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  1. They will probably go to something like daily testing on practice and game days. Mid summer Might be a peak though so it would be pretty hard to have so many players stay clean. They would have to quarantine the league for about 5 months. I hope they do. I need entertainment.
  2. This virus is doubling every 2 days if you don't just read Fox. And they only test the worst cases as I know of several people who work in hospitals. 80% of cases are not tested. And there are tons of asymptomatic patients. At this rate the amount of critically ill people will hit 100 million by second week of April. Which is not really possible cause there are 330 million in the US. So by end of March we should be seeing a total ***** show. The administration is arguing with medical experts cause they just care about the economy which is going to bottom out regardless. I do not see a draft in May. Maybe August. This blows. Also kinda blows if you are in the 3-5% of the critically ill that will die.
  3. I think Coronavirus is a bigger problem.
  4. Remember to never support dog breeders. Always rescue. RIP Swagger.
  5. Stats are meaningless. Read that here many times. just go w that feeling you get as you watch drunk.
  6. I think some meditation practices for certain Bills fans are in order. Thru meditation you will hopefully learn to not attach to every thought that comes thru your mind.
  7. You could make your life happier and just not watch. But please dont try to spread your germs. Wash your hands and put on a mask. Be respectful.
  8. 6 pages on this loser? I’d rather discuss if allen is any good.
  9. Let’s make a move for him! Allen needs a WB1
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