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  1. Second worse scheme. I really hate the all Reds. A close second is White on Blue.
  2. The other thing I learned is I really miss the Manning Cast.
  3. You mean like having more first downs? Winning the TOP? Yes the Bills did that. your elite defense needs to make at least one stop. They couldn’t
  4. What kept Tenn around is Bills inability to get a stop in 6 consecutive drives. The Biggest issue on the offense is the Red-Zone woes continue. This is something that has to absolutely be looked at and solved during the bye week. If this defense was a good as we all thought 31 would have been absolutely enough to beat Titans. And that started before the game with who they activated and didn’t on Defense. The best Run defending DE inactive for Obada
  5. 15-2. There what was easy. That already happened. Twice actually.
  6. The offense did enough. Granted need to be better in the red zone. 6 straight drives let up Points. Tannenhill 11/11 after half. Yeah that isn’t good enough.
  7. He was told to kick short and force return. I thought that was obvious.
  8. Last Night?? The defense. It is not as good as we thought they were.
  9. I learned this defense isn’t as good as we all thought it was.
  10. You don’t needs a Running game in todays NFL. also you play who is in front of you. Holy ***** 4-2 going into Bye and still going to the playoffs and people around here hanging off the ledge. Gurley Really??? EVERYTIME Bills had Josh Hand off it was a win for Tenn without the play even being snapped. Yes. We do. Have enough of a Running Game to win the SB.
  11. I don’t. The defense didn’t stop Tenn for what 6 consecutive drives?
  12. Great Game. Sucked losing. but absolutely the correct call to go for the win. get into Bye figure out the Red-Zone issues and get ready for the Run.
  13. I think like I have been saying now for a decade the NFL has a Officials Problem, and there never seems to be accountability of officials. Also NFL has a Technology issue, the fact that there is a 18B industry still using "chains" to figure out a first down is laughable.
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