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  1. The bills only need to win 1 of the last 3 and they are in. It’s that simple.
  2. I cannot believe I took Dallas this week. I figured they would bounce back.
  3. This whole thing could have been avoided if the NFL would just use Pink balls. Those Pink balls can be the Olive Branch the league has so desperately needed. Of course the Pink Ribbon crowd may get offended if Pink is the new Balls color.
  4. No, not because he's bad but because he's always hobbled .
  5. I’m surprised AB hasn’t made any Robert Kraft Rub N Tug jokes yet, and then tweet how much he admires him..
  6. why haven’t they activated Wade yet.... I figured its been 3 months since Iast saw this so why not bring it up again..
  7. He’s not winning any games for the Pats now so hopefully he stays put.
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