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  1. Cook had 6 drops in the regular season and 1 drop in the playoffs. Definitely room for improvement. Rooting for this dude.
  2. One of the candidates is in love with Viktor Orban......
  3. I wish nothing but failure for him and every Chief.
  4. OMG we need this guy as our coach! She can be OC!
  5. If aliens aren't running the show then we are in serious trouble.
  6. Listen, I am not getting worked up until the first quarter when we open 3 and out.
  7. Just flew southwest. I forgot how much I hate it. United is my choice. Some real leg room. And much better service and communication with the customer.
  8. I just cancelled the package after this news. And added the WNBA package for $1.
  9. Why is it nicer than Josh’s house?
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