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  1. I doubt divisional opponent will rest the players.
  2. They don't want Brady killed.
  3. Billy looks annoyed with O'Brian challenging the spot.
  4. There is no way NE can win this one.
  5. I know someone who says that all the time.
  6. Once refs realize game is out of hand. Throw all flags now so at the end of the year it all events out.
  7. So Texans winning isn't exactly a good thing for bills if we are only talking wildcard. So I guess this is one of those times when you have to root for Pats?
  8. Chiefs vs Raiders ? Who are we rooting for? Chiefs?
  9. This is why I wanted browns to win and even out both at 6. Pitts is confident now.
  10. Need browns to win this so both are at 6, pitts wining gets them to 7 wins.
  11. What about 425. Pitts game against Clev this Sunday got moved up to 1pm from 425.
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