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  1. This. This right here. Nothing else needs to be said.
  2. Ok sure. It’s fine UPGRADE. Get a Proven top end WR over a bunch of unproven and jagS In NC
  3. We have 1 WR. And a bunch of guys. Want to beat the defenses we saw last year with their press get a legit threat outside of Diggs
  4. It really depends on the intel they have on the entire situation. If they know this is a done deal in UFA they will wait. If there is any worry, make the trade and restructure before official.
  5. A conditional 6th If I am giving a player I am getting a pick with him. He is about to be cut.
  6. Because why not. They are not competing this year. Eat the full cap hit now and move on.
  7. Bills can Absolutely make the financials work. Hopkins has hinted at playing here a ton. It is really all on Beane and McD if they want this to happen.
  8. Same here. That Ukraine Contract I am working it now on Pause. Well maybe not ENG get to work. I will be in my office
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