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  1. I am so sorry, Scott. My condolences.
  2. Our offensive performance against their defense was more impressive than their offensive performance against our defense. Just a bummer we didn't get it done.
  3. In that phase of life where I'm just too busy unless it's the bills.
  4. Dammit. Thought Bernard had it. Tough.
  5. The worst part was his walk and facial movements. What a nerd
  6. Poyer and Taron presumably. If Bernard doesn't play Po Will probably cheat forward a bit, but it will put pressure on a hobbled Douglas and Dane Jackson...
  7. Certainly my hope! And as I understand it, they're planning to give Bernard the chance to do a workout (presumably with the implication that he could play). I'm still holding out for the three of them to play lol
  8. From the reports it's really TBD for Douglas still. Was hoping we'd be at a more concrete point than "he is optimistic he'll play, and the call will be made at a pregame workout."
  9. Isn't wolfe also from NFL network? I partially agree in that the only concrete thing reported is that Johnson cleared protocol. Unless he's making it up, that means something. I've decided I'm holding out blind hope for Bernard.
  10. I feel like he's the most discussed. We have to have him for this game.
  11. Absolutely have to have him. Praying.
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