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  1. body management. Played a Physical Game. Expect another physical game. Something has to be working as Bills seem very healthy at this point in the season.
  2. JuJu looks like he might be out. yeah I am not sure they have updated it recently. I will go searching
  3. I saved up my Sick time so still have 80 hours. Already prepped the Battle Field with the COO saying I feel a cough coming on.
  4. Based on Twitter Reports Bills will be in their White on Blues Steelers (confirmed by Steelers Twitter) Will be in their All Black Color Rush
  5. Steelers will be in their all Black Color Rush (side note they are 5-0 in that uniform) Not sure I saw ours yet Reports on Twitter are White on Blue for the Bills
  6. Their thread on this Game if you want to take a read, there are the Normal Allen accuracy will turn it over, and they played a soft schedule stuff. But some nice points too. Also interesting that they have this hug Nation Wide fanbase but their thread about this game is 4 pages http://thesteelersfans.com/forums/threads/steelers-vs-bills.23545/ First Post Bill defense will make it nearly impossible to move the ball. I don't have any faith in Fichtner to come up with a game plan to score on these guys. It's inexcusable that he did not have Vance heavily involved in todays game plan. Arizona has been mauled by every TE this year, they are as bad as the Steelers were defending TE's prior to this season. I know Vance left with a concussion but he only had 1 catch up until then and could have used Vannett afterwards, Arizona is that bad at covering them.Now you're facing a secondary with no weaknesses to exploit. They will need Conner back for this one, heavy dose of running and dare I say, maybe bubble screens. You thought I was going to say the wildcat didn't you, I better not see any of that mickey mouse stuff, Bills will destroy that.I have faith our defense can contain Allen, he's Lamar Jackson light and the Steelers have handled Jackson better than any other team this year.Going to be a tough game, I give the Bills the edge since they have a better offense and a defense to match ours. Another Post of the Heat Map against our Defense
  7. There is a HUGE contingent of Steeler fans that want Tomlin Canned.
  8. I seem to be in the minority but having watched EVERY Steeler game this year as well, their offense is trash and really their defense doe not impress me on a matchup standard. Only Dupree is the player I am worried about Their Corners cannot cover and Fitzpatrick is opportunistic I know I am in the minority here but I dont think this game is every going to be in doubt and I see Bills cruising to a Win
  9. I am not, I think we have seen better pure rushers in Dallas. I also do not think that the Steelers have the CBs to be able to do what the Ravens did. I dont know but reading through this thread and the other Pittsburgh threads but I seem to be in the minority thinking we are not going to have ANY trouble in this game.
  10. Man how nice would it be if NE losses to Bengals earlier in the day then Buffalo goes and Beats Pittsburgh. That will make Next Sunday against NE for the Division Lead and the 2 seed
  11. All only matters if the Bills lose out. Only really important game is Bengals Beat NE, Once Buffalo Beats Pittsburgh the Sunday Game against NE will be for the Division Lead and the 2 seed
  12. Bills 20 Steelers 9 never a doubt during the game. Bills clinch a playoff spot and set their sights on the division.
  13. I don’t think we rest starters. Maybe we pull them during the game but this offense needs all the Reps they can get going into the playoffs.
  14. I might not have the same thinking as others. But if I am a HOF voter I do hold these scandals against Brady and BB when it comes time to vote. IMO their legacy is tainted enough that they don’t get in first Ballot like many think. They get in but with these scandals I keep them off the first Ballot and make them wait. The problem is the voters are the same ones that routinely make excuses for them.
  15. I know and the counter argument to his take. There is no evidence that they didn’t cheat. Their own statement admits to breaking the rule (claiming ignorance as a reason, try that in court). And history shows they do cheat.
  16. Now he is joking around making off hand comments to Tre picking up the pictures and laughing I hate this show more and more
  17. sure take a flier in the 5th round but you are eligible to sit out of NFL and play say in XFL.
  18. Hear John Murphy on One Bills Live coming to the Patriots Defense two days in a row.
  19. as long as Josh is on his rookie deal you can have money tied up in other places for the next couple years. That is why I am on the buy a UFA DE if there is a fit for them.
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