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  1. Conversely, the Rams have an O-line that's never played together as a unit, a new offensive coordinator (yes, I know McVay runs the O), a star CB coming off of shoulder surgery and has yet to test it against contact, a QB with potential elbow issues, and their starters haven't played at all during preseason. I think its going to be a shootout
  2. Can we go ahead and get odds on how Collinsworth ties the Queen back to Mahomes tonight? "Ya know Al, looking back at the Queen's life, she really did it all. If we had to compare her to a current player, it would have to be Mr. Do-it-all, Patrick Mahomes"
  3. Came here to say the same thing
  4. Welcome to Cleveland! There is a pretty active backers bar on the west side. I've run into quite a few Bills fans when I have been out and about as well. Not sure where you will be located, but Beachwood schools use the Bills logo, but their colors are brown and yellow, so that takes some getting used to.
  5. Won’t happen, but at a certain point does a discussion need to be had about Blacksheer vs Taiwan Jones? I know Jones is an ace on special teams, but getting less confident that Blacksheer will make it to waivers.
  6. I mean, some would say the 2nd team Panthers defense is one of the top units ever 😂
  7. I don't love it, but lets not act like the Bills are going to be the only team to play starters.... A lot of teams played their guys week 1 of the preseason
  8. So lets say a settlement or decision is not announced by this weekend and DW plays again. What happens if he blows out an ACL? "Oh darn, guess you can go ahead and suspend me for 17 games, I am out 9-10 months anyway"? Is the only recourse at that point the fine and the fact he wouldn't get paid for that amount of game?
  9. I truly hope that Wilson is ok.... But a Jets vs Browns bidding war for Jimmy G could be fun to watch
  10. Twitter has a ton of videos of him getting boos when he came into the field. End Zone chanted "You Sick F^]%"
  11. Bet you he's wishing he would have taken the settlement talks more seriously.
  12. My guess is they want to see how the first preseason game goes. Our passing offense is supposed to be elite, so it would be expected that they would struggle. Let’s see how they play against another team and go from there.
  13. Currently live in Cleveland. I would say the vast majority are now hanging their hats on "Yeah, but what about Kraft and Snyder" and the lack of evidence. I have heard several times "well, if he actually did it, he should get suspended, but there really isn't any evidence against him, so Go Browns". Initially, the majority was disgusted but I would say since then its been switched and now the majority just want to find out what the punishment will be with most assuming it will be light.
  14. Owners most definitely care about contracts that are being handed out. Herbert and Burrow just went from negotiating their contracts based on Josh's contract, to now negotiating based on DW's contract. Both will demand fully guaranteed money and both will demand more money than DW got. Per the CBA owners are required to fund any future guaranteed money above $15M into an escrow account. So now owners have to write huge checks into escrow accounts. Billionaire or not, writing a $230MM+ check to fund an escrow account hurts the cash flow.
  15. @maddenboy yes, that was me. It was posted with the intention of a joke/satirical. In the sense of "this has gotten so crazy that I wouldn't be surprised if XYZ". But I will definitely own bringing it up
  16. Check out the tweets posted by YOLO. Definitely seems like the Texans were notified there was some weird stuff going on. Again, not saying he should or will, or even has a case; just doesn't seem out of the realm given how crazy this story has already become.
  17. Yeah, that was my thought as well. But honestly, at this point it doesn't feel that outlandish to think about. Either way, this thing isn't getting any cleaner anytime soon and the NFL has to be downright pissed
  18. So, at what point does this get really weird and Deshaun ends up suing the Texans? Something along the lines of "You knew I was a sex addict, provided me with a location, and a massage table, and enabled my continued behavior rather than helping me".
  19. Although it seems weird, one thing we have learned again and again is Beane and co do everything for a very specific and calculated purpose, so shout out to Kumerow for being open to it
  20. You have to imagine the ruling is going to take place soon. NFL would likely want the ruling and any appeals to be taken care of prior to training camp
  21. For those that were consistently saying the women were just coming forward for a money grab, care to explain those mentioned in the article that came forward with their story, but did not file a suit nor give their name? Let me guess, they are just looking to hurt men and “manipulate” any way they can??
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