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  1. Per a Report out of KC...ok. That is not official. Dude was concussed and everyone knows it. He couldn’t even stand up or look coherent. Anyone reporting anything otherwise is just plain lying.
  2. Maybe Allen and Diggs will get a Match.com commercial together.
  3. That fight was so bad I thought it was staged just to get views. I mean it really looks fake to me.
  4. Ravens fans are not overly confident about the game either. They feel they can run on us, but that our Offense may be too much to stop. https://forum.russellstreetreport.com/showthread.php?206717-Face-it!-We-re-going-to-Buffalo/page5
  5. I realize that, I was being sarcastic.
  6. Kelly was great and he was tough as nails, but he had no where near the skills that Allen has. What Kelly had was the Option of NFL MVP and HOFer Thurman Thomas at his side. Kelly was the Leader of the Bills, but Thurman Thomas was the piece of the puzzle that made it possible. Allen is like Thurman, he is so dangerous as a player with his multiple skill sets. Kelly was a game manager that called the plays at the line, Allen is a game changer that can make plays Kelly physically could not. Kelly was a star at Miami and was drafted as an expected starting QB. Kelly had a serious at
  7. Assuming the game works out in Buffalos favor, Josh Allen will be the First QB of the 2018 Draft class with a Playoff win.
  8. Bucs beat up losing teams all year. They got handled by Teams with winning records. That does not equal MVP.
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