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  1. Yeah definitely have looked better at the best time and hope it continues. But man, I sure would love to see them with Hyde. Unfortunately they haven't had a single snap together this season with Elam, Tre, Johnson, Poyer, and Hyde all on the field yet. But if things go like we hope maybe we can get a chance to see it
  2. Yeah those were the good ol days long before ladies shaved off all the hair on their hot pockets
  3. Gronk commercials? They make him seem kinda dumb in most of em lol
  4. Sometimes division rival games be like that.... Bengals had tough time with Ravens and I'd bet Bengals fans sweated a bit too
  5. Wow!! Seriously that was said by someone? First I heard of this. To be sure there's a link or something I would think?
  6. Same guy that said..."now we goin up der to beat da buffalos".....
  7. Exactly....I mean if they waited that would give them less than a week to try and sell tickets.
  8. Yeah I was not much older than you, I was 14 that year. I remember being shocked and speechless just sitting there with my mouth dropped in disbelief for quite a few minutes.
  9. Lol, I don't know, but it's likely the teacher meant nothing more than a little innocent opposing fan humor. However, can never be sure with the way people can be these days...
  10. Well the one to Brown wasn't Josh's fault....that was all Brown that one. If Brown does what he was suppose to then that's another TD
  11. That's what he was doing against the Fins when they blitzed almost every down. He was being opportunistic on the 1vs1 deep balls. And he burned em good multiple times, would have burned em even more if not for a couple drops
  12. Agree.....also some of those deeps shots (vs Fins last week in particular) was probably due to Miami constantly bringing the blitz. It was crazy....like play after play it seemed and even when Josh burned them a few times it didn't seem to matter all that much. They were definitely in the "live by the blitz, die by the blitz" type of mode. Anyway, I think because of that Josh felt his WRs were winning a lot of the 1 on 1 battles Fins were left with from all the blitzing.
  13. Being at home this time makes me feel a little better than I did leading up to the Monday night match up against them in Cincy. Either way though, definitely got that BIG GAME anxiety feeling that's a little different than the regular season big game anxiety lol
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