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  1. Nice 6 year extension. Under contract though 2025
  2. Very smart best Coach Bills have had in a long long time. McClappy says in BLO.
  3. Good Rather face an aging and not all that effective Miller than Sony Michel all day long
  4. Because it is. How many WRs are you going to keep. 2019 - 2 Big UFA Contracts 2020 - Trading for One Drafting 2 I think that tells you all you need to know about what they think about their WR room Diggs Brown Beasley Roberts - Yes his return skills lock him. Davis ----------------------------------------Locks Leaving: Isaiah Hodgins - Their recent Draft pick Isaiah McKenzie Robert Foster Nick Easley Duke WIlliams Fighting for 1 spot. Duke Williams - good story didnt translate his CFL play to NFL in first year Robert Foster now pretty removed from a 6 game stretch that he looked the part.
  5. Big Tall Guys always have that Question however his Three Cone at 7.01 was good and that is better than Metcalf was. Both his Broad Jump and Vertical numbers where in the area you would want them. His 40 was on a the slow side. I would have to see when he ran his drills again, because I know there were bad times this year with the move to a Primetime event and having these guys sit around all day before getting to their Drills.
  6. I have Watched a Ton of Gabe Davis in UCF. I do see him as an outside looking in WR1 with top end WR2. Hodgins with that Size Speed Combo opposite Diggs, and you have a 1A and 1B in the future, granted they have to hit those benchmarks but everything is projection right now.
  7. At the end of it. I am going to say I think Hodgins will be the Gem out of these two WRs. And I like Davis as well, I just think there is more upside with Hodgins
  8. If the NFL put him in the program initially, they need to take him RIGHT BACK out of it. 0.0 Breathalyzer Clean Drug panel.
  9. Yes if the Cap is 175M, we will over 20, we have 195M in space next year. so in 2011 we only spend 175M of that 195M we get to roll 20M again 2012 say becomes 200M cap we now have 220M in space. You can roll over any amount of cap space all the time to the following year
  10. With a Waiver. My Friend processes those waivers alot down here in FL. That Waiver is important because it will allow the military and VA to get out of paying disability to issues outlined in the waiver.
  11. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/05/06/coronavirus-survivors-banned-from-joining-the-military/#:~:text=A past COVID-19 diagnosis,..” the memo reads. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/05/22/will-covid-19-disqualify-you-military-service-its-complicated-officials-say.html https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/national-security/recruits-covid-19-history-will-be-rejected-military-says-memo-n1202106
  12. Sure the Lacrosse player that No Longer can play. How about the FACT that if you HAVE EVER tested positive with COVID you need a medical waiver to enlist in the military. Sorry you get your facts of well not going to turn this political
  13. That was the recent one I was referring too. There have been many, the thing that is being done now is renting AIRBNBs for these parties I know of about 6 (have been told about them from friends in Cali and Vegas.) This one got the news cycle because of the shooting.
  14. He doesnt need to talk about how the Perception of the Bills have changed since he has come in the league. You do start to hear more and more of that from players. Beasley also talked the new perception of the Bills when he came here. I think more and more players are going to sign with Buffalo as years go on because it really does seem that player perception of the organization has shifted.
  15. He is talking about the Perception of the Bills. Not the Washington Football Team. He said when h came in the league Buffalo was one of the worst and now one of the best franchises to go to.
  16. And I would pay Tre before I would pay ANY OTHER player on this team at THIS point in time.
  17. Hope isnt a good plan. Heck three days ago there was a HUGE party in Cali for Football players. So yeah sorry I dont pin my plan on trusting others to do the right thing.
  18. Ok so how can you be cautious when you have Physical Contact breathing all over players from other teams, it isnt like they are going to be wearing masks under their helmet or staying 6Ft away from eachother
  19. Jesus here we go. Tre White - I am still deciding if I am going to OPT out. Two Bills Drive - Thread gets made about trading Tre White.
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