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  1. So many opinions. So little intelligence.
  2. I do not think there will be a season. Time to accept reality. We are the laughing stock of the world with our covid numbers.
  3. You should have to wear an American flag on your head to watch an NFL game. If you disagree you are a traitor commie.
  4. They deleted my post about the incompetence of the government. Yet somehow this thread of pure crap survives.
  5. A review of more than 4,000 U.S. patients who were diagnosed with novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19) shows that an unexpected 20% of deaths occurred among adults aged 20-64 years, and 20% of those hospitalized were aged 20-44 years. The expectation has been that people over 65 are most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection, but this study indicates that, at least in the United States, a significant number of patients under 45 can land in the hospital and can even die of the disease.
  6. I would actually have to care enough to hate a team. I am a Bills fan. The rest can ***** off.
  7. How about an all covid league. You cant play if you dont test positive.
  8. Why does a Jets fan keep posting nonsense on here.
  9. Yes. You are quite the victim. How do you survive thru game day?? Is an anti-American someone who doesn't agree with you?
  10. Oh they do. It's burnt into our retinas. I suspect you have another reason.
  11. Why do you use that vile human's picture as your avatar?
  12. Bringing politics into football should be punished with some police brutality.
  13. kneeing down is lecturing? Get a grip
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