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  1. Road wins are never easy and we took care of business! National media doesn't know much about this new BILLS team. They all picked the NY team's to win both games. Bills are finally coming into their own. There will be some let downs this season but we are moving in the right direction. Playoffs this season, contenders next season! Go BILLS!!!
  2. Mark my words, this is going to be significant and will contribute to the end of TB. It's coming!!
  3. He's such a Homer!! Colin that is. Dude was talking so much S@#! about the Bills and JA. Now we win some and he can eat crow!
  4. Yep! That was the first thing I said as soon as I saw the play!! We should steal all the hightlight plays that work from other teams and put them in our playbook! Maybe teams already do!!
  5. Final Update: So it was a lot of work (90 mins & 60 mins), too much work actually but I cancelled my service for 1 day and they offered a return package (which is offered for new customers). Details below...(For 1st year) rates will go up in 2nd year of 2 year agreement. New Bill: CHOICE (all included) $124.00 HBO STARZ SHOWTIME & CINEMAX $53.99 Regional Sports Fee $8.49 $200 AT&T VISA® Reward Card $0.00 NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2019 $0.00 $5 off for 12 mo w/ABP + eBill -$5.00 Adjustment -$40.01 3 Month HBO/STZ/SHO/MAX Credit -$53.99 ESTIMATED FIRST BILL *$87.48 The only reason I went through the hassle was my equipment was not working right and they wanted to charge me to fix their equipment so I really had to cancel. Good luck to all in your efforts, hope this helps!
  6. I understand what you're saying and I love our Bill's too! It will be all that much greater someday if we can win it all with this team and leadership! Go Bills!!!!
  7. Buffalo Stampede (mascot remains the same)! Maybe Bill should be riding a Buffalo!
  8. I just made the dreaded call to DTV (loyalty dept) and after 1:15 mins they only offered me $20 mo discount plus $12.25 mo off ST. Also a one time $30 credit. I had a $60 credit last year which they said they can't offer right now but to try back in 30 days. I said no and I want to cancel, she said she was going to transfer me to the VIP loyalty team. Really annoyed with the new ATT takeover as they SUCK on retention. I'm going to cancel and restart under a new name to get everything offered to new customers. That is what they stated is necessary. I will be getting ST for free and a $50 mo discount plus a gift card of some amount. Not sure it's worth the hassle!!
  9. Can the streaming service be paused or recorded to watch at a later time? Or is it live and no stopping it?
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