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  1. I really think he'll make the team - and an impact.
  2. Well, heck. Ya should have said something Sherlock! Who knew 😅 I, too, am thrilled that football is back and we can focus on the good stuff.
  3. The twitter crusade is unreal. It has to stop. Talk about a distraction.
  4. If I see a Bills decal on a car while driving, I will chase that sumbich down and scream 'Go Bills!' out the window. They're usually terrified.
  5. Was one of my favorite players on the team when he was at Stanford. A number of games where he effectively was the passing game outlet and generated all of the big plays. I really haven't paid attention to him in the NFL because as I really only have the energy for the Bills, but if he's physically able I think it's reasonable to assume he should increase his recent output given who was QBing the eagles.
  6. Bruce represented himself and the Bills well in those quotes.
  7. This is exactly how I feel. I expect his stats to fall a little, but not his prowess as a quarterback.
  8. I hope he continues to develop. He's had steady improvement and has been a joy to watch.
  9. I thought AJ was playing well toward the end of last season. I'm not sure what folks were expecting from a second round pick with no offseason and a fairly drastic conditioning program, but he's catching unnecessary heat. Let's see how he does on the field. He looks like he belongs at the moment, and hopefully he shows more.
  10. The NFL is notorious for promoting absolute value.
  11. Add me to the list fans disappointed by Star not showing up.
  12. If I'm forced to pull for another team, it's the Seahawks (because Seattle is awesome and the fans in Seattle are awesome). Like many on here, I will always have a soft spot for Fitz. I've developed plenty of *strong dislike* for many teams as well. AFC East opponents, Broncos, Chiefs, Titans, Cowboys, Raiders, Cardinals, Notre Dame, BYU, Cal, USC...the list goes on. Go Bills.
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