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  1. Peoples Opinions on WHEN to use your Rights DO NOT MATTER. And instead those Opinions are really what is Disrespectful
  2. He can be employed. Can always go to State Farm and sell insurance.
  3. Absolutely not. We want the Mom Nudes you know he has them
  4. I bet Tre and Addison won’t accept this apology. Based on there reactions to Brees’s apology. But maybe because they were made when he was very young still guess we will see
  5. Just for Context reminder Patriots have a 3% as a Kicker.
  6. Well so far his Agency has hung up on a media looking for response.
  7. This isn’t the first incident of this. If you read the trend there are a lot of people saying I knew it. He always acted that way etc etc. so I am sure with their extensive background checks flags were found
  8. Now I am sure teams already knew this. They would have easily uncovered it and could be the very reason he was falling like a rock
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