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  1. A tough blow but I do think the Bills DE group is good enough to win with. Groot is a really good player and Boogie and AJ have stepped it up and Shaq is having a nice rebound season. Next man up
  2. Bills likely need to go Oline twice in the first four rounds and then WR and safety assuming Poyer is gone. The team drafted Cook in round 2 even if Motor walks and Hines is cut they can use a later round pick for depth and sign a cheaper RB to round out a committee. The team has much more pressing needs than tossing yet another premium pick at the RB position.
  3. Just completely bizarre that they have Wilson a good QB and a decent supporting cast and they can't even put out a mediocre offense.
  4. Bills 27 Jets 16 Jets hang tough but I think while the move the ball they stall out in the red zone and score one TD and kick 3 field goals. The Bills score 3 TD's and tack on a pair of field goals as they are able to cash in more frequently in the red zone. I also think ST makes a big play in this game either a turnover or a big return from Hines. Just a feeling that I have, the ST unit has been solid overall but hasn't made that big splash play in a long time I think they are due.
  5. If I was defending Josh I would try to roll with 7 in coverage a spy and 3 in the pass rush. A spy would hurt Josh's ability to scramble and while you are only rushing 3 you have 7 in coverage to make it difficult to throw into a lot of coverage even if Josh has time. The difference would be I hope with the Bills that they have been developing a better traditional run game that can run down the throats of a 3-2-6 or 3-3-5 defense. I hope as Cook gets going and the O-line gets healthier the Bills can really turn up the heat on running down teams throats. We shall see but the 3 rush plus a spy with a lot of coverage is going to be something teams do try against Josh.
  6. Brady is still a solid capable QB but he is really fortunate to be in the division he is in. If he was in a better division he would easily be out of the playoff race or on the fringes of it.
  7. OBJ is a lottery ticket at this point, It’s 5 weeks until the playoffs and this dude can’t workout. I don’t think he actually signs with a team this season.
  8. Probably not something spelled out in the CBA that they could punish someone for. Rest assured they will adjust that as they should.
  9. When did he say that? Genuinely curious as I haven’t seen anything from him about his retirement status
  10. The Bills have a brutal 5 game stretch to end the season but their destiny is in their own hands. Win against the Jets at home and go from there.
  11. Brandin Cooks is the only one of the external options that really moves the needle for me, I also wouldn’t hate Beasley to the PS as a kick the tires type move. As far as internal options I would say that a Crowder return from IR would be the the teams best option at getting more production from the WR position. Crowder is a more shifty slot WR and I think the intention with signing him was to have a speedy WR that could break man to man in Mac complemented by a vet WR that was more shifty in Crowder that could break zone. T Johnson stated in camp Mac and Crowder being so different made them so difficult to guard. Maybe if they can get Crowder back week 17 work him slowly in the last two weeks of the season he can be ready and warmed up for the playoffs.
  12. I wouldn’t mind bringing him back as depth and to compete with a rookie but this team needs to invest a high draft pick into the Oline this off-season.
  13. Josh should try to avoid contact when possible. Taking a hit off your body by sliding is worth the two yards you might not gain.
  14. Hopefully a few extra days off on the “mini-bye” helps a lot of these nagging injuries.
  15. I was so worried when he threw it, I figured it might be some more forcing of the ball and might be dangerous but Josh saw the window and executed
  16. Breaks the will of a defense. Bills can really crack this game open with a defensive stop and a double dip opportunity to end the half.
  17. The team needed a better punt returner and they got one in Hines, just need to find a way to use him on offense better.
  18. Stevenson is a JAG, Kumerow is a good ST ace, him coming back for the playoffs would be a positive but only for the ST corps. Benford would be nice to have as depth in the secondary while Boettger is a nice player to add as depth and kick the tires on so to speak at a thin position corps. The two players that could return from IR that would make a big difference in my opinion would be Hyde (for very obvious reasons) and Crowder. Crowder would have a lesser impact of course but I think Crowder is a true slot WR that this team is missing. Crowder is a more shifty slot WR that I think this team is missing. I don't think Crowder would be the missing link on the offense so to speak but I think he could be a solid positive contributor.
  19. Round three would have been a nice spot to grab a guard and put him behind Saffold for a year.
  20. The Oline was my area of biggest concern this past offseason and the Bills need an overhaul. Need to replace Saffold and bring in competition for Brown and get some more depth and a developmental players.
  21. Von really been recruiting hard for this team.
  22. 27-20 Bills, this is another grind it out type game.
  23. If the Texans decide to cut him he would be the hottest free agent in the NFL, having a nice season and a good NFL pedigree. But I think Hughes won’t be cut he didn’t ask to be traded at the deadline. They probably would just put him on IR.
  24. I think the fact that he looked good in pre-season threw off people’s expectations. I would like to see a little more out of him but he is a mid round pick rookie I think he needs some time to develop. Shakir to me looks like he needs to build some strength and add a little more NFL polish to his game.
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