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  1. From what I understand, they actually changed the blocking scheme because Zack was not patient enough. Singletary on the other hand was great at waiting for his blockers. Zach came from a system where he would hit the hole quickly. Singletary came from a system where the play took longer for the hole to open up. Now, I think the team is experimenting with different blocking schemes and I think that they will figure some things out. Last year was a mess because people on the OL were moving around, injuries, and they simply didn't have enough time to get the run game going. That will be addresse
  2. I see the running game being much more productive. Offensive line cures last year's ills and Singletary busts out. He's only a dark horse because so many think he'll lose his starting job. Actually, I think all three running backs are going to tear it up with the OL settling into a groove. We score fast, then run the clock out. Coaches are intent on making the run game more effective.
  3. Cars can have crap attitudes. I can attest to that. BTW, ever read the book Christine or watched the movie?
  4. If he's so awful, why has he gone to two probowls?
  5. The amount of negativity toward Tremaine is baffling. The coaches are high on him. He has been to two probowls. He's still very young and still improving his craft. Yes, he took a step back, coming back from a significant injury, but the negative Nancy's are getting kind of annoying. This young man is just getting warmed up in this league and like the coach has said, his best play is ahead of him. I have absolutely no reason to doubt that. None.
  6. I think Beane would be all to happy to trade one or two veteran DEs. We have a stockpile of them. I also think he'd love to trade away an OLman. Not sure anyone is interested, but we have a lot of players at premium positions. QB included. Seems to me someone will be desperate enough by the time training camp starts to heat up and someone goes down with an injury. I think Beane has been purposefully stockpiling, biding his time, and waiting for some desperate team to come along and over pay for someone he never intended to keep in the first place. What he isn't going to do is over
  7. I must be confusing him with someone else, haha. The Bills picked up someone in the draft a couple of years ago with ridiculous numbers sacking the QB. Thought it was Harrison.
  8. I remember his first season. He was not a 1T coming out of college but the coach needed someone to sub for Star. Harrison was the guy who stood out the most as a viable replacement when Star needed to rest. You are right that coming out of college he most definitely was not a 1T, but he has proven to be pretty damn good at the position. Now that he's healthy, he may very well prove to be better than Star and take the starting position. I found it really odd that the coach wanted Harrison to play the 1T to begin with. In college he had some sick numbers getting after the passer. The
  9. Wonder how many of those caught passes last year were of Diggs freelancing and bailing Allen out. Would wager that many of them weren't "by the book".
  10. I want to talk about OTAs, not vaccines.☹️
  11. There is always a chance that the front office might trade away someone in order to pick up someone that could improve the team. It's not entirely out of the realm of possibilities. Won't necessarily be a DT for a DT, though.
  12. No way. No chance would I make that trade. Coaches either. I still want to see how this plays out.
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