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  1. Not shocking the Bills have won in 7 blowout wins, 2 close losses, 1 loss by two possessions and one blowout loss. 9 of the Bills games have been by two or more possessions most by 3 or more possession margins.
  2. I am not shocked, the Bills offense in the first 11 games of 2020 produced three stinkers (Titans, Chiefs and the second Jets game) the defense bailed out the field goal kicking offense against the Jets but the other two games were losses. In 2021 the Bills offense has had three stinkers the Steelers, Jags and Colts games. The rest of the games in 2021 the Bills have scored 26 or more points with all but one (the second Fins game) being a 30 or more point affair. The Bills in 2020 offensively turned in six good to great performances to end the season they scored 27, 34, 26, 48, 38 and 56 points in the last six games of the season in 2020. Hopefully the Bills in 2021 can find more consistency.
  3. I do wonder how many penalties are on the Bills defense vs. Bills offense. If the penalties are defense heavy it could be a design of the gameplan to be extra physical and live with a few extra calls going against you. But if the penalties are heavy on the offensive side too that's on the coaching staff.
  4. The AFC is a gigantic scrum. Only 3 teams are really out of it (The Texans, Jags, and Jets) even the 4th team with a losing record the Fins are still hanging in there with a 5-7 record. The Bills just really need to win next Monday take care of your games and let the rest shake out.
  5. I feel much better about this game than I did the Colts game. The Bills were out Star the team's best run defending defensive linemen and Brown the team's best O-line players along with Mongo one of the teams top 2 guards (I know that says a lot about the team's guard situation but I do think Mongo is decent). It was a Buzzsaw that the Bills ran into. For the Pats game the Bills will most likely have both Star and Brown back along the lines and possibly get Mongo back too. I know Tre is out but that isn't as big of a factor with the Pats WR's not being all that. I feel much better about this game. It will be close but I am feeling a win.
  6. I like taking a chance on a guy who plays well but can't quite stay healthy for PS/depth players. I think they do like what they have in Dane/Neal so that is a good sign this team wasn't scrambling when Tre got hurt.
  7. The Bills getting Star, Brown and Mongo back along the lines will make a big difference in my opinion. Yes White is a big loss but I don't see the Bills secondary not being able to contain the Pats WR corps.
  8. Just win next Monday and figure the rest out. Miami is playing better lately and seems to always give NE drama. So that's a positive.
  9. Money is a bit tight but I donated 2.70 just to show some support and it goes to a good cause.
  10. That Jags loss was such a killer. The Bills could be sitting at 8-3 in a good spot in the AFC if they just put up 10 points against the hapless Jags. The Steelers game is a game that happens sometimes where bad gameplans and flat play tank a game (The Steelers are also not that bad of a team), the Titans game was a road game against a good team that went down to the wire, the Colts game was the team running into a bad matchup without some key players along the lines due to Covid and it happens. But that Jags game is just an awful loss. It is a loss that puts the Bills in a position to possibly have to go on the road in the playoffs. Hopefully this team can go 5-1 or 6-0 to end the season and just get hot at the right time.
  11. "Well documented O-line and D-line issues." The O-line with Brown and Mongo out (especially Brown) has had issues but the D-line is a part of one of the best defenses in the league. The D-line got abused one game (the Colts) and it was without Star the team's best run defender who has also turned into a plus pass rusher this season) I don't think they are having "well documented issues." The D-line has been outright dominant most of the season especially when Star plays. Even the O-line when Brown has been there has been a fairly good unit. The Bills will be getting Brown, Mongo and Star back which should sure up the lines. White will be missed in the secondary but I think this team will still field a top 7ish defense without Tre. I don't see the remaining schedule as all that hard to go at least 4-2. Even if you lose at Tampa Bay and you split the Pats game I don't see how they can't go 3-0 against the hapless Jets and mediocre Falcons and Panthers. 11-6 should easily get this team into the playoffs.
  12. I don’t think Fournette would be that much better than what is on the roster.
  13. I feel like this will be a close game. Both teams have good defenses but I trust the Bills offense to score on the Pats defense more than the other way around. If the Bills can not turn the ball over I think they can get the win here. I do expect both Star and Spencer Brown to come back with 11 days between games. That should help both sides of the line. I also think Mongo has a shot to come back which will further bolster the O-line.
  14. Seems like this was more money than the NFL or Kronke wanted to give up but not as much as St. Louis wanted. I hope that St. Louis puts the money to good use.
  15. I still think Dawkins is a decent LT this season. Last year and in other years he has been better but I still think he has mostly held down the fort. Brown should play out the season at RT as there is a more glaring need there.
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