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  1. It’s another made up stat, not history. I just made history as the first guy to take a dump and pick his nose while responding to this thread.
  2. 3-0. Lets cry about it. Coach has us at 3-0 yet you cry baby asses want to point out why we shouldn’t be 3-0. It’s a friggin win. Each week is different.
  3. No. Simple. They dont flex week 5 games.
  4. We need more pass rush. Not sure how we get it. You take what you can get, they just beat an undefeated team,
  5. Without Josh we are 1 and 2 now. That is all.
  6. D is Killing Rams so far. O is carving them up.
  7. Glad I took Miami in Yahoo this week. Looks like a solid win against the odds for me. Miami is better than people think.
  8. Sounds Like ESPN Talking about the NBA on every other line when no one really cares
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