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  1. Think what I saw or heard in week 1 and 2 they are down 73%. League sent a memo this year saying it has to be clear and obvious.
  2. Hyde is the ONLY reason Poyer got paid. Without Hyde back there Bills cannot do what they do with Poyer.
  3. They are also not calling holding anymore unless it is “clear and obvious”. The NFL wants scoring up and that memo alone on Holding has greatly helped that
  4. This defense is vastly over-rated. But glad we have an offense that can just outscore you if needed.
  5. Cam Lewis is better and would like to see him with the 1s. (Until Norman is back)
  6. So Gabe Davis is at Zay Jones level already in his second game,
  7. Here is what the Ram Fans are saying... http://www.laramsfans.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=35259&sid=2e86e0eef4203ede3dc6d1478ab3470c
  8. I will start judging the AJ pick after 2 years not 2 games.
  9. I want to see Dodson more, Maybe this weekend with Edmunds in the Middle (hope he comes back) and Dodson in place of Milano (I dont think he will be back). But I an tell you there was an Issue in the middle Sunday a HUGE issue this defense that was fielded had Zero answers for it.
  10. I love this offense that I have seen for two weeks. We have shown an offense that can carry a struggling Defense and just flat out out score you. Just think that is also with them still taking the 3rd QTR off. Wait to see what happens when they get this Sluggish 3rd QTR thing out.
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