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  1. I would still complain about Edmunds, Levi, Ford, Mongo, Oliver, Daboll, and so on. Oh and Josh has regressed.
  2. I was wondering if someone was gonna try to blame that ***** show on offense on the D somehow. This is brilliant.
  3. Shock the other team. Run the ball. Give the OL some confidence. Pull 8 or even 7! Into the box. Let it rip. My god. How attached is daboll to the 5 wr set. Get a grip.
  4. The offensive play calling was baffling today. And josh played very spotty. Some of this falls on McD. But let’s not pretend he isn’t a good coach and he has this team in the SB hunt under his watch.
  5. We lost this for the same reason we lost the KC game. One real reason...... Play calling.
  6. Gonna be hard to blame this one on Edmunds or Addison or Knox......
  7. I almost drafted Gus. Well we can send them Breida for a first.
  8. You seem to forget the fact that he is starting again in the league. It is cute how he gets under your skin.
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