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  1. He had 18 sacks on 300 drop backs with that personnel.
  2. We have been linked to another Higgins...WR Rashard Higgins From Browns.
  3. What did you like or not like about that game after a re-watch? DAZN is that free as well? In Canada we don't get gamepass anymore i believe.
  4. I got her to watch sports all this years now I get to watch The Bachelorette.
  5. Honestly I felt safe as long you are in the tourist area. Your friend being there every year in the same area could have crossed some wrong people at some point. I was in Los Cabos. Would I go to the Mexico city? Or to the game? I wouldn't take that chance not sure where the stadium is located or surrounding area.
  6. So if the player doesn't want to play for a certain team, player can seat out the year and make himself available for the draft again?
  7. Is that Baker Mayfield looking at Milano's biceps?
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