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  1. I didn't realize they played Crowder. That being said when you sit your top 3 WR's and you still get a good performance from a WR who is 4-5 down on the depth chart it isn't a bad showing.
  2. But then you add Kurt Angle to the mix
  3. I hope both have solid seasons it would be nice to have the Brady era Patriots cycle of players getting overpaid elsewhere then coming back and balling out again.
  4. Solid little acquisition for the Oline depth.
  5. That’s pretty common with NFL Coaches, however there has been questions as to how much those long hours pay off in the long run. Not only is the human body/mind only capable of so much but at what point are you over preparing? Given the NFL’s culture I don’t see this changing anytime soon.
  6. Coaching goes far beyond simply calling plays and in game decisions. Yes that is one aspect of good coaching but the team building and organization building aspect is far more important and McD is one of the best organization builders out there.
  7. Schobel makes the pass rush elite, Peters solidifies the Oline and Lee Evans makes the offense unstoppable.
  8. Good competition for that 6th WR spot and for a returner you could do worse than kicking the tires.
  9. Seems gimmicky but I support the attempt to do something different.
  10. ESPN’s business model once rights fees took off was always the highlights and pundits would produce the money while the sports would break even and be a gigantic ad for the networks. The rights fees are still massive and not making much for the network and the punditry and highlights are declining due to the internet. Sports Center or your local news used to be the only place to catch a game highlight now you can get that online. There is also a lot more punditry options online too. ESPN will survive but it will not be the Golden goose it once was ever again.
  11. I wonder if they did "elite" level NFL players how outcomes would look? I can think of several elite players who had ACL tears and come back to form.
  12. Tua doesn’t scare me at all. He gives me Tyrod Taylor vibes (less of a runner than Tyrod but a bit better of a passer) in the sense that he can play smart and not turn the ball over but not win you many games against better than average competition.
  13. The arena football league used to have the one yard rule, it just resulted in a bunch of QB sneaks. I don't hate the idea of under two minutes kneel downs leading to a clock stoppage but I am sure that adds much excitement.
  14. That's kind of how I feel, why go into a season with SB expectations and not look to help out one of the positions you are weakest at?
  15. I think if the bills were making one last “fine tuning” move for the roster they are better off adding a vet CB or Oline player. Cook was added to the back field in the draft that’s plenty to pair with Singletary
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