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  1. We were really good in redzone offense with qb runs as a threat. We went away from what worked.
  2. Hill had 172 yards, there is a need for speed but you also need to be able to utilize it. We have Mackenzie but he is not part of the game plan.
  3. All three games WRs had a hard time getting open. Colts game Allen ran sideline to sideline and made some amazing throws and WRs made toe dragging catches. Against Ravens and Chiefs WRs were covered. Hopefully we adjust going forward or else NFL is copycat League other teams will start doing the same.
  4. Watkins didn't even play, who was a big factor in the last Superbowl. They have too much speed and skill players
  5. Not sure what the contract situation is with the Kelce and Hill? Until this guys are together with Mahomes they are going to be hard to beat for any team.
  6. Had the opportunity to go up 14-0 instead we got 9-0. At the end it might have not mattered with the way defense played.
  7. There is not much you can do when Mahomes takes a pass runs right without any pressure and drops dimes. It was that simple.
  8. Need better speed on the back end. Guys like Micah Wallace Norman need to be replaced. Front four needs to be better.
  9. Where was Davis that's my point.?Chiefs had a guy fumble and given us a 9-0 lead. They brought him right back and he made couple of big plays .
  10. What we need is speed on Defense specially in CBs and Safeties.
  11. Bills defense isn't running with Kelce or Hill. Diggs and Beasley are great but they are not Hill/ Kelce
  12. we had to go keep going to Yeldon to convert those 3rd down conversions. While they went hill and Kelce.
  13. Maybe that's by design. They need to do better job of opening holes for RBs.
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