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  1. I don't see DT being viable for the Bills in round 1. For one I just don't see a DT likely being the BPA at that spot over other edge rushers, corners or offensive skill position players that could be there at pick 30. I also think the need is greater for an NT which is more likely to be a better value in the 2nd to 3rd round. I would drastically prefer an Edge Rusher or Corner to help solidify the defense at pick 30 if there was a massive NT there then I wouldn't be opposed but I don't see one worth taking.
  2. If in 2019 Josh had to play behind the same caliber of talent he had in 2018 and on a new team with a new coach I think Josh would have had similar results to his 2018 season. Luckily Josh had a rebuilt Oline and better skill position players to work with in 2019 and he saw progress. I think Rosen was going to be a bust either way due to various factors but he certainly was not put in a positive position to have success his first two years in the league. I am just really surprised he hasn’t been able to hang onto a backup job.
  3. I think Bojo wanted top dollar and Beane knew he couldn’t afford to meet those demands so he moved in a different direction. Would have loved for Bojo to have been back but these are the choices you make in a capped league.
  4. They will likely take care of Diggs, not really all that worried.
  5. I think the Bills hold at pick 30 and take the best player on the board, they are in a position where they can just let the draft come to them and it is a good spot to be in. I think McBeane would prefer to trade down into the mid to late 30’s unless tremendous value presented its self at 30. I think given the crunch this team is going to be under when Josh’s contract comes due it makes sense for McBeane to trade down and get more picks and still get a player that can help 5 to 10 spots later. But I don’t see a trade down being available and I think it would make sense for the Bil
  6. There will be a lot of pressure on Ed, AJ, Edumonds and Phillips to step up. For one Phillips career here is on the line. I suspect they draft an NT in round 3-5 which will put a lot of pressure on him to justify his spot. Edumonds is likely also playing for his next contract, a bad year in a contract season is going to cost him money. AJ will need to justify his playing time this season as if he comes in with another down year he will not be handed any snaps in year 3 and it will be harder to come by. Ed needs to prove he is an elite player. He has justified being a starting caliber player wh
  7. Not sure how a full Covid year in college football is going to play out in terms of the draft. But at pick 30 the Bills are primed to take the best talent available at CB, Edge, RB, TE or WR (they could also go NT but I don’t think there is any NT worth taking in that range.) Ideally I would like to see an Edge player that is a good value taken, but that’s not always going to shake out. I think CB is likely to be the pick with an offensive skill position player being the dark horse.
  8. I just don’t see a draft scenario where a LT or an Oline fits, it would be a depth pick at pick 30 when this team has legit needs (Edge, CB,NT or TE) and other areas where a “luxury” pick could be more useful (WR or RB.) I just think it is far more likely a player falls that fits one of those many other catagories.
  9. I don’t think they are going to target interior Oline at pick 30, I think with the resigning of Mongo and the productive play of Ike and Ford being there for depth and competition I just don’t see McBeane passing on other more impactful players who will likely be there either at corner, edge or a offensive skill position. It isn’t impossible but it is rather unlikely. I see Edge and Corner as the most likely possibilities with an offensive skill position player being possible if the value isn’t there.
  10. It will likely be a case of the Bills just letting the draft come to them. I can see DE or CB being the pick on the defensive side or if they go offense it will be WR or RB. In terms of team need Edge is by far the teams biggest need but I don’t see McBeane reaching if there just isn’t one there that makes sense. NT And TE are also needs but I don’t see that lining up either. Overall it is just going to come down to who is available at pick 30 and that’s a good spot to be in.
  11. They did make some moves to help out the secondary and LB corps in free agency. Mainly John Johnson and Troy Hill should help that secondary, add in the possibility of adding an LB early in the draft and I think they can for sure make some noise in the AFC.
  12. It would be a shame to see the CFL after 63 years go out. I do wonder how popular the league actually is in Canada? After 63 years it is suddenly not profitable?
  13. I meant more so which programs are known to be secular aka not really religious, considering atheists are a small minority in this country that are often discriminated against rather easily it wouldn’t be smart to advertise being an atheist for any program.
  14. What college football program would be best for an atheist? Serious question as I hear a lot about programs with religious backgrounds and I see so little about what programs are most secular.
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