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  1. Agree completely on your point about the wind ..while it does neutralize the opponent..it neutralizes us just as much or more ..we have an explosive passing attack and are probably going to be a volume passing team for the next decade probably ....when they are building they should probably take that into deep consideration.
  2. I think there's merit to this discussion. Daboll does need to do a better job getting this offence into rhythm..he calls too many plays early looking for explosive chunk plays ...that works when you have excellent protection like Josh did in game 1-4 but when you don't connect you get quickly into 3rd and longs and quick 3 n outs... the second half of this game was far more balanced with more quick reads off of rpos..sometimes it's okay to take a 6 yard gain . The defence is obviously not as stout as we expected entering the season so our best bet is to keep the ball as much as pos
  3. Donno why Josh is locking on to diggs tonight he's been doing a great job of going through his progressions ..weird
  4. Good Read...what I took from the article I already knew..Josh has a solid foundation to build on he's not the first or last qb to come out with erratic footwork or arm slots watch mahomes in college his footwork was atrocious .... ....the mechanical tweaking is really something all qbs go through..his mechanics will become more consistent with repetition and mastery of the mental aspects of being a qb. Josh's mechanics often fall apart because he doesn't trust what he sees completely yet...and the protection around him hasn't been ideal ..when he knows what he's doing pre snap and trusts wher
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