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  1. bills11

    Bills vs. Vikings 2nd Half Game Day Thread

    Hughes is absolutely unblockable since mcd started calling the d
  2. bills11

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Holy f ...what am i watching
  3. bills11

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Trade Benjamin now I'm fed up
  4. bills11

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    McDermott clapping hard today
  5. bills11

    Bills vs. Vikings 1st Half Game Day Thread

    Benjamin has hands of stone
  6. bills11

    Predict the score: Bills at Vikings

    Vikings 31 bills 14
  7. bills11

    TNF: Jets @ Browns (TT vs Darnold)

    Pretty much sums up my feelings my top 3 were Mayfield ...Rosen ...darnold In that order but I'm behind Allen 100% hope to see him continue to grow
  8. bills11

    It finally hit me who Trent Murphy reminds me of....

    Yeah used to be the worst in sports especially the away were atrocious.
  9. bills11

    Vlad Ducasse...NFLs best pass blocker?

    The interesting thing about Allen holding the ball too long is..what if he's just that type of qb. Ben roethlisberger and rusell Wilson have basically held the ball way too long for the majority of their careers..and Josh at Wyoming always held the ball. Don't know if he'll ever be able to consistently get the ball out quick seems to go against his natural instincts . Contrast to Brady from year 1 he was getting the ball out super quick ..same with brees . Maybe tho daboll can teach him that not sure.
  10. bills11

    Is Doug Marrone a better coach than Sean McDermott?

    Defintely Marrone he always had us competitive and prepared ..he was just hamstrung by awful Qb play..ej was so bad..they had to go out and get Kyle Orton. I think with a better gm aka coughlin he would have been great here. Whaley screwed him on ej pick and the Watkins trade up. If we just stay put and then draft Bridgewater the next year or even pick up a good vet we'd be fine . He also has a knack for great staff hires which McDermott has failed at so far..Pettine and shwartz were great hires .
  11. Just hope Taiwan is okay damn
  12. bills11

    Greatest Show on Turf Comeback question

    Also his offence got more and more pass happy after vermeil retired and he became head coach ..his offence was much more balanced during 1999 vs the other years .
  13. bills11

    McBeane gave Peterman his shot....

    Even when playing against the very best defences a quarterback can still show competence and traits. Peterman is not an NFL qb period..he lacks the physical ability and the mental composure .
  14. bills11

    Greatest Show on Turf Comeback question

    Basically how the Eagles gashed the Pats in the Superbowl on a couple big plays by blount..he was incredibly difficult to bring down.
  15. I agree with you completely ..I meant from McDermott's perspective. I wasn't impressed with Peterman at all this offseason..but the organization felt good enough about him to not sign an experienced signal caller . That's the alarming part . Not to mention the lack of production from Zay jones ...with juju and Cooper kupp picked many picks after him you start to question Beane...