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  1. You must not understand how tax dollars are spent.
  2. He somehow impressed McBeane while here. I guess they were just as stupid as chucky.
  3. You guys need a hobby. Really bad.
  4. Ah yes.... I can sense the deep need to be loved.
  5. Of course they respect us. We are the team you take home to your mom.
  6. Not another one of these threads again.
  7. I hear you. But yes this was smart. Dont over analyze.
  8. I’d love for you to walk up to Kyle and tell him that to his face. That they didn’t really deserve to be there. Cause they didn’t do ***** for 16 weeks and then got lucky cause of one play? Please. You clearly don’t understand what it take to play in the NFL.
  9. You could show a tiny bit of gratitude to the dude who led your team out of the playoff drought. No matter what you think of him he played for your team and got something done.
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