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  1. What a great article! Forcing those safeties to play deep is going to open up the run game too. Daboll is about to open up a can of whoop a**. Love that we have coaches who recognize what skills our QB has and adjusts to those strengths. Brown, Foster and Zay are going to make sure those safeties stay deep. Will also open things up for TEs and RBs underneath. I see an evil genius at work here.
  2. They will be running 2 TE sets a lot. Practice will have 2 running with the 1s and 2 running with the 2s. That's 4 TEs all practicing at the same time. Yea, they need another camp body.
  3. Not a bad analogy. I think the Bills are definitely looking to get that run game going, but don't over look the potential of a modern style passing attack. Honestly, it's about balance. You can't run all the time and you can't pass all the time. You have to mix things up. When both the run and pass are clicking, the offense really gets rolling. With Josh Allen's ability to do both pass and run, that dual threat can be hard to handle. Having a mauling OL is great for old school running plays designed to wear a defense down but the real dagger to the heart is a quick strike pass. As a game moves into the 4th qtr and the defense gets tired, that mauling OL can really shine. So, I agree.....less modern, but not completely without modern concepts. Don't want to get pigeon holed.
  4. Very good observations. People are way too focused on pass catching TEs. Blocking is where it's at, even in a "modern NFL". 😄 The guy has actually caught better than 80% of his passes. Is he a pass catching TE? No. Not by any stretch of the imagination, But when he does run a route, he catches it, You have ask why that is. Lee Smith catches nearly everything because he does his job and blocks like any good TE should, and when he gets that opportunity to run a route, it's not expected. There is tremendous value when an offense does something you don't expect. And there is tremendous value just doing something as boring as blocking so someone else can make a play. And as you have pointed out. There is also tremendous value having a veteran presence in the locker room to teach the young bucks how to be true professionals. This could end up being a signing that is very under rated. It's my belief that the Bills are planing to run 2 TE sets with more frequency. Lee will be asked to block a lot, which is his strength while another TE will be running a route. Occasionally, he'll run a route too. His history is approximately 1 catch per game. Don't see that changing much, because that is what he excels at. It's truly amazing that folks can't see the value. When he blocks, he's as good as an OLman. When runs a route, he catches a very, very high percentage of them. He's experienced and can be a mentor. What's not to like again? There is no doubt that other TEs will be running more routes and getting bigger statistical numbers in catches and yards. It just blows my mind when folks can't see past those statistics. I'll say it again. This is football and blocking, even though it does not show up in the statistics, it's important, Very much so.
  5. You couldn't be further from the truth. Blocking TE's are very much used in the Modern NFL. Gronk wasn't just a pass catcher. NE always shocks defenses when they go old school and runs the ball. The notion that running is obsolete in a modern NFL is a very narrow way to look at it. You do whatever works and blocking is a major part of that. Let's not forget this is still a football game.
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