering around $16-17M/per whereas we have Diggs at $11-12/per. So yes, maybe their stats are similar. However, when you take into account injury history, Diggs QB's, and contract value, I am more than happy spending a tad bit more on Diggs.
  5. I would pay good money to see a live-chat with all 32 GMs just like they have in fantasy drafts.... Jerry Jones MF'n other GMs that steal his picks would be gold
  6. Yeah, at this point, I would guess Waddle is on their shortlist if an injury occurs during TC or during the season if he isn't picked up elsewhere
  7. Does anyone have an idea of where our Cap situation sits now? I imagine we still have a decent amount of money to spend?
  8. From a Steelers Fan Damn good spot for Big Dirty Will be a fine LB4 Will try to murder at least one a game on kick coverage Probably will be better as an ILB Total try-hard, gets his role Sounds like a solid depth piece to me
  9. Morse, Beasley, and Brown would beg to differ. Give it time, moves will come, it's only been about 4 hours.
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