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  1. Can you find his 2019 stats to compare to last years numbers listed here?
  2. Bills 27-17 Fish. Allen 2 TDs, 0 Ints 23-34 304 yards passing 32 yards rushing.
  3. Niners could lose this game and it won't change to strong possibility they could get to the SB.
  4. You must not have autocorrect! It always tries to change Bills to Bill's and Pats to Pat's. Tell me you're not being serious?!
  5. You made me laugh!! It's obvious and that wasn't my point so I retitled my post. The discussion is for the storyline of Brady vs Garappalo! Would be great for the Pats to lose to Jimmy G!
  6. As it looks very likely with the way the niners are playing with great defense, good offense and great coaching they look poised to get there. Pat's are the Pat's so might as well accept it's very possible regardless of their beating by the Ravens. Brady vs Garappalo! The NFL would love this for the hype and story line. Hope Brady loses to his understudy! Maybe the Bills improve next season and can become playoff contenders as a better team! Go Bills!!!
  7. It would be nice, but I think reality is setting in with the Bills (they're not that good). If we had an average to difficult schedule we're probably 3-6 instead of 6-3. I hope we will spend and acquire some good talent next year to help the offense and maybe we can start winning some of these games against talented teams.
  8. AB, just do it!! Costs no draft capital and it shows management wants to win now.
  9. Not sure if others have given you credit, but you nailed it!
  10. Now the million dollar question, will Trump be impeached? Lol!
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