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  1. I think Mel gets paid by the player’s publicity team to hype their player up the draft chart.
  2. Pegula could always say the hell with the salary cap and pay the 5m fine. Love to see what would become of it. The players were stupid to agree to it in the first place
  3. He is good enough - hiring a rookie OC is a questionable call - wish we could have Frank Reich come in as a consultant - it would help a lot! I think the defensive scheme does work well with key injuries
  4. Ok - if it not wrong then let them do their thing and you do yours. but that not what you are doing you are actively trying to persuade people and demeaning their point of view and then their intelligence. Wow - i am none of those things I haven’t even read any of the commentary. I am just acknowledging they can believe what they want to believe and yes - it is really odd that they hid his face
  5. I have no opinion one way or another - but people can ask why. It doesn’t make them crazy or tin foil hats. if you believe everything anyone tells you with out any thought or question - I think that would be a problem
  6. so - the guy is healthy but no camera shots of his face and no interview? - but your like - why would the NFL lie! And why would anyone questions it?
  7. Nice summary and perspective. I love the how he feels grateful - alway be grateful … it will set you mind up for success.
  8. Did you watch the Charges last game? Looked a lot like that. The NFL isn’t always what it seems
  9. The NFL is purely an entertainment industry - can’t sue for anything With that note - there is a good chance games are scripted
  10. I remember Dick Jauron - omg he sucked from day one! Much happier with McD not going and getting an experienced OC was pretty stupid! If you suppose to be a SB contender - why would you hire a rookie coach? not drafting Mahomes was pretty stupid not drafting any help for Josh is asinine but here’s we are - Go Bills
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