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  1. Always has been, and what I have been saying for years going back to the Ralph ownership days. If your owner is willing to spend CASH the cap is nothing to that team.
  2. Nope. He could start in the PUP and not count against the initial 53. But will be out no less than 6 weeks. If his recovery timeline is shorter than that then it would make sense to have him in the initial 53 then IR him for a parking lot cut. depends on what his recovery timeline looks like.
  3. Thank you for Declining Carolina. Another Solid. First McD. Then Beane now this. Appreciate it.
  4. Not sure if that is counted in the 6 technically being the earlier game. Might. So let’s say there is 3. Expect 3 more
  5. NFL all in on Bills. First two games both Prime Time. expect the full slate of 6 Primetime games this year scheduled.
  6. First time since like 70s a team opens the season with two night games. Bills are going to max out the Prime Time games this year I think that is 6.
  7. On this I know for a fact my major defense contractor company is looking to buy 1 maybe 2 of the luxury suites think I saw them priced in the 200K range if I remember right.
  8. Bradberry does not kill the “future” so is the goal a SB yes or no. If you answer yes go get Bradberry. Just remember you said CB is fine if it isn’t the first month and a half. all because why? You didn’t want to fit him in a cap? Pretty weak. Fact is Bradberry is you starter at this point week1. Between an unknown rookie at CB2 and a Unknown Health at CB1. therr are reasons Beane has been in contact with CBS all offseason. You can take his “words” I watch his actions. Being “competitive for the next 12 years”. Is meaningless without the Ring.
  9. Yeah I cannot remember where they were. But liked the amenities with it. And the pricing that I looked at right in line with what you are posting would be fine for me as well.
  10. I don’t know. This is definitely a weird one. They normally would have announced by now. SPOTRAC is already accounting for them. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/buffalo-bills/cap/
  11. Got mine. Filled it out. I think if they have those Sofa boxes that were talked about will be getting one of those hopefully.
  12. Still started as a BU. Is the point. I really don’t think this team really wants to start its rookies because I look at how the handle all their rookies and most learn for a bit. I do think if White is healthy Bradberry is still a solid option to allow Elam to earn that CB2
  13. Is the goal to be all in for a SB this year? If the answer is yes you absolutely sign him. (And yes the space can be made easily). also you should not be going into a SB run season with your CBS a rookie and a unknown health wise on your CB1 and CB2. something like a 3 or 4 year deal that is really a 1 or 2 year deal. Keeps this years cap low. Adds voided years.
  14. We have Upgraded the position. Move on.
  15. Nope that ship has sailed. Getting younger, faster and cheaper. while keeping same production.
  16. Boettger snaps (though doubt he is back likely on PUP), Mancz (Played Center in MIA last year) and Bates also snap.
  17. I completely agree. Keenum can hold
  18. He should have never been cleared in Clemson, and I doubt he will clear in NFL, that spine is a concern. This is why https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/clemson-leading-wr-justyn-ross-to-miss-2020-season-due-to-neck-and-spinal-issue/#:~:text=Clemson leading returning wide receiver,X-rays revealed the condition.
  19. The Rookies will take a Max of 2M with the top 51 rules. Elam Cap Hit 2.48M (Gilliam Falls off 901K) Total Cap hit for Elam - 1.579 Cook Cap hit 1.060M (Doyle falls off 903K) Total cap hit for Cook - 157K Bernard Cap hit 932K (Barkely Falls off 920K) Total cap hit for Bernard 12K All the Rest will not be counted in the top 51 rules as their cap hits are all under the next drop off of Cam Lewis at 925K So Based on SPOTRAC The Rookies will be around 1.748 Space right now by SPOTRAC is 7.327 (Top 51) Negative 5.502 (Normal rules) So about 5.579M in space right now based on top 51 rules. Based on the UDFA reported Signings of 10 (and then 3 camp invites) the Bills are sitting with 5 open roster spots to get to 90
  20. Better be "Elite Holder" based on the language Beane has been using. (Second time in as many days talking about Holding)
  21. A Bit interesting seeing 3 camp invites when there are open Roster spots (5) at this point. Almost like the Bills are purposely holding those spots open at this point. They routinely in the past have held 2 open with UDFAs, but right now seems to be holding 5 open as all the recent news is coming about camp invites instead of additional UDFA signings. Also as Wednesday is the normal time the have released their official UDFAs signings. I will keep monitoring but at this point the official list may be released before any more UDFA signings get reported
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