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  1. That is odd cause I have them going 3-3 after week 6 with TBD imploding and calling for McBean's head.
  2. Do multiple prime time games help or hurt the Bills?
  3. Pegula looked pumped! He didnt care one bit about a 4th round pick.
  4. Houston Chronicle gave the Bills and Pats the same grade. Now that is a little lame.
  5. It's so funny how the Pats make me happy now. Anything can happen in life. Just have to hang on tight.
  6. Hope the Jets are watching how its done! Bean!
  7. That is true cant argue. There were way too many unnecessary designed QB runs by Dabol that exposed JA to injury. JA carrying the team has a lot to do with Dabol's play-calling IMO. JA is great at running. But that doesnt mean he has to lead in rushing. That was Dabol's mistake. Improvement in OL and RB will help balance that but mainly the play calling needs to change. You could make an argument that lack of talent pushed Dabol into that, but I do not completely agree.
  8. Bills are a complete team w the best QB in the league. The narrative that JA carries his team is BS.
  9. Crazy how the jets have become the best team in the AFCE. Well maybe we can take it back in next years draft.
  10. Bean can’t please the fan base. But he can build a perennial contender. Pretty sweet.
  11. Everything I have read about this kid says great pick. I’m quite happy with it.
  12. There has to be a legit reason for the trade up.
  13. Imagine Pat Williams catching a pass from Pat Williams.
  14. I didn’t say anything about resenting the rich. I agree with you there are times it’s very useful to have a service like Amazon. However I do see how destructive it is to buy most of your goods from one or two companies that monopolize and create an unhealthy economic structure. I’m pretty sure you are rich enough for a good life. No need to envy people richer. They aren’t necessarily happier.
  15. People love giving their money to a Billionaire instead of supporting small local businesses. Then B word about mega corporations monopolizing everything.
  16. Maybe we can fire the coach every year we dont win the SB. And blame the D for every close game we lose. Simple.
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