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  1. Did you call Bernie Sanders a radical communist for pointing all of this out over 4 decades?
  2. I expect to see a lot of Klein out there. I also wouldn't be shocked to see Butler take the bulk of the snaps at one of the DT snaps.
  3. I always think it is better to go with an up and coming coordinator over a retread, so in that sense the Jets made the right move. But will this pan out? I don't know. I have a feeling this is more likely to end up like a Todd Bowles hire. Probably will win 4-6 games in 2021, then 7 games in 2022 and having a winning season in 2023 9-10 games before having a pair of 6 win seasons in 2024-2025 before being fired. But who knows maybe he can actually turn around their organization.
  4. At this point after 4 years of ***** George W Bush style policy, mishandling a pandemic and advocating a coup all while taking no responsibility for anything and most public viral supporters turning out to be open racists I have no idea why anyone would love Trump unless they are a racist or very poorly educated and unwilling to consider that maybe the guy from the Apprentice who writes on Twitter like a 14 year old isn't very good at one of the hardest jobs in the world.
  5. If Trump only had a base of 20% of the GOP you wouldn't see so many Congress people and likely Senators cucking down to him because they fear his base of support.
  6. The MAGA crowd is the party in my opinion. If the MAGA crowd wasn't at least 60-70% of the party (And I think it is probably closer to 80%) than the establishment of the GOP wouldn't be so afraid to kick him out or vote against him. Only 10 Congress members voted to kick him out. Ted Cruz has licked Trump's balls over and over again even after he called his wife ugly, said his dad possibly was involved in the plot to kill JFK and almost got an angry mob to kill him. I don't really see any meaningful evidence that the MAGA crowd isn't the party. The GOP voter percentage increased f
  7. If Trump is allowed to run again he will easily walk through the nomination process. At his lowest point 75% of the base loves him and the Congress members he put in danger still **** to him because they know the MAGA crowd is the party.
  8. Trump has a 75% approval rating within the GOP still even after the coup attempt/riot. If he doesn't get impeached and is able to run again in 2024 he will easily win the nomination. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/13/trump-approval-rating-poll-458602
  9. Typically I like to kick and get the ball back at the half. As no matter what if you are winning or losing you always want the ball to start the next half. If you are winning you want to build on your lead, if you are down you want to have the ball to start a comeback. So no matter what the situation you want the ball to start the second half. However, with the Bills high flying offense I don't necessarily mind them puting the offense out to start the game. Mainly because the Bills defense is much better when it can pin back and force an offense to pass. The pass rush is better wh
  10. They are up there with the Colts, Chiefs and Steelers as being the second best team in the AFC since 2000.
  11. Baltimore has also been a super successful team in general outside of their two SB wins, since 2000 the team has made the playoffs 13 times and in the 8 seasons they have missed the playoffs they only had sub .500 records 4 of those seasons. The Bills franchise is far more starved for winning.
  12. Last year I thought this team tackled really well. I guess that goes to show you the eye test isn't always accurate.
  13. There are 4 prime time young stud QB's in Josh, Mahomes, Watson and Lamar, Baker Mayfield is right on the cusp of that and Herbert and Burrow have shown a lot of promise. Lawrence a generational QB prospect is also coming into the AFC. That's 8 young QB's all of whom could be top 10 QB's in the league. Yes between Herbert, Burrow, Mayfield and Lawrence there is likely to be at least 1-2 busts in there but it could be possible that in 2-3 years 7 out of the top 10 QB's in the league are in the AFC and all will be 28 or younger.
  14. While some of the denials were based off of lack of jurisdiction or lack of standing many were also denied outright on their merits. Many of these affidavits have been proven to not be evidence of fraud but people making misunderstanding or mistakes such as thinking news vans loading and unloading their equipment were swapping out voting machines (which was proven not to be the case by other witnesses and security cameras). Some of these affidavits were just BS or people making outright mistakes. These are the legal claims you think have any legitimacy? I could provide more quotes and links if
  15. That is true. And these backs get playing time. It isn't like they bring these guys in as "mentors" and as third stringers. Gore and Ivory were splitting carries out the backfield.
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