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  1. EJ Gaines Signs with the Browns for 1 Year at $4M

    Compensatory Pick Offset 100M in cap space next year
  2. What would you rather have?

  3. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    Really you Might want to relook the hit statistics or just going to keep blindly saying false statements
  4. McCarron's Scar

    Ahhhhh but hurt much. Play good you get praise play bad and you get called out Yeah it would be good if he turned out to be great. But dont see it is all
  5. I want to know who Pegulas meet with. That means there is legit interest they wont be part of a smokescreen. And I am almost positive they (Terry) already met with Rosen
  6. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    What are the chances you get a premium player at those picks again?
  7. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    I like how this argument goes to 30% success rate for the position. What is the Success rate of players picked at 65? 53? this argument always goes we can get starters with the other picks without actually talking about the CHANCE of THAT actually happening. If you actually lay that out, I bet it doesn't look as bad to package them up for that 30% chance at finally fixing the most important position on the football field.
  8. The new DNA at 1BD

    Where is getting arrested Naked?? I kid i kid
  9. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    All McCarron is the low paid vet to keep the seat warm and have the Rookie earn it
  10. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    So everyone is siked for a QB that cant beat out Andy Dalton. AWESOME yep people just hate top emd QB play in Buffalo.
  11. 3-21: AJ McCarron on WGR

    Fallacy on setting anything back years. Too much is over 50% premium on the pick moving into. So giving up 3901 points to move into a 2600 point pick Trying ti Bring up his college Now when his college tape made him a 5th round pick in a relatively weak QB class does mean NOTHING the fact he could not beat out a meddling NFL QB does mean something
  12. McCarron's Scar

    And didnt answer question. But good try
  13. White board work and On Field Processing are completely different. Prodays are a joke because they are scripted, practiced over and over and over
  14. Deonte Thompson signs with Cowboys

    Which was OK because we didnt have a QB that threw to them
  15. I've discussed it before.....kind of long

    Sorry i cannot support any trade up discussion that includes taking a RB