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  1. I’d love to see the rankings from people who think total QBR or PFF is bogus. Btw not declaring Allen top 15 isn’t saying he will fail or I don’t like him as a QB. I do agree I don’t understand how mayfield is rated so high. His QBR is 39.7
  2. So it’s almost as if there is a conspiracy against him! where would you rank Allen? Top 15?
  3. It’s hilarious people think PFF has something personal against Allen. Take your ball and go home.
  4. It’s his brain. He can decide. Team doc? Come on.
  5. Not sure why some clueless random thought deserves a thread.
  6. I think they go 11-0 rest of this year and 16-0 next year. Why not. Allen is coming into his own!
  7. you got me. yes I do! But I mean who doesn't want evil to fail. I just dont hate ex Bills.
  8. Impact as in putting Brady in the hospital? No that hasn't happened yet. Not sure how pressure is not impactful.
  9. I’m still pissed we didn’t draft Brady. Fire someone for ***** sake.
  10. Are you suggesting Mahomes is not Buffalo material cause he is so good we wouldn’t know how to handle his awesomeness since we are used to sub par QB play? Yes I agree.
  11. I’ll be working on Devin’s hamstring. With a doll and acupuncture needles.
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