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  1. There is an ego with this plays. tell me DHop doesn’t look at Buffalo and say let me go there. Good shot to win already. And if we win the SB I will be talked about a a major reason after falling short before I got here. that is a huge ego and boost for the Hall.
  2. For context had the Edwards Signing the day before announced.
  3. My Bad Tried must have missed it. Mods can you merge please
  4. Can make that whatever you want at the end of the day.
  5. Use Oliver to get DHop. make another to replace Oliver head to Draft and draft BPA every round.
  6. And Ben seems more connected into OBD than most. He had the Allen pick in Feb.
  7. Schoen over 2.5M please and thank you.
  8. NJ Bills still at it. Another Schoen and Dabs do the solid make the AAV over 2.5M thanks.
  9. He is making a comeback I read and looked in tremendous shape
  10. Right now Bills sitting at 11.5M in cap space. Not accounted for are Harris (1.77M) Qussenbrry Edwards. So with those three here are the caps that will fall off. Benford (918K) Ankou (940K) Boughton (942K)
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