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  1. I can't stand fantasy football. Ruining the nfl. Get the hell off my lawn.
  2. You think that'd be better right now than dawkins-spain-morse-feliciano-bates?
  3. Cover1 and Locked on Bills are the two I listen to. Cover 1 is probably a tad better, but Joe has taken advantage of our collective daily Bills cravings by putting out good context constantly. I really enjoy both.
  4. I believe they can. I assume they'll do some sort of vinyl wrap on the helmet, which if I'm not mistaken a few other teams have done.
  5. We're going to next year if we make the playoffs this year, I believe. Beane has hinted at it. Says we need to be a good enough team to earn it, basically.
  6. Fall is all about elk and deer for me. Western public land DIY. Thank god for game pass!
  7. I didn't want to start a new thread, but I rewatched the pats* game on gamepass. I can't believe how down we were on Allen. Seriously. Rewatch the game. He had a rough first half, as we all know, although it wasn't as bad as I recalled during game day. In the second half he was dealing. Not a revelation, I know. But christ we like to have a moan after a loss eh?
  8. Wilson is unreal. Phenomenal quarterback.
  9. Such a fun game. So cool to see the fans take it over. I really wonder if Bates will hold the RT position at the end of the season. On the flip side, we all like to hype Dawson, but this is how many games in a row where he's had multiple drops? Enough. Catch the damn ball.
  10. Better to eat the loss then be too averse. Good job Beane getting something for him. Shame we drafted him.
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