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  1. McKenzie is all ready doing well in camp and that's a good thing. The slot receiver, I believe, has become a more valued position. Partly because of the production seen by Beasley over the last couple of years. Someone has to make up that production and honestly, I do not think the coaches were expecting a single player to just come in and do that. It's looking like they are pleasantly surprised by how good the new additions are doing so far. But, the position is also valued more because it just so happens that a couple of those guys can play special teams as well. This is going to be something to watch especially when preseason games begin. Who is holding on to the ball and not fumbling. Who is productive return kicks. Who is performing when the offense takes the field. Maybe they do keep 7. The offense struggled when Beasley was hurt. Looking back, I think McKenzie spent a good portion of the season on the hot seat for fumbling the ball. It was a pleasant surprise to the coaches when he tore it up at the end of the season last year. Now I think, the position has clearly become more important to them. They went out and got a couple more slot guys in the off season. It's interesting. This offense since Allen came to town has not been your traditional passing team. Allen delivers a serious fastball. The receivers are mostly smaller quick twitch guys. The offense is more complex than most. Every player is expected to know where everyone else on the field is supposed to be and what their role is. And while we are talking about the players, it should be noted that this is an extremely well coached team.
  2. I think you are on the right track. I am just thinking about the games where the Bills struggled to move the ball. Remembering back, it was when defenses kept 2 deep safeties out there to take away those 20-30yd passes that Allen loves. He makes them look like 10-15yd passes. At the same time the offense couldn't get the run game going. The offense is going through a bit of a transition where those short crossing routes and dump offs to backs is more important. As well as the shorter passes to the TEs. Running the ball will be emphasized more. Again, the short yards have become more important. That's why Allen is talking about yards after catch. It's more about the matchups. The bread and butter is still going to be Diggs, Davis, Knox, Singletary. Now though, they are working on ways to beat that 2 deep safety look and to get the running game going. That means more crossers, more dump offs to backs, more running. That means less balls for Digg and Davis. Certainly, that seems odd because they are stars on this offense, but the ball does need to be spread around more to those slot guys, the TEs the RBs. They have to be able to beat any kind of defense. Now, I do believe there will be a different game plan week to week depending on what they be facing. I think what this team needs is more diversity. The ability to move the ball under any circumstances is what they are shooting for. Diggs and Davis will still get their targets, but in game specific situations, some lesser known players will need to thrive. Davis may actually get more touches merely because he is now the number 2, but that short pass game has to improve. The run game too. Honestly, I think we are looking at an offense that is poised to break some records. Once defenses realize that their 2 deep safety look is no longer going to work, the wheels are going to fall off for some them. They will be trying all kinds of things to stop this offense. Problem is, they won't know where to concentrate their efforts anymore. A diverse offense is hard to stop, especially with a QB like Josh slinging the ball around.
  3. Every WR on the roster must be able to play in the slot and on the outside. It's interesting that there are so many that excel at playing the slot. Honestly, I think the coaches are just trying to put together an offense that capitalizes on what player strengths are. No offense to your input here Alphadawg7. You do make some very good points, but i think there will be a more passes going to the slot and also the flat on screens. They are working on increasing run after catch numbers. I believe the TEs will also see an increase. But only against teams where the game plan calls for it. In other games, the outside receivers will be a bigger factor. One game that comes to mind is the Colts. They were shutting down our deep passing game and also our running game. Against that team, I think there would be a decided increase in short passes to slot WRs and TEs. Maybe some screens. They say they want more run after catch, but honestly it is more about just keeping the ball moving forward in specific situations. The offense basically is diversifying and from that perspective, that is how the coaches will decide who to keep and who to cut. Having lots of guys that can play the slot and catch balls out of the backfield eliminates the possibility of having another game like that. I agree that the most likely scenario is to keep 3 slot guys though. The plan going forward is to have an unstoppable passing attack even against a team like the Colts who had our number that game. Wondering if occasionally there are 2 slot guys on the field at the same time. We all ready suspect more 2 TE sets so why not. Maybe a RB leaking out along with a slot WR. The possibilities are endless and I think this is what they want. And I agree that this is a position to watch. These guys that play the slot will have to bring something else to the table beside just playing that position. They'll need to be able to run the whole route tree and/or play special teams. They'll have to be good at something besides just playing slot. Excelling at run after catch would be an eye grabber to the coaches I would think.
  4. Going to be interesting watching how the RBs get involved. I believe we'll see more screens than we're used to.
  5. The reason for adding a pass catching RB has nothing to do with improving a stat like YAC. It's simply a matter of having an answer to teams that were able to slow the Buffalo Bills down last year. Defenses were able to play 2 deep safeties and also limit the running game. Having some short passing options opens up the play book and will force defenses to choose. 1 deep safety or 2? Yes, the short passing game will improve YAC, but that is not the goal. The goal is to put pressure on the defense. I do believe the offense will continue to be the same dominant passing team, only now there will be more short passes mixed in to limit that 2 deep safety look that gave us problems last year.
  6. With the way this team leads the league in scoring, you are absolutely right.
  7. I have a feeling the passing game is going to be different this year. The addition of QB coach Joe Brady who is supposedly very good at route concepts is one reason. Then the talk of 2 TE sets. Then the addition of a RB who's specialty is receiving out of the backfield. Then there is a long time coach like Kromer who will have a good deal of input when it comes to designing plays. Everyone is so focused on Ken Dorsey that they forget that the supporting staff will be in Dorsey's ear as well. There are going to be some wrinkles that we haven't seen. It's quite possible Gabe Davis has a break out year, but so could Dawson Knox. Some of the things the coaches come up with outside of what the offense all ready does well, that's just added gravy. There's no way Dorsey is going to just retool the whole offense, but there will be some experimenting. There have been some nice pieces added in the offense as far as players go. It's going to be an interesting year. The offense was ultra productive last year and the goal is to keep moving forward. I think between the new players and coaches, we're going to some good things. Rookies will get there chances, but the Bill's will lean on their bread and butter first.
  8. I agree 100%. Kromer I think will not only coach the OL, but also be a valuable asset designing the offensive game plan from week to week. The guy knows how to draw up a running play.
  9. Kromer has a history of turning mediocre linemen into a quality unit. Maybe he is a miracle worker.
  10. Going to come down to who performs at the highest level in camp. No doubt there will be some tough decisions. That's exactly the way it should be. Have no idea who stays or who goes aside from punter, but it will boil down to who makes the team better.
  11. The interior of the DL was changed significantly. I'm just speculating here, but I think the edges are going to benefit from the additions on the interior. Add in Von Miller and yeah, Groot could very well be a major beneficiary. It'll be more because of that interior DL than Miller though. Miller will also benefit from the interior flushing the ball carrier out.
  12. I like it. Remember last year when defenses left both their safeties deep(gave us some problems)? Having guys like this forces the defense to pick their poison. McKenzie and Shakir are going to be a problem because they will get those quick passes. Crowder and the RBs too. And just when the defense starts bringing up a safety, someone is going to get a one on one deep opportunity.
  13. Punters are disappearing early, I see.
  14. This is what I was thinking. Not sexy, but we can't keep filling the OL with free agent vets or can we?
  15. Who knows what's being said behind the scenes? With all the talent in this years draft and the rumors surrounding this guy, makes it probable that teams will wait to see if the Giants simply cut him, then scoop him up later on the cheap.
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