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  1. I'm not giving up! Bills can still turn it around! Wrap up Mahomes!!
  2. First half: Chiefs A Bills C- Bills gotta flip that in the second half! Get to Mahomes with some CB blitzes and make a stop. Offense needs to get going and play like the Champs we know they are! Keep it close and win at the end! Let's goooooo Buffalo!!!!!!
  3. Just need to settle down and get creative with some plays! Let's go D, Biltz em!!
  4. Frank Reich is a better evaluator of QB talent and knows better!!
  5. It has evolved to a passing league! We still need to do better in the run area and it is a need for next year. Just watched the AFC Championship Bills vs Chiefs in the 90's game and it was all running (mostly Thurman) that won the game. Today, it's mostly Allen and the D last week.
  6. I really like when the thread remains humerus and doesn't get to serious or offensive!! This thread is on track to remain humerus!
  7. Win by the pass, die by the pass! Make some plays JA. I Billieve in you!!
  8. Bills need to run some no huddle, dont let Josh think about his throws as much and mix in a run once in a while!
  9. Need to score a TD on this drive to establish our control!! Let's goooo!!!!
  10. How much fun is it to watch AFC teams beat the crap out of each other knowing one of them is going home? Love the no stress Sunday since the Bills took care of business already!!
  11. Was that a designed pass option for Allen to pass if the run gets stuffed?
  12. Inside intel!! Beane outsmarting the competition once again!!
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