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  1. Not enough information yet, however I have been waiting on something like this for years to come out on Irvin. He seems to be the perfect candidate for sexual assault charges with his high ego and loud mouth
  2. I think the jury has reached a decision on Oliver. Guilty of being overdrafted and not worth a big contract
  3. Needed another Defensive pick to keep our 3 to 1 ratio
  4. I am all for it. Looks like a good decision to me, seems to be a good young player that can make the transition, need him more at Safety at this point than CB You still draft another imo, in the 4th or 5th range
  5. I hope we bite the bullet and just pay Edmunds. Je is the only one worthy of a contract and we drafted him. I think we get worse in that position if we lose him it creates yet another massive hole to be filled.
  6. I agree. Personally I would add Morse to that list too. Also need a slot Wr. Shakir is just high hopes right now just like Mckenzie and Davis were this year
  7. I would consider a 5th, and free up that 10m. Gives us a 5th flyer and can use half that money to replace Oliver and no one will even notice a difference
  8. Maybe other teams watched the playoffs the last 3 years
  9. Hate that draft honestly. We already have an overpaid TE, and where is our WR help? We need a #2 and a slot WR desperately this year. Te at #1 is no bueno
  10. Let Singletary walk, restructure Hines, draft a late round RB
  11. In 1919 the NFL didn't even exist! Times are changing fast, its hard to keep up!
  12. Lost me at #2. Trade Ed Oliver for an All Pro guard 不不不不不. I used to play a lot of Madden too.
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