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  1. I think there is some truth to those saying conservative coaching is a problem. Protect the ball. That is important, but it's also important to trust your receivers to go get it even if they are covered. Also, some of Josh's issues are with his base when throwing. He often throws off balance while on the move though he did improve a good deal later the season last year. He has a great advantage though. He does not have to windup like Ryan Fitzpatrick did to get the ball deep. I honestly think Josh is very accurate throwing to a spot like the article suggests. And I think the advice that Josh received from Romo is legit. Allen at this point in his career has been working on mechanics to the point that he can't really learn much more other than to put what he has learned into practice. Romo just told him to keep his left elbow in tighter, rotate his body on an axis and pay attention to the flow of the game. It's the QB's job to control the flow. You can't do that if you are running for your life. You have to be as still as possible to do that. You pivot so you can make your reads and get rid of the ball on time. You keep your left arm close to your body while pivoting. Allen has a tendency to swing his arm out away from his body like a runner will do when trying to escape. To throw though, that arm should be in tight. It's a very simple technique that does 2 things. You are able to make your read faster by pivoting on an axis and with your arm all ready tucked in tight, you can make an accurate throw. It's not rocket science here. Allen says he is throwing better than ever since Romo gave him that advice. Allen I think has all ready learned a lot of things regarding mechanics. He is just now practicing what he has learned and has all ready made some improvements in live game situations. Now he is getting comfortable learning to control the game. Throwing to a spot in a perfect world is OK. Giving yourself time to analyze trajectory before throwing so your receiver can stay in stride is even better. A QB doesn't need much time to do that. That extra split second of being still and pivoting on an axis helps. When you change your position, your trajectory changes with it. Stay in one spot, and pivot. Good advice by Romo. This will decrease Allens rushing numbers but can vastly improve his passing numbers.
  2. Good points. I am certain that most people supporting BLM are good people and do not want socialism. In fact, I believe the movement has been hijacked by some very unsavory people. Many people are waking up to this. Just hope enough see the ugliness of picking winners and losers and realize that most Americans have each others backs, regardless of color. All it takes is real communication....real understanding and folks working toward real solutions. Our country will never be perfect, but I truly believe that no other has come closer than ours.
  3. Look. I can get behind what BLM is supposed to be. When all donations go directly to a superpac that only supports democrats though, I am not on board with that. I am also not on board with defunding police departments across the US. If you go to BLM website, that is exactly what they are proposing. The people running BLM definitely have a socialist bent, a direction the democratic party has been steadily moving closer to. I agree that eyes need to be opened, but they must be fully opened. You can't say one injustice needs to be looked at while pretending not to see others. That is not justice. It's simply replacing one injustice for another. As for Keapernick, the way he went about his protest, it matters. He clearly was trying to draw battle lines putting blacks on one side and police on the other. The world is not all black and white. You cannot be condoning ruining the lives of one group so that you can protect another. If you want real positive change, the way forward is unity. Do you think unity under a socialist banner is the way to go? If you do, I truly feel sorry for you.
  4. ....asking for a friend. The point is that not everything is what it seems. The fake news comment is cute BTW. Apparently you didn't even read my previous post in this thread. If you had, you would know where I stand and why.
  5. BLM has a big following because people assume the name is exactly what it stands for. It doesn't. It is not a movement. It is a corporation that collects money for the democrat party. Go ahead and make a donation. You are directed to ActBlue. This is another corporation, a superpac, that takes in huge money for the democrat party. Everyone listed on their board of directors is white. No one knows who heads BLM themselves. That is kept secret. But if you want to donate to that cause go for it. The only thing you'll be doing is sending money to the democrat political party. None of which has anything to do with actual black lives.
  6. Growing up, you could always count on Americans to stand for the national anthem and to put a hand on their heart. That tradition has always been a unifying symbol to every American regardless of color. Americans stand because we do not kneel to anyone who would try to divide us, subjugate us or attack us. The very reasons people stand for the flag and the anthem are uniquely American reasons. And the people that kneel at that very moment know it is divisive. You can argue all you want that we have the freedom to kneel during anthem and while we fly the red, white and blue, but the truth is that this does not help to unite us. It angers me to see Americans intentionally putting barriers up that divide. Pretending to say that it is for a just cause is utter BS. There are millions of other ways to fight for a cause. This way is not how you win people over and it will never will be. It's no wonder we have riots in the streets. BTW, believing that black lives matter does not mean that you have to support the movement called Black Lives Matter(Which sends all it's donations to democrat candidates). Just as believing what happened to George Floyd was horrible doesn't mean you have to support de-funding the police. The very problems we are facing in America right now are because there is no middle ground. There is no place where everyone can unite. You are either on my side or you are the enemy, so to speak. We can't even come together under something that once brought us all together. Sorry, I kneel for God. No one else deserves that privilege.
  7. Really excited about the running attack this season. The passing attack too. The beauty is that the two compliment each other. I'm thinking the offense takes a big step this season.
  8. I think the Republican owner of the Patriots says "It will be a cold day in hell before Kapernick joins my team"
  9. Diggs can talk to anyone he damn well pleases. And he doesn't need our permission either. Has everyone forgotten what country we live in?
  10. I watched it a couple of weeks ago. Some of Marshawn's friends were running the place and basically they ran the place into the ground. I've watched a bunch of bar rescue episodes where the staff was disfunctional. Marshawn's friends took it to a whole other level.
  11. Have to disagree. Run stuffing LBs are a dying breed. LBs are smaller, quicker on most teams. Those lumbering guys that would crash down on running lanes are hard to find today. Moss is big enough to take them on. I do agree about the blown tackle. That LB was caught completely flat footed, something you won't see in the NFL often. Moss though is a guy who is fearless and when he commits to running through someone, he's definitely going to win some of those. We now have 2 RBs that are leaders in making yards after contact. Singletary is smaller, and slower but is still among the best in the league in the same category.
  12. With the additional weapons at Allen's disposal, I believe his job will be easier. He has grown and will continue to grow. Brown also makes a valid point about Knox. He is going to take on a bigger role this year. People like to point fingers at the drops, but when he gets more reps, he'll improve. Add in a strong running attack and RB's who can also catch, this offense can become dominant. I don't expect KC dominant, but maybe top 10. I am excited. Top 10 offense and a top 5 defense....the possibilities!!!
  13. Would be hilarious if he made the team. Seeing Cox Sr. at the game to watch his son would be too.
  14. Speed rushers are over rated. What gets you to a QB faster? Running all the way around the tackle or running through the tackle? There are different ways to rush a a passer and a speed rushers isn't necessarily going to get there faster. So we have an undersized DT in Oliver and now an over sized DE in Epenesa. Being good at football isn't all about size. Oliver is good because of his speed. Epenesa is good because of his strength. Both are explosive but for different reasons.
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