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  1. I’d like to see the bills on the bachelorette
  2. nedboy7

    Where Are They Now? Safety Coy Wire

  3. Yes i do smell that. However, it’s not success.
  4. nedboy7

    Ivory gone

    How is gore an improvement over ivory?
  5. nedboy7

    QB Wonderlic Scores 2018

    Yes let’s isolate one dimension. Show it’s not statistically perfect and then disregard that dimension. Pretty sure that’s how intelligent people operate.
  6. They seem to be making pretty smart decisions. Draft should be fun.
  7. nedboy7

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    Or the NFL can support their workers and spend some of their billions helping them out when they can’t think or move at age 50?
  8. nedboy7

    Should the NFL eliminate the onside kick?

    Why not eliminate scoring. That way eneyone is a winner.
  9. Social media is so classy.
  10. May my president enjoy jail. Is that better my snowflake? It’s kinda fun to see which logical minds are trumpers. Kinda explains a lot.
  11. Fake President. May he enjoy jail.
  12. nedboy7

    Tyrod to Miami?

    It's so weird you all hate the guy that helped break the 17 year drought. Yeah he cant play. That's super logical.
  13. nedboy7

    Tyrod to Miami?

    Yes you are a bigger fan of the bills cause you hate tyrod.
  14. nedboy7

    Tyrod to Miami?

    Watch TT light up the Bills twice this year if thats the case.