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  1. Trade Up? What it would take

    I can see them trade down from the first round again.
  2. It is to bills fans it seems. Almost as if it’s the only thing that matters. Now define franchise qb.
  3. 8 years ago I gave up season tickets

    I took a deuce this morning.
  4. Savioir5INTpeterman!!!!
  5. Oh the daily let’s rip an ex player thread!!
  6. I remember some intense Bortles bashing here. Now he is a good qb after one game?
  7. I think that game proved the dolphins are worse then we thought.
  8. Vikings over Jags. Brady cries at midfield. I wont say why.

    It's never enough. Ungrateful fans.
  10. PFF End of Season QB Rankings

    Mental illness is when you equate respecting a players effort with refusing to acknowledge their weaknesses. I know tylor is a linited qb. He did get us into the playoffs and deserves some respect. I’m not saying we should have him a 100 mil extension. I know that’s a hard reach for some of you.
  11. PFF End of Season QB Rankings

    You don’t get it. Which is fine. You deserve another 17 years of misery. What an ungrateful bunch on mentally ill fans.
  12. Cordy Glenn for Andy Dalton

    You all hate TT but want dalton? Nah.
  13. Mahomes the next Blaine Gabbert ?

    Let's discuss bitcoin. I wonder if it will go down?
  14. PFF End of Season QB Rankings

    Stop it. We dont need an efficient QB. Never mind we made the playoffs finally after 17 years. Clearly Tyrod is the worst qb to ever play the game.
  15. PFF End of Season QB Rankings

    PFF sucks. They dont take into account the opinions of the amazingly intelligent Bills fans.