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  1. Danny Dimes😀 Good to see them lose, if they start winning it will only be about Cowboys and Giants.
  2. I was just going to say that back to back week with opposition having extra rest.
  3. Feliciano better be ready against WFT.
  4. Miami has better playmakers now so it won't be as easy like in the past. I believe bills win 27-20
  5. Deep throws? What are they talking about?
  6. This game is on NFL Network if someone has the desire to watch it.
  7. Definitely Wilson is seeing goshts this weekend.
  8. They had too much killer instinct last Sunday. They wanted to hit a home run on 4th and 1 instead of just getting a yard. You have to play situational and smart football.
  9. They don't win the game and I believe they would score less than 16 points. Most of those yards came when we needed to throw the ball. I believe his first 7 carries had him around 23 yards.
  10. QB sneak didn't work here, maybe they should have tried the backward pass.
  11. Last Bills made the play (pick six) this year's Steelers made the play(blocked punt) that's the difference.
  12. When we tried to run it first 7 times we weren't getting anywhere.
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