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  1. It was worse than that. He just placed it in the defender's arms lol.
  2. I hired an arborist named Josh Allen last year. Couldn't have hired any one else tbh.
  3. Wow. Do we have full details of contract yet? He's better than his reputation on this board, but...can only hope that he'll be better in a McD defense.
  4. I watched the season again and, man, he was even worse than I remember. I stand by awful when situation/context is taken into consideration.
  5. Man he was just awful last year. Truly bad situational performance.
  6. She was great in True Grit!
  7. Look pal, you just gotta get him into space.
  8. I like the OLine additions. I wish we had better competition for RT, and a better swing tackle. Depth is a concern, and Dawkins absolutely cannot go down.
  9. Shoulda signed him. This roster is screaming for more Croats.
  10. Same, tbf. I just don't think Oliver is without value. He's probably worth more on our roster than what we could get in a trade.
  11. Oliver is better than his current perception on this board.
  12. I'm hoping we don't have to do it out of necessity, like we've seen in the past.
  13. Settle ought to be safe. Good player at a thin position. What am I missing?
  14. More realistically I'd like to replace Quess with someone who can push Brown.
  15. McGovern Bates Torrence Edwards (OT maybe?) Broeker Boettger Mancz ---- I don't think Boettger and Mancz make it. Edwards a big unknown imo. I have a hunch Broeker will make the 53.
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