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  1. I have always thought Ralph's turf was one of the worst.
  2. Yes I feel the same way. I debated if I should make time to watch the draft on Thursday or go do something else. This may have something to do with we are not drafting a qb in first round.
  3. After you said that I went and looked at the Jets schedule, they have three night games. Only beacuse its the bigger market. They were not a better team than bills last year.
  4. It looks like lot of fans are looking to go Nashville. Is Tennessee a big draw in terms of the things to do and see? Just asking because I dont live in U.S.
  5. Last year at times he was really good, other times meh.
  6. Is he that good? I am asking because I don't follow Seattle that closely.
  7. Maybe Ziggy is not coming here after all.
  8. So who is winning? Also I read the Best play poll is taken down?
  9. When does the schedule come out?
  10. If you are out of state or out of country do they tax you?
  11. Well her sluttiness is why there is a family.
  12. Season Opener will be against the jets. Bills elect to receive . First play of the season ...Kickoff Return for Touchdown!
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