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  1. Looks like Kraft will be making yet another Donation to the police or the DA office.
  2. I get all that, But Mack is going to likely take a paycut or get gut anyway. Very easy to make the room and see what the market brings you. The cap will go up again next year and likely by alot with the new CBA and Network deals. So I could easily see alot of kick can restructures and tags placed on players. They have over a year to get it done before that happens in terms of the NEW League year. I think it will be done this summer
  3. It will be interesting to watch and I could see alot more than 7 tags being used in the final year of the CBA. Current cap space also means nothing can always create space
  4. Yes When 64 usable tags get applied, guess what it left?
  5. Final thinking in this Position group for me would be: Take one of our picks after round 5 and draft one of the punters. The reality is once we get passed round 4 I think any player drafted is going to have a hard time seeing the field with the depth that we have built on this team. So, I am looking to upgrade a position that we have been trying to for a while All three of these punters have draftable grades IMO. So, go get one. I really am not going to be comfortable going into camp with Kaare Vedvik and Corey Bojorquez in a punting battle. All kickers in the draft have undraftable grades and without seeing an actual upgrade to Hauschka right now just stay with him. Just know that anything over 50 yards at this point I would seriously consider going for it instead, especially in open air conditions. Write-up I did on the Group to Justify my thinking
  6. Morse was the Top 2 Center on the Market. YEP. Start was a top 5 DT on the market yep. So History says they will sign at least one Headlining UFA
  7. What I am interested in it this offseason teams have the ability to use 2 tags. So how many of the available 64 tags will be used. That is going to really hurt the depth of the UFA market
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