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  1. This just in...The following XFL teams have just folded: DC DefendersDallas RenegadesHouston RoughnecksLos Angeles WildcatsNew York GuardiansSt. Louis BattleHawksSeattle DragonsTampa Bay Vipers They looked so promising!
  2. How stupid were our Special Teams players for not holding their lanes. The slowest 2 players picked up and had the ball (our entire team runs toward them) when they weren't going to out run anyone and then no one covers the real speed returner. We deserve to loose! BTW, my honest (eyesight) opinion is was a slightly forward pass but I think they did computer rendering and it came back as a parallel pass so it may have actually been legal. Never repeat that disaster! Go Bills!
  3. Zay=Depth (bench). At this point, that is all! We need playmakers.
  4. Similar. Mariota is better and has put up better numbers, but in the same category!
  5. I think we still win if be makes 2 or 3 of his kicks.
  6. You're spot on! Good take! I think people are way too quick to bury him because of 1 bad game. He's still learning and making good strides! Expectations should be high next year! This year just make the playoffs and gain experience for the future as we take it to the next level then! Go Bills!
  7. I would choose the one to the right of the middle one!
  8. Look we just showed we can play with the best team in the NFL! Head up and on to Tenn next week to get back on track. Offense is still a work in progress! Keep the faith!
  9. Our D is legit! Maybe by Dec the Offense will be playing better.
  10. How about we throw in a screen and some easy throws for JA.
  11. I officially BILLIEVE they can win but I'm not sure we've been playing well enough to pull this one out just yet. The emotions for the Bill's will be at an extreme high. Hope we play mistake free because we will win if that happens!!
  12. I like the direction this thread is going! I like the support that's being showed to our fellow Billsies!!
  13. We know this team is progressing nicely with Josh Allen so far. We could easily be 1-2 but they made the plays and were clutch to earn their wins and are 3-0 deservedly so. Are we going to win this Sun, probably not but on any given Sun you have a chance and can win in the NFL. Do the Bills have a chance, absolutely! If they Gameplan well, play SMART, PHYSICAL and get pressure on Brady we can win. We really do need to change our old ways of thinking and start Billeving! Win or lose we're on the right track and I'm behind this team and management! Who's with me on this one? Now let's go shock the nation! Go Bills!!!
  14. Does anyone know what hotel the TB will be staying in? Maybe we can hire Tanya Harding to do her business!!
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