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  1. Sounds about right, we got some true "The winners are actually losers" mentality going on here. An excuse or smart ass comment about anything bad that happens to the Bills as if we are blind and dumb. Just look at the cap space thread, you would think the Bills were the only ones to recieve it, or the Araiza thread on how the Bills somehow "won". People trying to make excuses about it saying "their current punter is better" when they have no idea if thats true or not, and even if it is they save 4m cap space for another player. It's a lose lose for the Bills but the bootlickers come full force making excuses. I guess that's what 0 trophies does to some fans. Koombuyah I guess I just read the cap increase thread, I thought the Bills were the only team that got it and had a clear advantage
  2. No, just not a sucker or boot licker for everything the Bills do as "winning". But go ahead with your bad self Charlie Sheen. Enjoy the participation trophies.
  3. Hell yeah! Now we can afford to sign our draft picks! Btw, I see no more benefit to the Bills with this news than any other team in the NFL. Whatever boost your spirits though.
  4. I remember hearing this about the Dawson Knox contract 🤣
  5. The Dolphins are the only team in worse shape than the Bills with cap space/problems in the NFL
  6. I agree 100% To put it in simple terms, If you only swapped the QBs with the Bills and Chiefs, I absolutely belive Josh Allen has multiple Superbowl wins with the Chiefs and Mahomes has 0 with the Bills now. The qb has not been the issue we can't beat the Chiefs, its all the players and coaches around the QB, that is the difference
  7. What a kick in the nuts. The rich get richer and the poor remain poor.
  8. The Bills do a fine job of embarrassing themselves in front of the Nation on an annual basis as it is. I don't think the punter situation would have made it worse than it already is
  9. Not a Capoligist, but its well known the Bills have the 2nd worst cap space in the league, not "a lot of teams" ahead of them at being the worst in cap management in the league currently. A lot of fans on here are going to be in for a rude awakening this year. Unless they want to put the Bills in even worse shape and "kick the can down the road" even more that some fans are claiming for. The salary cap is very real no matter how many times you say it's a "Myth". The Bills comes due at some point.
  10. Diggs playoff performances has been replacement level. I can't wait for the 2025 version of "Stephon Diggs Crytpic tweets, another teams problems"
  11. I'm not sure what Bill is trying to prove, but his mistake was posting that and thinking that people with eyes and vision could somehow read his post and not be able to watch the actual players on the football field. A big swing and a miss.
  12. I think its just the fear in fans that once he moves on, Gabe Davis might learn how to catch a football
  13. All in hopes that they somehow 1 day do it, not getting knocked out the playoffs every year. Some of you don't seem to understand that though
  14. My unpopular opinion is that the Bills will struggle to make a Wildcard next year due to our terrible cap situation. It is indeed not a myth. (2nd worst in league)
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