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  1. There were a bunch of guys sick last week too
  2. Pats can get after the QB and with the Bills OL issues, this could be a problem. However, JA is very good at avoiding the sack and scrambling. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will JA's elbow be less of an issue or will this be another game where he is tossing a lot of checkdown passes? I see Belichick trying to take away those quick dump offs. Could be the game that Allen goes back to airing it out after a full week of rest. Also, with the OL issues, the running game is once again relying on JA to make up the difference. The running game was just starting to look good until injuries threw a monkey wrench into things. Another concern is our ailing DEs. We need to keep the pressure on Jones. This is looking like another gut wrenching game. Don't really foresee a blowout....unless another week for Josh has arm feeling loose.
  3. I just would have told him "No s**t Sherlock"
  4. Guys just need to make plays. Can't be all Allen all the time.
  5. Or we do and plan on having an extra OLman. May be running focusing on running the ball a lot
  6. Hines is a pass catching RB with the skill to forces the defense to respect his effectiveness coming out of the backfield to catch the ball. The beauty of having a pass catching RB in this offense is that somebody has to cover him. Using a linebacker is a clear mismatch with his speed. Using a DB is also not great because now you have one less DB to cover WRs. Somebody is going to be in one on one coverage and that makes it a high percentage reception with a quality QB like Josh Allen. This is a sneaky good pickup by Beane. That being said, Hines is a weapon that will need time to understand his role in this offense. This isn't an easy playbook to learn. Don't expect him to have a lot of snaps if any this week. I can see perhaps a couple of plays on offense but not much more than that.
  7. If the Bills lose, it would be because they screwed the pooch. There is no scenario where the Packers actually beat the Bills. Seriously, that team is in bad shape. The Bills are the Bills greatest threat. Not GB.
  8. What the heck happened to the Raiders this year? Shut out by the ain'ts...
  9. Zack Wilson throws back to back big gainers 63yds then 23yds to get to the 2yd line, then gets sacked for a 7yd loss with 2 minutes left. Finally scores with 1:51 left. NE will run 3 times to take as much time off the clock as they can. Jets fans must be imploding right about now.
  10. The 4 man rush is going to get to Rogers and the Bills run D will snuff out any thoughts they may have of running the ball. The Bills will not only be able to run, they'll be able to pass. Josh is money on 3rd down. This game may send Rogers to retirement. 42-3 Bills And it will be an ugly one for GB.
  11. Someone could do a highlight reel of Josh hurdling defenders at this point
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