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  1. Of all the bad threads recently, this spurs me to register my annoyance via a response. Boooo. Delete this.
  2. I imagine there will be some dramatically paired down version of football that will occur for several weeks before a pause that becomes permanent. Just when the Bills were turning the corner. Classic.
  3. Pat's were already a 8-8/9-7 team regardless of QB. This obviously improves them. It's their division unless Josh steps up and we take it.
  4. I went to a liquor store in antifa controlled Seattle today. Can confirm it's grown to include one intersection. Perhaps the surrounding sidewalks. Lucky to have made it out alive. Those UW students mean business.
  5. Oh thank god. My sarcasm meter is wildly out of whack these days. Plus I'm never in PPP...that shows me haha!
  6. I can't believe people are here are "liking" this post as if it's some evidence of a sinister cabal. Lunacy. I was just in the "Capital Hill Autonomous Zone" about 45 minutes ago...picking up sushi. It's 2 cardboard signs on road detour equipment. Get a grip. I do...daily. You guys are losing your hold on reality. EDIT: apparently all this was sarcasm and went over my head 😑
  7. God Drew Lock is so unbelievably annoying. I don't think I can handle it if he turns out to be good.
  8. I share a bday with Marv Levy, Tyrod Taylor, and, sigh, tom ***** brady
  9. Wild. I mean, it confirms what we know, but to see it so plainly.
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