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  1. I recently opened wild Turkey Rare Breed and Cardhu 12 for Scotch.
  2. For a team that loves playing field position game and good defense, it is very important to have a really good kicker.
  3. How far are we fun the pick? I'm out can't watch.
  4. There are always injuries... Harrison last year.
  5. So bills fan what is your pick for a drink tonight? RD 1 ,2 and so forth
  6. If Diggs is gone it will be either Zack Baun, Linebacker/Edge, Wisconsin OR Laviska Shenault Junior, Wide Receiver, Colorado
  7. Didn't Dri Archer refuse to come to buffalo?That would be the second ex Steelers who refused to come to Buffalo.
  8. Any good documentaries you watched lately on Netflix or Amazon? I am fan of docs as well.
  9. Tanqueray Rangpur is nice.
  10. He had 18 sacks on 300 drop backs with that personnel.
  11. We have been linked to another Higgins...WR Rashard Higgins From Browns.
  12. What did you like or not like about that game after a re-watch? DAZN is that free as well? In Canada we don't get gamepass anymore i believe.
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