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  1. The NFL has to become more global if they want that corporate growth level that all big organizations want. The NFL is king domestically there is not that much more growth in the US market relatively speaking. The NFL has opportunities in the UK, Germany and Mexico for expansion as they have been making inroads in those markets. They will not only have to grow the interest in those markets but also find 2-3 more big markets to try to break into. It’s just business.
  2. You also have to look at context in the NFL as unlike baseball games happen in context. The defense in many games was worn down by losing a time of possession battle due to an under performing offensive unit. You are holding almost calls and games they won holding the opponent under 20 points against them.
  3. There are 49ers fans who feel like Shanny’s holding them back. Mainly they feel like his inability to move on from Jimmy G and his inability to get his offense going in the playoffs is holding them back. Also “put Allen on the 49ers and they win a SB” is flawed logic. Had the 49ers had Josh they would have a QB with a much bigger cap number and not have the same roster. Most fanbases hate their head coach for various reasons. The Bills fanbase has valid criticisms of McD but I wouldn’t romanticize other teams head coaches to prove that point.
  4. This is really nit picking on the defense. The defense was not the reason the team lost the Jags, Denver or Jets games. The only reason the Bills had chances in those games was because of the defense. The Bengals game was also not on the defense solely. The defense gave up 3 points in the second half of that game the offense only scored 11 points in the second half. The defense gave the offense a chance in that second half. The Pats and Eagles losses (although the defense did force a 59 yard field goal in bad weather in the Eagles game) you can pin on the defense. But the defense is not the reason for most of these losses or closer victories. Just stop with this nonsense.
  5. I’m feeling very depleted by this team, I am just tired at this point. My heart is still in it but I’m just lowering my expectations for now and just watching the games “for fun” whatever happens happens.
  6. Every head coach has “enemies” players who feel they were unfairly cut or not given a chance or coaches in a similar position. Dorsey’s offense was outright awful in design and he deserved to be fired. I know everyone is going to ***** on the defense (which unlike the offense lost 3 key starters for the season and had other players banged up) but the defense is not the reason this team lost most of the 6 games it has lost. You can only pin 2 maybe 3 losses on a bad defensive effort. The Jets game was lost due to Josh and the turnovers and a ST return in OT. The Jaguars game was lost because the offense didn’t get it going the only reason the Bills had a chance was because the defense kept a lot of points off the board. The Pats loss was on the defense although had the offense got it going sooner I think they would have been fine. The Bengals loss was on both sides of the ball. The defense had a bad first half but only let up 3 points in the second half giving the offense a chance to make a comeback. 50/50 as to which side of the ball shouldered the loss. The Broncos loss was completely on the offensive side of the ball as the only reason the game was close was because of turnovers the defense held their end of the bargain. And the Eagles loss was more so on the defensive side of the ball. Although the defense did force a 59 yard field goal attempt in bad weather. Had that nearly miracle kick not happened the defense would have come up in the clutch. You can blame the defense on that loss somewhat fairly. I just don’t see the defense being the primary reason this team has lost many of its games.
  7. From 2021 to 2022 over investing on defense early in the draft was a valid criticism of the Bills drafting. But in 2023 they spent their first two picks on offense and produced two plug and play starters. I think from here on out they should be spending 2 out of the 3 top picks on offense. Sometimes you will have to spend an early pick on defense but the majority of the picks should be to put talent around Josh.
  8. The Bills past two drafts have been very good reminiscent of the 2017-2018 drafts. Even the drafts from 2019-2021 while not great were still solid drafts that all produced multiple starters. The Bills even adjusted to draft heavier on offense spending their first two picks on offense in 2023 finding two plug and play starters. So whatever you want to say about the Bills they shouldn’t change their draft process.
  9. I know there are a lot of people who hate on McD but there is no reason even if the season completely collapses to fire McD unless he completely loses the locker room. And that does not appear to be the case. The Eagles stuck with Andy Reid for many years despite playoff under-achieving because the organization knew he was a good coach and good coaches are hard to find. It was only until Reid appeared to be losing the locker room that he was let go as both parties needed a fresh start. Good organizations stick with good coaches. Not a popular opinion but I think McD deserves one more season to try to right the ship.
  10. I don't think the league is overtly "fixed". The reason is there would be far too much to lose (literally the entire league would go down the drain) and far too little to gain (the league wouldn't make that much more money if they got the matchups they most desired). The incentives just aren't there for the league to be fixed. Now do I think that referees do have personal bias and that can influence games? Of course, but do I think there are top down orders from the league office to instruct referees to make favorable calls for one team? No, it just is far too much to lose and far too little to gain for that level of conspiracy to make sense.
  11. I trust the Bills' drafting, especially with how well the past two drafts are looking (Obviously, 2017-2018 were home run drafts but 2019-2021 were looking like all-right drafts) but the 2022 draft is looking like a big success even if Elam doesn't pan out (Shakir and Cook are good skill position players and Benford and Bernard are two good starters on defense) and the 2023 draft class features two plug and play good starters in Kincaid and Torrence plus a third player in Williams who has flashed potential, that's with Shorter taking a red-shirt maybe he can also be a contributor. I think in the end I think McBeane finds good players in the draft.
  12. All those things Rodger’s wanted probably would look a whole lot better with him in there. That being said we all know Hackett stinks, Cobb has been washed, Boyle has no business being on an NFL roster and Lazard was a massive overpay. They dedicated their coaching on offense and several roster spots and some decent cap dollars to a player who got hurt in week 1. Rodgers had some gripes about how the Packers built their roster but they also might have saved him from himself.
  13. Can you elaborate? Is the injury not a torn Achilles?
  14. I would suspect that Gabe will get priced out and the Bills would be wise to let him walk (take the comp pick and try to retain a defensive free agent with that money like AJE). The Bills would then be wise to spend a 1st rounder at WR to replace Gabe and given that Diggs will be 31 next season have an heir apparent ready long term (having Shakir, Kincaid and a rookie as the young guns with Diggs as the vet). I like Brady trying to get a pivotal player (like or hate Gabe but the team needs at least some solid production from him) some kudos for doing the dirty work (blocking and run routes both things Gabe is good at) that doesn’t get on the stat sheet. I think this is a sign that Brady thinks holistically and he knows going into some tougher games he is going to need Gabe to have a bigger receiving impact and continue to do the dirty work as well.
  15. Davis is just due for a pretty big game. He hasn’t had a big game since Tampa Bay which was about a month ago. The track record of Davis this year and last is usually a big (or at least impactful) game every 3-4 weeks and then a weeks long disappearing act. So just by that pattern he probably has 1-2 more big games left in him.
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