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  1. I just hope this whole scenario is fake. If its Bills home game they have 4 West coast and then a European game. If its Dolphins home game I will miss the trip to Miami.
  2. Hopefully it will be an away game. To lose a home game with all of the West Coast games would be ridiculous. Since its the Dolphins one of these 2 teams is going to get screwed out of a home game and that will be important for the Bills.
  3. So where is Chase projected in the Draft? Any way he makes it to the Bills?
  4. I guess google Quickbooks cobra Kai ad.
  5. Doesn’t Houston know they are supposed to spot KC 32 points and choke in the 3rd.
  6. OMG cobra Kai commercial was great.
  7. So lesson is, College Ball wont make it in the NFL playoffs.
  8. So has Lamar just ***** away the MVP award.
  9. Chiefs will be hot off the Bye. We will be glad that the Bills were spared the embarrassment.
  10. Division has to be won. The schedule is much tougher but that shouldn't matter for the division as every other team has it tough too. Division win and at least a home victory in Playoffs.
  11. I think we will all feel much better when Houston gets destroyed in KC. We will realize the embarrassment we were spared.
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