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  1. bills11

    How about Matt Barkley huh?

    I will say this..I was really impressed with his mechanics and the throw to Zay in the end zone that was the best tight window throw all year. Nonetheless we may have found our long term backup that's a positive
  2. bills11

    Start Josh Allen (healthy) or Matt Barkley?

    has to be Allen the franchise has too much invested in him to not start him if he was a healthy..a situation that could have been avoided if they brought in competent qbs in training camp like bridgewater so allen could have the redshirt year he needed
  3. His arm is ridiculous yes..just needs to harness it and learn he doesn't have to throw lasers on every pass .
  4. There's alot of NFL scouts ..GM's front office execs..who are completely stuck in their ways and haven't adapted and the media parrot alot of it. It's like my favorite draft line I hear every year about how a qb might fail because they've never been under center ignoring how many teams literally spend nearly 80% of their snaps in shotgun. There this stigma with air raid spread qbs from the 90s when they failed because they tried to pigeon hole them into standard west coasts timing offences . Now you have coaches adapting and incorporating the concepts these qbs were comfortable with in college like bill O'Brien and Andy Reid .
  5. Precisely. If you can collapse the pocket and get pressure up the middle it masks whatever deficiencies you have in your coverage..the Broncos were at their most dominant when they had malik Jackson collapsing the interior and Miller coming from the outside. Pressure is the difference between Pettine/shwartz as bills d coordinator vs rex..Gilmore didn't get any worse he was just exposed by having to cover forever .
  6. Interesting read..but I don't think the premise of the article is completely correct..it's not that coordinators are using coverages from 10-15 years ago it's many other factors besides archaic play calling . It's all the rules the NFL has instituted that help increase offence and coaches are limited in what they can install defensively depending on their personnel. On offence a team has ample time to make adjustments because they decide when they snap the ball the defence can only react when you have teams coming out in spread formations ..using rpo's and motioning players all over there are very little a team can do to adjust unless they're a veteran seasoned team that has a ton of continuity. .rex had a ton of checks built into his defence for various plays and all it did was contribute to more errors..but it worked when he has continuity with players versed in his system for years in Baltimore and ny..ultimately in today's NFL it's all about pressure doesn't matter how exotic your coverages are if you aren't pressuring the qb..we've seen that first hand this year with the defence giving up 40 pts on days we fail to produce pressure and completely shutting down the Vikes and Houston. Two effective offenses. The worst the Pats have looked in the Brady era in the post season Has been against high pressure defences that collapse the pocket ..giants and Broncos . Wade Phillips was running similar stuff 10 years ago in San Diego.
  7. bills11

    Who here made this ? Lol

  8. bills11

    Good Head Coaches

    Great head coaches have their fingerprints all over the team..you can still have a defensive background and be a great coach..what separates caroll and belichick from some other defensive coaches is that even tho they have a background in defence they are still very involved in the offensive aspect of their teams heavily and have input in the game plan and actively involve themselves in every phase..then you have coaches who are pretty much hands off and let the coordinators do the grunt which doesnt work if your coordinators dont perform see jason garett mcdermott and jeff fisher
  9. i dont think hell get cut regardless..mcdermott is trying to sell that hell show continual improvement he thinks hes an nfl player
  10. bills11

    Why did Rex only get 2 years?

    Because there was a ton of problems behind the scenes and also the fact he was hired as a defensive Mastermind and the defence was quite poor ironically it was the offence that carried him .
  11. bills11

    Brian Dabol's Offense

    Dabolls offence obviously is rooted in the pats system..but it's definitely his own spin on their variant of the e.p . We don't seem to run most of their usual plays which personnel has alot to do with. I think in year 2 well see the playbook open up more because there's alot of plays daboll hasn't had a chance to run due to lack of talent
  12. bills11

    The Chiefs game makes me sad

    I clearly said...i dont disagree that the front office is inept..im saying we dont need this thread every couple days there's enough mahomes threads where people can voice their opinions.
  13. bills11

    The Chiefs game makes me sad

    how many mahomes threads are we gonna have? its seems like theres a new one everyday the bills front office is incompetent sure we passed on him lets move on cant change the past.
  14. Yes it's terrible but it's something we're going to see time and time again ...Chip Kelly wanted his guys before that mcdaniels was so against inheriting players he drafted tebow first Rd..McDermott has a massive ego like many others .
  15. Couldn't have put it better..it's never been easier to pass the ball then it is now yet week after we line up trying to win games like the 2000 Ravens minus the all time great defence . Since Mcbeane has been here they've completely gutted the offensive side of the ball and we've had completely unimaginative schemes..all the evidence you need is to see the transition from Jeff Fisher to mcvay .