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  1. You should have expected growth to factor into this year considerably, obviously. And I'm not super high on Daboll's playcalling. Nor the turnovers of course.
  2. Also thanks to Haushka for making his kicks.
  3. OLine is so, so crucial to a football team. I hope Beane continues to add depth and talent there each year, even if it seems like we're set. Engine of the offense indeed.
  4. On the contrary. We're way out in front.
  5. The boredom kicking in, eh MAJ? Hard to know what to talk about next after analyzing and re-watching such a fun thanksgiving game. I should know!
  6. I knew I couldn't be the only one. I like Knox's potential but I really hope he can improve his hands. He seems a bit stiff to me when reaching for a ball.
  7. I don't think the fix is in but I'll sure as hell complain when the calls are repeatedly one sided. The latter can be true while the former is false. Officiating in the Dallas game was beyond the pale.
  8. Shaq's antics can be pretty cringe worthy, but that's about the extent of it.
  9. I tend to watch the games on mute lol
  10. There's been josh skepticism this year, but don't see it after this game. This thread may be a tad sensitive.
  11. This throw blew my mind. And backed up on 3rd and long. Huge.
  12. Coverage wouldn't focus on us even if we won the Superbowl. Eff it.
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