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  1. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-zach-wilson-to-jets Pick 30 Buffalo Bills Aaron Robinson · CB School: UCF | Year: Senior (RS) The Bills have built a very complete roster. They could easily trade out of the first round and collect some extra picks. Robinson is a tall, rangy cornerback prospect with the ability to play in the slot or outside.
  2. He was a Kicker/Punter in college as well. So Here will be the Camp Leg competition for Bass once season is over after the Super Bowl win and the PS players sign their futures contracts.
  3. It doesn't But shows that the Bills will ensure that they get a Kicker in the building
  4. Rochell I have watched a Bit. I have not DJ Daniel yet. What I like his athletic profile, 6-2 measured, however I think closer to 6-0 to 6-1, but wont matter big bodied CB. Played lower level of competition so his physical skills will shine. Needs to show well in the Senior Bowl (I think I read he accepted), that will show if the FCS prospect belongs. He is physical CB that can get too handsy and too physical will bit on the double move alot because of his aggressiveness, though has the physical traits to make up for that at the FCS level. Like him as a Zone CB more than a Pre
  5. Yeah I think it is going to be 5-7 the winning spread. Really would LOVE a double digit win to shut people up
  6. And then his Warning to KC "Attention Kansasians, you only have a few days to cancel the game against the grizzly bear Josh Allen and the powerful Buffalo Bill. you risk a great and eternal shame if you let this game play. you will be crushed. #BUFvsKC #GoBills #billsmafia @Chiefs"
  7. A "Rabid Hawk" Neighbor has been warned. "I tell my neighbor this morning, stay away from me on Sunday. go to the mountains and sleep in the forest if need be. I will watch Buffalo and there will be a lot of screams! #BUFvsKC #GoBills #BillsMafia"
  8. Spags day drinking again. Anyone want to tell him that out Superstar Phony QB just lit up their new coaches Defense?
  9. Block the Interview Yep I forgot about that.
  10. I wonder if we are going to see the Misdirection, motions, Jet sweeps this game. We really haven’t seen that part of the offense since the playoffs started.
  11. Is this where we are now. Sports reporting saying thing should be delayed because of injuries
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