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  1. Hope they speculate correctly and that turns out to be the case. Either way we will know if it's more than that tomorrow
  2. If he is still DNP tomorrow then you'll know he's likely out
  3. What is it that you're going by that brings you to that conclusion that they all are faster than all Bills secondary players?? Combine numbers or something?
  4. I agree with you guys and is what you'd think. But once in a while even the best things can malfunction. Just saying, never know
  5. That's why it's said there are worm holes, or portals for that reason.
  6. For sure, I mean that goes without saying clearly....No question he (like every player) is going to get hit, it's football for lord sake. However with that said, can't argue that it's been addressed with a very good plan to minimize those hits while making the ones that do happen much less severe
  7. Well, they're pretty decent up front and Wilkins can be disruptive (also eagerness for opportunity to grab Josh's one-eyed-critter).... But as much as the blitz against Josh it can cause issues. Hopefully with Oline now playing better it won't be too bad
  8. Yeah, the D has been bringing it for sure. To me the D this season just has a different feel to it and Oliver has really been playing better than he ever has thus far. But, so far it seems as it was the right call with MCD's decision to move on from Frazier taking over the Defense
  9. Maybe....but at same time it's too early to know much after only week 2.
  10. Guess it's because Wilson is 2-1 vs Bills. So I guess 2 wins is enough that Wilson is the exception for him?
  11. Yeah, I mean at the time he was one of the best QB coming out of college. Think it was his personality and the way he acted with how he handled himself in general that was the issue for most other teams. Depending on the state of the franchise regarding certain teams can make them feel those type of issues are worth the risk
  12. To be fair though I think if he had passed on Manziel it's a good chance that there was some other teams after them with a late round pic that would have got him
  13. What about " a wasted 1st round draft pick"?
  14. Not sure the reason he is still being brought up for at this point, but not that my statement on him means much of anything either... But I will say I've kinda "zero-ed" in on just him the bits and pieces I've been able to see of the Bears on Redzone etc, and don't know how much different things may be a factor, but he hasn't looked good.
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