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  1. I know and even if they did what I gave up to get into the 6th spot and got additional picks this year would never happen either, that is the issue I think with alot of these MOCK sites is they do not play the trades realistically
  2. No it doesn’t cost us a comp pick. He was cut by the bengals
  3. He actually needed more money. 3M more on his 18.5M. And wanted FA in 2025. So they turned him into a rental and gave him more money. Telling.
  4. Another way to look at Collin’s signing.
  5. Yeah was not told he is just a Swing OT. They I am sure told him you get first shot at LG.
  6. I am saying Morse play and push declined. He couldn’t anchor anymore. Reality is it was time to move on. I said what I said. Question I have why does my comment make you think I said he “stank” who are you benching at Tackle Brown or Dawkins. There is a possible position he can secure at LG?
  7. New update. Maybe there is NO compensatory pick allowed now even the 5th.
  8. Why? Ever ask yourself why ever WHy the bills telegraphed every sneak was over the LG now starting C.
  9. From me absolutely love the comp pick lottery LOL
  10. They redid the deal. The deal is a 1 year 22+M deal. Can leave in UFA. Max Comp pick Houston can get even if he signs the guest contract ever is a 5th round. As Diggs will have over 10 years.
  11. No. He will go sign in Dallas as his brother wanted when Cee Dee Lamb leaves in UFA to come play with Allen instead of Dak. 😎
  12. I am guessing he gets first shot at the LG spot. Where he started his career in Dallas and was good.
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