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  1. I'm more concerned that people not only still listen to WGR but actually take anything they say seriously.
  2. I feel if our defense (Minus Hyde obviously) can stay healthy in the playoffs and we can get White back at some point that nobody is going to stop us from winning it all.
  3. Oh so if the player becomes a runner you can try and cripple him, thanks for the clarification.
  4. I'm not sure what you're asking for? McDermott is the best HC we've had so far since Wade Phillips left in 2000, he is far from perfect at making in game decisions but even look at the 1st ballot hall of fame HC Bill Belichik. He makes those similar in game errors in game but never really showed because he had one of the best ever in Tom Brady who covered up for alot of those mistakes just like Josh Allen does with McD. If you don't like McDermott that's your own opinion, after seeing this team go through Dick Jauron, Doug Marrone, Doug Williams, Rex Ryan, Chan Gailey, Mike Mularky and Anthony Lynn, McDermott is a breath of fresh air for me, imperfect or not he and Beane I feel are our best chance of bringing a SB to Buffalo, I feel like it's just a matter of time but again just my opinions. Also I don't really look back on the 13 seconds as it's in the past but at the times I wanted heads to roll after that loss, never was it McDermott's though. Allen also talked about the muffed fumble before the half and said he wouldn't have been able to spike the ball, they would have ran the clock out, considered a fumble. Isiah McKenzie also stated he knew what Bass' range was and need to get the extra yards, didn't think he'd make it out of bounds that's why he didn't drop down right away.
  5. I wont knock any poster for not liking a player or coach and I know we just had a heart breaking loss but lets look back to the times before McDermott got here, it was some dark times. No coach is perfect but to put all of the blame on McDermott is ridiculous, like the players say "we didn't make enough plays to win" and it's usually the truth imo.
  6. You do realize we lost this game by 2 points without Oliver, White, Poyer, Hyde, Philips, Knox, Mckenzie, Diggs at the end, Bates, Brown, Roten, Morse, that;s unreal that we only lost by 2 imo.
  7. We had practice squad players come in relief, there is no team that are 3 deep at every position on the OL. this is the dumbest thread I've seen in quite some time and there has been some doozies on here after a loss.
  8. And that's the chess match I was referring to, it's not a high percentage play and the thought was probably the defense won't be expecting a pass, it didn't work out in our favor this time. If it did work out would this even be a thread? I'm just giving my opinion not hating on your thread or trying to argue about the play.
  9. And if they run it in or pass it in then this isn't even a thread. You can sit here and say this about all plays that don't work, sometimes coordinators try to outsmart the opposition, it's a game of chess and we lost that match.
  10. Win some lose some, hell of a game either way that we could have easily won had the plays fell our way.
  11. He's a special talent and great leader on defense so he'll surely be missed but this is also a great opportunity for Jaquan Johnson.... Next man up, time to earn that paycheck.
  12. This Ryan Fitzpatrick segment is actually hilarious.
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