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  1. I would also like to see if he has an out by a certain point in that deal. If I were his agent I would make sure at least by year 4 he has an opt out.
  2. They looked at Olsen before they restructured Kroft into his one year deal. I think they weren't completely sold on Kroft but didn't want to spend big either especially after Kroft took a cut in pay and had his deal expire after 2020. I would say a trade here is not impossible but unlikely.
  3. Having a quantity of a position is worthless if the quality stinks. The TE position is by far the weakest on the team in my opinion. Knox is raw but could develop, Sweeney I see more as developing into a quality backup, Kroft is often hurt and nothing more than a JAG when out there and Lee Smith is a specialist who need dwindles and I am not sure how good he is at his specialty. Overall I think that if this team could land Njoku at a good price he would immediately improve the TE situation.
  4. I would actually be interested if I were the Bills. I would look to trade Kroft and a 2021 fifth for him. The Browns get back a viable backup TE to replace the depth and pocket a pick. The Bills get a young TE who could work in tandem with Knox. BUT I doubt that they make the move. The FO seems to like Kroft for some reason and I do think they rightfully believe in Knox long term.
  5. This Domino Theory people have is weird. I am not going to protect the Redskins name under the theoretical guise that they might come after the Blackhawks name next. I would rather die on the hill of defending the names of the Blackhawks, Chiefs, Indians, Warriors or Braves than on the Redskins. Defending the other names has nothing to do with defending the Redskins name.
  6. Just change the name to the Washington Warriors. You keep the native American theme without the offensive name. It is a simple solution.
  7. Rivers isn't leaving a Clippers team with a Big 2 and good organizational structure in place. The Clippers will have at least 2 to 3 more years of championship opportunities and Rivers isn't leaving to go to the Knicks. The Knicks need a coach who can develop young talent. Atkinson is exactly that. Give Kenny Atkinson three seasons of a hard rebuild and they will see results. Thibs would be the absolute worst hire. I thought Thibs was a good coach in Chicago got a lot out of a team that lost an MVP due to injury. I actually thought he would have worked in Minny bringing in Butler to help KAT and get Wiggins into gear. But Thibs proved in Minny he can't handle younger players and he doesn't know how to not overplay starters. The Knicks need a development guru not a guy who can't work with younger players.
  8. Getting rid of Atkinson was stupid. I hope the Knicks pick him up and he develops their younger players. I fully agree that KD and Kyrie pairing is going to end in frustration for everyone. I think they make deep runs in the playoffs but stall out due to Kyrie's shaky health and KD taking time to recover from that massive injury.
  9. Just play the games with no fans. This is a national health crisis probably not the best time to try and gather tens of thousands of people.
  10. The accuracy of the swab test is estimated to be 95% and the rapid test 89% that is not good to this type of thing where 99% or higher is needed. But 90% or higher accuracy still provides valuable information. Countries like South Korea and Japan used these tests as the backbone of their containment plan and it was a helpful tool. So to dismiss these tests as having no value is simply not true.
  11. There are a few stadium freaks out there who love to see designs of stadiums. Personally I don't care much but I know people who actually really care about stadium designs. That is one thing I love about outdoor stadiums is that the action is more focused on the field with less things above the field of play. I get the benefit of screen as it allows you to see a replay you might have missed. But overall I think you get enough screens at outdoor stadiums without the need for an obnoxious massive screen overhead.
  12. This is a shrewd move by the Pats. Cam when healthy is a good QB, borderline top 10 QB in recent seasons even if he has fallen off since his MVP form. The issue is that Cam simply hasn't been able to stay healthy. But for the Pats they are desperate at QB and this is the type of chance they should take.
  13. I think that the NFL should (I say this speculatively as you said there might be laws against this) be able to contact his representation and try and provide them some guidance as to how AB can turn his career around and get back into the NFL. He is such a high profile head case that a team might gamble on and make the NFL as a whole look negligent.
  14. I never said that the league should push for his return but rather work with him to get his off the field issues sorted out before a possible return. He is a liability to himself and the league being out there acting erratic. The league can't make him do anything obviously but it would be good for them and help protect them from looking like they just let a star player descend into madness and ruin his career and life. He clearly needs help and he isn't getting it. Maybe the NFL should look out for a star player to help send a message that they actually care about player health and safety?
  15. He has a lot of issues. I think the NFL should work with him to make sure he is in a good place mentally and that his legal issues are in order. Yes they should still suspend him for any legal issues but to have such a prominent NFL player who clearly has good football left in him to not be on the field and being such an off the field issue makes the NFL look bad.
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