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  1. Precisely..no one runs the pure west coast..or pure air coryell..the original west coast offence didn't even have shotgun formations..but yes Andy Reid is still running alot of the core plays of the wco just disguising them with shifts motion and personnel groupings. And spot on about New England ..belichick is good friends with alot of college coaches and he's incorporated many elements of their schemes into their playbook ..he incorporated alot of plays from the spread and has used plays from chip Kelly's playbook and others. I wasn't attributing the air raid to the air coryell tho just giving an example of one of the schemes prevalent going forward ...air raid is basically a customized derivative of the run and shoot ..aka what the oilers ran in the early 90s .
  2. All schemes in the nfl are derivatives of the a few of the " post merger Modern" nfl offences..west coast..Eardhart perkins..or air coryell air raid etcs spread..they all use concepts that have been used since the schemes even existed..the bills and pats run plays from the eardhart perkins scheme that were in the playbooks from the beginning..the plays are still the same its how they are disguised that has changed along wit the personnel groupings.
  3. I agree. The game changed exponentially after bill polian complained about the pats holding the colts wrs...prior to that it wasnt common for QBs to toss 40+ TDS or hit huge yardage totals...now we have QBs approaching or surpassing marinos initial td record every season it seems like . The Pats have mastered the benefits of these rule changes by lining ultra quick small receivers that are impossible to contain because of the inability to get any contact on them like back in the day. All the older QBs numbers would be inflated in this era ...elway goes from having a 56% completion prolly to the high 60s and Marino would throw for 5000 yards every year like Brees
  4. Easily Fouts and montana...both were just better passers and QBs then the latter...young was much closer to Montana then rivers to Fouts but nonetheless inferior .
  5. Yeah it's pretty astonishing..young Favre could put some heat on the ball but he would put his whole body into it ..the only people I can recall who could generate velocity as effortlessly as Josh is John Elway and Mike Vick
  6. Ben is better than McNabb was plus the two superbowls get him in ..not saying Ben is superb but he's much more accurate then McNabb was imo
  7. It's refreshing to have a staff that isn't opposed to making adjustments we haven't had a staff like that here in buffalo in a long time. Getting rid of KB was huge..horrible entitled attitude and speed of a tight end at wr position .I really see Josh having a nice jump this year..he should be able to atleast match trubiskys rise or hopefully surpass and if our defence plays to it's standards we could be heading back to the postseason
  8. No McNabb was a very good qb alex Smith like ..but no he was not a hall of fame qb and him quoting numbers without context is really disingenuous..aikman is in the hall of fame due to his playoff prowess just like Terry Bradshaw ..Ryan Fitzpatrick also has more TDS then aikman for reference
  9. Petermans always looked great in pratice and preseason...it's regular season game speed he can't cope with and game planning
  10. What if that team that finishes with the worst record...is the giants or arizona again? they wont be picking a qb so that pick would be available..pats are just putting themselves in the situation to be in any conversation for the qbs they covet post brady
  11. Because tyree jackson throws the pigskin like a mlb pitcher..hes not just inaccurate he sometimes misses targets 10 feet over their heads no exaggeration
  12. Beane has a plan first year was about fixing the cap..and putting the f.o in position to draft a franchise qb . 2nd year was about evaluation..now he's spent money fixing the biggest weakness on the team the offensive line. I'm sure he'll address the wr corps next year which is said to be a good wr draft.
  13. they probably targeting tua belichick loves bama players given his connection to saban..or stockpilling for whenever lawrence comes out
  14. I would not mind him in the 3rd he does have upside
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