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  1. I think they're right in that their DLine vs our OLine will have the largest impact on the game. I like Darnold, and he can consistently move the chains. I expect a close game. If we lose, I'll be devastated. And TBD will be doom and gloom.
  2. Class B felony for any amount of coke? Seems harsh brah
  3. Goddammit I'm hungry. For food unavailable in Seattle. Eff.
  4. What are the dates for roster cutdowns this year? Edit: looks like 4pm on the 31st for the final 53
  5. Man wouldn't it be nice for Allen to progress AND we keep continuity under Daboll?
  6. An alarmingly positive tweet from Thad. Is he feeling ok??
  7. Sports and politics (and issues like race) have always been intertwined. We don't mind when sports seem to take an approach to the issues we agree with, and we do when they don't. It's as simple as that.
  8. But what if I eat both?? And whatdya mean, "those people"???
  9. Hahaha what an oversight! The only *bills related subscription* I pay for.
  10. GamePass is the one thing I pay for year after year. Get it or watch with the free trial!
  11. Easily. That was a straight up miss. Came back and nailed it on the other side.
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