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  1. Looks like there are lots of fire wherever you are around.
  2. They going to ride and die with it. It's what they do.
  3. I think I'm gong to find a bills bar in miami and skip going to the game.
  4. I have been to elbo last couple of days and I seen lot of bills fan. I'm leaving fort lauderdale for Miami today. Do you know a good bills bar up there?
  5. Media does like dolphins I can see from the 2-0 start. I have been in miami last couple of days there is already so much bills mafia presence here. This should be a good game.
  6. Any tailgate plans? If yes which lot? What is a good bar to hit up night before the game on Saturday?
  7. Thanks was just checking the TM. What would be a a good bills bar to watch the game if don't go to the game?
  8. I'm in Miami this week so debating if I should go to the game or watch it at a bills bar considering ticket prices and the heat.
  9. Yeah Gabe out makes it easier for them to double Diggs. Leaving for the game in few min.
  10. So no Gabe, Settle or Ed. This might be a close one.
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