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  1. Short term they have Mitch, Bates and Mongo can fill in at center if needed. I liked the Doyle pick as I think he can be quality depth long term. I never hate on oline picks.
  2. Not really sure where else they could go with a 5th round pick. If he goes on IR and comes back as valuable depth in camp I would hardly say that it was a wasted pick. Never really a waste in my opinion to boost your Oline depth.
  3. The defense was by most metrics graded out to be a top 10 defense. They had an elite secondary and an above average pass rush and a run defense that although it struggled at times finished the season out strong. It wasn’t top 3 like it was in 2019 but it certainly was in the top 10 by both the true eye test and the stats.
  4. Not worried about Dawkins and Ike seems like a mild setback as they will hopefully only be out for a week or two. Hughes is a bit worrisome, hoping it is a mild injury just odd to see a calf injury. Not a great start to camp but better to have these small issues early in camp.
  5. The defense is a top 10 defense, the special teams unit is solid and the offensive playmaking talent is elite and the offensive line very good. If this team had a mid-level QB the team would still have a capable passing attack and I think the ground game would be a lot more productive if it was needed more. I think a lot of the “lack of success” in the ground game is the result of being so successful at throwing the ball. This Bills team is far better than those later Manning Indy teams. I think this team is far more comparable to the Colts after Luck left and in 2020 they added a
  6. It is an interesting to think what this roster would turn out with an average or below average QB. Like if Derek Carr were the QB what would this teams record be both last year and this year? I think this team is probably a 10-11 win team with a decent QB. Josh likely adds 2-3 wins which is impressive. I think this roster is a very well composed outside of Josh this roster is a lot better than any of the drought era teams. I think the depth, offensive line and attention to smaller areas of the roster are far better than in the past. While Josh is the big pie
  7. Probably would invest in an index fund over a USA based soccer team but hey if this is what he wants to invest in good for him.
  8. Third behind Tampa and KC seems fair not sure at San Francisco is so high.
  9. The outcome while not obvious seems to work out for all parties involved. The Packers get one more year of Rodgers than a haul of picks in 2022. Rodgers gets out of Green Bay and gets to pick his destination (as it will be far easier for teams to trade for him at the beginning of the offseason) while also not risking missing out on the 2021 season. Denver has to be the front runner, wouldn’t be shocked to see some other candidates emerge but Denver just makes too much sense.
  10. Of those 11 wins only 4 were against teams that would have a winning record and only one was by a more than one score margin (a blowout against the Browns). And 5 out of the 7 wins they got against bad teams were by one score margins. I wouldn’t say it was a mirage as the Steelers defense was a legit good defense until they got hit hard by injuries and their offense was able to be decent enough working around their limitations. I wouldn’t say 11-0 was a complete mirage as the defense before they got badly hurt was good but it certainly was slightly inflated and their 1-4
  11. Mutually beneficial, Diggs set the table for Josh but Josh also is by far the best QB to be throwing him the ball.
  12. America’s team is a grand experiment in public ownership ironic.
  13. Signed with the Eagles guess McD likes what he has...
  14. I think the Packers resolve all this by just going for it with Rodgers and Adam’s for one last season. They basically let Adam’s know we will let you test free agency after this season and let Rodgers know if you play out this season we will trade you in 2022. It gives the Packers short term peace for 2021 and Rodgers and Adams know that they won’t be there long term. So I don’t see either on the trade market.
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