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  1. You can hop over the the bahamas pretty quickly to wade for bonefish on the flats. I guess it's got that going for it.
  2. To find the worthwhile parts of Florida, you need a skiff. You almost literally have to get off of dry land to find the cool stuff, lol.
  3. I realize I'm in the minority, but I've never disliked Mayfield. His competitive spirit is there. The walk-on stuff is admirable. But I wonder what happens to his career from here.
  4. Yes there was much discussion about it. He played great...until that hit. I'm not one for farfetched theories but I admit I think Josh was hiding a concussion. I was mildly surprised they didn't evaluate him after that play when I watched it live. But I digress. I do think McBeane have created a really player friendly culture.
  5. I don't think he's bad at this, but I think he's got a lot of room for growth. When he can learn to take every inch available a la Fred Jackson or Singletary, he will be a fantastic piece. Really excited about Cook.
  6. This, by a mile. OLine stuck out like a sore thumb and was never addressed as required.
  7. I'm projecting about what I expected his impact would have become, of course. But I think he's shown a knack for soft spots in zone over his career that would have helped move the chains.
  8. Prime Beasley on this team would do wonders, yes. On the current roster I think we miss Crowder more than some realize.
  9. We absolutely miss Crowder. People don't talk about it much but he was a real outlet.
  10. Very much hoping we get the one year rental. Not going to guess at odds that it happens, but oh man this team is crying out for a competent possession receiver to help Diggs.
  11. Dorsey has shown less creativity than I'd hoped for, and the scheme certainly doesn't seem to make anything easy for Josh. It's always hard to tell as a fan, of course.
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