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  1. I agree with your assessment that they should transfer the slate of games from Thursday to Monday, that would fix the tremendous problem of the games being bad. I guess my point is that the issues with MNF are fixable whereas almost no matter what you do (unless you mandate the teams playing on Thursday's have a bye the week before) the short turnaround for TNF is almost always going to be an issue. Whereas MNF doesn't have that same huge logistical barrier, they just need to improve the selection of games and the broadcast. I know hardcore football fans who really love TNF for the reasons you stated. I think TNF is really loved by the hardcore fan as long as the quality of the games is decent. BUT I think for casual fans and the quality of the product TNF should go.
  2. I think the players would much rather play on Monday than on Thursday for that reason alone I would just keep MNF and ditch the Thursday games. That's the best argument against the Thursday games is that the players really express disdain for it. Monday being on a 24 hour difference is something no player has expressed concerns over. I also argue that unlike the Thursday games where a lot of the play is sloppy due to lack of practice and a quick turnaround the issue with the Monday games not being of the highest quality is fixable by getting them a better slate of games and improving the broadcast.
  3. Sanders was a solid choice but not sure how much he has left at best he has 1 maybe 2 good seasons left. Diggs will turn 27 in 2020, he has 3-4 prime seasons left if he doesn't get hurt and could probably be a high end WR2 into his 30's as his game will age well. Yes it did cost the team more to acquire Diggs but hey go for it.
  4. The Monday night time slot is much better for the NFL week and the players than the Thursday night slot. But while I will agree that the Thursday game last season was in general better than the Monday Night games; but over the past 5 years I think the Thursday game has rarely been good (Usually it is typically a sloppy game that is a blowout), whereas the Monday night game has been more consistent despite not having marquee matchups anymore. I will agree that both have paled in comparison to the Sunday night game. I think that the Monday game serves as a fun final NFL game to cap a week. Whereas the Thursday game happen only 3 days later and isn't an effective way to kick off an NFL week. The decline of Monday Night football stems from Sunday Night Football getting the "A slate" of games and the Thursday game coming just a few days later (thus eliminating the whole last chance to see football for 5-6 days thing.) ESPN's poor presentation has not helped either. If I were in charge of the NFL I would gut the Thursday game (Except for Thanksgiving and opening week) and focus on rebuilding MNF as a big prime time event. I would try to keep SNF as big of a deal as it is but try to force ESPN to make broadcast improvements while getting as good of a slate of games as possible. Maybe I am just antiquated but I never really enjoyed TNF.
  5. I think the growth in the USA is nearly impossible at a high level. How much more popular could football get in the USA? I am sure you could pull in some more casual fans but overall the growth in the USA only comes from milking the existing fans by putting on more games and creating more of the product. Whereas American football has gained a foothold in the UK and Mexico both markets that combine for over 100 million people. I also think that Germany is another spot where growth in it is possible. I don't know where else you could grow the game but international expansion in terms of marketing is a must if the NFL wishes to grow revenue meaningfully. As far as officiation of games? I agree the NFL needs to find a way to cut down on flags. But what exactly can they do to cut down on flags? What penalties do they call too much of? I legitimately don't know. Roughing the passer and QB protections are needed (I don't think allowing more borderline hits on QB's really adds to the value of the game) but they could be relaxed in a way where defenders know what they can and can't do more clearly. There are far too many rules that put too much onus on the defender to just know how to ease up on a QB in live play. I also don't know if "under officiating" the games makes them better. Seattle's legion of boom basically mugged receivers taking advantage of the NFL officials not wanting to "over officiate the game" and they were a slog to watch defensively as their pass defense amounted to pulling down receivers over and over again. Sure they were talented and still good in the years after but they went from an all time great defense to just a great defense because they couldn't take advantage of the way the rules are enforced. I think that you run the risk of coaches and players taking advantage of rules that are more lax in enforcement. But then you don't want to call flags on every play either?
  6. Burrow just turned 23 whereas Allen is about to turn 24 in May. Your point is valid but it isn't like they are the same age exactly.
  7. The Thursday games are rarely good in my opinion. The players hate the 3 day turnaround, the games are often sloppy quality wise and they are rarely compelling matchups. MNF has been hurt by the fact that SNF took the best games when MNF moved to ESPN and the fact that it went from the only nationally televised game each week to now one of three makes it feel less special overall. Thursday games also ruin fantasy football in my opinion because it is a constant thing you have to monitor as opposed to just putting in your waiver claims Tuesday and adjusting your roster Wednesday and then you are good until Sunday. Monday being only one day removed from Sunday doesn't alter the players ability to prepare for games. I think MNF is a salvageable product whereas TNF is an abomination.
  8. I think fatigue and overexpose is real. Monday Night Football is not really a relevant game anymore and I think the 3rd Sunday game along with Thursday games have been a big factor in that. I think hardcore football fans love more football. However the hardcore fan is going to watch no matter what. I think that growing revenue by just making more of the product for hardcore fans isn't a sustainable business model. They should focus their efforts on improving their efforts to get international expansion and casual fans as opposed to just squeezing more out of their existing fan base.
  9. That was from the Spike TV version they did which was more adult oriented haha. But the Nick show while a bit more risqué for a cartoon is mostly good for kids to watch (depending on how old and to what degree you let them watch more risqué stuff.)
  10. I wish he would expand his game but some guys are just athletes who can't for whatever reason expand their skillset and as the old adage says you can't teach speed. I think his current value is as a WR 5 who has a few plays designed for him with the added value of being a backup kick returner.
  11. Monday Night football used to be the event of the NFL week. Now thanks to Sunday night football and the Thursday night game (among other factors to be fair) Monday night football is an after thought. The fact that the NBA, NHL and MLB regular season games are often overlooked shows you that constantly playing games and putting your product 4-6 days a week on national TV can severely overexpose and water down how important games feel. Even on Thanksgiving no one really cares for the 3rd game. They want to see the Cowboys and Lions games early in the day and then just pass out or enjoy the day with family. To me personally I used to love the NFL a lot more before the Thursday game. It used to be that after Monday Night football the NFL would take some time and reset. Tuesday you would do a recap of the Monday game and power rankings/early previews. Wednesday to Friday were just building anticipation previewing the weeks matchup and Saturday was college. Now with the Thursday game the NFL is omni-present and it just waters down the specialness of NFL football to have it on every 2 or 3 days. It does long term damage to the brand in my opinion because if something is always on it is never on. I guess my gripe is that the increasing of the playoffs, Thursday games, adding of a 17th regular season game, and all these things don't expand the appeal of the NFL to the more casual audience but just simply milks the hardcore fan who is already buying the product. It is just a lazy cash grab one that could be very short sighted.
  12. Cincy better get a number one pick in 2021 from Miami in this deal. Pick 1 for 5, 18, and 26 along with mid round picks isn't good enough value. If I were Cincy I would in a heartbeat take picks 5, 18, and 26 along with Miami or Houston's 2021 1st and Miami's 5th in 2020. I think Burrow is more of a Sam Bradford type QB, low ceiling high floor type QB. In a lot of drafts like 2018 he wouldn't be the top pick. If you can get 3 premium selections plus pocket a future 1st and get a mid-round pick or two tossed for a good but not great QB prospect I would take it. Cincy should just avoid drafting a QB and set their sights on building a more complete roster with that boat load of picks. And having an extra first in 2021 gets you another ticket at drafting Trevor Lawrence.
  13. I thought from a competitive standpoint the 12 out of 32 with byes for the top 2 in the conference was a perfect playoff format that valued the regular season, finishing high in your conference and not making it too difficult to make the playoffs but not too easy. I also don't think that adding 2 more games to wildcard weekend is really going to draw that many more eyes. Saturday and Sunday already have 2 games each that weekend, does having a 3rd game each day really do anything for the casual fan who probably doesn't want to watch 9.5 hours a day of football in back to back days? I think that much like Thursday night football overexposure and fatigue is a real thing. The Thursday game is only really liked by some hardcore fans and isn't worth the overexposure and watering down of the product. The playoffs having 6 games in one weekend is just overkill and something that will only appeal to hardcore fans. I wish the NFL would just pour more effort into expanding into other markets (which they do but they could be doing a better job of) as opposed to overexposing their product in their most profitable market.
  14. In my mind I hope a good DE is there at pick 54. Edge rush is such an older group for far too critical a position.
  15. Mac brings speed to the offense and in the NFL speed alone can make a couple of plays here and there. Speed is also something you can design specific plays around which adds a small dimension to the offense. To me he is a solid gadget play guy. 2 to 3 touches a game with some sweep fakes and other diversions thrown in.
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