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  1. Easy hey NFL you want 18 games. Fine. NFLPA will give you 18 games. What you have to give up to get 18 games is just a little FULLY GUARANTEED CONTRACTS. Players will take an 18 game schedule. However in order to get it the Owners better be ready to pony up FULL GUARANTEED contracts.
  2. Has ZERO Leverage. He has to play this year (by at least week 10) and then looking down the barrel of two Franchise Tags
  3. Looks like Roof is keeping the lead, hope Terry and Kim are seeing this.
  4. There is this new technology called Windows, they are apparently see through and if use properly offer Tons of Natural Light. Even the Bills used this ground breaking technology in their new fitness and recovery center.
  5. I get your point and I used to be good with that. However, now older, married and spend a TON of cash every year to bring my wife and Kiddos with me to the games. So yep sick of fighting those elements and seeing elite athletes try to play a game in the Snow like Indy. Or even have to move a home game somewhere else because of weather. So put the roof on.
  6. Let’s see. Cincy = Dalton. Yeah AJ Green turned him into something serviceable. But is he a top end QB. Absolutely not. OBJ = so you are going to try and tell me the Giants and or Mediocre Eli look same or better when OBJ is off the field? Julio Jones = Now talk to me again about that ATL defense over his career and how they are a turnstile.
  7. Teams arguing over offset language is really stupid. You either trust yourself and your scouts to make the right draft pick or you don’t.
  8. I still am a roof guy. Sick of myself fighting the elements takes away from my game experience. Also I want to watch elite athletes in optimal conditions. Weather takes that ability away. So Roof it is for me.
  9. Leinhert wasn’t bad. But you could tell by that Point in his career he was humbled.
  10. So then how come the other Majority of Teams (Bills one of 9 that still go away) dont have issues jelling. What about HS teams? College Teams?? NBA Teams? Mostly all other sport teams? Lets seem Patriots dont go anywhere for camp...... How many Superbowls have they won?
  11. Not the WR but I definitely would look at DB Jalen Thompson, Washington State, would have been a top pick safety/nickle hybrid. Our safety depth IMO is concerning.
  12. Looks to me a cop got jumpy and went to the taser (at least it wasnt his gun). Let me guess he probably was not wearing a body camera either.
  13. I am a roof guy. I hate fighting the elements.
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