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  1. Mans yet Tyreek Hill is still on an NFL Roster.
  2. Keep Dreaming because it won’t happen this year as Tyree is going to be on the PS where he belongs.
  3. He is slated for the PS, unless he really impresses during OTAs and Camp.
  4. Not when you take that he isn’t under contract yet. And the others are
  5. I just cannot believe people still get their panties in a bunch over this
  6. Also Shaq Lawson will be on the Bills before Trent Murphy is. There I said it.
  7. My Mind is Free. Just not on Crack Fergy. It is a terrible drug. You really should Quit.
  8. Yep listened to everything you said here. Guess what still stupid
  9. Wait he is available to sign? Great let’s give up that cap space. Ooooo wait NEVER-MIND he won’t just require cap space. So so he is available at what cost. Say Dawkins, 2020 1st and 2020 2nd. And a 22M a year contract. You would do that?
  10. Without the option really doesn’t matter. Just sets up a decision is all. Let’s say he lights it up. He still isn’t going anywhere. Just doesnt make make sense to me to be down on Shaq when he out produced the other DEs not named Hughes. Also would Pop inside as well which I saw multiple times during the season. That ability alone means more to me than ANYTHING Trent Murphy has done There is something to be said that He has survived this regimes “purge” of the former regimes players.
  11. Just comparing even last year. Shaq was even more productive.
  12. Well want to run one out and the Glass DE gets a pass? It is interesting to me is all. As I stated this season will decide which if either are on the roster in 2020
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