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  1. I do, but we're talking late September here. I doubt the deer in that are have even started staging during the pre-rut (usually beginning mid October), with the rut going off for real in November. There may be some tags open, but I don't think we're seeing the grand event yet!
  2. I mean we've heard "he'll break down" or some derivation of that since his rookie year...
  3. This is cracking me up. What would early deer season have to do with whitetail prevalence along that stretch of road?
  4. I'm fine with Singletary and Cook. I don't need to see the amount of touches Moss gets, but I'm not a coach.
  5. Hahaha. Clearly that's not the question but I'll take a Superbowl however we can get it.
  6. I mean, kinda? Brad Johnson won a superbowl and I wouldn't be worried if the fins got a prime Brad Johnson.
  7. I will take Allen over Goff every time, and I will pick him to WIN the super bowl.
  8. He's about as much of a threat as Jared Goff. You can win with Goff, obviously. But...
  9. That looked like a broken ankle, no?
  10. I am not an eternal Bills optimist. But I am not worried about the Fins at all. The rematch wont be close. We did some real gymnastics to ***** that game up and manage to lose. What I am worried about is this team's panicky nature in close games, but good to have this lesson early in the year.
  11. "OLine depth is awful!" I said all off-season. Well I'm often wrong and I wish that I was wrong about this. Admittedly, when you're down to your last lineman...
  12. It appears that the go-to backup was signed this summer.
  13. I wrote that poorly. I intended to write 'how many defensive starters' (3) and 'DL rotational (1)' do we have out? It's bad with injuries but it's early and we'll still win.
  14. I'm pretty sure that there would be a thread on the wall with somebody perceiving such a scenario as a slight to Buffalo. But I'm not defending them, lol.
  15. To be fair, I should have specified "us" was in reference to the stadium wall / aggregate posters. I'm with you - I personally wouldn't care in the slightest.
  16. How many starters or key DLine rotational players will we have out? 4? 5?
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