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  1. Can someone explain why the they kept talking about how it was ok that the clock kept hitting ZERO with no penalty?
  2. Some good old ex Bills bashing!! It had been a while.
  3. Anyone who didn't predict this score should be labeled a hater and banned for life!!!!!!
  4. You need to try out for an NFL team yo! Live the easy life.
  5. I love it!!! We do the barking and biting now. And belicheat is the chew toy.
  6. We are overachievers. We should be 3-11. Get your hot takes here!!!
  7. Wait so they shouldn't try to lose for draft picks? Now we appreciate the JJ Watts of the league who play to win every week? Some hypocrisy there no?
  8. If you are rooting for your team to lose for draft picks it's time for a new hobby. We have seen plenty of that here for years.
  9. Maybe we can get LeBron to play QB for the Steelers game for you.
  10. I can only come to the conclusion that you are wrong about the awful part? Edmunds led the Bills in tackles with 115 and was tied for second in tackles for loss and pass breakups. He is the first player in NFL history to record two 100-plus tackle seasons by the age of 21. Edmunds was a first alternate in his second NFL season and with New England LB Dont'a Hightower sitting out the Pro Bowl due to injury, the Bills linebacker was the next man up. It was surprising to see that on a defense that performed like this that the Bills only had one player. However
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