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  1. Im pro tyrod. Sorry you are having trouble understanding this. What’s your claim to same? being confused?
  2. Moments? You are so generous. I think I have to let some of this crowd know that is sarcasm so I dont have to keep replying
  3. SI and PFW know nothing. They once complimented TT's game.
  4. Who is the better bridge qb Tyrod or AJ McCarron?

    That’s why they play the games.
  5. I bet you drive a clown car. A tiny one.
  6. Bills sign QB AJ McCarron

    Thats a great one! You talking about haters.
  7. Veteran QB: It all comes down to FOLES / MCCARRON!

    Don’t worry guy the frencheyes is coming..............
  8. So do we not have a plan at WR in free agency?

    I’ve read here many times that we don’t really need wrs. As long as we have the frencheyes qb. So no worry.
  9. Probowls don’t count anymore. Only your opinion. Thank god we have you.
  10. Albright: Broncos Targeting Mayfield, Bill's Josh Allen

    Alan is the new frencheyes?
  11. Was The Tyrod Taylor Era a Success?

    No! We made the playoffs. Wait a minute....
  12. You are upsetting the delusional fan base. Keep to script. We are getting a frencheyes
  13. Who do you want for a veteran qb?

    so you like 3 of our players. thats a good start.
  14. Who do you want for a veteran qb?

    Sorry the team couldnt score enough points for you to feel good about them. Jacksonville scored 10. Against our scrubs. They must suck too. When you look at this team I doubt you see anything but negativity.