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  1. nedboy7

    Bills “Big Nickel” package is a Big Fail

    It’s a rebuild year so makes sense to play stupid coverages.
  2. nedboy7

    Vlad Ducasse...NFLs best pass blocker?

    I can only take PFF seriously if they start listening to the brilliant analytic minds of TBD and incorporating them into the grading scheme.
  3. nedboy7

    This Year's Bears = Next Year's Bills?

    Well they have Mack and we have Murphy so yeah I can see that heppeneing.
  4. nedboy7

    I Bet $5,000 on Minnesota. Should I Be Worried?

    Last week was the game to bet on. This week the bills gonna roll.
  5. when people claim someone is having a temper tantrum cause they have a different opinion it reminds me of the idiocy I frequently see on fox news. yeah cause all the best teams build their team by picking in the top ten. You can pick great in the draft without great position. Which they actually have done a decent job. I do not agree with the notion that if you cant make the playoffs you are better off being dead last. You dont overcome being the worst team with a top ten draft pick.
  6. Yeah. They are trying get their new qb killed.
  7. You rebuild w giving zero support for your rookie qb?
  8. No. I do not think it is. I’m rather baffled w how bad they are and how people think this is the right path.
  9. That’s what you got from the OP? You work for fox?
  10. I think some of the fans believe we have to be the worst team so they can convince themselves the rebuild is on. Cause somehow winning 7-9 games a year is pure hell.
  11. nedboy7

    It finally hit me who Trent Murphy reminds me of....

    Next year w 60 mil we can get 12 Myrphys!
  12. nedboy7

    Bills Make National Headlines Consistently

    We live in a time when everyone knows everything. Enjoy.
  13. more like could this be the worst team of the century. Let's wait thru the process and find out.
  14. I have a strange feeling the Bills take this one.
  15. The real question is could the Bama linebackers beat the Warriors in a 7 game series. I think they can.