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  1. bills11

    The Underappreciated Genius of Chan Gailey

    Chan was a very innovative play caller from actually making Kordell Stewart look competent in Pittsburgh to making Fitz look like a franchise qb albeit for a few weeks ..his downfall though was his loyalty to these average players obviously he had a big hand in Fitz premature extension in buffalo ..and he never really seemed to have an overwhelming desire to work with an elite signal caller when he got to the Jets he brought in Fitzy asap
  2. The only thing for certain is Gus Bradley's gameplan was horrendous. The chargers essentially sat back in zone all game which resulted in Brady being as comfortable in the pocket as I've seen him since 2007 . If you're going to sit back against Brady the coverage better perfect or your d line better be able to generate pressure neither happened hence the blowout . despite chargers having plenty of talent ..gameplan reminded me of the bills 1st game vs Ravens and 1st half vs chargers before McDermott took over the playcalling sitting back in cover 2/3 no pressure getting picked apart by flacco and rivers clearly bills weren't 40 pts worse than ravens.
  3. I don't disagree I'd say they do have more talent overall
  4. Correct . The correlation with 99% of teams who have beaten the Pat's is physicality toughness and dominant pass rushers and very good to excellent coverage on the back end
  5. This is a classic case of being outcoached ..the talent gap between the Chargers Pat's isn't big at all..the Chargers have no answer for the Pat's jailbreak blitzes and defensively they've come in with the wrong gameplan
  6. its the most idiotic narrative honestly..even the worst nfl team ever would beat the brakes off the best college team.. Alabama got torched by johnny manziel a player thats in the cfl purgatory atm much less the nfl.
  7. bills11

    AFC Wild Card: Colts at Texans 4:35 ESPN

    God listening to witten is like torture
  8. bills11

    EJ Manuel: What went wrong after year 1?

    E.J Manuel was never a natural thrower of the pigskin all you had to do was watch his college highlights..didn't even have to watch film to see a robotic rigid thrower with a misleading college completion pct. The fact that Jameis Winston was going to replace him the next year if ej didn't declare should have been red flags. You don't draft a QB in the first round when their incombent is vastly superior to them..and we all know how crab legs has fared in the NFL . Not to mention he was really done after the Jets game year 1 where he continually sailed sideline fade and go routes way out of bounds marrone was enraged on the sideline .
  9. bills11

    2nd half thread: Wk 16 Bills at Patriots, 1 pm on CBS

    Edmunds doesn't have it today
  10. This week is gonna be really interesting . Belichick likes to force QBs and offences in general outside their comfort zone ..hell spy Allen and probably bracket foster because Belichick doesn't overlook small details this will be a game where Zay and the rest have to get seperation and the run game is crucial .
  11. bills11

    Charting Allen's throws vs. Lions

    The throw on the corner route to foster was very refreshing to see..stood tall in the pocket scanned the entire field and put touch on the ball haven"t seen a bills qb make a throw like that since bledsoe?
  12. bills11

    Sebastian Janikowski: Business Decision

    Romeo crennel comes pretty darn close or worse
  13. bills11

    First Half: Wk 15 Lions at Bills 1 pm FOX

    tredavious white having a rough couple weeks now..
  14. Despite being successful he was ultra conservative his reputation was definitely worse than it had any business being . Irrespective of his approach the Chargers were not the same team once norv took over they lost their toughness and mentality.
  15. bills11

    Second half: Week 14 Jets at Bills, 1pm CBS

    Defensive gameplan today by McDermott/Frazier has been terrible reminds me of the colts game. White having his worst game in awhile