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  1. No WR's will catch anything if Josh Allen is on the sidelines injured, I say enough messing around and in this scenario I'd 100% go OG O'Cyrus Torrence Florida, I'd also come back in the 2nd and take OG Andrew Vorhees USC. I know Torrence is a more dominant run blocker but he's also no slouch in the pass game either and that's up to Kromer to teach him how to be more dominant at both, I'd also come back in the 3rd and select a RT maybe someone like Dawand Jones Ohio State or Ryan Hayes Michigan who both would be solid options, I wouldn't mess around any longer along the O-Line.
  2. I think people are forgetting just how good that defense was in Brady's prime years... Ty law, Tebucky Jones, Lawyer Milloy, Teddy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Roman Phifer, Richard Seymour, Anthony Pleasant and Bobby Hamilton to go along with a solid OL. You can also throw in that Belichick was a defensive genius also.
  3. Totally understand I just don't think we have the coin to make such a move.
  4. Since McKenzie is signed for a few more years I'd say they give him another shot, if he struggles I really liked the way Shakir played throughout the season but not sure if he's ready for that big of a leap just yet imo.
  5. I'm pretty sure Beane at the press conference said the cap will be tight and not to expect big named free agents if I'm not mistaken so I'm going to take him up on his word.
  6. That is 1 tough family, hopefully she can make a miraculous recovery. Brain trauma is scary and the quality of life is what really matters, I really hope this turns into a great story of recovery down the road.
  7. Davis is not a scrub he was middle of the pack and Dawson Knox is not a scrub. Look around the league and you’ll be surprised.
  8. Teams would kill for our group. Davis in a down year still had over 800 yards and 7 TD. People act like our group is a bunch of scrubs, no team paying an elite QB (not on a rookie contract) has 2 Stefon Diggs on their team.
  9. So that means we'll have about 20M to spend and the figures for Tremaine Edmunds are 14-16M, plus the roster filler types like AJ Klein etc., yes money can be manipulated but we could also end up like the Saints and they're still 57M in the hole from the Brees days. Beane stated at his press conference that they can manipulate the cap but also want to be smart about it.
  10. So you even state he's not the best choice out there but giving the Saints our first and 2nd round picks anyways because he's a step up? Seems logical.
  11. I can agree with that. they were much better than I thought they were when I looked at the stats.
  12. The 49ers were 31 at 300.6, KC was 11th at 328.2, so the difference was 28 total yards/game. I'd say they were in that category imo.
  13. 20M over the cap, It's going to be a hell of steep hill for this staff but like you've stated, it's their own doing.
  14. 11th overall total defense in the NFL this season so not sure what you're talking about.
  15. I'm not trying to be a debbie downer but his drafting hasn't been his strong suit. 2 second and 2 first round picks on the DL. They would also then have a giant hole at DT oh and were 20M over the cap. I haven't totally lost faith in this staff but this is going to be a huge offseason for everyone involved (Beane/McDermott). If it's another stinker in the playoffs can they be trusted after that? Again I'm hoping it doesn't come to that because I really like McDermott and Beane but you have to think the leash just got at least a little shorter right?
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