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  1. OMFG don’t scare me like that. I saw Allen limited and freaked the ***** out. Then I noticed the date of the tweet.
  2. Even worse. Now remind them the guy that Elway selected over Josh Allen plays in Miami now. LOL 24 hours
  3. The one I think will claim him is Denver. Depending on how much power Elway still has, he was in love with him during the draft process.... Baker and Wilsons egos on the same team would be must watch TV LOL.
  4. Spray their sidelines down. Freeze up that *****, make them stand on a Frozen sideline all game. I would say take our heaters and heated benches off our sidelines as well, forcing MIA not to use theirs, but Nah I want our players comfortable.
  5. in the Baltimore's Scheme that is completely designed around him. Now the question becomes in a new team do they do the same or do they try and force him to tun into something he is not???
  6. I think 506 is being nice here. They really want to say it wont be on TV because no one wants to watch the trash Patriots.
  7. Ahhh the Fin Fans are Crying about how unfair it is to come from a big time west coast game and to have a short week. Then making it a night game too meaning it will be colder than 1PM on Sunday
  8. 49ers are signing Josh Johnson https://www.nbcsports.com/bayarea/49ers/nfl-rumors-49ers-sign-josh-johnson-brock-purdys-new-backup-quarterback They already signed Josh Johnson.
  9. so a NY giants reporter with a skewed NYG article and report. SHOCKING. SHOCKING I tell you.
  10. I don’t know. I was at the game and NE fans also said it was a BS call. The replay clearly showed Hamlin lead with and make contact with his SHOULDER not head. so they went with the defenseless WR BS
  11. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/12/04/the-nfls-salary-cap-could-exceed-220-million-for-2023/ SPOTRAC has been projecting it at 218M all season on their page.
  12. I am watching the internet thing Closely on Wilson. Will he throw more TDs than he has bathrooms in his house. Bathrooms 12 TDs - 7
  13. Yes Washed. 32 teams massive WR issues all over the league and Washed Beasley doesnt land on a team. WASHED Now he can focus on his horrible rap
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