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  1. Enjoyed the late season run. All the injuries and still had a shot to head to Baltimore. I will say it will be an interesting offseason. gonna take a break from football for a bit and then will start the off-season primers to get ready for the Free Agency Period and Draft. Enjoyed the season. And the heart this team displayed to get back to AFCE Champs and the 2 seed.
  2. I love this outcome for them. I went into the game knowing we were in the playoffs with no anxiety. Only the statement "Humble these *****" After listening to their ***** talk for the last month, then this entire week. I am glad this is their outcome. And at the end of a turbulent season Bills back where they should be atop the AFCE
  3. Fangio doesnt blitz. SO please do that and Lock up Apple on Diggs 1v1
  4. Question What teams Cap would be more "Dire" The team with Their QB on a Long term contract, 44 players under contract and Over the cap by 41M Or The team without their QB on a long term contract, 37 players under contract and over the cap by 41M I wish they would have put him on the NFL Exempt list. Voided the guarantees and then could have cut him easy. Retirement wont save much they will be able to force payback of the prorated signing bonus etc Think Eric Wood situation.
  5. I would think that would be their plan A as well. I just worry about breaking up what finally looks like a good OL. I know Bates has shown well given his opportunities as well. I know my thinking for when I write this offseason stuff up, going back to the Old Days of Bills thinking... No long term contracts for UFAs that are over 26 years old. Because they reality is they need to start shifting to where there cap is allocated, we have alot tied up in older players for still years. Young UFAs (Long term) Old UFAS (1-2 year deals) Start Drafting in the aging positions.
  6. I love this and now have it saved for prep for the offseason threads that I will make. A couple things right off my head looking at the releases. Hines - I think this release makes sense and not needed to replace in UFA so likely a cheap Draft pick to fill this roll. Harty - I think a draft pick fills this roll. Siran Neal - ST Stud, but I also think this is a roll a draft pick can fill Sam Martin - Starting punter. I am not sure there is a better one that will be cheaper so I think the 1M in savings is insignificant for him, I would keep him on the roster. Release Poyer - I would do this his play has fallen off big time IMO. However Hyde being a UFA might force their hand here. However here are some younger Safeties that are scheduled to hit the market (Knowing one will likely already be needed for Hyde) - Xavier McKinney (SS, 24 yrs, projected 10M AAV), Kamren Curl (SS, 25 yrs, projected 10-15AAV), Antoine Winfield Jr. (FS, 25 yrs, projected 15 - 19M AAV). Those are just some. I think I would sign one and Draft one. Move on from both Poyer and Hyde. Tre White - This one I think actually could happen to be honest. Douglas has solidified the CB, Benford, Tre could be someone on the move. However I almost think he will be back and 6M savings while not insignificant, I dont think you will get the White play from a CB that you sign in that 6M range. However the injured mounting with him will be a concern for a CB that wasnt that speedy prior too anyway. Big one is IF we release Morse you are moving on from the captain and pivot of an OL that finally has been respectable this year. I am not sure I would want to shake this up, specially for a draft pick. However to get younger at the position you will end up paying a UFA. Connor Williams is the only one on the market I would feel ok with moving on from Morse for (27 years, projected to make 14M) Most of the moves are actaully pretty easy decisions. And at the end of next year we will get out of the boat anchor that is Invisible Von Millers contract.
  7. Chubb ACL Tear confirmed massive blow for 2024 season too.
  8. He now has 8. Tied with St. Brown for 4th most in NFL
  9. Nothing better than a Dominate win with a good number of execution issues on tape to keep humble and coach too. example the drops Something along the lines of go out now and take their heart. what followed was a 3 and out and a 8:30 min scoring drive that ended in 3
  10. Dabs made this offense run better but I also think it was capped out as well. nope don’t miss Frazier
  11. Well Joe Brady has a 7 game audition for the OC job next year, he should call a fun offense at least trying to secure the long term job.
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