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  1. It's a fair question. This year it looked suspiciously like age was beginning to be a factor. Not sure if it's a priority to replace him, and I'm generally expecting an improved defense next season...
  2. I honestly have no clue. I feel like Oliver has been given a rough supporting cast, and I'm not sure I understand our defense enough to evaluate Edmunds. But he rarely pops, that's for sure. Like many others id be really interested to see him at OLB.
  3. All season it's been the glaring weakness on our roster. We don't have elite speed. Looking forward to seeing who we get. Also, while it sucks, I wonder what we do at RB. Two 3rd rounders into Singletary and Moss. Yikes. Edit: with regard to today's game. We got out played waaaay beyond speed. Their WR coverage and DLine crushed us.
  4. Great season that was good for my family and aging folks. Could have been one for the ages, but we got beat. C'est la vie. It's a tough league and I hope we get more shots at a ring.
  5. Great season. Tough way to go out. That annoying albeit occasionally informative chiefs fan who posts here was right about their WR coverage. It was superb. Coverage sacks galore. No TE weapon and no running game hurt. Terrible OLine and defense made it lopsided. Hope we go on more runs down the road!
  6. That's true. But brady also rainbows passes at his age. Jump wouldn't have looked so early with any other QB (except for rivers) tossing that ball. Maybe?
  7. I don't disagree with you about the good will the Bills have generated. I guess what I'm saying is there will always be detractors. The nature of sports media is competing takes. Thus I think some fans who are sensitive will always find a way to feel slighted.
  8. For real. There will always be spin for us to root out and take personally, if we're into that sort of thing.
  9. I have my share of misfires, but the most confident projection I made going into that draft was that Rudolph would not be a starting caliber QB. I think a lot of folks only liked him as an emotional security blanket for not being able to get their guy (due to browns and jets in top 3 picks).
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