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  1. Gunsgoodtime

    Happy Birthday coach McDermott

    I know I'm no coach McDermott, but today is my 39th Bday!!!. Happy BDay coach Got a laugh out of this, thanks!
  2. To be fair, it is possible he could have filled in some on this line last year and performed better than some players on our roster, now that you bring that up!
  3. Gunsgoodtime

    Bills to play one of their preseason games in Charlotte

    Well I'm a short dude at only 5'6", but yes he is huge, and the pic we took I look like a little kid lol. As big as he is, I think his father Ferrel who is a former pro bowl TE may be even bigger. Btw, class act people
  4. Gunsgoodtime

    Bills to play one of their preseason games in Charlotte

    3 hours here. I will be there. FWIW just met Tremaine Edmund's today!
  5. Gunsgoodtime

    EJ and Sammy together again

    Jerry Rice in his prime wouldn't be able to help EJ out!
  6. Just had to bump...so excited, I met Tremaine Edmund's today and got a Jersey signed! Him and his father are such nice people. I may share a photo later but not sure if he would appreciate that are not. Btw I'm only 5'6" so you can imagine how it looks lol
  7. Gunsgoodtime

    Charles Clay impressions?

    A very good TE when healthy, but that has been his downfall. A risk signing imo. If for #2 role I think he is a great addition
  8. Gunsgoodtime

    Ja’Waan Taylor OT Florida

    Seems to be the consensus pick for us as far as media/analyst
  9. Gunsgoodtime

    Anyone get a stadium focused group invite.

    Cuomo is a ***** idiot
  10. Foster was the highlight of the year to us Bill's fans, which was unexpected. Allen, Edmund's, White, and other udfa were a nice surprise, but somewhat expected except udfa of course.
  11. Gunsgoodtime

    The future of the AFC is KC, Cleveland... and Buffalo!

    As a die hard Bill's fan, I can say that only Bill's fans feel this way. When I mention something of this nature to people where I live, it is followed by a big laugh. We have a lot to prove before anyone believes the Bill's will be a top competitor, and until we can win a normal regular season game against the Pat's instead if curling up in the corner and taking the beating it will not change. It sounds great to us Bill's fans, but the reality is NE owns us more than any other team in history, and to think that will change next year (year after year) is the definition of insanity...repeating the same thing over and over with the same results. Show me the baby and I will believe!
  12. Gunsgoodtime

    Barnwell has Bills at 6 wins in 2019

    I agree with all of this. I dont understand the Tyrod hate
  13. Gunsgoodtime

    NRC still hates the Pats from when he was a Bill

    For the love of all things living...get the ***** ring!
  14. I'm watching the pro bowl, it's like watching 2 hand touch except players are wearing pads and a helmet. Its an embarrassment