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  1. He can throw well when the WR is running a deep crosser and not when the WR is running in the straight line or along the sidelines.
  2. They probably want to try him out and see how he does against the phins.
  3. Anyone else not able WGR from desktop this morning?
  4. Baltimore this week. Cinci lost Ross they got even worse.
  5. Thanks ,....I was going to drop Mayfield but than thought what if he turns it around this week so I am in wait and see mode at this time. I am leaning towards starting Jimmy G
  6. I have picked Ravens, still have NE available to me.
  7. Who should I start week 6? Would you dump Mayfield considering his week 5 performance? Sf @LaR Cle Vs Sea
  8. I have wondered the same exact thing and I also don't watch college football. It's very hard to defend against this guy.
  9. I was there for the opener and the people next to me did it. Couple guys and girl.... Girl was knocked out I have a video but don't do Social media and didn't post any where.
  10. I have heard here Gametime is a good app/site. I have never used them I always go to Ticketmaster or Stub hub. They both also charge steep services fees.
  11. Or your wife as the other poster was asking which jersey to buy for his wife.
  12. I don't recall him being good at the deep ball.
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