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  1. I guess NFL is afraid of some incident happening and them getting the blame for it.
  2. RB who was picked one pick prior to Singletary, how did he do his first year? I remember everyone saying we lost out on him.
  3. Hopefully they give rugby player a fair chance.
  4. Kyle Shanahan is pissed like his team is down 27-0
  5. Damn was hoping for a good game. What a waste
  6. Milano had a similar penalty called on him in the season.
  7. Both qbs taking bad sacks... Maybe Allen isn't that bad at it.
  8. I want the SF to win it all just so it shows defense still matters. The way bills play it seems like defense will always be top priority compared to offense.
  9. Just need bills to have offense like the chiefs one day.
  10. No winner Daboll passed more in key moments when you line blocks well in pass than run, it make sense.
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