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  1. Without a doubt. I'm simply pointing out that from a roster building standpoint, this is when a title appears most attainable. I think we're missing defensive pieces that would enable that to happen, unfortunately.
  2. He's showing he can play at an elite level. Considering he's on his rookie contract, you would hope that we challenge for titles beginning immediately.
  3. I can see some sort of midrange trade for a CB. I don't think we have enough depth there for a championship run. But do much luck is involved anyway...
  4. Probably a better chance than what you quoted, but still quite close to zero. It's what I'd prefer the Bills to do to avoid exposing the team to COVID.
  5. To be fair I don't think we would be charged with a loss as it would look horrible for the NFL. But there is just no reason we should be made to play this game.
  6. At this point I'm firmly against playing the Titans in the near future. If it costs the *bills* a forfeited loss it may still be worth it to try to keep the team healthy.
  7. Boy I wish they would just tack this game on to the end of the year.
  8. They're almost certainly going to be bringing the virus to this game. I f*cking hate it.
  9. Just saw the news about more positives today. No, I don't think it'll happen.
  10. I hate that we have to be the ones to play these jabronis. Edit: saw news about more positives from them. This game can't get played.
  11. "We've got something here" is a tad different than "it sank in that we have our franchise QB." For the former, I agree with @Shaw66, the rifled pass in a ridiculously small window down the right sideline near the goal line. For the latter, it's generally the "habit" he's fallen into this year. He hasn't regressed and I am convinced.
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