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  1. Not sure why he has to be in a relationship if his other eye is always on someone else. Play the field like a man!
  2. My wife always orders ranch. It's so embarrassing. Not sure how much longer I can be in this marriage.
  3. Yeah but you dont need to sleep with your friends wife. Man up and find someone else to lie to your wife about.
  4. So you are saying the Bills are this good despite McD. Why not just roll with no coach. Save some money. If it fails blame Edwards next.
  5. That is a coaching issue. Not Fitz issue. Maybe you would rather have a crap backup so you have no hard decisions when the starter is ready? I get what you are saying but I do not agree.
  6. Your backup QB gets hot for a few weeks? I mean isn’t that exactly what you hope to get from a backup.
  7. Better question is why would he want to keep playing. Enjoy your life.
  8. Not sure if some people actually value what McB brought to Buffalo. I think these people think anyone can coach JA to a SB. They also drafted JA and groomed him. So if I was the owner I’d be quite happy w my product. They are the ***** 2nd most liked team in the world. excellent post by black label above this.
  9. here educate your brain you can also be forced to register as a sex offender on some states. https://www.findlaw.com/state/criminal-laws/indecent-exposure-laws-by-state.html you must view massage therapists as whores.
  10. This thread is worse than the 13 seconds. The idea that the Bills would have won the SB automatically is also idiotic.
  11. That is odd cause I have them going 3-3 after week 6 with TBD imploding and calling for McBean's head.
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