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  1. Fitz doesnt look to happy playing along
  2. Browns are not even the Second Best in their own division. Let alone being 2nd best in the AFC.
  3. Which could be right 61 per team without the PS being added seems about right when you go across the PUP and IR guys of each team.
  4. Woke up to scour Twitter as of now didn’t see any other new signings.
  5. Gonna be off phone and Computer for a bit to put kiddos to bed. If anyone sees any Bills signings post here and I will get the OP updated when I come back.
  6. A read on why we are not getting the “Top” UDFAs. https://www.newyorkupstate.com/buffalo-bills/2021/05/why-bills-are-struggling-to-land-top-udfas-how-brandon-beane-prepared-for-this.html
  7. I will continue to keep original post updated. Go ahead and post your reports and I will get them in the OP. this regime has been slow with their movement in UDFAs compared to past regimes. 13 open Spots. (But May keep a spot or two open). 1. Syrus Tuitele, OL, Fresno St 2. Tariq Thompson, S, SD ST. 3. Tre Walker, WR, San Jose St 4. Nick McCloud, CB, ND 5. Quintin Morris, TE, BGSU 6. Olaijah Griffin, DB
  8. Beane “we want to run more effectively” A lot of Bills Fans “RB coming RB coming” Beane “three on the OL”. it is good that our GM can see it wasn’t the RBs as much as it was poor run blocking.
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