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  1. Yep and he did it again earlier..there's something very odd about his mechanics..On the deep ball he missed for a wide open TD to Roberts he drops the ball much lower then his usual throwing motion then throws this wobbly bullet with no arc . Daboll needs to have him after practice just practice putting air under the ball with the qb coach over and over till it becomes natural ..he's shown the ability to throw with touch everywhere except deep
  2. "those games" are usually achieved with chunk plays..Josh is capable of producing those numbers but it requires fixing his deep ball issues..he hits on those two deep balls today hes at or near a 300 yard performance with atleast 3 tds
  3. His ball trajectory issues are part mechanics part mental part feel/chemistry..there have been QBs with stronger arms or fairly equivalent like elway and young favre who knew how to throw the deep ball with touch and arc..it's an ongoing process when favre started in gb in practice he'd throw everything as a bullet pass.. Josh just has to learn to trust and get a consistent feel for his deep ball ..through his first 2 years every deep ball has had wildly different arc and velocity from great touch on the throw to Foster last year vs the jags and a great throw to Foster in the Vikings game that was dropped to not enough air on the ball missing John brown deep
  4. I've shared my thoughts before - It's obvious hes getting blackballed..saying hes not good enough is completely disingenuous . He went td for td with brady...beat aaron rodgers in a playoff game with one of the most incredible playoff performances ever...his last season with a decrepit team he had 16 tds 4 ints...at his peak he was a more accurate version of lamar jackson..hes def better than marcus mariotta..and jameis winston and other qbs - This is purely about money and revenge..the owners feel he cost them money and brought bad publicity down on the league with his protest against police brutality..the president and some of the owners like jerry jones..kept trying to make the protest about the flag when it was about protesting inaction regarding the senseless death of unarmed african americans because they wanted to end it period because it was bad for business. -He wont be in the league ever again despite the nfl employing serial domestic abusers..rapists...child abusers...and people who have actually committed crimes because they blame him for the controversy brought on the league. Go watch his first couple seasons in san fran and then tell me hes not good enough to play in this league..we would be estastic if we got that kinda performance against the patriots from josh that he had.
  5. Correct which is an overwhelming reason behind the 49ers success this year they are gashing teams with that inside zone run scheme that the shanahans have run for years learned from Alex gibbs..this year the teams who are successful are employing a more balanced attacks with the run being a big proponent ..pats bills 49ers..Vikings Packers...theres just not many teams who have the personnel to hold up in a super pass heavy offence week after week..mahomes has been getting hit constantly now because the chiefs have not established any semblance of a run game and if Reid doesn't adjust his ankle will be joined by many other injuries
  6. Alot of it is right now is o-line play and personnel across the league..were seeing teams like the browns with great offensive talent on paper falling apart due to not being able to protect their signal callers ..The Texans offence has completely turned around since the trade for tunsil..
  7. Definitely but I was more just talking about his initial acceleration..it seemed like he had more explosive first step last year but I digress I could be wrong hard to say without numbers
  8. Was watching clips from last season to this to see his progression and he seemed to have faster acceleration and top end speed last season he was just leaving linebackers in pure foot speed. Whereas this year when he takes off he seems a bit slower.
  9. I agree the NFL needs to adopt a few things from college ..overtime targeting and that rule.
  10. I have no issue with daboll doing that ..at some point you have to let Josh know those hero throws are unnaceptable.
  11. Josh needs to let the game come to him. his footwork yesterday was extremely erratic..im extremely concerned at this point..this is the easiest era of football in terms of passing the pigskin and josh has 3 tds and 6 ints for the season..he seems to be overlooking open wrs and hunting for big plays when they are not there...and missing the big plays that are there..classic sign of a player that is pressing..ultimately he will be fine its just a learning process
  12. They aren't the first and won't be the last..it's only because it's somewhat blatant..the colts after Manning went down made no efforts to acquire a viable starter at qb they sucked for luck
  13. To be fair though their stadium fits within the culture of the state...they have highschools stadiums in Texas worth millions with state of the art facilities ..Texas is all about grandeur when it comes to sports
  14. Kaepernick is better than alot of Qb's currently in the NFL...its purely political people have to stop pretending like he isn't an nfl qb..hes not elite..but hes better than the likes of fitz or trevor simeon and its not even close..i dont get into politics but and all that all i care about is if a player can play. go watch any of his games from the 49ers like the playoff game vs green bay which the nfl uploaded to youtube and tell me hes not an nfl qb
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