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  1. I doubt even 50% of the people in the stadium even drove there, they are likely a passenger in another vehicle. Then you have minors or under 21 that could easily be 13% of the fans at the game. I have been to many NFL games and have never once driven home drunk. I am sure many people do drive to and back from the game intoxicated, but 87% seems impossible.
  2. The only place I would take odds are from Vegas, cause well they kinda the whole reason odds exist.
  3. But what if the opposing CB has a black dad and white mom? What do we label them at that point? As long as we label people by color there will always be an issue of race.
  4. I say what if the team owner is a minority or a woman, they should get the 1st pick. Actually the next 3 first pics. Come on Kim, or is she not a minority since she is married to a white man? All of these rules of who is a minority or not gets confusing. What if you hire a black man from Africa? Hes not a minority there. Is he an African African, or an American African at that point? I dont get the lables. What if he moves back to Africa, is he now formerly an African African that was an American African? Can we just get past skin color and labels?
  5. ok, I appreciate your opinion. I agree that Reed was great, but I say replace Reed with Moulds in the SB Years, Moulds would be the better player.
  6. Speak for yourself, they have never found any evidence on me.
  7. I think Moulds was better than Reed, but Reed had the better career. Moulds would have been #1 had he played more years with Kelly and the Offense Reed was in.
  8. So in a production standpoint, the only way this works is if the crowd noise is inserted into the video feed, not the stadium speakers.
  9. Just bought 3 for the Home Opener from Bills Ticket Site. They are guaranteed refundable if attendance is limited or restricted. I would not buy 3rd party now.
  10. I was a big fan of him when he was here, I pointed out to my Dolphins fan buddy how he would run over the opponents, and he did. Then he just went to hell in the offseason. I wish him well, but there is no room for him on this roster.
  11. The fans, because without us there is no mountain.
  12. I wonder how this would relate to recruiting by the Colleges. Do they really want athletes that are gonna leave after 1 year of Ball to enter the draft? Why spend all the time recruiting a player that is gonna up and leave after 1 season when there are likely many other recruits who would fill that position and be there 2-3 years longer. I could see the possibility of schools requiring commitments for minimum number of years.
  13. Ya, not sure I want to be there for 95 and humid. Maybe the new Cover would help, but its the humidity that sucks. I live in Fl so I really dont enjoy it more than I have to. Maybe I can get club Seats..:)
  14. I wish him well, was a good team player. He really faded at the end of the season, but may produce some early numbers for Jets.
  15. I foresee a concession that is selling pre packaged food and beverages only. Nothing that is open to contact or air. So sealed food and beverages, like water, soda pop, and possibly beer. No open air food at all, so popcorn sales, etc...forget it. It will be sealed foods like pre prepared pizzas or dogs. Nothing that has been exposed to open air after cooking.
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