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  1. well Nemdichi is suspended now he is a UFA as well. When I read about his suspension said he is eligible to play in 3 weeks. cant find a definitive answer though coming from NFL
  2. the workout and such would have happened already. After all the settlement occurred in March I believe and this workout and timing would have been outlined in the Settlement for the Judge to approve.
  3. to be honest just screams a PR thing to me from the league. No team will sign him for this year at this point in the season if they would have he would have had a workout already. This seems more like to me something NFL is trying to do for PR. watch NFL Network televise the workout
  4. if that was the case I don’t think it would have come as a surprise to Kap and His Reps. instead just seems like a PR thing from NFL reason being they tipped Reporters of this before it was even announced on the Waiver wire
  5. well Panthers did report they are No Attending
  6. you would have to think Initial 50M settlement protects NFL from future Lawsuits for Collusion from him.
  7. well could Claim him and doesn’t change the Roster at all because he goes right to the suspended list. I believe the do. I will try to find proof
  8. I think doing that allows for all three Networks to get a playoff game over WC weekend. NFC on Saturday AFC on Sunday maybe the Lowest seeded game be the 1 o’clock so like the #4 v #5 at 1pm. #3 v #6 at 4pm #2 v #7 at 7:30pm ramp up to the top seeded team in Primetime (#2 seed doesn’t get the Bye but they get the WC weekend Primetime game). I could get that. 17 game slate Conference get everyone once (15 games) 2 out of Conference games (those can be your international games).
  9. I think they should get rid of Divisions. Or just go Two divisions in each Conference.
  10. nope flipping between this board and where I was pulling names from various locations
  11. not guaranteed. So can walk away at end of season for NADA
  12. Browns 49ers Mia Washington Cardinals Patriot Giants Broncos Falcons Cowboys Lions seems like more going than not. only ones reported to NOT attending Panthers Ravens said not sure if they are going
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