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  1. I don’t want to hear it. All we hear is how Josh carries the team. Go find some dudes from the street and we should be good.
  2. I kicked the dogs out of the living room. Previous weekend there were 5 dogs in the house. Can’t take it on game day. so tired of weddings in general. Make it end.
  3. It's amazing how Josh carries that D. Remember he is basically all we got.
  4. That was bad officiating. Which seems to go on in about half the games. Almost makes it laughable for a 100 billion dollar industry. Which makes me think they like it this way with their dumb refs.
  5. I like the OP’s take here. While josh might be the best player in the league I don’t get the disrespect the rest of the team and coaching gets on here. Especially the D. Josh does not carry the D as the narrative goes, which is an absolute monster and just as important to how we are winning? To suggest the D got smoked in the first half is silly and short sighted. As silly as the argument Josh lost the Miami game by missing an open guy for the last play. And while this team is winning the idea they are winning despite the coaching is the type of immature argument you watch on ESPN.
  6. You are correct. But....Wet balls were a problem from the start. That's what......
  7. His description of when a receiver becomes a runner was quite stunning. Am I wrong on this?
  8. I'd like to run into those announcers from today after a few drinks in me.
  9. Man. Singletary is carrying this team on his back. wink wink
  10. Please remember the embarrassing comments from first half before having a mini meltdown now.
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