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  1. I think you need a QB on the PS who knows the system and can get called up in case of an injury. Why not have that be a developmental prospect? It's not like the Bill's PS squad spots are that precious.
  2. One last question did Mitch play or was he held out?
  3. Working late tonight, the stats look good for the Bills does the actual game reflect that?
  4. C- or D+ seems right. Shaq has been a rotational defensive linemen thus far. He plays well against the run but poor as a pass rusher. He proves he can play in the league but not at a high enough level to justify his pick. He has hope for a turn around as he at least has shown that he has justified a significant amount of snaps even if he isn't a bonafide starter.
  5. I don't know why people had questions about the defense. The defense is returning mostly young and prime players. Ed Oliver replaces a declining Kyle Williams and the secondary added some depth. Lorax and Hughes are the only truly older players, the veterans Hyde, Poyer, Star, and Trent are all vets but in their primes. Edumonds, Milano, Tre, Levi, T.Johnson, H.Phillips, Shaq, and Oliver are all young players who will only stand to get better. The defense is also built to fit the talent and fit for the modern NFL. It's a nice mix of young players, in their prime players with some vets in there.
  6. If the Texans want an LT in return I am not sure what team they can pull off a deal with. The Redskins would make sense in a straight up player for player trade but I am not sure if the Skins view that as sensible from their perspective. Was far as the Bills Dawkins and Ty would be the logical pieces to send back along with some form of draft compensation. Overall I don't see McD trading for Clowney. It wouldn't fit his mold, then again McBeane were interested in AB a player who isn't what most would consider process friendly.
  7. I think the Fins are looking forward to Lawrence coming out of college. The Dolphins will start Fitz and Rosen this year then go with Rosen and another mediocre veteran next year. They will have 2 years to see what Rosen can do and then if he is a bust they turn to Lawrence.
  8. Parrish was not much as a receiver, really just a bum who would once or twice a season break a big play. But he was for a few years one of if not the best punt returner in the league. So while the pick should be labeled as a bust it wasn't a complete waste either as at least he produced as a returner. Sadly this was a compounding effect from the Losman pick. Losman had a big arm and the team was looking to surround him with speedy receivers in order to cater to his skillset. This was another blunder that cost the Bills several years of quality football in favor of trusting mind numbing mediocrity.
  9. The Jets are looking banged up pretty badly for the opener. Hopefully the Bills can stay healthy as availability is your best asset.
  10. It's easy to say that team X built their culture and that's why they won after the team has completed a dynastic run. In the end the Yankees acquired talent both in a home grown variety and with volatile mercenaries thought that late 90's run. Talent almost above all else wins games. Yes having a good culture is a positive thing esp for sustained winning. But you can have a great culture but if you fail to develop and acquire talent then its a wrap no matter how professional and good your environment is. Many of the Phil Jackson coached Lakers and Bulls teams had a very volatile mix of players and personalities who disliked each other and yet they won 11 title included 3 threepeats in a 13 year period. The Yankees Bronx zoo won two titles and the players actively hated each other. In the end it always comes down to finding the right players at the right time putting them in the proper system to have success. It's two parts intelligence and one part luck (maybe two parts luck in football.) Culture is important I think more winning has been done with good cultures and talent than with just pure volatile talent. But I think comparing one team to another looks a bit silly as in the end talent is what it mostly comes down to.
  11. If Ford and Oliver are studs and there is one other productive starting caliber player from this draft this could be possibly the third draft in a row where they produced 3 or more starting caliber players. 2017- Tre White, Dion Dawkins, and Matt Milano (Jury still out on Zay although I would lean towards him being a bust.) 2018- Edumonds-Josh Allen (potentially)-Taron Johnson-H.Phillips (potentially)- Teller (Possibly) 2019- Ford- Oliver- and Vance or another player. 2017 is looking like 3 starters or better players although 2018 and 2019 still have to play out. But the early returns on 2017 and 2018 are looking good. This is how a team turn around is built through multiple years of good to great drafting.
  12. There are going to be some real tough decisions along the O-line. I think the assuming Ford is locked in at RG and the starting 5 looks like Dawkins-Spain-Mitch-Ford-Ty there is going to be some tough decisions as to who makes the bench.I honestly think Teller should make the roster, let Spain anchor the LG position for one year and develop Teller.
  13. This is probably just a camp body for camp body trade. Not likely to be consequential.
  14. I stand corrected he did have 5 games of more than 50 yards and 4 games under. Much more boom or bust, the Cowboys can judge if he is worth a contract by how he plays this season. Definitely needs to be more consistent.
  15. Cooper played lights out last season for the Cowboys. He made a big difference and the numbers showcased that, of course Dak is a decent QB who is going to command too much money.
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