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  1. That is exactly my thought process. I would love a coming out party for Ed sacks wise but you can't expect a guy to go from 0 to 3 in a single game. Certainly is possible but not something you should be expecting.
  2. PFF was actually saying how they might have to eat crow on Josh Allen before the Pats game. I think that Pats game probably graded him out much lower than he should be. I don't think Josh has been a top 10 QB this season but I think he is in the top 20 or so. Certainly not in the bottom 5. Each game he has been accurate and moving the ball well. The turnovers are a blemish for sure but not something that invalidates how much better his overall play has been.
  3. Long is much more versatile than Spain. Although I get the value proposition that Spain might be better. But in the end I guess you can't have enough Oline depth so I wouldn't hate the move provided that Spain would be Ok competing for a spot.
  4. I can't see Spain coming back unless it is on a modest one year deal. Which might be possible since his market this past off-season wasn't too hot and his play has been fairly average or less thus far. I think long term they are going to kick Ford in at LG next season if he continues to struggle at RG. I think Spain would be excellent as a backup but I would rather throw that money elsewhere if he commands anything more than a 3ish million dollar one year deal. Bates and Long are already in place as depth along the interior O-line and I think they are going to draft another O-line player high to push Ty for the RT spot which would add another quality bench player.
  5. I don't see Sanu as a good fit for this team. He is more of a slot receiver and less of an outside threat. I was actually all for trading for him in the off-season before Beasley was signed. But I think Beasley on the roster makes Sanu redundant. I would rather go for Manual Sanders as he adds speed and an outside threat and wouldn't cost much more (Granted that is if Denver doesn't keep winning games.)
  6. A- or B+, personally leaning more towards a B+ just so far. 2017 was an amazing way to end the drought but even that was by the thinnest margin possible and almost ruined by switching to Peterman still an A+ season in my opinion to win 9 games with that roster. 2018 was a big blemish on the resume. I get that this season was a clearing out of bad contracts and other issues left over from the Rex era. But the managing of the QB situation was just horrendous. The defense did play like a top 10 unit but the offense was a bottom 2-3 unit. The continued loyalty to Peterman and the lack of finding a true veteran QB to play in front or behind Josh was so bad. I would have given McD a D+ for that season. But 2019 so far has been another A+. Overall it is an interesting ride with McD. I believe that he always had a 3 year plan to take 2017 and 2018 to clear out contracts, gain draft capital to draft a QB, and build his culture. But he overachieved in 2017 which may have warped the expectations for 2018. But now in 2019 the team has had a chance to execute a proper rebuild in many different avenues. They have an elite defense a solid special teams unit and a decent enough offense. The team also has cap flexibility to add a piece or two in free agency and maintain what they have, they also have their draft assets going forward. Overall McD has executed a prudent rebuild with a look to sustain a winning model for the next 2-3 seasons as well. BUT he did mismanage the most important position and potentially risk harming the growth of a rookie QB in 2018 which is so far just under half of his tenure here. So taking into account that bump in the road I think a B+ with an eye towards an A if this team wins 10+ this year.
  7. That is a significant injury report. The bye came at an excellent time, both teams really beat each other up in that Titans game. Hopefully they can stomp out the Fins and get out with limited injuries.
  8. I think the narrative of McBeane not doing well with free agent signings is going to fade away. Brown and Beasley have delivered the upgrade at WR, Mitch is playing as well as we thought, and some unheralded signings like Feliciano are balling out too. Even some of the lesser successful signings are still producing to a decent level like Ty. Overall I think the fact that McBeane finally had a lot of cap space to work with proved that this regime can make quality pro-personnel decisions. Granted not everything has worked out like Kroft but the quality moves have far outweighed the busts.
  9. I could see the Ravens and or Pats game being flexed if the Bills continue to win games. The Jets game is not going to be flexed because they only flex games that have a 100% outcome on a playoff appearance. I also don't know if the Steelers game will be flexed either since I don't think the Steelers will be in contention by then.
  10. I wouldn't be so sure. I think that assuming the team continues to win at a good pace they are going to at least be monitoring the trade market for a WR or a DE and possibly an OT if injuries occur there. I don't think there is a ground breaking move but a 3rd or a mid-rounder for a starting caliber player is a trade I wouldn't be too shocked to see.
  11. If Emmanuel Sanders is on the block for a 3rd rounder I would consider it esp since he would likely net back a comp 3rd. A really good pro who helps the team add some punch to the WR core.
  12. Circumstances play a huge factor in QB play. Goff was looking like a bust under Jeff Fisher but quickly turned it around once the O-line, WR talent, and offensive scheme were upgraded. I am not sure why it is so hard to say that a QB was not put in a position to have success which might have negatively impacted their career. Rosen might have been a bust even in a good situation but it is fair to say that he hasn't been in a good situation ever.
  13. If Mosley and Williams are healthy I give them a punchers chance. But the thing is I trust Brady to win a game late more than I trust Darnold. I do think that the Jets had Darnold been healthy would have at least one more win. They aren't as bad as their record indicates but they have issues beyond Darnold and some other injuries.
  14. For once the drafts are falling into the positions the Bills need. In 2018 the Bills needed a QB it was a QB heavy draft (Unlike 2013 when they were in desperate need of a QB and it wasn't a good draft for one.) In 2019 the Bills needed a pass rusher and the draft featured a lot of good pass rushers. The 2020 draft is projected to be a WR heavy draft when the Bills need a WR. I loved the Ford pick and the time and while the early returns are mixed I would rather have a good guard in place around my young QB and wait a year to draft a top flight WR. Than to have taken DK early in round 2 instead of Ford. I will say that as DK was falling to the late 50's I did think that the Bills should have packaged the Singletary pick and one of their 4th rounders they had to go up and get him. But those picks ended up being Singletary and Knox who I think have some potential so I can't complain. But that was my thought the day of the draft. Why not go and get a deep threat for Josh after getting Ford to build a piece for the O-line going forward.
  15. I agree that Rosen's 2018 situation was not much better or worse than Darnold's and Josh Allen's. But the Bills and Jets respectively rebuilt their offensive talent around both of them and had their QB's return for a second season. Rosen in my opinion looked like a rookie QB in Arizona up and down but certainly not someone who was worthy to give up on given the circumstances. Now granted they gave up on him for various reasons. They had an opportunity to draft a QB that their new coach liked better so these things happen. But where Rosen's misfortune happened is that he went to Miami where his supporting cast downgraded. In most QB's second year after being drafted the team begins to invest in supporting pieces to at least give a QB a chance to have success. But Rosen downgraded in offensive supporting cast from year one to two. I hope that he lands in a better situation where he can sit for a year or two and get his confidence back. Look at how the Saints resurrected Bridgewaters prospects as a pro-QB. I think Rosen is better off served in that kind of situation as opposed to just being thrown onto two bad teams.
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