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  1. nedboy7

    Bleacher Report has Allen with 12 starts

    If Allen starts at week whatever like everyone wants then there was a huge mistake evaluating talent and the QBs acquired. One of the dumbest things one can hope for. If he wins the job in camp then great.
  2. nedboy7

    Mock Draft Has Bills Selecting At #1.....

    Yes! We can finally get our frencheyes qb!!!
  3. another deep thoght provoking thread. I’m ranking the trees in my yard. It’s more interesting.
  4. nedboy7

    Shaq Lawson on roster bubble

    Oh man some more non news to fight over.
  5. So you believe in Adam and Eve?
  6. Is it really crazier than what 75% of the planet believes in?
  7. Ah some good old Bills bashing. This is refreshing.
  8. Wouldn’t it be something if TT outperforms the bills QBs this year?
  9. I think because there is no acknowledgement of his strengths when bashing the guy. The intangibles. Of course people saw his faults. What do you want? Brady. The guy was good enough until someone better came along. Let’s see if that’s the case. What’s weird is you are still whining about him and he is gone!!
  10. Season needs to start so the TT haters can turn on the next qb. He did his best and it was enough to get this mediocre team into the playoffs somehow. Just be grateful. And he is gone. You should be happy.
  11. Yeah. And I think the results could be appropriate.
  12. nedboy7

    Incognito ok at home, thanks Buffalo

    Not everything is about you buddy.
  13. nedboy7

    Incognito ok at home, thanks Buffalo

    And you are one common robot.