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  1. It seems every day we are bashing players. Maybe not you. But to argue if JB is a #1 receiver is not intelligent discussion. There is mostly emotional negative takes on players and the coaching. Of course there is rational and educated takes. But the thread doesn’t reflect that overall.
  2. Oh cool! Today we are bashing JB? Awesome. Who’s tomorrow?
  3. yes 3. His horrible coaching got us to the playoffs 2/3 seasons
  4. You are right. There is no need to get upset over blatantly giving the game to the other team. I mean rules are meant to be applied as seen fit. Carry on. more like the dumb fanbase who cant appreciate a playoff team that played its heart out all year and over achieved.
  5. There were several other actual bad calls that influenced the game. That one however is a non issue.
  6. Saints. Let’s see if the NFL can blatantly ***** them again.
  7. To those who have an eye for non stop complaining you mean. What changes? You want to fire the coach mid season? Or maybe now since he made the playoffs 2 out of 3 years? I disagree with you. He is the reason we made the playoffs. We need more talent more so than better coaching. People act like if you don’t win the SB you suck. It’s called a process for a reason. It takes time. If you aren’t happy w the progress this team is making maybe you will accept yearly regression. You know as long as they have a killer instinct.
  8. I’m also hoping some of these fans aren’t on the wagon next year. They can find a new team to rip apart every week.
  9. 2 years ago we were gonna be 8-8 forever. Now you bitching we will be 11-5 every year? Funny ***** right there.
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