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  1. Eagles are media darlings cause of big market and 4-0. People calling them best team in league is just nonsense. Bills and Chiefs are easily better teams, they just are not 4-0
  2. Man been a long time since we pulled starters in the 3rd. Young fans, welcome to what the 90s Bills used to do to other teams.
  3. If you are streaming NFL Network they are not showing games like they are on broadcast.
  4. I am curious how this will impact sports bars. It certainty will not transition easily as the setup that will be required to stream every game is going to require a complete overhaul of the setup they have for broadcast. Now the bandwidth requirements for a establishment with say 20-30 TVs will also be a big concern. This may be an aspect no one has considered.
  5. Bruce is an All Time legend, but Thurman Thomas was the player that made the early 90s Bills so dangerous. He was the NFL mvp in 91 for good reason. Thurman could do it all, run from backfield, play receive, run perfect screens, block…. He was the perfect running back in a time that running backs were important.
  6. Donald is MVP now, just took it away from Kupp
  7. Clock only stops for out of bounds within the last 5 minutes of the game or last 2 minutes of the first half.
  8. Well that would be quite a turn from her bleeding heart character
  9. OK the Sopranos Chevy intro was a winner
  10. I think the Rams have a second half team this playoffs too.
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