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  1. Stevenson is a JAG, Kumerow is a good ST ace, him coming back for the playoffs would be a positive but only for the ST corps. Benford would be nice to have as depth in the secondary while Boettger is a nice player to add as depth and kick the tires on so to speak at a thin position corps. The two players that could return from IR that would make a big difference in my opinion would be Hyde (for very obvious reasons) and Crowder. Crowder would have a lesser impact of course but I think Crowder is a true slot WR that this team is missing. Crowder is a more shifty slot WR that I think this team is missing. I don't think Crowder would be the missing link on the offense so to speak but I think he could be a solid positive contributor.
  2. Round three would have been a nice spot to grab a guard and put him behind Saffold for a year.
  3. The Oline was my area of biggest concern this past offseason and the Bills need an overhaul. Need to replace Saffold and bring in competition for Brown and get some more depth and a developmental players.
  4. Von really been recruiting hard for this team.
  5. 27-20 Bills, this is another grind it out type game.
  6. If the Texans decide to cut him he would be the hottest free agent in the NFL, having a nice season and a good NFL pedigree. But I think Hughes won’t be cut he didn’t ask to be traded at the deadline. They probably would just put him on IR.
  7. I think the fact that he looked good in pre-season threw off people’s expectations. I would like to see a little more out of him but he is a mid round pick rookie I think he needs some time to develop. Shakir to me looks like he needs to build some strength and add a little more NFL polish to his game.
  8. Davis has played OK, I was expecting more but his stats aren’t tragic while his drops are a concern he has had 5 games with more than 65 yards out of 10 games played. That’s pretty in line with WR2 production esp considering he had an injury that really limited him in two games. It is just that he hasn’t been that WR1A/B that we really wanted him to be.
  9. I don’t hate kicking the tires so to speak. Brown might have had a lot of injury issues from 2020 to 2021 but he has had the entire off-season and most of the regular season to rest up. Give him a go on the PS for a few weeks to see if he can be a contributor and if he is healthy. It’s a spot on the PS not exactly risking a lot to let him practice for 2-3 weeks.
  10. Mac is really good as a gadget WR4. That’s where he finds his best opportunities.
  11. Should have stuck with Wilson, you have to know what you have 100% before you move on.
  12. The team signed Crowder a vet to help at WR while also adding Shakir a mid round pick. The team made attempts to address the loss of players at the position.
  13. The Bills got a solid win. The team was dealing with a lot with the change of venue and weather where they live. The team overcame a slow start and pulled away late. The Browns aren’t a very good team but the Bills needed to get right mentally and get back into a tie with the Fins for the division.
  14. McD is a great coach, he has built a culture and team that is a contender. I think the week to week reactionaries on this board don’t understand just how good this coach is.
  15. Probably not going to sit Josh it is early in the 4th and the Bills get the ball back. But I think they play much more conservatively switching to a 4 minute clock control offense
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