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  1. In todays NFL it is 100% possible to go undefeated and win 0 games in the same season.
  2. This wont happen. People are finding ways to watch games without local fees or Tickets. Ratings are down. People had no choice but to watch at home this year, yet ratings are down. Not gonna happen.
  3. Awards are second best trophies for people/teams/fans that did not win the Super Bowl.
  4. Perhaps the color temperature of the cameras were not accurate.
  5. Ya Ok, NFL is testing daily for COVID, but somehow by your post a Kidney or Liver issue has somehow escaped the trainers, teams, and NFLs attention.. Good for you, you are a genius
  6. Per a Report out of KC...ok. That is not official. Dude was concussed and everyone knows it. He couldn’t even stand up or look coherent. Anyone reporting anything otherwise is just plain lying.
  7. Maybe Allen and Diggs will get a Match.com commercial together.
  8. That fight was so bad I thought it was staged just to get views. I mean it really looks fake to me.
  9. Ravens fans are not overly confident about the game either. They feel they can run on us, but that our Offense may be too much to stop. https://forum.russellstreetreport.com/showthread.php?206717-Face-it!-We-re-going-to-Buffalo/page5
  10. I realize that, I was being sarcastic.
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