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  1. I’m asking you if that’s what you think will happen.
  2. And the Eagles weren’t desperate to beat the Cowboys tonight. They gonna suddenly step up their game to beat a non division non conference team in a game that has nowhere near the playoff implications for them?
  3. Wentz is 9-15 on the road. Eagles are beat up. This game looks much more winnable than it did 4 weeks ago.
  4. Just win, stats are for the Fantasy people. This is a team game and that is all that matters.
  5. In todays NFL with the current rules the 85 Bears and 00 Ravens wouldn’t compare to their former selves if they were to take the field now.
  6. But the D in fact did its job and stopped Miami from blowing the game wide open. I will say that Milano was missed out there especially against the run. How can you defend against a QB who is letting it rip within 2 seconds of the snap. Fitz did what he does and it propelled Miami to the near upset. You think there was some secret D play that would have stopped those passes?
  7. He was close to hitting Tasker and Ritcher on the bomb.
  8. Eagles are beat up. Tonight’s game will likely be physical too. They will be coming in to Buffalo with several players injured.
  9. I did not see him at all. Was he on field at any point? Make any blocks? Anything?
  10. If Fitz is going to sling it they better start bringing more blitzes.
  11. That right leg was looking a little awkward while he was laying there.
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