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  1. MAJBobby

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    Now this is interesting
  2. MAJBobby

    [edited title] Robert Foster, UDFA - Roster shot?

    How long did it take Fred to become a starter. Odds say Foster will be on PS this year. Though WR group is one position group someone can impress ans break into major contributor status right away. But just like Riley i think he spends most of the year on PS
  3. Does seem high to me. I am a 40 year old Soldier and I am at 240 with 15%. And all we have is PT an hour a day.
  4. MAJBobby

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    So at the end of the day this entire thing was semantics. If they let him retire at end of season the entire 10.3M would have counted this year. But by holding him on roster until now it gave them flexibility in UFA, after seeing OK we have the space we need foe 2018 lets make it official and take it on the chin now.
  5. MAJBobby

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    Now at the end of the season sign Eric to that 1 Day contract. And let him have a real retirement ceremony
  6. MAJBobby

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    Taking the Full dead hit this year. Smart. Have the room clear that cap for 2019. They have the room to take the hit on this year and do it. No reason to punt that dead into 2019
  7. MAJBobby

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    And now he is Released. According to JW. So that is that. John Wawrow (@john_wawrow) 5/31/18, 4:15 PM Per source: The Buffalo #Bills have released C Eric Wood.
  8. Good, we should be hearing that during short and OTAs. Now put the pads on open practices to public and we can see if it rings true
  9. Went plant based a year ago to deal with all my inj and such that have sprouted up over the last 18 years of military and multiple deployments. I must say i feel great. Now that being said i am not a professional athlete. Well that and no sugar and GMOs too
  10. MAJBobby

    Eric Wood, 6/1 cut & Roster Addition

    My question is are the Bills still going after cash???
  11. WR Robert Foster. Easily the worst position group on the team. Now if you are counting PS players you will see even more UDFA players make the team
  12. MAJBobby

    People should be worried about our Depth

    Yeah depth issues kind of happen when 1. Poor Drafting over the years 2. Trade-up in drafts occur 3. You are in Cap Hell due to a couple reasons, ie bad contracts and you cleaning up those bad contracts 4. You move on from alot of the past regimes draft picks.
  13. MAJBobby

    Bob Kalsu

    All gave Some.......Some Gave All
  14. MAJBobby

    National Anthem Solution

    So still no Forced Patriotism. I see no Anthem. No pledge at your work. No Forced Patriotism to the Nation at your job i see Such a limited statement with zero context. But hey there was a fake vote that was i guess unanimous even though within 24 hours of said vote teams themselves going against said unanimous vote See Jets