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  1. We have to hit on our draft picks. Imperative. I wish we could drop Dorsey.
  2. Again, this feels like standard issue defensive pessimism. I should know. The bills active game day roster could yield exceptionally similar rationale for a loss.
  3. More than anything, Reid's schematic ability and their offensive line make me think they will be able to mitigate the impact of this. Perhaps I should have said I am skeptical that we can regularly force them into situations where ankle limitations become apparent. I miss Von.
  4. He'll play and I'm not sure he'll be that limited.
  5. Mahomes wouldn't make the Bills better if swapped for Allen. I think the chiefs would be the same juggernaut with Allen. They're both awesome quarterbacks, one has had better coaches and supporting casts. It is what it is.
  6. Without question. And that OLine oh laaaaaawd I am jealous..
  7. Collinsworth, good god. Is the audience so dumb that we need these narratives force fed to us through nonstop talk?
  8. I think you're letting being on an opposing team's forum get to you a little bit, amigo.
  9. They were jawing directly at each other for awhile before that last snap. Wilkins pushed the pile harder than necessary (I don't blame him for that) and that kicked it off. He's a clown.
  10. If they don't have the integrated bidets, it ain't real football. Keep winning in them and they can wear capes for all I care.
  11. Well I'll be damned. I'm in.
  12. Hendrickson is a hugely dirty player. Remove the Allen play from consideration...drop in the bucket. Total jackass.
  13. Is this just a straight up positive/encouraging post, BADOL?
  14. You sound like me. At least I take solace in knowing my neuroses are not exclusive to being a Bills fan.
  15. Finally, a kink positive post.
  16. Any decent fan would be tyvm. Total evacuation.
  17. Sloppiest 14-3 team I've ever seen. Hopefully the sloppiest super bowl winner I've ever seen 😎.
  18. The same Phillips who was literally playing with one usable arm last week? Have you seen his snaps?
  19. Yes we should of course win in style, but is their defense that decimated? That's what I could see keeping the game relatively close.
  20. Kicker to kicker. I can make sense of it even though I don't like it.
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